Allyssa Masser

Short fragile, Princess

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Chestnut, frizzy hair clumsily hangs over a skinny, menacing face. Bulging black eyes, set narrowly within their sockets, watch heartily over the sea they've sworn to protect for so long.
Soft skin charmingly compliments her mouth and leaves a beautiful memory of her fortunate looks.

The is the face of Allyssa Masser, a true vanquisher among humans. She stands big among others, despite her lean frame.

There's something enticing about her, perhaps it's her patience or perhaps it's simply her friendly demeanor. But nonetheless, people tend to worship her, while trying to subtlely stare.

Age: 23
Birth: A hospital in the kingdkm

Height: 5"3

Weight: 200

Hair: Chesnut

Eyes: Purple

Occupation: Princess

Parents: Mrs. and Mr. Masser

Siblings: None

Religion: Christan

Wants: Kids and a happy life

Problems: Depression

So begins...

Allyssa Masser's Story


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"Once Upon a time, in a far of snow capped kingdom lived a noble king. The king was sad for you see he has searched his kingdom high and low, and still hadn't found a bride. The king you see had a dream of his future wife, and would not settle until her found the woman who had bewitched him in his slumber. Many a mother tried to pawn their daughters of as the kings one and true, but without reward. It wasn't until one day as he went ridding, he noticed a pretty maiden picking wild flowers by the stream. She was as he envisioned her, soft raven hair cupped his light lavender eyes.

The King stepped out of his hiding spot and announcing himself "Be not afraid fair maid, I am King Markus and I bid you no harm." The maiden flinched looking at the king, her eyes more widen now as she spoke.
"But my lord, I am to wed your most dearest enemy.."

The king was so blinded by rage that his enemy might have stolen his love that he didn't ask anymore questions. He merely called for his men and ordered them to take the maiden with them. Nine months after their union was formed the maiden now Queen gave birth to two heirs never to give the king another child the Queen spent her remaining life in complete solitude.

And on this day, we remember our lost Queen Goneril may she rest in peace."

As the performers ended their little tribute to Sebastian's mother he couldn't help but feel annoyed. His mother had been gone nearly five years, and the continue their little stunt that she lived a life of penitence and virtue. His mother was many things, but religious wasn't one of them. Her healing potions helped many a solder after war. Witches were not looked kindly in Kaarviel they were seen as tricksters to the believers of the new faith and demons to the ones of the old ways.

He walked down the hall to his chambers when he was stopped, "Sir" a voice called out to him. "could you settle a debate for us?" the next thing he knew it, he was being bond and gagged, thrown into a sake and carted of but not before ruffing him up.
"Traitors!" he tried to yell, "Guards!" he tried again but to no luck he hadn't the clue where he was being taken or what vile creature was behind this treachery.

Ad some point Sebastian blanked out, only to awaken himself on the side of the road his clothes tattered and muddy. Screaming in pain, he grabbed his rib "Must 'ave broken it." he yelped in pain.


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There was a voice besides him, one he did not recognize her accent however made he believe he was far to south for his own liking. Lifting his head up, he realized the voice belonged to a pretty, young maiden. A smile formed on Sebastian's lips as he tried to mask his pain. "Tis' not'ing lass, not'ing a good stout drink is..." as he finished his sentence he let out one more yelp and fell back to the ground. "On second t'ought." he winced, "Defiantly a broken rib."

He was sure his scream echoed for at least a mile, Perhaps even reaching South Bridge. Wherever he was he couldn't be much further then there. It was the very end of his lands, anything further and he'd have another thing to worry about all together. "Where are we Lass?" he asked the girl, "how far a days trip to South Bridge? or are we closer to Rosencrest?" His armies were currently encamped at Rosencrest, his brother Kyran commanding his men. "Surely we are not beyond Rosencrest?" Little did he know how far south his kidnappers had dragged him. not only was he not near South Bridge or Rosencrest but he was in the heart of Caldromaa the very center of Clement's land. Many in the country knew his face, his crest, and even his brand.

"You must get a message to my brother." he told the lass, "He is in Rosencrest, Kyran of Kaarviel tell him I am here and need the men. He'll know..." he spoke too much the pain was back and he yelled once more, holding his side in pain. "Bruised lung too." he managed to mutter, "Traitors..." was all he could muster before he passed out, this time from the sheer pain he was in.