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The god of Spirits and Weather.

0 · 231 views · located in Middle Realm

a character in “The Pantheon: Renewal”, as played by FlamingForrest


God Name: Alseyas

Titles: The Spectre

Creed: "A Spirit may change as easily as the Weather."

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolios Governed: Spirits, Weather

Description: Alseyas is a tall slender god that takes the form of a man. He has vibrant blue eyes and medium length hair that changes color as best fits his mood with it’s neutral color a light brown with the back being even lighter.

Territories: During Weather extremes, Places where many Spirits may gather.

Symbol: A circle starting as white at the top and getting darker until black down both sides the middle a swirl of colors.

Personality: Alseyas is a god of unstable personality. The one thing that stays consistent is that he rarely stays any one place long.

Equipment: He carries a bag within which is stored garments for any weather conditions, the bag holds an untold amount yet it does have limits.

So begins...

Alseyas's Story


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First there was just a breeze, then a gust quickly turning into a solid wall of quick moving air. Among the air those capable of seeing such things would see Spirits flowing as well all surrounding a single location. The air stopped moving as a wall and began spinning in place the Spirits moving in the opposite direction as a mass of energy formed at the middle. As the energy took shape the weather in its vicinity cycled: first there was clear skies, next came the driving rain, not long after it gave way to a gentle snow, and at last it cleared once more. The spiral of wind and Sprits calmed the Spirits gathering around the newly created form until it walked through them. They snared on his body forming flowing opaque garments that billowed as though tugged at by a slight breeze.

"At last I have a solid form." The voice was fluid and to most would be smooth and soothing, perhaps even comforting. To those that had an unsound Spirit however the voice would send chills down the spine.

The god moved his new form testing it's abilities seeing just how far it could go. His body was tall and lithe yet well muscled even if they did not show greatly, his hair was a medium length all around and a light brown fading ever lighter to white in the back. He soon turned from checking the physique of the body to its senses as he listened and looked using his senses to take in his surroundings in a new way, breathing in he smelled the marvelous smell of large fields full of wild flowers and grass, he saw wisp of clouds skirting through the sky as the sun shone through them, he heard the gentle breeze running over the field the nearby tree swaying ever so slightly under its weight.

Stretching out his senses further he picked up the sound of strings, though which ones he could not tell, being played in the distance the breeze bringing the sound to him. Interested to greet others in his newfound form he set off to discover the source of the pleasant sound.

Finally within distance to be able to properly see the two dancing in the field one playing what he now was able to see was a harp he advanced on. As he approached he noticed the playing stop as the dancing ladies moved over to converse with the others on the hill. Still eager to meet others in his no longer spectral form he pressed ever on.

A few minutes later he was close enough to hear idle chatter though still unable to make out the words he called out changing the breeze to go from his back so as to carry his voice to the gathering "Hello there. May I come over and join you?" He speaks with a friendly tone as he continues moving forward waiting to hear a response from what he now notices is a gathering of gods. His face is not unkind but it is hard to focus on as it does shift with a spectral appearance making any small expressions hard to read, yet at this time he wore an easy to read smile his bright blue eyes shining and his steps light as a feather.


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Akileia stood before the firey being awash with the heat that its body gave off. A lesser creature might have fled or at least backed away, but she wasn't afraid and the flowed and dance in such a mesmerizing way. She found herself wanting to write songs about it, wanting to dance with it.

She smiled at the god. "How could you be wrong? You are so beautiful!" She began to tap her toe on the ground, soft and rythmic.

"Living flame, Burning Burning!
Red and yellow always yearning!
Hungry for more, straight to the core
Don't you know you're perfect?
Powerful Earth Living Living!
Soil and dirt always giving!
Sturdy and fair, eager to share
Don't you know you're perfect?"

She began to stomp harder and lifted her instrument which shifted to become longer, with the strings attached to the wooden base. She pulled a long strand of grass from the ground and it hardened and split. She ran the new bow across the violin and it hummed. Then she played.