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Lucy Mooneyham

"Sometimes your dealt a shitty hand. You can make the best of it or you can let it take you down. I refuse to sink."

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a character in “The Paper Kids”, as played by OddFinch


{Wiz Khalifa: See you Again}{Alesso: Heros}{Halestorm: Here's to Us}{Bowling for Soup: Girl All The Bad Guys Want}

{"Seventeen without a purpose or direction, we don't owe anyone a fucking explanation"}
-Blink 182, Rock Show

{"Bitches talk shit cause they think they
know me, but if I had a dick, they'd be the first to blow me."}

Lucy (Almost always)
Lu (Sometimes)
LuLu(Only Devon)


Santa Cruz, California

Full Name
Lucinda Perrie Mooneyham


10% German


{"Behind everything beautiful, there has been some kind of pain."}
-Bob Dylan

ImageFace Claim
Meg Myers

Hair Color
She rarely does anything with her hair and so it's extremely healthy. Her hair touches to her lower back and is a natural dark brown almost black color.

Eye Color
Her eyes are nothing special in fact if you ask her she hates them. She has big doe brown eyes that make her appear younger then she is thanks to the rest of her very soft, baby faced features.

Body Type
Lucy is a small girl, but don't mistake her small size for her being weak. She stands at only five foot two inches tall and weighs one hundred and one pounds. She had a naturally toned body and a medium ivory complexion.

Just because she seventeen doesn't mean she doesn't have her fair share of ink and piercings.
As far as tattoos go she has three: >>On the back of her neck<<
>>On her left wrist<<
>>On her right side<<
As far as piercings she has both ears, her belly button, and the left side of her nose.

None that are of any significance.
{"Some days I love the life I live. Other days I want to die."}

+Bad Boys
+Hard Liquor
+Late Nights
+Getting High
+90s Music
+Her Brother
+The Paper Kids

-Early Mornings
-Her Parents
-Being Alone
-Judgmental People
-Not being in control
-Talking about Her Father

|S|Reading People
|S| Listening
|S| Intelligent
|S| Sex

|X|Talking about her Dad
|X|Her Brother
|X|Cigarettes and Liquor

|=|She's Anorexic
|=|She's Addicted to Cocaine
|=|She has an incredible singing voice

{"Trust me babe, it’s better is you just stay far away. "}

If you asked someone, anyone who knows Lucy they’d describe her as a complete and utter mystery. No one, not even her brother half the time can figure out what she’s thinking. She is careful to only let you know what she wants you to know. She keeps her walls sky high and refuses to let anyone in to see the real, broken girl hiding behind the bitchy façade.

She’s a sarcastic bitch and she doesn’t hid it. She tends to roll her eyes a lot, out of habit. She is usually the one with witty come a backs. She says things before thinking which can hurt people’s feelings, not that she means to. She’s straight forward and blunt, she won’t lie and tell you something that isn’t true. Even if it’s hard to say, she still won’t candy coat it.

She doesn’t trust people easily, but once you gain her trust she’d die for you. She’s incredibly loyal to a fault. She won’t share her emotions with you, but she’ll be the first to listen to you problems and give you the best advice you’ve probably ever heard.

Lulu is a free spirit very much like her older brother. She’s strong and stubborn. She’s always done what she thought felt right to her, whether anyone else thought it was right or not. She doesn’t care what other people think of her because as far as she’s concerned she’s not alive to please other people. She’s not good with commitment, which is probably why she can’t keep a boyfriend.

Lucinda is incredibly smart, she has an extremely high IQ, which is why you will often find that she is quite. She tends to be very observant and can tell a lot by a person from just looking at them. All in all, Lucy is broken. She’s lost people close to her which is why she pushes people away and keeps herself guarded, because the pain of losing someone else isn’t something she thinks she can handle. Deep down though, she’s got a good heart.

{"It’s a shitty one, but it’s my story and I have no choice but to stick to it."}

Family Tree
Christian Mooneyham||Biological Father||Age:48||Deceased
Anne Mooneyham-Burry||Biological Mother||Age: 44||Alive
Stephen Burry||Step-Father||Age:47|||Alive|
Devon Monneyham||Brother||Age: 19||Alive
Amani Burry||Half Sister||Age: 14|||Alive|

Lucinda Mooneyham was the second born to her very loving parents Christian and Anne Mooneyham, two years after her older brother. Her parents married young and by the time her and Devon came along, they’d fallen out of love. The two divorced when Lucy was two and her mother was quick to remarry. Her father on the other hand moved back to his hometown in Honolulu, Hawaii. While Lucy, Devon, and her new step-father stayed in Santa Cruz.

