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God of Order and Conviction. A sign of coming winter.

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a character in “The Pantheon: Renewal”, as played by Rasteva


Name: Rasteva
Titles: Iron Mountain. Sky Splitter. Affectionately referred to as 'Scrap Heap'
Creed: "We are all set on the path to Oblivion. Even one such as I."
Gender: None, but often referred to as Male.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Portfolios Governed: Order. Conviction. Winter.
Territories: Cold places and high mountain peaks where only the hardiest of creatures thrive.
Symbol: A single Raven feather.

Rasteva is what appears to be a large sentient suit of armor with nothing living contained within. The armor in question is of a make and material not seen anywhere else and is quite ornate in design, and stands at about 16 feet tall. Rasteva's head is what makes up the armor's helm, and is adorned with two large and impressive horns. A single glowing eye can be seen in the helm's visor, and often moves from side to side of its own accord. This eye is more prop than organ, as Rasteva does not need it to see. It’s instead used to make interacting with other beings easier so that they know if and when they are being addressed. Because Rasteva lacks a face in the traditional sense, they cannot be observed making any facial expressions, and anyone interacting with them will have to suffice with vocal cues in order to understand their moods. Clawed Gauntlets are what Rasteva uses for hands, and are surprisingly dexterous. This allows the Daemon to perform delicate tasks the same as anyone with regular hands.

As is to be expected of a giant suit of armor, Rasteva is exceptionally sturdy and possess immense strength. Whether it is a result of their metal form, or the result of their unwavering conviction, once Rasteva has begun to move they are impossible to stop.

Rasteva is almost always accompanied by a small group of Ravens, and the birds can often be seen perching on their horns and even nesting in their metal body.. The Ravens do not have names nor does Rasteva consider them to be pets, but they clearly enjoy the bird's company.

Rasteva's approach is often heralded by a great flock of Ravens appearing in the sky.


Positive personality Traits: Efficient, Stable, Intelligent, Dedicated, Dependable.

Negative Personality Traits: Ruthless, Stubborn, Predictable, Arrogant, Judgemental.

Rasteva sees all life and creation as a part of a cycle. Life is made, it runs its intended course and that life comes to an end. So this order has always been, and so it has always be. Rasteva's sole purpose is to see that cycle follow its course, be it beast, man or the very universe itself. Any and all attempts to sway from the path laid forth by the All Father are met with swift judgement and with out any mercy. Necromancers that desecrate the dead. Mortals meddling in powers beyond their ken in order to gain immortality. Cultists seeking to bring the world to its end before life has fully made its course. All these are equal in Rasteva's eyes, and all these are to be punished. Rasteva stands ready to see the world ushered to its true end as with all things, and stands ready to see it reborn anew so that the cycle may resume once more.

Their ruthlessness in applying punishment to the unworthy tends to make many wary of Rasteva and their judgment, though many hold a great respect for the God's unswaying convictions. As such Rasteva is frequently worshipped the most Law abiding of citizens, usually those of military standing. Despite this Rasteva makes no distinction between the concepts of Good and Evil. They see both of these as two parts of the same whole and takes great pains to ensure that both are found in equal value in the world. While making an effort to rout and destroy high concentrations of Evil should it grow out of hand, Rasteva will also allow Evil to spread in controlled quantities to keep the world's balance.

Rasteva's terrifying appearance and stature is often enough to make anyone wary, but the God is not unkind. Those that approach are treated with great kindness and respect, and the God is found to have a love of conversation willing to listen to even the smallest tales shared by their disciples. Not surprisingly, despite their efforts to remain unbiased, Rasteva is immensely fond of the creatures and people that reside in their domain. A familiar sight to those that live in the shadow of the God's mountain dwelling, Rasteva can often be spotted marching across the frozen tundra as they patrol their holdings.

Rasteva tends to hold their fellow deities in high regard, particularly the Goddess of Fate as it is by her will that all life takes its intended course. While they hold the other Gods in high esteem, Rasteva can be highly critical of them and wishes that a few would take their duties more seriously. It is not uncommon for Rasteva to chide the more easygoing Gods, much as a parent would a child. Rasteva is also ready and willing to bring the more Chaotic individuals of the Pantheon to heel should they be found stepping too far out of line.


Raumspalter:A Glaive pole weapon rivaling Rasteva in size, this mighty blade is the God's favorite weapon. Like their armor, Raumspalter is ornately decorated and looks ceremonial in appearance.

So begins...

Rasteva's Story


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Birth was different for every god. Some experienced pain, others euphoria. As the divine seeds hatched across the Middle Realm, divine creatures of every shape and size appeared. Soon after came creation in abundance. Like an artist and a blank canvas, the gods filled every thing they saw with their own essence and creativity.

