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God of Adventure, Games and their Rewards

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a character in “The Pantheon: Post Cataclysm”, as played by Colonel_Masters



(I apologies if any one is annoyed that I uploaded this particular picture, I felt that this picture best represented what Hanriot represents. I will remove the picture should any one request its removal)

God Name: Hanriot (among many other names)

Titles: The Patron god of adventurers , Keeper of Treasures, Game Master extraordinary, The Riddle maker (this could go on forever)

Creed: Cheating is a legitimate strategy to any game, a reward is only as good as the challenge, the true Adventurer seeks not a goal... the true adventurer seeks the Journey (gold however is still a welcomed benefit)

Gender: Male (most of the time)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolios Governed: Games, Adventure, and Treasure .

Description: Hanriot appears in his humanoid form as a striking young man wearing a rough but magnificent looking tunic. Hanriot normally wares a crown of flowers on his head and bares what appears to be an old sword; it is actually the blade he used to be, the hilt remains with his master in her grave so if her family is ever in peril Hanriot will know about it.

Territories: Ruins, caves and places of adventure!

Hanriot likes to see the adventures of famous heroes first hand and on occasion assumes the appearance of a bottle, shield or even the Heroes horse. Hanriot likes to wonder in caves and ruins and thus adopts forms as simple as rats for his use.

Symbol: a treasure chest baring a laughing question mark on the lid.


Hanriot is a child; not just in his personality but also in reality, he a young god still exploring and looking for his place among the gods.

Hanriot constantly involves himself with other people's business and even his fellow gods occasionally suffer pranks by his hand.
he dislikes being preached to by the other gods but he always comes when called for by one of the elders out of a sense of respect and awe .

Of all the gods Hanriot while not completely chaotic is one of the most involved with the mortal realm and muddles with those individuals who venture beyond the safety of their homes (adventurers) Hanriot when not chasing after mortals ventures to deep caves an ancient ruins to prepare them for the next generation of adventurers.

Mortals: Hanriot loves being important and likes to get mentioned in mortal legends as a god or spirit who aided this or that great hero (or led to his ruin) Hanriot builds and runs places of adventure; from great underground caves to secret unknown islands, from ancient ruins filled with traps to mysterious mountain ranges. He guides the great adventuring heroes sometimes as just a viewer and sometimes involves himself with their quest.

Hanriot unlike other gods does not truly behave like a god at all; he does aid or hinder mortal efforts however he asks for no prayer or faith from the adventurers to whom he is patron.
Hanriot will never kill and while he does play around with mortal lives for his amusement he normally rewards them well for their efforts.


a chain of keys which holds most keys ever made, boots of flight witch allow Hanriot the ability to levitate a few feet over the ground.


Hanriot remembers his first day of sentience; he had been a sword of a famous hero during those days before he became aware that there was so much more to him then a blade of steel.
One day a warlord from the north came down upon the village in which the decedents of the famous hero lived.

The warlord a son of a clan of barbarians whom the hero had defeated sought vengeance and attempted to destroy the small village.
A young girl, one of the last remaining heirs to the long dead hero ran to her home as the horsemen came.

She saw how the few old warriors who lived in the village battled impossible odds and then saw the warlord harm a dear friend.
In desperation the young girl drew the old relic sword and attempted to strike the warlord.

The strike failed and the warlord pushed the young girl to the floor, the girl grabbed hold of the sword and prayed for help however the warlord snatched the blade from her hands and pushed her aside again.

He proceeded to use the blade to severely wound the little girl's brother, it was at that moment that Hanriot woke from his slumber and "opened his eyes" for the first time.

The first feeling Hanriot felt was rage, pure and utter rage. How dared a brute from the North use him Hanriot (the blade) to harm one of his master's blood?!

Hanriot still in sword form flew to the warlord and struck him down, Hanriot's still adapting powers wreaked havoc among the barbarians and soon most of them fled to the hills.
As Hanriot prepared to deliver a killing blow to the wounded warlord the young girl stopped him and held the blade by hugging him (then it) not wanting to see another death on this day.

Hanriot could not disperse the rage he felt and nearly harmed the girl he was supposed to protect, as he turned around to strike her down Hanriot realized that his master would have never wanted him to take a life and thus the warlord was allowed to leave after swearing he would never harm the village again.

The young girl grew up to became an adventurer; she sought to live up to her ancestor's memory and became a warrior.

Hanriot was not yet truly a god and was closer to being a spirit and For many years Hanriot served as his master's blade in all battles; a blade that could do extraordinary things no other blade could do but could not do what all blades where supposed to do; kill.

As years became decades the once little girl became a famous hero on the scale of her great ancestor, she however chose to live a quiet life and lived alone with her husband a fellow adventurer to old age.

On the eve of her death the old women whishpered to Hanriot words that remained with him to all time "forge your own destiny my friend"
When she died Hanriot was devastated and did not know what he should do, the old women's family did not know of the true extent of his powers and buried him with the old women.

Hanriot remained there for many decades, sleeping as if gathering the soul of the Earth into his being.
One day he emerged from the grave and since then he was a god, Hanriot became the patron god of all adventurers however for as long as he would endure he vowed he would always protect his master and her family.

So begins...

Hanriot's Story


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Drip drop drip drop… it was raining, Hanriot grumbled with annoyance; rain was the travelers greatest bane and was no friend to swords or any work of metal.
Hanriot remained still in thought as the drips became a storm, how long had it been since he had last sensed thought? His memories where confused as if a great torrent of water came and went.
Hanriot extended his senses; the land was nothing like what he remembered… so little life at all and the very Earth had a stench of death.
Hanriot shivered, something terrible had happened as he slept.

No such change could have occurred in mere months, years or even decades must have passed by.
Hanriot began to grow concerned, what had happened to the Master's family?

Something had changed… well as Hanriot could feel for himself many things had changed.
"Master!" shouted Hanriot, he could almost swear the shout had a voice but that was just ridiculous; a spirit he may be but in the end he was just a sword.
Hanriot focused his powers into getting out of this tomb; He had to return to master!

Slowly Hanriot felt himself rise from the Earth, his speed grew and soon he was once again on the outside. Hanriot felt weightless and so free however something else entirely caused him utter surprise.
He could see, the sun, the sky, the clouds, the mountains, the distant circle of stones in the valley everything was visible in so many colors and shapes he never dreamed possible.
He could hear the rain, the birds, the leaves and the wind. Sound was something Hanriot was better acquainted with however the scale of what he heard now was overwhelming.
Hanriot could even smell, the winter, the flowers and a strange odor of burning... distant yet persistent just like Hanriot's growing concern.

