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The God of Luck, Lust, and Languages

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a character in “The Pantheon: Renewal”, as played by Midnightclub



God Name: Samnang
Titles: God of Gamblers, The Lover, He Who Speaks, Incubus
Creed: "The key to getting what you want is knowing how to ask for it."
Gender: Male, usually
Alignment: Chaotic Good Corrupt
Portfolios Governed: Luck, Lust, Languages
Description: As the god of lust, Samnang has a fairly mutable form, often appearing as what he thinks the viewer finds most attractive sexually. Generally he wears tight fitting, colorful clothes and his short hair is almost always a brilliant platinum blonde. When he wants to, he shows his godhood with wings or horns.
Territories: In the hearts of men and women who long for physical contact. Whenever chance comes into play. In the mouths of any who speak and are understood.
Symbol: A pair of dice with the shape of a heart where the one should be.
Personality: Domains aside, Samnang is a generally happy-go-lucky god who simply enjoys life. He is less likely to overtly use his portfolios, instead he usually behaves like a mortal, even in the presence of other gods.
Equipment: Samnang has, among his artifacts, a purse that always has exactly one gold coin within it, said to bestow good luck to those he gives it to and bad luck to those who take it.

So begins...

Samnang's Story


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Birth was different for every god. Some experienced pain, others euphoria. As the divine seeds hatched across the Middle Realm, divine creatures of every shape and size appeared. Soon after came creation in abundance. Like an artist and a blank canvas, the gods filled every thing they saw with their own essence and creativity.

One such Goddess walked through a wide open field. She smiled, enjoying the warmth of the day and smell of the earth beneath her feet and the flowers that stretched out as far as her eyes could see. She marveled at all the beauty around her and wished more than anything that she could add to it, somehow without changing what she could see and smell. Suddenly, a bright light shone around her fingertips and she found herself holding an odd device. A Harp. As soon as the thought appeared she knew that that was what the instrument was. With it, she could give more beauty, so she did.

She played for awhile, simply letting the Music flow from her fingertips, her eyes closed in rapt concentration. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw dozens of creatures around and on her. She giggled and the creatures responded with chittering, peeping, and other sounds. "Such marvelous creatures. You must be hungry..." And her hand was filled with seeds and nuts, enough to feed the small animals easily. She watched them for some time, simply in awe of their grace and natural beauty.

She decided that she needed to see more, to experience everything the world had to offer, perhaps to make something new as well, if the whim took her. So she set off to explore, wondering at every new creature and plant she saw, reveling in the changes of the day and night, and playing music and dancing when the silence did not suit her.


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Akileia thought for a bit. "I don't know much...But if you don't *want* to be a destroyer, then you shouldn't have to be. You have us to help you, me, Cela. And maybe even everyone else. There must be something we can do."

She looked around at the others. "We're gods right? That's what Rasteva said. Maybe it's our duty to help people in need. People like you. And maybe it's our job to make more people too..."


The Colony practically buzzed. They'd seen the thing in their dreams and they were scared. None could decide what it meant and none of them could tell the others exactly what they were scared of. Sleepless nights led to angry, grumpy Ughsoms. Bickering turned into fighting and the fighting only got worse. Until one Ughsommy leaned back and spread out his wings to get attention, clinging to the roof of the cave. The small colony ceased their clicking and jostling and looked at their fellow. Then, he spoke.

They turned and looked at each other, the clicks and warbles that they made were clearer, with actual meaning behind them. They were able to debate and convince. Language saved the young race from a war that would have ended them all too soon. Though, that particular Ugh was never seen again.