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The Pantheon: Post Cataclysm

The Middle Realm


a part of The Pantheon: Post Cataclysm, by Midnightclub.

This is the land of the living.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over The Middle Realm, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

400 readers have been here.


From the frosty northern tundra to the large western sea; from the huge forest/jungles of the east to the barren desert of the south, all living creatures great and small call this land their home.
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The Middle Realm

This is the land of the living.


The Middle Realm is a part of Creation.

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Nightling [3] God of Evolution, Tunneling, and Carnivores

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Meredith, Zakari, Seline, and Argen

Meredith nodded her head at the Abbots dismissal. "Well if you wish to provide assistance then please speak with one of the Justiciars first." "Otherwise I'm sure some of us would appreciate the assistance." "But please don't fret over it, we are here to handle this on our own, after all we are doing this for everyone's safety." Meredith spoke with a smile as she rallied the others and motioned them to follow.

"Have a pleasant day, and it was no trouble at all." Where Meredith's last words as the group left the building. They soon looked around the Security Force as they made no motioned to stop them. The Four spread their wings and flew away from the central island as they left behind, the bustling cities of New Sacrira. Soon Meredith deparated from the others and landed on a islet in the western ocean.

"So you've made contact with the...mortals." Spoke a man with visible disgust.

"Well they were very pleasant, you would know that if you went, Valen." Meredith spoke.

"Please, we are not even suppose to make public appearances with mortals." Valen protested. "We are supposed to guard not mingle with them." Valen scoffed.

"Still, Lord Mathias wanted us to tell the large societies what we are doing here." "He doesn't want panic." Meredith defended.

"Maybe so...but it's not like we are going step on over to their lands for whatever reason." "He did tell us not to interfere with the lives of mortals." "And for good reason too, why should we, the clearly superior beings want to do with lesser creatures." Valen acridly spoke.

"There not in any way lesser, just because we are immortal-"

"And faster, stronger, smarter, and more gifted as well." Valen interrupted.

Meredith only made a scowl, "Yes, but Mathias did say never to discredit anyone." "Everyone is capable of many a great thing."

"The only thing their capable of is fear." The snooty Katherine intervened.

"Hello Katherine." Meredith spoke, "Nice to see you as well."

"She is right Meredith, we saw the extra security they flaunted in your faces." Valen spoke. "To think they can be intimidating to some." Valen only then chuckled. "Just what are they preparing for?" "Makes me wonder if anything about what Lord Mathias spoke of as truth."

"You question Lord Mathias's wisdom?" Meredith spoke aghast.

"No, not his wisdom, his information." "From what point did that whole meeting ringed, love, peace, and good will?" Valen sarcastically asked. "From what I could tell, they are more militaristic than what we expected."

"Nothing but doubtful, frightened little sheep." "Wondering when the wolf will stalk them again." Katherine coldly spoke.

"Yes, if they fear others so badly then why even defend them, if they can't seem to defend themselves?" Valen haughtily spoke.

"They've had bad run ins with the other races." Meredith defended.

"Why then?" "From a people that should be all about love, peace, and good will they've made a lot of enemies." "Doesn't that seem strange to you?" Valen rhetorically asked.

"Trust me, Valen I am confidant they didn't start their problems, but they're capable of finishing them." Meredith argued.

"Really?" Valen smirked. "Their situation about security is as comparable as what we are doing." Valen spoke. "Which brings me to the point I am here to make," Valen paused, "They are incapable of defending themselves, hence why we are here." Valen whimsically spoke as he gave another smirk.

"As Katherine so eloquently spoke, we are here to play shepherd to these doubtful, frightened sheep." Valen then gave a small chuckle.

Meredith only shook her head in distaste. "Don't worry about them Meredith...I will protect these little sheep from their wolves." Valen spoke as he gave smug look and then flew off. Katherine turned her head away from Meredith and flew off too. Meredith then flew off to her Jurisdiction.