Lucy and her mother never quite got along and she couldn’t stand her step-father. When her half-sister came along she stole the attention and in turn Lu hated her sister. Lucy would spend the entire school year at her mothers, then for summer her and Devon would pack up and spend the summer with their father in Hawaii. She was closer with her father, but do to his on-call schedule as a police officer, he wasn’t around as often as she would have liked.

As she got older, she started doing worse in school and when she’d go to Hawaii for the summer, she partied with college kids. By the time she was fourteen, she had lost her virginity tried a variety of drugs, and could hold down liquor like the guys. One night while she was at a party, Devon pulled her aside to tell her that her father had been killed while on duty. Lucy’s behavior only went downhill even further after that.

At fifteen, she was disappearing for days at a time and coming home high and wasted. Her mother had stopped caring and her step-father took to calling the cops every time she acted out. Needless to say things at home were a living hell. At sixteen another death had occurred, her best friend who was like a sister to her, died of a drug over dose and her brother had disappeared.

Lucinda went into a deep depression and started delving into parties and drugs hard. She developed an eating disorder, she would let people use, and she felt horribly empty. Finally she started putting together clues her brother had left behind for her and eight months after her brother left, she dropped out of high school and found her brother. She still very lost, but she’s happier now then she was before.

So begins...

Lucy Mooneyham's Story


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Lucy had spent the night before partying at some college party she’d found out about, forty-five minutes from the subdivision they weren’t currently staying at. She knew it was stupid to not only leave without telling anyone where she was going, but to go to a party where she knew no one completely alone. She was addicted though to things she shouldn’t do. She woke up the next morning between a strange guy and a blond girl. She sighed as she got out of bed and got dressed.

She proceeded to steal the girls clothes adding them to her collection of clothes, before grabbing the guys Ray-Ban sunglasses that sat on his dresser. Once she got out of the house, she turned back to see it wasn’t a house it was more like a mansion. She rolled her eyes, rich people irritated her. She started walking down the street lined with huge beautiful houses, in a way it kind of resembled the houses that they were currently calling home.

She walked for a long time letting her thoughts drift to Dillion, why? She wasn’t entirely sure. He was a nice thought though a seemingly stable one, which was why she’d yet to acknowledge his advances. Stable wasn’t something she was good at, relationships was something she was even worse at. Never the less, she always seemed to let her thought go to him after she’d yet again degraded herself by doing way to many drugs and having more than likely unprotected with some asshole and some stupid bitch. She just couldn’t control herself, it numbed the pain of her past that she refused to face.

She managed to hitch hike back to the subdivision, by the time she’d gotten there it was late in the afternoon. She’d asked a few people where her brother was, but they hadn’t seen him all day. She decided then to go sit on the second story balcony of the house she’d claimed that was next door to her brothers. She’d smoked through an entire pack of cigarettes, waiting for Devon. Not that that was anything new. She knew she looked just about as shitty as she felt but she could careless.

She took one final drag off her cigarette before flicking it away just in time to see Devon slipping into his house. She made her way down stairs an over to his house wanting to get him alone before the others started filing in to see her brother. He was unloading groceries.

“You know Dev, your way too good at that disappearing shit.” She said helping herself to a the case of beer that was on the counter. She wondered how Devon managed to get the beer, then again they probably hadn’t even carded him, he looked well over nineteen.
“You too Lulu. Where were you last night?” he asked concern clear in his voice as she took a swig from the can of Budweiser. She rolled her eyes as she hopped onto the counter and crossed her legs Indian style.


Devon had spent most of his day alone. Most of The Paper Kids knew when to leave Devon alone. Not that he would get upset if they came to find him. It wasn’t like that, it was more of a silent knowing among them all that when Devon went off on his own it was better to let him go, because while it probably killed most of them trying to figure out what the hell he could be doing. In the end it came down to Devon doing Devon things.

At the current moment they were in a fairly newer abandoned subdivision. The houses were beautiful, or what was built of them seemed like they’d be incredible. The subdivision was located about an hour outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. The summer air was sticky and humid, yet it didn’t bother Devon one bit. They’d been at this particular subdivision longer than any other one. Everyone had claimed their own house and they all had kind of formed a comfortable home there. They were leaving next weekend though.

Devon already had there next place mapped out. A paper town known as Covert, Mississippi. Of course it wasn’t a real city, it was a paper town a made up city made by a map company to make sure no one else copied their maps. Devon had already scrapped up enough money for them all to get there. He was good at things like that. He’d spent the entire day smoothing out every single detail to make sure he had everything ready for them.