What had changed him so? How could he a mere blade become so fortunate? Was this a gift from the god's?

Hanriot hovered, the last time he did so was when young master Helen wanted to show her son the sword which had passed down the family for countless generations. Hanriot intended to venture into the village and look for master however he soon changed his intentions.
In front of him was a stone of great age but fashioned with care, letters dotted the stone worn but visible and Hanriot despite never having gazed at a word in his existence understood the words all too well.

The stone in front of him was a tomb stone, and where a once thriving village stood rubble now crumbled back to its original raw form.

Hanriot fell to the Earth, his Master was dead... the World he Knew was dead.

Grief fell upon Hanriot like a hammer, he was alone in creation.
Hanriot uttered a great cry, a cry which traveled to all four corners of the world. The cry was no mere sound; it was as if Hanriot's very being was radiating his grief and despair.

The rain began to soak Hanriot... for the first time in his life Hanriot felt cold.


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Ahuv tilted his head sideways when Acanthus called him a 'mortal'. I can't die of old age, but I guess that's close enough. "I am not exactly sure how much, but I can heal others rather well. I have other abilities, too, though I have not used all of them." It was when Acanthus chuckled and asked about the half goddess that he straightened up his neck, again. "I did not figure out much besides what I already told you. I was dying of thirst when she spotted me and took me to the oasis you see here. By the time I had strength enough to stand and speak, she already left, not even uttering a word the whole time. The mask had a painted face, while her robes were orange and elegant."


Adarani was pleased to see the Sanuut worked. Just when she was about to meditate, a machine-like creature landed next to her. This made her tilt her head sideways, confused. The only deity she knew who had the capacity for this sort of craftsmanship was Miurcrost, and he died in the Cataclysm. Who created this mortal was a mystery to her until he spoke, requesting that she follow him to see Torsc. The name's power flowed through her veins. It felt like Miurcrost, alright, yet the power was only half. The name meant Torsc was the Half God of Artifice.


Meanwhile, Ahuv felt Torsc's name, as well, through the link. He closed his eyes to focus on it, then reopened his eyes to look at Acanthus. The link I have with Adarani just told me the name of the Half Goddess' twin. His name is Torsc. I do not know the name of the deity I encountered."


Back at the Archipelago, the Elder Goddess of Love nodded and turned into a dove to fly. The closer she and the machine got to their destination, the colder and more desolate the environment became. It was not long before the entrance to what would be an underground network came into view. Adarani was instructed to head inside and assist the Half God with granting fertility to his creations. Once she found her way, she found a citadel made of metal and stone. It was not quite as grand as the Halls of Justice in Paradise, yet she found it impressive, nonetheless. She followed the aura until she came across the deity.

"You're... Torsc, are you not?" Her shyness left her several feet away from him, at first. It was not until a moment later that she gathered the courage to come closer, looking at the empty glyph. "I'm supposed to implace some of the fertility power I have into that, aren't I?" Picking it up, she pondered on whether it was a good idea. "The last time I used my powers of Fertility on a metallic race, it was the Krul made by Genocide. Now that I think about it, violent as both he and his people were, it may not have been the smartest idea, considering Kreios manipulated the Krul into attacking the Vitaiim, before the Trial that took place prior to the Cataclysm." Adarani sighed after thinking it over more. "Although, it would be cruel to not show at least a bit of kindness to others. You don't owe me anything for this, Torsc. I'm doing it because I feel I am meant to help those in need."

With that, the Elder Goddess of Fertility began gathering her Paradise energy from within. Once enough of it came, she concentrated it into the hand that held the glyph. The power then entered the glyph and set it glowing bright blue, the color of Paradise Fertility energy. She gave it to Torsc once the process completed. "Here you go. That should be more than enough. I better go, now. I sense the aura of another God that sprouted from a Divine Seed, and he seems to be chilled to the bone."

Adarani turned into a dove the moment she exited the cave. following the new God's aura, she found him in front of a tombstone, crying as if a child. It turns out, he was a child, swelling with grief. The Edler Goddess of Love felt compelled to help him, unable to resist the urge she felt wtihin herself. Landing behind him, she reverted back to her humanoid form and hugged him from behind. A tear fell down her right eye, unnoticeable due to the heavy rain. "You poor little boy! What are you doing out here? You could get sick if exposed to the cold weather and rain for too long! We better get you indoors!" She let go and stood up straight, offering a hand to him. "Let's go inside the house across from this field. I'll fix up some Vitalita Tea for you." Her gentle smile matched her innocent-looking blue eyes. "What is your name?"


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Hanriot made no effort to argue with the stranger, full of grief Hanriot still struggling to control these new emotions of his let himself be led to one of the crumbling yet relatively stable structures in the village. It was a strange feeling but Hanriot trusted this stranger, that being said master had warned him numerous times that he was a very gullible fellow.

Trustworthy or not the stranger had calmed down Hanriot and returned him to his sense... something had happened here and Hanriot wanted to know.

"my name?" asked Hanriot in surprise, he was not used to having people ask for his name. "Well I am Hanriot the hawk blade..." Hanriot looked down at himself; what was this strange body? Hanriot drifted into though playing a bit with his hand before remembering he had visitors.

Hanriot cleaned the tears off his face and looked for the words, his voice still stunned with sadness made speaking difficult however.

"Well, i am not sure what i am now, but i used to be a sword. Most other swords don't have much of a personality so i guess i was an exeption to most" hanriot tired to recall his memories so he could summon a time period however after so many years of slumber he could only see scattered images of his past.

Hanriot looked around the house, it seemed familiar but Hanriot could not remember exactly why. "What has happened here? this village used to be the most prosperous village in the county. adventurers, mercenaries and warriors all came here to forge a peaceful life!

what has left the land so blighted with death? where are the birds of song? where is the warm fire? the ale? the mutton? where is my home?"

As Hanriot spoke those words he hit the old crumbling table in a moment of anger, the table seemed as if it would collapse under the strain but instead something else occurred.

The Table rose straight again, the wood as if going back in time reverted to its polished and decorated form until before long the table was just as it was so long ago.

The rest of the house followed suite and before long a great roaring fire was once again in the fireplace, the rain stopped and the clouds went leaving only the sun to shine and the birds to sing their songs. In under a minute a ruin had returned to its former glory, the village remained a wreck but one home had been reclaimed.

Hanriot was speechless, what in god's name had just happened?