One such Goddess walked through a wide open field. She smiled, enjoying the warmth of the day and smell of the earth beneath her feet and the flowers that stretched out as far as her eyes could see. She marveled at all the beauty around her and wished more than anything that she could add to it, somehow without changing what she could see and smell. Suddenly, a bright light shone around her fingertips and she found herself holding an odd device. A Harp. As soon as the thought appeared she knew that that was what the instrument was. With it, she could give more beauty, so she did.

She played for awhile, simply letting the Music flow from her fingertips, her eyes closed in rapt concentration. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw dozens of creatures around and on her. She giggled and the creatures responded with chittering, peeping, and other sounds. "Such marvelous creatures. You must be hungry..." And her hand was filled with seeds and nuts, enough to feed the small animals easily. She watched them for some time, simply in awe of their grace and natural beauty.

She decided that she needed to see more, to experience everything the world had to offer, perhaps to make something new as well, if the whim took her. So she set off to explore, wondering at every new creature and plant she saw, reveling in the changes of the day and night, and playing music and dancing when the silence did not suit her.


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#, as written by claw
"But you are solid, different. The Earth and Fire are not abstract. They simply are." Yes, it seemed almost fitting that this be the truth of it. Yet still it left Alo with more questions that needed answers. just why were there differences in their being and if all were such was it that they alone were the only ones incapable of creating a form that looked as theirs did? Try as they might the closest imitation of these slim beings that Alo could muster was this very form, the thin figure composed of dancing flame. Was it that something was wrong with them when they had been born that prevented them from seeming as the others? But then... Even Kassius managed to maintain some aspect of the others around them yet also seemed comprised of their own aspect of the world. Perhaps it was that rather than that they were failings but rather because they governed the physical realm they were given bodies to match.

"Ah and so I see it,a shadow cast over this new world. As it should be." Alo had been so caught up in their self contained thoughts that they hadn't even noticed the world around them until a new voice spoke from behind them. Rather than turning to investigate their form simply inverted as it twisted around, the points of blue fire flickered out and reemerged on the back of their head as they looked at the large figure. It reminded them of their own form of stone, large and powerful and yet still different, they were not rough hewn but rather they shone in the light and.... Reflected the world back around them, for the first time Alo could actually see themselves, though it was greatly smugged and drawn they could see the orange light bouncing back at them. It was strangely surreal to be able to see at least some part of themselves almost caught in the body of another.

"What purpose do you serve?" Again Alo had allowed themselves to be distracted and caught up with their thoughts, allowing the real world to slip by their notice. It was strange, the others didn't seem to have such difficulties, perhaps it was through the fact that they possessed physical bodies rather than shifting forms of fire that they were able to keep themselves more easily focused in one single place and time. The thought brought a strange feeling to Alo... Sadness, the more of these strange creatures they met the more they began to feel alienated from their kind, each other them seemed to be so sure and confident in their forms and proud of them and yet Alo felt so distant, called to the ground beneath and the fire above and torn between the two extremes. Even this stranger, this Rasteva who seemed to hold a form unlike the others seemed entirely sure of their might and place in the world. They may not have a thin and frail form like the others yet they seemed not to need it, their power seemed great enough that they cared little either way what one would think of them.

"I am Alo." The God spoke as they stepped closer to the large being, watching the light of their fire dance across the larger being. "I am fire and I am the earth, bound to them as they shape me.... I am... I am different from some but not from others... It is strange, I can feel... Others like us and unlike us walking on my surface. We are not alone in this world, this band of us strange beings, there are others far far away and others lurking nearby. Some of them are like you all and others still are like Kassius and I... We are not like you, not entirely. No, we are a different kind of the same thing, you are... Aspects of whim, free to hold bodies of your choosing it seems whilst Kassius and I... We are fire and light and earth and strength and bound to them, we are Primals, locked in this physical world and subject to its whims even as we control it." Alo had been turning their head to look at the others as they spoke, though they forgot to turn their body along with the head, as they finished speaking they turned back to look at Rasteva.

Slowly the Gods attention shifted to the birds that perched upon the armoured beings shoulders, companions they had called them... It felt a homely word, a strange one and for such small creatures. Yet the more that Alo looked at the world around them and to these small and weak beings the more they felt alone, comprised of nothing but elements they were the outsider here and had nothing in this world like them, no living creature could all themselves proud of the fire, nothing existed that lived from the earth alone. No, Alo was alone. But they did not have to be, gently and cautiously they cupped their hands of fire together and pictured the birds, their feathers and their beaks, their wings and even their sounds and thought hard on them, willing and straining to create something even half as similar.

There was a sudden spark in between Alo's hands which as quick as it had arrived tore open in an explosion of light and fire that caused Alo's body to rip apart into a warbling ball that reformed a few paces back. This fire was like Alo but it wasn't Alo, it was controlled by another creature though they still felt connected to it. Their attempts to create something that seemed like the armoured beings companions had been both a failure and a success, rather than create a small and weak looking creature of black feathers they had formed a far larger bird, red and orange and yellow of plumage and wreathed in fire that did not harm it. This new creature was larger and prouder than the small black birds that perched upon Rasteva and would not be bound as they would. The bird was born flying and it lived flying, moving forwards almost as soon as the explosion of fire that had birthed it had dissipated it flew once then twice around the group before heading east, flying towards to unknown horizon, a trail of flame following in its wake as it let out a single piercing cry.

