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Elder Aspestis

Elder Deity of Illness, Despair, Suffering, and Decay

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a character in “The Pantheon: Post Cataclysm”, as played by ThePigThatFlew


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God Name: Aspestis

Title: Plague, Ill One, Lord of Despair

Creed: "I give strength to all those who embrace illness, suffering and despair, for they are the shunned and the forgotten, they are the vessels of my blessings and so shall receive my love."

Gender: N/A

Portfolio Alignment: Neutral Evil

God Alignment: Chaotic Good>Evil

Portfolios Governed: Illness; Despair; Suffering; Decay

God Appearance: Aspestis appears as a large and imposing figure, dressed in a long black overcoat that covers from neck to ankles and a matching hood that cover's the god's head. On top of the Ill One's head rests a large brim hat with a buckle and a sickly pale white mask that represents a bird with two lenses for eyes. Peering directly through the lenses will, of course, show you Aspestis's eyes which are said to bring on a feeling of utter despair and complete hopelessness and the god's gaze holds you in its grasp until those with the mightiest of willpower or the god breaks the gaze. Those who have peered into the god's eyes for a long period of time are said to be a bit more serious, have less humor and in general are less than what they were. The God wears black boots and red gloves. Aspestis has no gender as illness has no gender, and when the god walk the mortal plane, the Lord of Despair usually uses a vessel, which takes on the appearance of the god, just as illnesses show themselves through their vessels.

God's Territory: Wherever there is disease, suffering, and despair.

Symbol: A pale crow marked with a red cross


Personality: Surprisingly, Aspestis is gentle and kind, but also has an air of authority, much like a doctor with a lot of patience. Aspestis is also charismatic and enjoys the company of people. The lord of disease, has pity for those that have no hope and are suffering, as these are usually the outcasts, beggars, and those cosidered to be useless, so they were given the blessing of disease. The god shows love for those that praise and worship the ill one and even to those that simply have been given the gift of suffering, despair, and/or illness as they are the vessels of the god's creation and are cared for as one would care for their most prized belonging. The god mostly works on designing more diseases and testing them out on whoever or whatever they're meant for, such as plants, animals, and humans. The Ill One doesn't bother with new types of despair and suffering as the other gods do that, but still likes to see the progress of them. Whenever the Lord of Disease wishes to take a break, the god will usually travel down to the middle realm to check on it's worshipers and diseases, and spreading the god's gift of disease.

Opinion of mortals: Aspestis only cares about the mortals who suffer, feel utter hopelessness, or are ill, or a combination of the three. The humans that worship Aspestis gain his love and his strength through their disease and suffering while he sends despair to their enemies. All ill plants and animals belong to the god and share his gift with as many as they can.


Along with humans came civilizations, wars, and kings and along with those came beggars and those that suffered. This god arose from their pleas and took pity on them, so they were giving Aspestis's blessing of disease which could be carried by many and few, to be spread throughout the lands.

So begins...

Elder Aspestis's Story


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Nylia was in shock throughout the whole battle, but she didn't let it effect her, she just fueled herself on rage and didn't think, just killed. But now...when it was all over she was in shock. All of those revolting things happened, it was horrible. It seemed that not many Amares were killed, luckily most of them ran or stayed in hiding. Quickly, logic flowed back into her mind her disbelief and worry left as she zoomed into thought...throughout the whole battle she never sensed a Divine seed growing to created this new Goddess, Laska...maybe she just didn't sense it because they were in the midst of, there was something about Laska...something sneaky...Nylia was the Goddess of Manipulation, she could usually tell when someone was seemed whoever Laska was was hiding something. Memories flowed into her mind about the Inferno, someone told her about a horrible, violent Goddess..."Jute" Nylie muttered, loud enough for someone to hear only on pure luck. The name brought different ideas to her mind...Snakes, Greed, Malice, Deception. She was unsure...she wondered if she should tell the other gods...if she did Acanthus, Adarani, and Mathias would probably push for them to partake in another trial...the last one didn't turn out well...the only person she could trust to help her with this Laska/Jute situation would have to be Cragin, maybe even Aspestis. She definitely had to get Cragin in private though, she had to tell him about her theory, even if it was wrong. "Cragin, I know this isn't the best time but can you go to the Inferno with me?" Nylia asked with a calm facade, "It's quite important," she stated, showing her pleading face only to him so the other Gods wouldn't be suspicious. She believed Mathias was powerful at the start of the trial, but after Kreios got away she lost her trust in Acanthus...maybe...maybe even in the All Father?...Why would he let so many people die? Nylia shook the thoughts out of her head, she had to focus.