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Hanriot's name filled her veins. She now knew what he stood for. Games, Adventure, and their rewards. It would seem he would be a mischevious fellow in the future. She fixed up some Vitalita Tea while she though on what he said. The voice inside her, Loyalty, spoke inside her head. It may be difficult to explain to this one how he was able to have a personality as a sword. Be careful what you say. Just then, the house shook, returning to its former self. Adarani nearly stumbled, but kept her balance.

"Hanriot..." Adarani took a moment to gather her thoughts. "You had a personality as a sword for a reason." She spoke gently and calmly, walkiing towards him. "Here, have some Vitalita Tea while we talk. It can speed up the healing process and enhance the body's immune system. Anyway..." A soft smile came to her features. "Before the Gods and Goddesses were born, all were within Divine Seeds, created by the All-Father. You were one of those deities that came from a Divine Seed. My guess is it landed on the sword you once were, thus you were in it for quite some time when you awoke." The Elder Goddess of Love placed a hand on his. "Hanriot, from hearing your name, I can tell you are the God of Games, Adventure, and the rewards that the two things involve. Any God or Goddess who hears your name will know that. Me..." He free hand was on her chest, now. "My name is Adarani. I am the Goddess of Love, Healing and Fertility. I sensed your aura, and I came looking for you, to help you, emotionally and physically. I am meant to serve others by lifting them up when they are down, ensuring the harvest is bountiful, women's pregnancies produce healthy children, giving medicine and healing when they are hurt or sick, and, of course, help in matters of love in all its forms."

Her face was downcast when she expained the latter query. "As for what happened, I was there to witness part of it. You see, it started after the Trial some of the deities, including myself, held when dealing with a corrupt God named Kreios. He manipulted the dead former God of War's Krul into attacking my Vitaiim, using his powers to corrupt and mutate the Vitaiim. Mathias, the God of Justice and Civilization, helped by protecting those mortals of mine prior to my arrival at Sacrira to undo the corruption of so many Vitaiim with my healing energy. The battle raged on, and the Krul surrendered. I am eternally grateful to Mathias for saving the Vitaiim when I was not initially there. Then came the trial up in Paradise, specifically the courthouse in the Halls of Justice. After careful examination of the facts and testimonies of the wtinesses, which I was one of, Kreios was found guilty for kidnapping, war mongering, tresspassing, and theft, among other things. He was sentenced to the prison in the Inferno that Nylia, Goddess of Revenge, Seduction, Manipulation, and the Undead, made to hold him."

"We underestimated Kreios, however: somehow, he broke free from it. Once he did, he corrupted mortals, again. This time, he turned whoever he corrupted into the Chaos Beasts that are now in a part of the world even we deities fear to go. The Cataclysm had begun. Trelas, the former God of Madness and Music, was the first deity to die. Others who perished include the former God of War, Genocide, along with Ulmo, Malus Dou Makakhan, Miurcrost, Lyandra, Kylian, Braun, Korterra, and Forteea. They are all now the constellations you see in the night sky. Many mortals died, also, entire races wiped out by the Chaos Beasts. Fortunately, twelve Vitaiim survived. They are waiting for me, in Paradise, to have them return to this realm and resume their purpose as the Monks and Nuns who help mortals in need. Their memory of Paradise will be wiped clean, since only the dead who go up there can live there permenantly. I'd explain more of what happened, but I'd rather forget some moments of it. It was... terrible to witness, and I was not there for all of it."


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Hanriot looked around at his creation... him a god? Hanriot smiled weakly, what else could he be after all?

"Adventure, Games and their rewards, hmm that does sound appropriate in my case i guess since i was the blade of a long line of adventures after all"

Hanriot accepted the tea and discovered the sense he found the most stunning; taste.
He drank the hot liquid slowly adapting to the taste, Adarani began to talk about the disaster that had occurred; an event called the cataclysm.

It seemed like any war Hanriot had seen only this war was fought by the god's themselves and the very future of creation was at stake. He nodded slowly accepting what was being said to him, Hanriot wondered what he could do; he wanted to see this village and its surrounding area flourish once again and... maybe once again be famous for its adventurers across all of creation?

Hanriot greedily drained the last drops of the tea by the time Adarani finished her story, Hanriot dazzled momentarily by the epic battle nodded and turned to warm himself by the fire and think of what the goddess had told him.

As he stood near the newly restored fireplace Hanriot noticed a pipe along with it a pouch of smoking powder... obviously as he thought of home the pipe was one of the things that made home to him. Hanriot picked up the pipe and clumsily prepared it for use, he had a lot to learn that was certain however as the saying went "learning can only come from experience"

Hanriot turned and faced Adarani puffing slightly on the pipe, Master's husband used to smoke despite Master's annoyance with the "bad" habit.
Hanriot enjoyed it though, It brought him ease, comfort and the memory of better days.

"So what happens now? from what I understand there aren't that many god's left... but seeing that I am here it makes sense that other new gods may have been born as a result of this struggle"

Hanriot paused, hmm the map which used to hang above the fire place was missing... maybe since the world it represented was long gone? Hanriot would have to write a new one among other things.

"I guess rebuilding this world is the first priority... I think I shall rebuild this village so i may explore my ability's but I would like to meet the other gods, where may i meet them?"

Hanriot still sad about the great change could not help hist growing excitement, this entire area was his to claim! Hanriot would rebuild much however even Master's people where far from brilliant, some things had to be changed from the bottom up. As he gazed at the rising sun Hanriot's gaze drifted to the hills and valley; adventure and exploration awaited!


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Adarani nodded. "Yes." She looked out the window. "I wish I knew where the blue crane, Ahuv, went. He's like a son to me. He was my first creation."

Just then, a device rang on her belt. She felt it there and pondered how she could have gotten that invitaion to begin with. It was telling her to open a portal and watch the beginning of Torsc's creations. Confusion in her eyes, she stated to nobody in particular. "I thought I told Torsc he didn't owe me anything for granting fertility to his mortals!" A sigh of annoyance came out of her mouth. "Kind of reminds me of when I fixed Nylia's womb." She pressed the button, as instructed a portal to where the creeation was beginning within the Citadel. "Well, let's go. I'm not about to leave you here by yourself, just yet. Besides, now that I sense the auras, there are a few other Gods you have an opportunity to meet in one place. Among them, Mathias and Acanthus." She stood and motioned for Hanriot to go in. "After you. Once I enter through, the portal will close."

((You can just assume Adarani goes in once Hanriot does, to make it easier on Vinno. He probably gave me hell while I was at work, but whatever, I did what I had to.)