The Valeish

The Valeish society found greater stability under the rule of King Telondris. The Nobles have been placing money into jobs, looking for servants for their families and businesses. What business though that has seen a massive turnout was the Courts. The Municipal Courts were ablaze with Criminal Trials and the Magistrates were dreadfully busy. Still they were able to practice Criminal Law and the Constabulary easily brought in many ruffians. While since their inception they've had a massive turnout, but the punks on the street were all they seemed to be getting.

None of the big, gang types where boldly walking the streets anymore. They've gone into hiding, doing their once public crimes in secrecy. This has made the Constabulary's job much more difficult. Before it was just simple bag'em and tag'em. Now it's Hide and try and Seek. Still the Constables were on the job as they've switched from simple buster crews to actual detective work. Now it's time for the more delicate matters of Criminal Justice as they have to wait for cases and alarms to bust their thugs. Despite the Sanitation Crews there were still some seedy underbellies left, and even the Constables haven't managed to rout out the stubborn roots of the criminality here in Kelzekia. Yet, they have the upper hand, the territory lost to the criminals over the last months was a devastating hit. They just need to capture the gang leaders and this war on crime may end. It's only a matter of finding the right opportunity.


"Ay! Officer Mandaves!" "How's the situation here with the Grave Robbings?" Asked a Valeish Constable.

"Ah Officer Willerwick!" "Good to see ya!" Spoke Mandaves.

Constables, Garnin Mandaves and Ollith Willerwick, they've been working the case of the string of grave robbings that have plagued cemeteries. They believe they are close to catching the one doing this.

"So Garnin think you've found our culprit?" Asked Willerwick.

"Not entirely sure." Mandaves spoke with uncertainty. "I have seen many suspicious characters during this case."

"Yeah I've seen some oddities as well." commented Willerwick.

"But I've limited to a few suspects." Mandaves enthusiastically spoke.

"Oh let's here em!" spoke Willerwick.

"I would but my files are back at the precinct." Mandaves frowned.

"Oh, well lets go get them then, I want to finish this assignment I hate tripping around the cemeteries, especially at night." Willerwick spoke with a shiver.

"Right, let's go besides, Captain Farslee might have more intel for us." Mandaves added.

The two Constables returned to Eleventh Precinct located in the west end Market District of Kelzekia. The Precinct was tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main market crowds, but were close enough to quickly answer disturbances in the market. Mandaves and Willerwick returned to a work station.

"Ay! Watch Warden!" "Could you hand me my writings on the Grave Robberies?" Mandaves asked.

"Ah yes here ya go!" Watch Warden Kevler handed him pieces of paper. "Also Captain Farslee is havin a meetin soon so ya best get to it." the Watch Warden spoke.

"Alright thanks, well get there soon." Mandaves spoke as he walked away from Kevler's desk. The Two entered the Constables station as he set the papers on a wooden table.

"Alright my main suspects are one, Josler Kutchrey." "A pretty shady character I've seen hanging around the Areas of Incident." "Another is Torin Vaslo, I've seen him frequent Saint Ruddley's Chapel near the Narrows." "Then there is Quorum, a Grave Keeper at Islenin's Church."

"What makes you suspect him, he is a Grave Keeper after all." "It would be like suspecting the undertaker as well!" Willerwick joked.

"True, but I've received reports from concerned citizens about possible thefts." Mandaves spoke. "You see The Grave Keeper is up at odd hours digging up old graves." "These aren't even fresh, why would Quorum dig up old graves for?" Mandaves rhetorically asked.

"Well maybe he was told by the Priest to." Willerwick suggested.

"I would think so, if the Priest isn't already asleep hours before Quorum does his digging." "If the Priest asked him to dig up graves why wait until late at night?" Mandaves rhetorically asked. "Wouldn't he have done it as soon as he was told too?"

"Perhaps he procrastinates?" Willerwick randomly suggested.

Mandaves shook his head, "The biggest piece of evidence is his frequent leaving of the grounds at night."

"I'm sure he has more in his life than just digging up graves all day." Willerwick spoke.

"Yes, but like the priest grave keepers live on the grounds as well, usually in a shack on the cemetery." Mandaves added.

"Where does he go and what does he do?" Mandaves mumbled.