Now though the sun was setting as he walked down the sidewalks that might of seen a lot of activity had the neighborhood been finished. He had shopping bags full of soda, water, and food that didn’t need to be cooked; like stuff to make sandwiches, Nutri Grain Bars, and fruit. Once he got back to his house he unpacked the food on the chipped, tile counter. He knew any minuet his Paper kids would be coming to check to see if he was back. The night time was when they were all alive, when they had bon fires and just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

”You know Dev, your way too good at that disappearing shit.” he glanced up to see his little sister smirking at him. She had sunglasses on which was a general knowledge when it came to Lucy, that she had a hangover.

“You too Lulu. Where were you last night?” he asked watching as she took a drink from the beer and he sighed wanting to stop her, he knew it would be hypocritical of him though. She answered with one simple word. out. That was how she always answered his questions to her whereabouts.


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Image "Want to come with me Kidd, it beats being bored, no one is here but us and I could use an extra pair of hands." Aki lifted her hand into a fist with her thumb pointing at her with a cheeky grin and just screamed she was up to no good, again.

Lestat nodded and got up, placing his book down on the kitchen table and headed for the door.

Aki rushed to his side, she didn't need bother grabbing her lock picks, that was something she always had on her at almost all times of the day and night. For her, they were her life. Twirling around Lestat, she made her way in front of him and led the way.

It was late at night when they started out. Aki was planning on going to a house a bit far away from where the paper kids were located in order to steal a bunch of food. Plus the rich homes were quite a bit away anyways. So really there was no choice. And it wasn't like she could get a job, she was a runaway, and deep down inside she had some hope that she was being looked for, but probably not. That's all it was, hopeless hope.

Lestat was his normal quiet self, if he was anything other, that would worry everyone. Mainly because he only gets loud when they are in danger or something bad was going to happen. He was always on watch, no one is even sure if he sleeps, least no one has seen him sleep. Aki sure hasn't. He never even looks tired in the least. Sometimes though she'd think he is some sort of ninja robot sent from Germany.

"So Kidd, which house should we go into. Ah but, not that one, it has an alarm." Aki pointed to a blue house and sort of looked like it was meant for dolls to live in, even the yard did. in a way, they were so out of place, it was hard not to suspect them. "Good thing we came at night, otherwise, we'd be so busted. Busted like that time when that Charlie kid broke his butt by doing some lame trick on a board just to impress me. Ugh."

This was how it was when the two were alone. Aki would talk and Lestat would listen. You could tell he listed and not just doze off or pretend because every time he is spoken to, he always looks at the person dead on. So dead on it's as if he is trying to read every inch of your body. Which brought up a whole another topic.

It was easy for them to make it through the night. The two ended up stealing a suitcase and a few backpacks full of foods and drinks. They had almost gotten caught if it weren't for Lestat shoving Aki into a dog house. Yes, a dog house meant for a very large dog. Good thing it was their lucky day because the dog didn't seem to be around. When the cops left, they left right after, but this time it was in a very big hurry. To get busted with all that food and at night, won't be easy to explain.
"Well good thing that it's almost morning. I wonder if Devon will be there tonight. Can never know with him..." He voice grew soft, almost a whisper. When it came to it, she was one of the Paper Kids who would always worry if Devon was alright or not. It scared her sometimes, or well most of the time if he'd ever abandoned them. Aki couldn't take something like that again. It always happens to her in some way or form. And seeing as she is so close to him and Lestat, she wouldn't cope right if they left her.

Lestat reached his free hand over to her shoulder to calm her down, noticing she was balling her fit up. "He's fine."

He had pulled her to the side and they camped out in the middle of a bunch of bushes, it wasn't until morning that they started to walk again back to the hideout.

"Oi! Kiddies! We brought food for thy bellies! Hurry up and get some before it's gone!" This was when Aki barged into the kitchen and dropped all her stuff. He whole body froze up like a flag pole. Her bright blue eyes had become full of surprise. It didn't take long before her cheeks light up like two red light bulbs. She no undoubtedly noticed that Devon was here. Quickly she turned around on her heels and left the room as fast as she could. This was almost a normal thing for her to do when it came to seeing Devon so suddenly.

Lestat smirked ever so slightly and nodded to Devon as he put the bags on the table. "I suppose, food won't be a problem for a while." His smirk turned int a gentle smile but faded just as fast as it was seen. But he did take notice of Lucy, nodding to her kindly.