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And so, the moment was at hand. The guests of honor had arrived, and the machine was primed and ready. It resembled six massive alembics, the top vials, large as monolithic pillars, joined together by great brass bands and filled with colorfully glowing substances. The bottom tanks lay spaced out and separate below, with membranes forming a barrier that would hold liquid but allow solid matter to pass through undeterred. As he beckoned for his guests to take their seats, he initiated the final procedure. He watched as the fluids drained from the top vials through enormous tubes, and into the vast tanks below, where they slowly lost their luminescence. But as the glow dulled, dozens of shapes began to form in each tank, pulling infinitesimally small particles from the surrounding materials until eventually they coalesced into organic masses. As these masses began to take humanoid form, they sank to the bottom of their tanks, and once they reached the bottom, they each stood up, and began walking toward their tank's membrane. From each colored substance emerged a different creature equal numbers of male and female, each possessing knowledge of the ways of civilization, as well as knowledge their creator had decided to impart on them.

From the red tank, derived from Cinnabar, emerged beings that Torsc dubbed "Ifriti". They stood six feet tall, with dark skin, athletic bodies, hair as bright as fire, and great horns set upon their brow.

From the orange tank, derived from Amber, emerged beings that Torsc dubbed "Korrigan". They were two thirds as tall as the Ifriti, and stood stout and strong.

From the yellow tank, derived from Citrine, emerged beings that Torsc dubbed "Trow". They were yet smaller than even the Korrigan, though not by much. They were lean and nimble, as opposed to stout and bulky.

From the green tank, derived from Jade, emerged beings that Torsc dubbed "Ophidians". They stood just a bit shorter than the Ifriti, and superficially, they resembled bipedal snakes with muscular limbs. These had a bit more dimorphism among genders than the other beings, with Males possessing rattlers on the end of their serpentine tails whereas the females had nothing, while females possessed cobra-esque hoods on their heads whereas the males had nothing.

From the blue tank, derived from Aquamarine, emerged beings that Torsc dubbed "Djinni". They stood just a bit taller than the Ifriti, and were much more spare than their Ifriti cousins. They each possessed markings on their skin resembling tattoos, with no two Djinn's markings looking alike.

From the violet tank, derived from Amethyst, emerged beings that Torsc dubbed "Grimalkin". They stood far taller than any of their fellow beings, were a fair bit bulkier for their height than most, and possessed feline features. Though bipedal in shape, their legs were those of a Tiger, and they held claws in their hands and feet. Their faces were no different from those of the other tank-born beings, but they were covered in a coat of fine fur, as with the rest of their body.

After a few minutes, all of the tanks had been depleted of their materials, and six hundred beings had emerged from each. Once the process was complete, Torsc stepped down from the observation platform and greeted his children with a smile.

His first smile in the entirety of the time since he'd come into being.


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The Elder god nodded to all of the new arrivals but remained silent. Intent on seeing what technology could do, he sat completely still but alert, grasping his staff with both hands. He watched as each type of mortal exited from their separate containers. While the process did seem to lessen their individual values, in the end the mortals that had been made numbered in the thousands. Acanthus was astonished. Technology was interesting indeed. He stood and bowed to Torsc. Then he began clapping.

"Well done little brother!" He said, "Even with diminished power you have shown yourself more than capable with the Technology you control."

He turned to Adarani, "I met your bird, Ahuv. I do believe he has a present from me to you."


As quickly as he had come, he was gone. "Just like the wind." Laska said thoughtfully. Perhaps he suspected her, but he had said nothing accusing so she took her leave. This one was not to be trifled with. She turned away from the mountain and landed on the ground. She was getting nervous. The amount of gods that suspected her had escalated exponentially. She needed allies. She needed scapegoats and tools. She pulled her wings back into herself. Now just a small girl, she began to wander. She began to think and plan.

The Sword

It felt him. He had been born from a sword. He had been nearby but was far away now. It was no matter. The sword grew sharper and wiggled just a bit. It popped out of the ground that had been holding it, and rent a tear into the side of the volcano. The lava poured down, taking the sword with it. As the flow pushed its way downhill it flowed into a nearby town. The town was empty and the buildings burned with no one to stop them. At last the sword stopped moving, right outside of a well furnished and up-kept house. It was the only one of its kind in the village. The sword stuck itself into the quickly solidifying lava. It waited for the newly born god to come back home.

The Crystal

She pulsated again. Nylia, come to me. Take me, use me for yourself. I will help you find the girl. She wanted to be found and used. She would take out this threat without lifting a finger.


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As Mathias watched the beings be created he couldn't help but feel both impressed and slightly disturbed. While it is a marvel of technological performance the way they are birthed...seemed so unnatural. Still such creative powers without the fullest extent of a god was truly praise worthy. As Mathias watched he could not the sudden joy of Acanthus. He was impressed as was he. And Acanthus was correct, with the technology he did have the powers of creation like a full god. Mathias decided to speak up.

"Yes, it truly is a spectacular feet you've managed to complete." "I have never seen anything of the like before!" Mathias spoke in amazement. Before he could speak to Adarani, his smile disappeared as a deafening force fell upon his heart. Mathias stepped back, and placed a hand on his chest he hunched over and suddenly yelled. Mathias then clutched his head, as if placing it in a vice began to shake. A fearful wide-eyed look came upon and suddenly he launched himself at Acanthus and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"ACANTHUS I NEED A PORTAL NOW!!!" Mathias shouted as he shook Acanthus some. He immediately let go and frantically looked about the atrium. "I need to get out of here now!" Mathias thought to himself and suddenly he ran off not waiting for Acanthus to respond. As he dashed in the subterranean world the golden aura of Justice enveloped him and Mathias disappeared. Mathias appeared in Paradise and he used his powers to search for the remnants of Cragin's energy. He quickly discovered it. Disappearing once again he reappeared in the forest and ran, searching for Cragin. He would find him.

Mathias was beside himself with both shock and denial. He stumbled closer to his body and when he was before him, he dropped to his knees. Mathias couldn't believe....Cragin's dead? Mathias just sat there on his knees, stilled...almost lifeless like the body before him. Mathias was shocked and he couldn't speak couldn't move, and couldn't think. Mathias looked at Cragin's body with a wide-eyed and confused look. "What happened and how did this happen!?" Mathias knew not the answer. For a while he just stayed there and watched his body hoping he would move, just once...say something...say he just hurt himself anything...anything at all...


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Hanriot could not take it; the Shouting, what he saw with his eyes and most of all sensing the death of a God.

Hanriot gathered his thoughts and tried to make sense from these emotions but none where prepared for the ferocity of these events and the speed by which each followed the next.

Hanriot felt he could not "breath"... if that was the correct word to describe the feeling; as a sword he remembered breathing once when he was forged.
The great painful heat as his entire form was hammered anew followed by his first and then only breath as the blade cooled.

