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Aidan Summers

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a character in “The Paper Kids”, as played by Circus Freak




"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness."

- Charles Spurgeon

☻Full Name☻ Aidan James Summers

☻Nicknames☻ Dan, Danny, or Addy

☻Age☻ 17

☻Hometown☻ Clearwater, Kansas

"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love."

- Washington Irving

- Friendship, - Making People Smile, - Jokes/Puns, - Hot Weather - Being Accepted, - Outcasts, - Music, - Writing, - Reading, - Being Surrounded By Friends - Individuality, - Art, - Animals, - Children (They Always Seem So Much Happier), - Good Days - The Wilderness,

X - Seeing Others Cry, X - Hurting Others, X - Anger, X - Lies, X - Bigots X - Prejudice/Racism, X - Being Hurt, X - Intrusive Thoughts, X - Being Stuck X - Name-calling, X - Bullying, X - Fighting With Friends, X - Cold Weather, X - Being Stuck Indoors, X - Laziness

- Compassionate, - Helpful When Needed, - Fights For Whats Right, - Keeps Others Feelings In Mind - Can Be Strong For Those Who Aren't,


- Locks Everything Away, - Overly Emotional, - Angry Under The Surface, - Afraid Of The Dark - Depressed, - Anxious[/size]

"Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment."

- Grenville Kleiser



Aidan is somewhat hard to decipher. The kind of person who can't be pinned down by the usual labels or stereotypes. On one hand he is a teenager, angst ridden, and childish at times that exhibits all the usual symptoms of a kid trying to break free from oppressive rule. Yet to imagine him as purely nothing besides a whiny brat would be a major injustice - nobody is perfect, but nobody is one-dimensional either. Aidan doesn't boast to be anything besides who he is, confident in his ability as a kind hearted human being without being prideful. Even when he does something great with his talents he never boasts or makes himself the center of attention. Sure, he has his moment of arrogance, times when he sees himself as the best, but just as any other bad trait those moments come to pass.

To anyone who doesn't know him he may seem a little strange and can give off the vibe of being full of himself. Though for those who know him personally that couldn't be any further from the truth. One thing people notice right off the bat is that Aidan seems to want to make friends with whoever he sees. Which may or may not be a problem depending on how friendly the other person is, and how accepting they are of Aidans loudness, and cheerful attitude. Sometimes he can come off as weird for how easily he grows attached to people - which is alarmingly fast. He always overlooks the bad in people, which is something that seems to always get him hurt in the end. He is almost never quiet unless angry or sad.

Despite always trying to keep a happy outlook, and positive self image there are times when all Aidan wants to do is be alone. Moments where he can let the sadness out without harming anyone else in the process. He always worries that his depression will rub off on others even though he knows that its unlikely to happen. He just worries a lot in general, especially about how other people are affected by the things he does. He always makes a conscious effort to keep his thoughts in check, and never tries to offend or insult anyone if he can help it.

He is extremely sensitive to the feelings of those around him, and finds it hard not to mimic them. Especially when those feelings are pointed towards him directly. He has served as a shoulder to cry on for more than one person in his life, and is happy to talk if needed. He never pries into the past. Knowing how sensitive of a topic it is for some.

But even though he is kind, and compassionate all of his good traits are of course evenly weighed with the bad ones. He wavers in mood often, swaying from one side of the spectrum to the other. When angry he shuts himself away, closes in tight and won't talk to anyone. He always makes sure its apparent when he is mad. If he is mad at a specific person that anger will reflect in how he speaks with them or interacts. Though he would never get in a physical altercation with a friend or someone he cares for he isn't opposed to fighting back if anyone were to throw the first punch.

Unfortunately Aidan suffers from Intrusive Thoughts alongside Depression, which may cause him to sink into a deeper state of hopelessness. The intrusive thoughts he suffers from are unwelcome and involuntary thoughts, images, or unpleasant ideas that may become an obsession to him, and are upsetting or distressing. They are difficult to manage and get rid of. Though if he reminds himself that he doesn't want to act on these thoughts he can usually push them away. Most of the time however it is extremely hard to remind himself of this, causing him to lapse into a state of anxiety as he tries to control the impulse of acting on them.

Overall Aidan tries his best to be someone to rely on, but often times forgets one important rule. That he needs to look out for himself just as much as he does for others.

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."

- Woodrow Wilson



Aidan grew up in Clearwater, Kansas. A somewhat backwards little town filled with 'hateful' and 'prejudiced' people. He never really understood why the people in their town always seemed to have only bad things to say about each other. He grew up listening to horrible gossip and rumors, about himself and those around him. Nasty, hurtful words would be flung about like it didn't even matter. Everyone was so fake in the way they would pretend to be friends with someone, and then turn around call them nasty things behind their backs. Aidan hated it, hated how hateful everyone was. While he and his older brother grew up in a home with two loving parents, he felt like the influence of those around them would be nothing but bad news.

His brother was in high school when he committed suicide after months of being bullied and ridiculed. Aidan who had no idea just how bad things had gotten was devastated by the loss of his hero, and closest friend. Yet even after his death people continued to ridicule him for his differences. It was crushing, and heart breaking to hear anything bad being spoken about his brother. Aidan withdrew into his own little world for months, developing an almost unhealthy fantasy of someday getting revenge on the bullies who tore a hole in his family.

Of course he never did. After months, and some coaxing he eventually dug himself out of the hole he was in. Even at age ten he knew he couldn't stay away from society forever. He would need to leave his room and go back to school at some point. Yet when he did he found that nothing had changed, and nobody even cared that some poor kid had died because of their cruel words. Aidan eventually learned to tune out their words - they were nothing to him if he didn't listen, and soon enough he found that he could focus much easier if he wasn't stuck listening to all the negativity around him.