"Perhaps he's going to go get a drink, I don't know, people get tired of a hard day's work and need to relax." "Especially if he's working so late into the night." Willerwick spoke.

"Yeah your probably right, the only part that didn't sit right with me is that sometimes he leaves without burying the graves again." "Then sometimes he comes back and leaves quickly again." "Why the short visits?" Mandaves spoke still feeling doubt.

"Well whatever his reasons are, we better see what Captain Farslee is addressing." Willerwick spoke as he began to leave.

"Your right we better attend the meeting." Mandaves spoke as he left the table and entered the mess hall where Captain Farslee was suppose to be speaking.

"Good Day Crime Fighters!" Captain Farslee spoke. "Glad to see every one of you here." "We are close to reaching our quota and keeping the Market District clean of criminal filth!" "I am proud of the brave men I see here today." "It makes proud to know that we have the best men working on keep our fair city secure!" "I know the past few months have been tough trying to eliminate the last footholds of the criminals here in the city, especially with the Thieves' Clans." "But most of the Chieftains have been hung and the very few have either left or gone into hiding." "Soon we will be rid of these vermin and have cleaner, safer city where all the Valeish boys and girls may play and be safe!" Farslee passionately spoke as the men cheered.

"So keep up the good work men, it won't be long now." "I ask you to persevere and we will accomplish what we have set out to do as the Constabulary!" Farslee finished as the men applauded. They then dispersed, either commencing eating or going back to work. The two Constables decided to get a bite to eat before resuming duty. Soon they would question Mandaves's suspects and hopefully get to the bottom of this.

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"When emotions flare, no one can even hope to stop it for it will even defy all reason. Still, hope lingers..."


This brought a rather childish pout on La'Moire's lips. She understood that Bartum's reaction was the most normal thing to expect given his nature. However, she cannot help but feel a bit disappointed. Looking at the creature in her hands, Syberion only tilted its head as if delivering the question whether she was fine. This warmed her heart as the slight protrusion of mouth ceased into a smile. She was completely smitten by the allure of this creature she had created from the remnants of this broken city.

"I guess we all have our preferences so, I shall kept Syberion with me. Do not worry I would not let it bother you."

After saying that, La'Moire had recalled Bartum's word about having a messenger will be useless. It made her wonder if there were also other people in the vast expense of this Middle Realm that also worshiped her. Perhaps, there was as she could hear the faintest whispers and prayers tickling her ears. These brought glimmers of gratefulness and thoughtfulness in her deep mauve eyes. In any case, she should be patient. Perhaps, she just wanted to start as soon as possible. Her essence slumbering for so long in such a small seed might have caused her to be anxious to move once more.

"I apologize for my impatience. I am really excited about all of these. Are you not Bartum?"

Before any words would be spoken from the cowardly Deity, a voice that seemed to come from the depths of the ground interrupted the exchange of pleasantries between them.

"This city is under the ground it’s in my domain and I want it, why do you think that because no one was here it was not owned. I will sell it to you if the male can beat me in a fight or if you eat the creature you just made.”

In all honesty, the creature-like being's words did not really made much sense to her. This city was underground? It was not as it was on top of the water floating much like discarded log on a shipwreck. Truthfully, La'Moire wondered if there was another definition to the meaning under the ground? A thoughtful expression was present on her face as she contemplated on this fact. However, she could not see any logical reason to the newcomer's words. So, it was his next words that change the Goddess' harmless curiosity into annoyance. He dare threatened Bartum and threatened her creation. There are limits to her understanding and he crossed that boundary.

"You Sir are out of your depth and understanding. You dare come to this City which I call as mine and his. Exact a right that never existed. Please be warned even light can be destructive."

Emphasizing this point, those eyes of purple that had always hold a certain degree of gentleness and mysterious sadness had now disappeared into piercing cold depths. A deathly gaze that would not be defeated to anyone. Her irritation could be felt in waves as it flooded the fallen Metropolis. Syberion flinched and quivered in fear at the seemingly dark presence that surrounded its Creator.