Hanriot didn't know why but the death of this mighty god made the very memory of his forging come alive... so many thoughts... so many feelings, he could not take them all at once!

Hanriot closed his eyes, grabbed hold of his ears and attempted to blind his sense however none of these efforts helped.

"home.. I want to go Home!" said Hanriot to himself as if willing himself back to the fireplace. Hanriot rose in the air, the distance from this place growing... as he left soil and matter behind him and rose to the sky.

Hanriot gazed to his feet, upon them lay boots he did not notice before. These boots had small wing like feathers gracefully placed on them as if a work of art however unlike an artistic curiosity Hanriot could feel these boots propelling him through the sky.

Hanriot began to smile, he was flying! the memory of pain was replaced with the memory of his breath; the feeling of cooling, and finding peace. Hanriot wondered, had he been born when forged as a sword? he assumed so for he had no memory beyond his forging.

Fire was his first thought and so Hanriot willed to return to fire; the fire place in his home. He flew gathering speeds beyond anything he had ever experienced however his journey was not over in a flash.

Hanriot began to explore the boundaries of his maneuverability in the sky as he neared the village when he began to feel a new presence near by... was this the stranger Adarani had spoken of? As he turned his sense to the stranger... a burning presence of fire burned itself into his mind and the memory of his forging once again returned to his thoughts.

Hanriot lost his balance and fell from the sky managing to land very roughly at the center of the village.

He dusted himself off and raised himself from the Earth... that was quite an experience and despite the soreness from hitting the earth with such force Hanriot decided he would try crashing again when he had the time.

Hanriot followed his sense until he saw the sword... he was right to feel the flames for it was clear that lava had accompanied the sword's forging. Hanriot felt great pain from flames however he also felt great comfort for in the flames he was born.

He approached the blade, at first Hanriot avoided touching it remembering Adarani's words however he had to touch it... really how could a God of Adventure ever practice caution? He laughed, the very thought was preposterous! even as a Blade Hanriot's policy was to dance around his foes using the Old Master's force to crush his foes and Young Master's speed to strike them where they where weak.

Caution was self doubt and self doubt was just silly, the adventurer should beware of traps but what better way was there to find the trap other then to trigger it?

Hanriot grinned to himself savoring this feeling of suspense before taking hold of the sword in an attempt to release it from the ground.


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The God of war watched the events unfold with silent interest. The death of the Wild Bearer, the God Cragin whom Kalimdor never met. The rage of Mathias and the growl of the earth itself. Then the healing power of Adarani took focus followed by the remorse of the Justice Bringer. Finally was the return of the odd blue crane and the sudden appearance of the shadowy figure who was totting the one who had offended Mathias so by stealing the ashes of his fallen elder brother. Kalimdor shouldered his hammer, as the realization that the Elder Gods not only could die entered his mind but that they were as prone to flights of emotion as the newer deities were. In a sense it brought the image of these elder gods off a pedestal of the unattainable and made them, at least in that moment, all seem as equals. A family like any other dealing with a loss of one of their own. Kalimdor Menethil had never met Cragin, never cared much for the wilds. That being said the loss of a God was always a somber event and the blasphemous theft of even a small part of the ashes of the deceased called for decisive punishment. Punishment Mathias would undoubtedly deal out in time. The outburst from Mathais while terrifying to some planted in Kalimdors mind the seed of inspiration. To have one so orderly, so righteous give way to savagery and blind berserker fury was impressive. The duality of it was powerful showcasing Mathais' power and might. That duality was to be admired and emulated and Torsc's little inventions had given Kalimdor an idea of how to do just that.

With a plan in mind Kalimdor took a step forward, nearing the odd thief, the figure wreathed in shadow and the still grieving paragon of Justice. Kalimdor's bright lightning infused gaze fell on the thief who was still laying in the dirt at Mathais' feet.

"I do not envy the penance my brother has in store for you young one. Yet take solace in the fact that I did not know this fallen elder better for then it would be I whom dealt your judgment and your pain would be legendary before I threw your soul at death's door."

Kalimdor's lightning glare held the thief in sight for a few tense moments before he raised them to Mathais.

"Your loss is felt by all of our kind brother. Come find me if you seek battle to busy thy mind from your sorrow."

Kalimdor gave Mathias a final nod of condolence before turning to leave but paused as his gaze fell upon the shadowy one. An interesting figure indeed yet not one that Kalimdor knew of. The War God and the God of Darkness locked stares for a moment before Kalimdor gave him too a nod and with that a bolt of lightning struck the ground where Kalimdor Menethil had been standing. In the next instant he was gone, off to lay claim to an area of Middle Realm and try his hand at the creation of his own mortal races or races.


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Mathias watched as the beast god began to dig himself in. This god acted like the beasts of the wild, predatory only understanding survival. While Mathias has no understanding of such primitive ways, it doesn't change the fact that he wants those ashes back. The remains of Cragin deserve a better resting place. Mathias was not in the mood to go through the ordinary customs, he didn't even feel like giving out punishment. Despite his ways...the pain of losing Cragin...not all gods are beyond feeling. Mathias cared not about what reputation he may did not matter in light of this. Honoring his brother Cragin is more important than that.

Mathias drew his spear and in one powerful slash he knocked the tree away covering the animalistic god. Mathias noticed it dug itself in and was prepared to fight, like any other cornered beast. Mathias drew a heavy sigh as he looked around him and then back down. "Look here, I am in no mood for fighting or for games." "I am giving you the opportunity to give me my brother's ashes and leave here without any repercussions." "This is a once in a lifetime chance and I suggest you take it." Mathias spoke to Nightling. He knows he probably doesn't understand but there is value to those ashes and being swallowed and digested isn't a proper burial. Not for one as the likes of Cragin. "Please, just give them back." Mathias spoke as pain and sorrow filled his plea. Mathias could only wait and see if he will comply.


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The Old god was taken aback as Craigin's ashes were stolen. Mathias suddenly seemed to brake as he began throwing fireballs into the earth. Acanthus stepped back. Such rash actions...such full disdain for wisdom or even was too much for him. He turned away from the struggle that was happening behind him. No matter what happened to his remains, Craigin was gone, and not even Paradise awaited him. Acanthus shed another tear before he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A metallic messenger came through the brush. It began to speak but Acanthus stopped it. "You are much like my Prachians. Before they all perished in the Cataclysm." He sighed a little but shook it off. "But you have urgent news, I can tell. Tell me where I need to go."