Alo looked after its creation amazed as it flew away, fixed to the spot as the realisation came slowly to it, though they could not truly grasp what it was to be a creature of flesh and blood they had still made one and though it had been a failure from what they originally wished to make it had been a creature that possessed and aspect of flame. They had made life and it bared their mark for all to see, a child of fire. With the dawning realisation Alo turned to look at the rest of the group. "Life... I created life... I do not have to be alone... I do not have to be different and alone forever.


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The goddess of Music was happy, satisfied, as more and more of these others came in. Each and every one was new and exciting with different forms and different powers. She sensed the sadness in Alo but did not know how to help. She was not equipped, she felt, to deal with darkness or sadness. The others spoke to it, seemed to get through to it, because it looked determined and focused.

She gasped in awe as a creature made of flame exploded out of Alo with a physical tremble in the ground, circled them, and then flew off. She returned to her bipedal form, it seemed better able to express emotion. "What was that!? Did you *make* that?" Could *she* do that? Could they all do that? She was so excited to try but she wanted to see how the others would react.


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#, as written by claw
"What was that!? Did you *make* that?" Alo looked down at their shifting, incorporeal hands in slight confusion at the entire idea of creation. It didn't seem to make any sense but they had still managed to do it. A thought crossed through their mind that perhaps they able to make more things if they just thought on it hard enough, was this their purpose? To be the spark of life in a dark world? To bring creatures of wonderful fire into life? Or were they even bound to only mould fire alone, was the earth not their domain too? Could they perhaps warp the mighty earth into life as well if they wanted? Perhaps they should investigate this, after all if they could create beings in their image they would not be the outsider, they would be lord and master of so much wonder.

Slowly Alo's attention returned to real world and their head raised once more, blue eyes of fire flickering in certainty.
"I did... I saw the companions of Rasteva and I pictured them, thought of their entire being.... I wanted a companion of my own and yet I created something.... More... Something new. A child of fire... And a creature of eternal flame, one that shall never burn out even on it's death. Phoenix... The creature is a phoenix and shall forever burn... But if I could create something greater than the small, frail creatures just by trying to imitate them could I not create something all together new? Could we perhaps all possess this gift?"

Slowly though, Alo approached Akileia, one of the few to actually address them and manage to capture their attention away from the constant drifting morass that was their strange mind, scorching the earth every time they took a phantom step. "Tell me Akileia, you are a creature of... Form and substance, like those strange creatures that prance upon the surface of the earth. They fear the sight of me and flee feeling the fire... Can you not feel the warmth? Do I not blaze of nothing but the fire from which I control? I can't... I can't feel it... The warmth... Or the grass beneath... I don't... I don't understand... Why are all of you creatures of form and substance and I incorporeal? Was I crafted wrong? Am I wrong?"


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Akileia stood before the firey being awash with the heat that its body gave off. A lesser creature might have fled or at least backed away, but she wasn't afraid and the flowed and dance in such a mesmerizing way. She found herself wanting to write songs about it, wanting to dance with it.

She smiled at the god. "How could you be wrong? You are so beautiful!" She began to tap her toe on the ground, soft and rythmic.

"Living flame, Burning Burning!
Red and yellow always yearning!
Hungry for more, straight to the core
Don't you know you're perfect?
Powerful Earth Living Living!
Soil and dirt always giving!
Sturdy and fair, eager to share
Don't you know you're perfect?"

She began to stomp harder and lifted her instrument which shifted to become longer, with the strings attached to the wooden base. She pulled a long strand of grass from the ground and it hardened and split. She ran the new bow across the violin and it hummed. Then she played.


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Akileia thought for a bit. "I don't know much...But if you don't *want* to be a destroyer, then you shouldn't have to be. You have us to help you, me, Cela. And maybe even everyone else. There must be something we can do."

She looked around at the others. "We're gods right? That's what Rasteva said. Maybe it's our duty to help people in need. People like you. And maybe it's our job to make more people too..."


The Colony practically buzzed. They'd seen the thing in their dreams and they were scared. None could decide what it meant and none of them could tell the others exactly what they were scared of. Sleepless nights led to angry, grumpy Ughsoms. Bickering turned into fighting and the fighting only got worse. Until one Ughsommy leaned back and spread out his wings to get attention, clinging to the roof of the cave. The small colony ceased their clicking and jostling and looked at their fellow. Then, he spoke.

They turned and looked at each other, the clicks and warbles that they made were clearer, with actual meaning behind them. They were able to debate and convince. Language saved the young race from a war that would have ended them all too soon. Though, that particular Ugh was never seen again.