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God of Dreams, Sleep and Night.

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a character in “The Pantheon: Renewal”, as played by Magistrate


God Name: Nexus

Titles: The Silver Charioteer, The Custodians of Dreams, Herald of the Night

Creed: “Night Comes.”

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolios Governed: Dreams, Sleep and Night

Description: When Nexus visits the dreams of mortals, he most often takes the form of a man frail and ancient. He wears the robes of the night skies across his feeble looking body and though his eyes often look sunk and sullen they are blazed with a brilliance and wisdom of an eternal being. It is not unheard of for Nexus to take other forms while occupying people’s dreams if it serves a specific end.

Territories: Utopia: Nowhere. A forgotten ruinous city that seems to span forever in every direction deep in the Upper Plane. It is always eternally night there and though the city is a ruin, an ethereal nature has reclaimed it making it a sight to behold. Mortal travelers that venture to Utopia for whatever reason risk never finding their way back. Becoming wandering souls in this endless dead cityscape.

Symbol: A charioteer pulled by two rams.

Personality: Nexus is mostly aloof and cold. Passions that might once had burned inside his soul had simmered and died. Time and experience has been his friend, providing both excess amounts of patience and wisdom. Nexus come across as detached to the plights of the world around him, mostly keeping to his duties in the larger natural order of the universe. His intentions are often shrouded in mystery and there it always seems like the God knows a lot more than he is willing to admit.

Opinion on Mortals: “Their lives are short and sad. I am tasked with their sleep until their last eternal slumber.”

Dreams: According to myth, Nexus has the ability to enter any mortal’s dreams as he sees fit. He has often done this to extol wisdom or a warning from the Gods. Nexus also can recall the dreams of any mortal who has ever existed, often spending long periods of time contemplating them as though they had some meaning behind them.

The Robes of Stars: Upon the birth of the new world, Nexus took a piece of the night sky while it was still malleable and wove it into a simple cloak. It is said the garment allows him to travel with the night, make him unseen to mortal eyes and allow him to pass through walls.

Yorfangur: Nexus’ magical silver chariot pulled by two rams made of star dust. It is said on a rare night; one might see the god pass over the night skies in the form of a shooting star.

Hypnos Powder: A seemingly endless bag of magic powder, One whiff and a mortal falls into a deep slumber. Only the rays of the Sun can dispel the magic.


So begins...

Nexus's Story


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Nexus had been a seed dormant in countless mortals as they slept their woes away. At first all the night god was a hazy figure one could barely recognize in the background, perhaps one could hear the sound of a chariot before waking back to tangible consciousness of the real world. It was here, in the realms of sleep and imagination that Nexus begun his life.

At first all he was compelled to do was find a way to escape this place he found himself imprisoned in. Constantly he shifted from dream to dream, conscious to conscious. Unsure of what he was and why he was here and the nature of this strange world around him. So he remained unnoticed in the collective minds of sleepers. Yet Nexus became more eager to escape, more eager to see this world beyond the one he knew his presence started to be more and more. Those in particular command of their own dreams began to see an ancient man on a silver chariot pulled by rams made of swirling star dust.

In an attempt to decipher this mystery, so called ‘sleep cults’ sprung up all across the realm. Though small in number, and very far between one another, many of these groups quickly garnered a reputation for mysticism. Many of them employ the uses of hallucinogens and hypnotics into their rituals to better see the charioteer that was moving from dream to dream.

It was the combined effort of Nexus’ growing grasp of the world outside that of the dreams of mortals and the growing number of these cults and their strange occult mysticism that brought him out of the hazy seed and into full manifestation.

As soon as the air fit his weathered brow, the gaunt old man wearing the simple robe of midnight gain an almost innate understanding of so many things at once. He sat amongst the clouds at first. He felt light as a feather merely taking all these new sensations that were unreal in the place he was before. To touch something, to reason, to understand. Even from a distance so great and far away he could see the light beams far, far away.

As if almost instinctive, Nexus had the compulsion to go towards the great light he could see in his divine perception. To bring the night with him as he moved over the middle realm. Amongst the clouds, shapes began to manifest. The beautiful silver chariot brought into this world as he calmly reigned in the two horned rams at the end of the vehicle.

The snap of the reigns was like thunder in the air, and in a blinding speed he began to race across the skies high, high above the world. As he moved, the night went with him. To the mortals below, this merely appeared far up and slow like the natural transition of day to night. Those with the divine spark, they could see in the skies as Nexus rode above he was blanketing the skies with nightfall.

Night comes…” He expressed in the gentlest of whispers.