The mechanical being did and Acanthus opened a portal. He stepped through, not very far from where he had been. There on the ground before him was a broken and unconscious god. Scratch that. This was a half-god. He bent down and spoke a few Words of healing before he gently lifted her. He opened another portal and stepped back into the realm of Torsc. He laid her down on the dais before the throne of Torsc. "I brought her as soon as I could. She is unconcious and hurt, but I will do what I can to help, if you wish."

The Crystal Heart

Nylia had picked her up in her desperation. The Crystal was overjoyed. Now that it hung like a pendant from around her neck, the Crystal began forming a bod with her. It used all of the powers of greed it possessed to gradually make Nylia want to keep it. I can help you gain all that you desire. You lust for revenge, I will help you get the power you need to attain it. With any luck, Nylia would never want to let the Crystal go.

The Emerald Sword

It felt him approaching. The god that would be its tool for malice. It slid itself easily from the ground as Hanriot pulled on it. Thank you for saving me. I am the Sword Crysalis. Wield me, and we will adventure to your heart's content. And who are you?


Laska, far away from any other god, laughed. Another one of her enemies had fallen. She grinned. The crystal and sword both were performing to the highest of their abilities. They both had found a god to control. She needed more allies and those two would be interesting indeed. Nylia was going to be tricky but Hanriot, he would be simple indeed. Now she needed to find an ally of her own.


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Hanriot grinned, the sword came out of the Earth easily. Hanriot took a moment to hold the blade in his hand before a thought came to his mind, the Sword was communicating with him.

I am the Sword Crysalis. Wield me, and we will adventure to your heart's content. And who are you?

Hanriot paused to wonder, and soon a number of questions came to his mind; Save from what? being stuck in the earth? how did it come to be there? since it was not there before it must have ether been created here or it had arrived somehow... ether way a God was involved. Who was Crysails? Did that name hold any significance beyond the sword?
The words "Wield me, and we will..." and all that where rather tedious,it all sounded like what you would expect in a cheap adventuring book full with cliches.
Hanriot wondered since when did he read books? ohh right Master's husband used to write novels about adventuring and tested them on Master... Hanriot had heard enough cliches lines to last all his immortal years!

Did the sword know he wanted adventure or was this again part of its tedious cliche'd routine? If the first option how was the Sword aware of his identity? Hadn't Adarani told him that only when one spoke his name to another god did the other god know what he was? if the second option how did the Sword come to know such Cliched lines? had it also had a master? that made no sense ether.
Hanriot gathered his thoughts... this was suspicious... but since when did he care about suspicious?! where would all the Famous adventurers be had they followed their suspicions? (In very different graves)

Hanriot shook off the lame caution which was keeping him back but decided that he would play the Sword's game and see what happened.

"My Name Is Hanriot, greatest in all of creation and God of Adventure, Games and Rewards! it seems I have you at a *slight* disadvantage... since it is I who may give you adventure until your hearts content and not Vice Versa"

Hanriot tossed the Sword in one hand and then grabbed it in the other, he then walked towards his house pausing only to make a new sign in the village square baring the words "To whomever it may concern be it known that a blade has been found by Lord Hanriot, If his excellency all highest Hanriot is prepared to return the blade to its previous owner however does not have as straightforward an answer"

Hanriot once again tossed the sword in the air before catching it again as he entered his house and sat down by the study.

He turned and gazed at the blade, wondering... He could not deny that he felt drawn to the blade; as if it had something he wanted.

"So my fine fellow, what is your heart's fancy? I remember the time i was a sword; all I ever wanted was to get into the thick of battle!"

Hanriot grabbed a bottle and poured him some wine, he would have to remember to make a vineyard... along with an entire race of people to make all that wine and the other stuff.

"I am thinking of making a new race to populate this village hmm but then again i also want to make a race of small pests who will spread all over creation to annoy everyone for centuries to come"

Hanriot grinned guessing the poor sword was hopelessly confused by now (as he intended) "I think I will create the pests first... hmm how about Rats as a name? I was also thinking about flying creatures which flap their wings about making a load of noise but i can't come up with a name for them at the moment. Oh well I guess its time to make that new race of people, I need someone to make my wine after all!" With that Hanriot opened a blank book and began to write; he was not as lame a god that he would actually announce himself to his creations! When they where born they would have an entire memory already made; one entirely invented by him!

Wait... since when did Hanriot learn to write? hmm must be being a god and all thought Hanriot.

At long last the adventure god went quite and the sword could speak...


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The god Hanriot was a different one indeed. She had guessed right when she though he was a god of adventure. But Games and Rewards? That might make this an interesting experiment. She let the god talk his head off, not really listening. Plans had to be made, devious schemes concocted. When he finally finished the sword spoke again.

Well, I got the formalities out of the way. Do you know I have to say that same spiel to every new person that wields me? It really gets tiresome. But you. A god! Now if that isn't something, I don't know what is. And Mortals, do I know a thing or two about them. I was wielded by a conqueror, he walked all of the world around just to find someone to fight. Oh but the feel of splitting flesh and bone with your blade. There's nothing quite like it. And rats eh? Why not make something that people will have to fight to start off their career...Like...Giant rats! Or something. I'm not one for creating. The sword stopped abruptly. Gods she hated talking, but if she wanted to use him, she'd have to make an ally out of him.


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Hanriot paused from his writing, he had already wrote quite a bit of history for his new creations... he still had not come up with a good name but he knew it would be something starting with D.

Hanriot wondered if the sword had even bothered to hear him but decided that considering he used to do it when other swords started talking to him about their career he could not really blame the sword.

Harniot nearly fell of his seat when the sword started talking about ITS OWN career! at least this one did not go on and on and on.... like some of the Silver blades did! Vampires! did they really expect Hanriot to take them seriously?

"You know conquering is not all there is to adventure, actually conquering should occur only every age or so because otherwise its just boring and repetitive. Don'y worry there will a few conqueror now and then when things get boring but most of them will be cultured people and not a bunch of savages"

Hanriot did not tell the entire truth to the blade ... the people he was planning would mainly live out their lives in whatever way they chose however Hanriot had to admit that if things really got boring he would unleash a few conquerors on them! But Hanriot was confident that these people would keep him happy and entertained while doing the same for themselves.

Hanriot was starting to get slightly annoyed with this sword, unlike this one Hanriot never took a life and he had no intention of doing so. Disarming an opponent or slashing him to submission was more then enough to win the day, killing just ruined the fun.

"Giant rats" Hanriot wondered... this sword really wanted to go bash something.