However, it was far too late as Bartum had been terrified into his fits of massive paranoia. La'Moire's annoyance was slowly dispersed as concern flooded her instead. Fear was so thick in the air as if it would choked her with the mere inhalation of it. Rats of all kinds crawled all over the Broken City. However, they did not bother with her as they simply circled around her form. All of these cretins wanted to protect their Patron in their own way which touched her.

“I will return here but my treasures are being destroyed and I must teach them a lesson.”

Sparing the newcomer who came to simply destroy the tranquility of this place with baseless statements, La'Moire certainly disliked him greatly. Even more so with his nonchalant flippancy of the issue he had started, he would not even take responsibility. How utterly pathetic in her opinion. Motioning for Syberion to move away from her, the creature did as it was told as two feathered wings sprouted on its back as it now hovered above the two Deities in anticipation of the next events.

"Bartum. It is fine. Do you not remember?"

La'Moire slowly approached the frightened God while making sure to stop at a certain distance that would be acceptable to Bartum. She did not want to further agitate the Deity who governs Fear.


"I promised I will not harm you and you are under my care. I will protect you. We are companions after all."

A gentle smile was present on La'Moire's face as she lowered herself to the ground and gazed at Bartum with those sincere deep mauve eyes. Her presence was now of a soothing and calming essence that filtered through out the City Grounds. The rats seemed to notice these as their pace rather slowed. She wanted him to know that it was fine now.

"It is now safe and Thank you for helping me to remove that hateful presence."

Hearing the wails of the people, the hope that what they call The Black Plague would soon come to an end. La'Moire knew that this would only end when Bartum had been calmed and now aware that the creature who frightened him was no longer here or would never graced his presence. Relief and a wave of sincerity which calmed the nerves of complete fear should be slowly removed into a state of ease.

"I will not allow him to harm you ever, Bartum. This is my promise to you."

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"This will be our sanctuary, a place that only you and I know..."

”Must do it in private! PRIVATE! In such, only those that follow my path hear them! Hear them and tell those that follow them! I will tell them where to go! Where to find this… BRIDGE! Bridge to safe land! Bridge to No land! No Land that exist in the eyes of danger! City with no name for map to find it!”

Relief washed over La'Moire. It seemed that Bartum had regained a semblance of his self and no longer dominated by his portfolio. A gentle smile present on her lips as she listened to the elderly god about whispering to his people to come find the bridge to the City of No Name. Oh yes, it was one of her agendas to make. However, she was distracted of creating her first creature which was Syberion and then some ill-mannered being came to haunt her companion due to an erroneous claim. Thinking about it still makes her a bit annoyed. Still, she has to remain calm more than ever especially for Bartum who had just recently recovered from the shockwave of fear. So, she had a thoughtful look on her face and wondered where should she create this pathway of land that would disappear with the unpredictable tide.


"Hmmm... Ah, I know where to create the bridge! So, Bartum I will leave you in private to do what you need to be done and I shall create the bridge now!"

As one should expect from the Goddess that governs over emotions, La'Moire was fickle in her feelings as she had now returned to her cheerful and rather carefree persona. Looking at the sky, she reached out her hand as Syberion flew towards her. She embraced the adorable creature which was the fruit of her imagination and remembered yet again that uninvited guest who even threatened her creation. If she ever sees him and for his sake hopefully, it would never happen for she will have no qualms erasing his existence if needed. Feeling something wet sticking on her cheek, she noticed that Syberion was cheering her up. Her smile broaden and then looked back at Bartum.

"Don't worry, everything will turn for the best. So, let's do our best okay?"

It was not difficult for La'Moire to sense the concern and mostly fear from Bartum. He must probably be worried for the end result of him recklessly allowing the frenzy of rats to flood the realm in his desperation. At the same time, she could never blame him for resorting to such methods. It was only natural for him to protect himself from such a threat. Yet, she could hear the many whispers of the mortals from their sorrow, anguish, fear, anger, and hatred. All of it directed to his children, the rats. It was a sad thought however, this was the consequence of his actions that brought tragedy. But someday, it will be just a memory that could not do harm anymore. This is something she was certain. So until then, she must do her best to provide a haven for Bartum's children and follower.