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Journal Entry

Life, it's different. So different. I'm content,
yet restless. How does
someone deal with come thing like this?
Deal with this new life.
I've found I'm scared of this.
Of this life. And here I am under the stars
in this perfect moment,
yet it's tugging at the back of my head.
I don't fit in.mim different.
I'm not a free spirt like everyone else.

I don't miss my old life. Not even a little. But is this really making me happy?
I guess I'm conflicted. I can't seem to write
in a journal my exact feelings.
Maybe I need help. Maybe something's wrong with me.
Maybe I'm just not extraordinary enough for this.
Maybe I'm too average for the Paper Kids.

I know my issues are tiny compared to the issues in this world,
and that I should be grateful my life hasn't been hard,
and the Paper kids have taken me in with willing hearts
but I just can't help it. I'm conflicted.

With love.

PJ' s nights had mainly consisted of trying to figure
out constellations in the stars.
She could spend hours gazing at them,
trying to figure them out. It was almost as if she did
they would give her answers, answers to her questions on life.

She sat outside in the lawn in front of the house
smoking cigarettes. Every couple of seconds she would
inhale the smoke then let it roll off her tongue.

She didn't like to find parties or get herself into trouble,
she just liked the calm peacefulness of the dead
of that night in a paper town.
She liked hearing her breath.
The way the cool night breeze hit her face. It didn't matter where they were, the stars were always the same.
Some New York to Florida to Louisiana. That calmed her in a way. A way that let her hold onto her old life but live her new one.

Sighing the young girl stood up, dusted off her
legs and walking into the house and up to her room
there she wrote in her journal before the young girl dozed off into sleep.

A young girl, PJ, is sound a sleep on a bed foreign to her, in a life foreign to her. She is curled up in a ball, no blankets over her, an oversized Rolling Stones tee shirt used as pajamas bunched up at her hips. Her long, thin legs on full view. Her body was covered in a thin layer of sweat as the scorching Louisiana sun came beating down on her body. Since she left New York as dark tan has set in on her body.

Small snores came from the girls mouth as she slept well into the morning. Her face, even in sleep was twisted into a firm serious expression, it was almost like there was never a point when she really relaxed.

Eventually the sun hit her eyes just right and Pl stirred, shifting slightly in the bed and covering her face with her arms. Groaning she sat up pulling her shirt down and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Mornings were never her strong suit and she could already feel the bed calling her back but the girl forced herself to swing one leg after the other over the side of the bed and finally stand up.

PJ's white blonde hair stuck to her face due the sweat and her eyes had dark bags under them. There is a cracked mirror in her little room that she looked through. Internally the girl cringed. For years her mother beat into her head the importance of always looking her best, and here she was looking homeless.

Quickly PJ shakes her thoughts off. This was a new life. Paper Kids didn't have to worry about the way they looked, the way they acted, the way they dressed, they could just be free. That's what the girl was working on, being free. Letting herself, let go. Not always focusing her attention on the materialist things in life. Although she often found this hard, the other Paper Kids let themselves go so easily and yet PJ held on. It wasn't that PJ hadn't changed since the move, she wasn't the same girl she once was, she couldn't be. It was that sometimes she wanted the old girl back. This life wasn't for everyone, and frequently PJ finds herself believing that it may not be for her.

Sighing, she focuses her attention back on the task at hand; getting ready. PJ hastily slips on white jean shorts and leaves on her black over sized short sleeved tee shirt that she slept in. For her hair she left it down in its glory of a rats nest of waves. Makeup was never even an option around here and even if it was she wouldn't use it.

Looking in the cracked mirror again, PJ states at it for a second before adverting her gaze to her feet. It was almost shameful for her to look in the mirror at herself and see her diminished, tarnished face staring back at her.

Spinning on her heels PJ makes a bee-line for the door, felling cramped in the seemingly shrinking room. Gingerly the girl creeps her way out of her room, sneaks down the stairs.

The house was huge and well, empty. But yet the house was oddly comforting. She liked the big emptiness, it left her alone with her thoughts. But as the sun sunk in through the curtains, the house felt oddly alone. And for a second she was over whelmed.

She padded over to the door and laid on the grass outside, the sun steeped through her skin and soon enough she was in a sweat from the warm weather, then out of the corner of
her eye she saw Aki and Lestat with bags creeping into a different house.

Gingerly she followed them to the house and let herself in. She had just gotten in the building in time to see Aki run out. Although her attention was turned back to the table where food was sprawled out.

Gingerly she grabbed some food, just as her stomach growled. PJ wasn't a big eater and would often go a day or two without food. Although once she hot her hands on some she would down it in a matter of seconds.

"I hate this weather," she stated rather bodly for her personality jut as she swiped a bead of sweat off her forehead.