"hmm giant rats, no... that's not what i am looking for. You see Giant life threatening rats would cause fear and dread, what I want is a small little creature which can breed with speed, get into places and generally annoy people by stealing food and being a nuisance"

Hanriot wondered if other God's would be interested in such a creation... but the word giant returned to his mind.

"Thats it!" shouted Hanriot, "the answer to all this problem! Giant grapes! maybe i will make Grapes grow on trees to support the added weight"

Hanriot patted the sword, so it did have its uses after all.

"Thank you my dear, if all goes well we shall be clear from this horrible wine shortage in no time at all"


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The Crystal Heart

Nylia was already asking for more than she could chew. It was interesting how grief could power greed. She decided that she would try and help Nylia. Craigin was a god. He was not something that could be restored to life. The Divine seed that had created him had probably already dispersed. And bringing him back from the dead would not necessarily bring him back. Nylia was the god of the Undead. Jute wondered mischievously what an undead god would look like. Yes. I will try to help you. The Crystal gave her energy, as much as she needed, and disguised the fact that the power stemmed from her malice and greed.


A fucking pacifist! Of all the idiots she could have chosen to wield her, she'd chosen the one that wouldn't kill. The emerald blade sat still, silently fuming. Hanriot, god of adventuring indeed. But, patience...patience was a virtue. She would change this god. No matter how long it took. I am here when you need me then. When next he wielded her, she would give him a little dose of what malice feels like.


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"Hmm well the grapes are working alright but these leaves just look ridiculous!" Shouted Hanriot at no one in particular... however considering his brief gaze at the Sword it would seem Hanriot deemed the blade responsible.

Hanriot began a new design for the leaves of the tree, he had been writing with his finger so far using paper he created out of the trees but this was proving inadequate.
Hanriot's sucking his finger attempting to sooth it from its pains decided that in order to write properly he needed a tool.

Hanriot cursed he just could not think of anything, for the first time Hanriot was suffering from a blackout!
Hanriot was annoyed and thought of playing tricks on his newly created rats to amuse himself when an idea came to him... Why did the rats have to be primitive? why not make them clever chaps he could have conversations with?

Hanriot began to laugh, better yet he decided to create a group of six rats who would act as the Committee for all of Hanriot's problems. Hanriot however did not want to sit there 5 feet above the poor things and decided he would take his place as the seventh rat and pretend to be one of the Committee.

Hanriot wrote with his finger for the last time giving the Rats all the memories thoughts and history they would need to see themselves as such a Committee however Hanriot also gave them a spark of thought he called personality so they would be individuals instead of boring. Before long the Committee was assembled in a rat sized council room under Hanriot's house. Hanriot had even shrank the sword temporarily so he could take it down with him.

There was much squeaking in the room as the councilors took their place,the first meeting of the CDAC began
(Committee For The Development & Administration Of Creation)

Father Albert Winston; President of CDAC

General Dennis Banger; Military Adviser and chairman of the WRU (Working Rats Union)

Herr Fredric Nosher; Commissary for Land development

Little Jim; Ambassador

Lord Edward; Head Of Research and Design

Baron Philip Banister ; Minister Of Resources

Mr Bond; Chief of Intelligence and Security

Sir Harry (Hanriot); CDAC Secretary and Minister of Information.

Gentlemen please be seated, we have very little time and much to discuss. Sir Harry could you please bring us up to date on today's affairs? said the great Rat Winston known for his powerful voice.

Hanriot chuckled, this was indeed going to be funny!

hmhm As you all know we have all been entrusted with the development of Creation in the Name of Lord Hanriot god of these lands. Currently the most pressing subjects of discussion are; the development of a tool of writing, Proper and practical leaves for the Grape Tree's idea and New species... including how to deal with the Deveralls.

The room once again burst into mutterings but Winston once again brought silence to the room.

Thank you Sir Harry, I say we begin with the writing tool... you first Herr Nosher.

Nosher stood up to address the committee, he was a small rat and spoke slowly as if afraid he might say something out of place.

Well I have been looking into this matter and I am proud to say that I have I think the beginning of a solution. I have discovered a dye which when applied to paper solidifies, What I do not have is a way to apply the dye in its liquid form to the paper... sticks can work but they make a mess of things and are not even a short term solution.

Lord Edward do you have anything that might solve this problem?

Lord Edward stood to speak with speed as if he had been struggling to keep himself quite
Indeed I have Gentlemen! Indeed I have! I have by careful research invented an item which can solve not only this problem but also the Grape tree leaves crisis!

Edward enthusiastically passed the strange item around, a few moments passed before each one of the Rats saw what the wise rat had proposed.


Winston was about to comment but he saw that Baron Banister wanted to speak and thus gave him the permission to do so.

I would first and foremost would like to Complain that Her Nosher had acted alone and did not ask for the permission to examine local resources which I remind you all are my responsibility!

Oh get over it Phillip , Her Nosher has the full right to investigate such resources.

Excuse me Lord Edward but I will not tolerate being talked to in this manner! and as Minister of resources I am the only authority over these matters!

... i...i

Go On Fredric Tell him!

Silence!, I demand order in this house! Shouted Winston bringing both Edward and Banister to complete Silence.

Now then, Phillip I agree with you that Herr Nosher should have sought permission from you on this matter as common courtesy however he has the full rights to examine local resources as Commissary for Land development. Fredric in future try to inform Baron Banister of your intentions when they involve his area of responsibility Ok?

Fredric and Phillip nodded and sat down, a few moments of silence passed by before Mr Bond; a sleek and muscled Rat spoke.

So how does this tool work Lord Edward? Could you please demonstrate?

Edward Nodded and rose to his feet, he walked to the center of the room baring the invention and a small glass of Ink. He wrote a few words on the paper using the items before turning to face the others.

As you can see the Dye or Ink as Herr Nosher named it on one of our meetings can form any word one could think of providing the item or feather as i have called it is not socked with too much of it or too little.

The feather I am using is currently in its wild form but I am researching ways to create a more suitable form for writing.
I would also like to point out that feathers which will be developed for use above the ground and among future races will be far larger then this one

Hanriot wondered what the smart little rat had on his mind

Excuse me lord Edward but you mentioned that this invention will also help solve the Grape tree leaves crisis, could you please explain?

Gladly, Well after I developed this feather i wondered how will these items grow naturally for future races to consume? and the thought struck me; on a tree!

You see if we create the Grapetrees with feathers on them it does not only give the grapetrees fashionable leaves but also gives the future races a readily available supply of writing tools and decorations!


Here here!

Well done!

Good Show!