"I will see you later, Bartum."

Waving at the old man with a bright smile, La'Moire began walking away to the eastern portion of the city. Syberion was now perched on her shoulder with its tail swishing back and forth sensing the cheeriness of its maker. As such, this could be felt all over the city. The lingering feeling of joyous determination cradled the metropolis. It was also done to remind Bartum that he had not been abandoned by her. Soon enough, she had finally reached the edge of the island and looked at the vast ocean. It seemed far from the coast of the continent which provided isolation. Well, this is what she wanted along with her companion.

"Let us begin..."

Closing her eyes, La'Moire concentrated as light enveloped her form and butterflies of various colors created a streak of multi-colored carpet upon the waters. Gently and slowly, it became a sold object of land that took the appearance of the rainbow with the strips of hues. The light that surrounded her soon dissolved as she opened her eyes and looked at the bridge while the waves constantly rippled through it.

"What do you think, Syberion?"

The said creature looked at its mistress and gave a rather cute smile of approval which made the Goddess very happy. She clapped her hands much like a child that received a wonderful present for being good. This would be the beckoning path for Bartum's people to cross. But for now, it must be hidden from anyone else as the water swallowed the bridge as if it had never been there in the first place.

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It was a long walk, everything slowly came together as Charoum let his thoughts roll out. His keen hearing was able pick up the many competing voices. He stopped and stared for a few moments in utter silence, though, one word struck out in shrill terror 'Murder,' he knew not who had said it, knew no one within the confines of the building. As far as he could tell the massive beings peering in had yet to acknowledge his presence, everyone seemed to be preoccupied and in utter dismay. If someone had been murdered in the room, perhaps it was best to go in and assist in some form or another, or perhaps it was rude to barge in unannounced. He didn't know, and he no longer had the desire to enter the room. Perhaps scrutiny or bewilderment or a lack of acknowledgement of his presence in the room would only serve to set him off. He didn't want enemies so soon, perhaps not even friends.

It seemed the smartest choice just to seek solitude, he looked back at the climb, but it wasn't a waste, no it gave him the time necessary to formulate a plan, and that was enough, surely. 'What an odd place this is, what a grave place to wake up in.' He gave a deep nod to no one in particular, but the door he saw in the distance as if acknowledging that his kin were there was enough.

With that he turned around and left, silently. He vanished with the illusion of shadows and low colors, he had no place in mind, he didn't know any particular place. But the conclusion was confusing, a forest dense with trees and growth, it made him somehow claustrophobic as if they were all eyes set upon him, he passed many forest dwellers on his way but gave no heed, only acknowledgment and small waves. Their power was somehow lesser, and yet it seemed as though their lifeforce was beautiful, and beauty and purity was everything in regards to power. 'Right?' His thoughts would ask the sudden question, suddenly conscious of the process by which they came to this conclusion. Whoever lived in these woods must be deeply protective and caring, and he found a deep respect there-in.

The next land was populated by a heavily civil group of purple skinned people, their ears done up in an odd fashion. They were odd to behold and regarded him with sideways glances and awe. He saw purity but realization, and was disappointed with the lack of innocence. They were a race more easily capable of war, their hearts whispered of it, in their civil and mannerly demeanor there was a hidden hatred and contempt. This was the first glimpse of the hearts of mortals. They were beautiful in their own way, and powerful in a profound manner, he knew that whoever had created these mortals was truly just in nature, and devout in their ways.

He then passed through a land where he found but a few isolated places that seemed to be where vast tunnels met the surface, he saw little life and didn't know what to expect of the land, he walked for ages until he reached an Ocean, he found beauty and deep innocence in the colors of the waters he crouched for a long while running his gloved hands through it as if it were treasure, though the mask would betray any hint of emotion. Hours passed the while that he experienced this.

Slowly he rose, he wanted beautiful things that would understand him as his unknown kin had created such powerful things. They would get the moon if they so desired, get whatever would please them to have, knowledge, prowess, acknowledgment. So with a few moments concentration he lifted his hand.. And slowly he went about creation.