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God of Blood, Thievery and Mischief

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a character in “The Pantheon: Post Cataclysm”, as played by JGamer502


God Name: Almaroth

Creed: "Most life has blood, and all blood belongs to me"

Titles: The Blood Drinker, The Thieving Demon, and The Vampire King

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

God Appearance:Image
Almaroth appears as a man with a black coat of sorts. He sometimes gains black bat wings on his back. He has white hair and changes his color to which ever emotion he has. Like, if he is sad then his skin will turn cold white and his clothes will turn blue. His skin is cold and pale. He has sharp fangs and teeth for making holes in skin, which is used for drinking blood, and eating flesh.

Vampire Lord Appearance:Image
He appears as a beast as times. The Vampire Lord appears as a tall monster with a skeletal exoskeleton. He has blood stones sticking out of some parts of his body which act as weak points, and absorb blood with magic. He hovers with black vapor tentacles on his bottom half, and has sharp claws and teeth.

God’s Domain: A stone castle in the mountains that looks quite wicked.

God's territory: Ruins and dark areas of sorts.

Portfolios Governed: Blood,Thievery, and Mischief

Symbol(s): A glass goblet tinted with the color of gold and filled with blood.

Personality: He is very cruel and loves to see the suffering of mortals. He is very patient and prefers stealth more then strength. Although, he is very cruel, he can be kind of silly and makes rude,disturbing,yet kind of funny jokes. His apatite consists of flesh and blood. He loves excitement, especially when hunting for food or playing as a thief. He can get a bit power hungry at times, and won't give up on something he REALLY wants. He tends to be very fancy in a way and seems very mannerly, unless he is in his Beast Mode, then that is when he acts like the true monster he is. He is not as fond for most of his kin, but he does have a few favorites. He is obviously very sinister and malicious due to his appearance and diet of blood. He can sometimes bargain with others (even his own creations) for what he wishes.

Opinion of mortals: He loves them, as dinner. He sees a city of blood filled mortals as a buffet. He treats his own creations cruelly for entertainment, but he still finds them useful and tries to treat them better then his food.

So begins...

Almaroth's Story


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A seed, an oddly unholy one I might add, has not been noticed. But It is here, hiding on the dark side of the mountain. It's about time It climbs out of It's shell. It has been hiding long enough. A sudden burst is made behind the mountain, on the dark side it was born. The God of Blood, Almaroth was born. He limped and crawled around as blood dripped from every open socket he had. His veins throbbed, glowing red with each pulse. He then looks at the sunset and laughs, as loud as he could, echoing. Almaroth returns his breath, and spreads his wings. He then flies, straight up to the peak of the mountain, and builds a pillar. It was made of a black marble but glowed, with darkness. The tip was pyramid shaped, and from it rose a red beam with the scent of blood. Secondly, he takes a handful of the snow from atop the mountain, and turns it into ice. The ice however, was molded into a statue of a mortal creature. This creature still took the appearance of an ice sculpture, but inside it's mouth, darkness. And in it's eyes, red terror. It had sharp icicles for teeth and claws, as some of them also stuck out of his back. "Now my little sweet heart," said He as The Creature hissed and snapped. "No need to be in a hurry sweet heart, I still have a final touch to put on you" He said. A dark tendril then forms on His arm as it dashes towards The Creature. It then enters it's heart, and turns the ice into obsidian-like rock. The hisses are turned to roars, and the snapping, to chomps. "Tenebris will be your name, and you will be very useful for me" He said. Tenebris then jumped off the mountain and landed on a tree, as it crawled, scurried, and leaped in search of prey. The God then created a throne made of stone and bones and sat upon it to rest.