He wanted to follow in his brothers steps. But he knew that it would only be a permanent end to a temporary problem in his life. He forced himself away from suicide so many times in the past that it started to become a normal thing to think about killing himself. Even to this day he still has these thoughts.

In middle school his fathers job moved them out of Kansas. Though he found that living in a larger city was much worse than his small town, he accepted the change without making a fuss. He didn't want his parents to think he was mad at them about having to move - since it wasn't their fault that his dads job made them move. It was sometime after their move that he discovered Devon Mooneyhams blog. He found himself completely taken with everything about it, and decided that instead of becoming just like everyone else he would try and find Devon. It took him a long time, but eventually he found his way, leaving behind his old life to forge a new one. He sometimes feels a bit bad about leaving his parents behind, but he knows that they will find a way to move on just fine without him.

He met (FC: Barbara Palvin) and grew quite affectionate towards her, they ended up having a one night stand that Aidan regrets a lot, since it wasn't fair to either of them. He doesn't exactly know what he wants with (FC: Barbara Palvin) but he knows that he doesn't want her to get hurt in the process of him figuring it out. Which is why he told her from the beginning "I don't want to break your heart." He doesn't really know how to broach her on the subject of having a true relationship, so he has been avoiding her. Of course he tries not to make it obvious that hes avoiding her.

Secrets: TBA


So begins...

Aidan Summers's Story


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Lucy had spent the night before partying at some college party she’d found out about, forty-five minutes from the subdivision they weren’t currently staying at. She knew it was stupid to not only leave without telling anyone where she was going, but to go to a party where she knew no one completely alone. She was addicted though to things she shouldn’t do. She woke up the next morning between a strange guy and a blond girl. She sighed as she got out of bed and got dressed.

She proceeded to steal the girls clothes adding them to her collection of clothes, before grabbing the guys Ray-Ban sunglasses that sat on his dresser. Once she got out of the house, she turned back to see it wasn’t a house it was more like a mansion. She rolled her eyes, rich people irritated her. She started walking down the street lined with huge beautiful houses, in a way it kind of resembled the houses that they were currently calling home.

She walked for a long time letting her thoughts drift to Dillion, why? She wasn’t entirely sure. He was a nice thought though a seemingly stable one, which was why she’d yet to acknowledge his advances. Stable wasn’t something she was good at, relationships was something she was even worse at. Never the less, she always seemed to let her thought go to him after she’d yet again degraded herself by doing way to many drugs and having more than likely unprotected with some asshole and some stupid bitch. She just couldn’t control herself, it numbed the pain of her past that she refused to face.

She managed to hitch hike back to the subdivision, by the time she’d gotten there it was late in the afternoon. She’d asked a few people where her brother was, but they hadn’t seen him all day. She decided then to go sit on the second story balcony of the house she’d claimed that was next door to her brothers. She’d smoked through an entire pack of cigarettes, waiting for Devon. Not that that was anything new. She knew she looked just about as shitty as she felt but she could careless.

She took one final drag off her cigarette before flicking it away just in time to see Devon slipping into his house. She made her way down stairs an over to his house wanting to get him alone before the others started filing in to see her brother. He was unloading groceries.

“You know Dev, your way too good at that disappearing shit.” She said helping herself to a the case of beer that was on the counter. She wondered how Devon managed to get the beer, then again they probably hadn’t even carded him, he looked well over nineteen.
“You too Lulu. Where were you last night?” he asked concern clear in his voice as she took a swig from the can of Budweiser. She rolled her eyes as she hopped onto the counter and crossed her legs Indian style.


Devon had spent most of his day alone. Most of The Paper Kids knew when to leave Devon alone. Not that he would get upset if they came to find him. It wasn’t like that, it was more of a silent knowing among them all that when Devon went off on his own it was better to let him go, because while it probably killed most of them trying to figure out what the hell he could be doing. In the end it came down to Devon doing Devon things.

At the current moment they were in a fairly newer abandoned subdivision. The houses were beautiful, or what was built of them seemed like they’d be incredible. The subdivision was located about an hour outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. The summer air was sticky and humid, yet it didn’t bother Devon one bit. They’d been at this particular subdivision longer than any other one. Everyone had claimed their own house and they all had kind of formed a comfortable home there. They were leaving next weekend though.

Devon already had there next place mapped out. A paper town known as Covert, Mississippi. Of course it wasn’t a real city, it was a paper town a made up city made by a map company to make sure no one else copied their maps. Devon had already scrapped up enough money for them all to get there. He was good at things like that. He’d spent the entire day smoothing out every single detail to make sure he had everything ready for them.

Now though the sun was setting as he walked down the sidewalks that might of seen a lot of activity had the neighborhood been finished. He had shopping bags full of soda, water, and food that didn’t need to be cooked; like stuff to make sandwiches, Nutri Grain Bars, and fruit. Once he got back to his house he unpacked the food on the chipped, tile counter. He knew any minuet his Paper kids would be coming to check to see if he was back. The night time was when they were all alive, when they had bon fires and just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

”You know Dev, your way too good at that disappearing shit.” he glanced up to see his little sister smirking at him. She had sunglasses on which was a general knowledge when it came to Lucy, that she had a hangover.

“You too Lulu. Where were you last night?” he asked watching as she took a drink from the beer and he sighed wanting to stop her, he knew it would be hypocritical of him though. She answered with one simple word. out. That was how she always answered his questions to her whereabouts.