Oh well I guess it does seem economical

This is absurd! do you honestly expect future races to be capable of using these items? how on Earth will they ever understand how to make use of them? the chance future creatures will understand this technology is as likely as them strapping these "features" on their arms in an attempt of flight!

Now there is an idea, I had not thought of that...flying

I didn't mean it seriously Lord Edward

I did

Come come now my friends let us not be too hasty, I propose we make a vote on this matter; Those who approve of both inventions and of the employment of feathers as leaves for the grapetree raise your hands now

All including Hanriot who thought these where cracking good ideas raised their right hands.

The measure is approved, I suggest we have a break now and gather again in sunset... this meeting is adjourned

With that the Rats dispersed, Hanriot still in his rat form remained grinning... he had not had so much fun in a while! he loved these committee meetings and could not wait for the next one.

"What did you think of that? wasn't it fun? Hanriot asked the sword which was still in its shrank form, Hanriot knew that the Sword would probably not bother answering.


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Nightling had escaped and had met with his children, they had brought him ash wrapped in tatters of cloth left in the monastery, these where the only thing that had killed them, along with dirt that had killed the ones eating it. He licked it and felt the burst of powers, he had insight of the hunt he now knew how all animals hunted, and his teeth grew a little, he did not consume all of the dirt and ash keeping it for when he needed great burst of power. Now he had eaten the flesh of five gods and he had only gained minor knowledge and minor skills to help in hunt other gods because now that he had tasted god there was nothing else he could eat that would fill him as well. He knew that there were more bodies, forget the intruders in the deep these were his prize the blood and bone of the gods, as the mortals and the earth was his children’s prize. As he smelled the hunting grounds he smelled new things, easier things, the blood called to him, there was three of them and something else in one of his spots but as he smelled in three other places he smelled bodies, if the gods had seen him eat one, would they protect other graves from him he didn’t know but the prize of the bodies was too strong.

Their first stop was the battlefield they found the remains of two gods, but one was tracking the smell it sucked some dust up and its nose started bleeding it was still useful but it could not smell from that day on. The bodies were wrapped in more of his clothing that he had removed and the dust that had once been Kreios was taken. The thing that he had smelled that was close to a god was a tree of fruit this tree still had not been plucked he took all the fruit leaving the tree because if this fruit was good then he would want to return for more. Over the days that followed the volcanic island that had been the home of Genocide his ashes and what krull were buried there were gone, the sludge of the chaos swamp had been over run by beasts not to mention that the body was in the swamp, so what he did was make a hole underground where the swamp water would pool. Finally the last of the bodies the ash pile collapsed Into a giant hole. He did not have a renewing feast for all that time and his numbers were down to twenty, he had only gained one alpha, Hard Spit who had a very useful skill he was the only one who could solidify tunnels that would easily collapsed. What he did with the god ashes, he hid them away in a hole close to the swamp water. He bathed in the god blood and the armor reappeared, the coat this time had more then one pocket, they had five. He put his glasses in one, he was pulled to put malus, Genocide, kreios, and Braun ashes in different pockets he didn’t know why he chose some of each of these he hadn’t even tasted most of them he just knew in a bind these would help him the most, even so a hand full would only help him no big miracles would be able to be pulled off with what he had.

His kin had dragged the bodies of some of their kills to the pool, he decided they had helped him, so now the hunt would begin he smelled the air and caught the smell of five distinct mortal races worthy to be eaten the chaos beasts and corpses were starting to make his men sick they wanted warm blood, fresh meat. He scouted the land that night he smelled one race was too high in the sky to hunt, another was hidden under ground, the other three were fair game. He decided it was good practice to start easy the smallest mortals first. He returned to the hole the feast was over and there were a hundred of his children. Tomorrow the first hunt they would not wipe out the race just teach them that they should fear the night.


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The hive mind that Jute had become was working on overdrive. Sacrifices had to be made. Fires needed to be started. Lies upon lies coursed through them as they began to work in unison yet for so many different goals. Jute was starting to wish that she had been born as the god of duplicity. She siphoned off enough power from the rest that she was at full capacity and the rest had enough of their own power. She would give this Nylia a fight. Jute wouldn’t back down. But, sacrifices had to be made. There were still four others, each with an agenda and minds of their own. She gave her orders and severed the bond between herself and the others. But first she made sure that they would keep their own bonds with each other.

The girl that had split from Laska had returned to her true form. She stood on cloven hooves, garbed only in golden and platinum jewelry. A single horn sprouted from the top of her head. Her skin had a purplish sheen to it and a long spiked tail curled itself over her shoulder. Snake tattoos spiraled around her arms and down her back through her tail. She grinned and showed off two very sharp and long fangs dripping with poison. “Come here Nylia. I can’t wait to finally meet you.”

The Crystal Heart

The connection was severed but the Crystal still felt Jute’s overwhelming presence. It knew that Nylia must have felt it as well because she was beginning to tense up. It continued to pull her towards her goal. It also continued to pour more greed into her. The Crystal could give her power. The Crystal would never betray her. The Crystal was hers to command.


The Sword stayed quiet through the proceedings. Silently fuming, it wondered what approach it would have to take to get through to Hanriot. It felt its power being siphoned and it felt the connection between it and Jute become severed but did nothing in response. Hanriot was its goal and Hanriot was all that the sword would focus upon. The god turned into a rat and chatted with other rats. It really was a rousing time altogether (massive sarcasm quotes.) After the proceedings it began sending a bit of its malice energy to Hanriot while still pretending to ignore him.

The Serpent

The Serpent eagerly disconnected from Jute. It slithered northwards at speeds other snakes could only wish for. The scent of evil was strong, but fading. It was as if the original burst of energy had only been an extreme signal for a tiny arrival. But as the cold blooded creature slithered through ice and snow, through crag and cavern, it began smelling something more delicious than the evil that had faded so fast. This land held death and decay at its strongest. It continued on its way until it came across the lair of a large furred creature. Two four legged animals were near the dead bodies of what must have been their mother. The Serpent devoured the living ones to replenish some of its lost energy. It wasn’t much but every little bit helped. Then it smelt it. Death. Its smell was so powerful it made even the snake retch. It moved slowly towards the smell. The creature that gave it off must have been powerful indeed. The Serpent rattled its tail to give off its location.


The connection severed, Laska felt free to do what she wished. She was ready to introduce herself to the gods that weren’t trying to kill her. Focusing on auras she scanned all of the gods she could. She thought about visiting Adarani and the electrical force near her. She focused on an interesting aura she had felt during the cataclysm. She grew wings again and flew towards the aura of Justice. There were several other beings nearby as well. She landed just outside the clearing and stayed out of direct sight, observing them while at the same time acting shy.