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#, as written by Deallo
The shock wave from the Cataclysm nearly destroyed the middle realm and up in the clouds, the shell of a Divine Spark became as fragile as glass to witness such a terrifying event, and while it could have shook in fear, traumatizing the young God growing inside, it did not. Instead, the Divine Spark used what power of the Cataclysm tingled in the air, and used it to imbue the tiny god inside with the innocent things of life and all its pleasures, corrupting the original paradigm of order that was inside, the Divine Spark was already taken by fear. Not only did it realize the God was soon to come into fruition by the power of the Cataclysm but the God needed to be one who could change the world from it's desolate state.

Soon, the clouds moved, the spark with nothing to support it now sent hurtling towards the ground, the force of the wind pushing upwards reduced the shell to a blue dust, and the figure inside, slowly uncurled from its fetal position into a tall, colourful, almost alien creature that none has ever seen before.

Only the sounds of childish laughter and the delightful ringing of bells followed the young God as he fell and twirled in the air, looking straight down, alternating his view from the ground he was going to crash on to the clouds that were getting farther and farther away but there was only a gleeful sensation of life going through his mind.

Splendy crashed into the ground face first, a mixture of pain and pleasure flowing throughout his body, the bells echoed and the ground was pushed concave, into a small crater. For a moment, it looked as if the young God was merely dead, too innocent to ever live, but very slowly, the being rose from the ground in a towering and imposing height and turned his head to view his work. The crater had a permanent indentation of the tall and wiry God's body made black, while his face forever imprinted in a mix of purple, blue, and red. Surrounding the indentation, colour seem to burst from every angle, staining the trees, grass, rocks like blood from a mortal's splattered body, making the Fall of Splendy marked for ages to see.

But it was too busy paying attention to the new sights and spectacles, the sight of grass, the feel of it under its fingers, the bark of a tree, the leaves on a tree, the taste of everything, the wind against his ears, and the scent of life was but feeding the wonder and excitement to his hyperactive childish mind. His tendrils shook and the bells rang pristine with every step and movement but he caught the sight of some red things moving across his tendrils, grabbed one of them in between his thumb and forefinger, and brought it up close to his pitch black eye. It was a small, oval, dome-shaped thing with six short stubby legs and head that were black. It's shell was a vibrant red and there were seven black dots that marred the shell. Amongst observing the creature, it flew off, the shells actually wings, and landed on the back of the God's hand.

Splendy didn't know how, but he knew he created these creatures, and felt a twinge of excitement in naming them. "Bug!" She claimed in his childish voice before quickly shaking his head and disregarding it. "No, Bird! Lady! Birdbug! Birdlady! Ladybug!" He resounded before shaking his head and finally held the creature mere inches from his eye, commanding its attention. β€œYou’ll be a ladybird.” The creation understood and flew off, flying near the young God, who had looked around and stopped to look at what seemed to be something in the distance.

The god turned around and observed the thing in the distance and Splendy could just feel the power emanating from the fellow God. The young one took large steps, the bells on the spotted tendrils of his back ringing with every step, and as he reached closer to the figure of Elder Aspestis, curiosity growing immensely.

He looked small to Splendy, covered in drab clothing but his face, which the young god couldn't have understood as a mask, was so bizarre and nose so long. The young one didn't even bother speaking upon facing Aspestis, and if he said anything to Splendy, he was too enthralled to listen but instead motioned to poke the glass eye of the Elder God with his forefinger poised, to achieve the sensation of feeling to somehow reach understanding, and would continue to prod him unless he spoke. β€œWhat a strange place!” Splendy thought with the sense of a child's wonder and amazement.

The setting changes from creation to The Middle Realm

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