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Patrick Iodne

"What even is your definition of normal?"

0 · 358 views · located in Present Day; City of Japan ; 2028

a character in “The Paradox”, as played by Purge


Patrick Neit Iodne


Name: Patrick Iodne
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen
Time: 2583 AD
Role: Future
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Caucasian
Race: Human
Job: Working as a cashier in a decked-out grocery store, mainly with people riding around on hovering scooters emitting fluorescent lights. His job is pretty boring, checking out people's objects ranging from manual do-it-yourself hover scooter kits, or some other characteristic object like a package of paper.
Height: 5 feet and nine inches.
Weight: 130 Pounds.
Abilities: Patrick has the capability of fasting for nine hours total with out having any hunger pangs or any uncomfortable urge to eat. This doesn't really add additional advantages to anything other than impressing friends. The disadvantage is having terrible headaches the following day. Even some cheap over-the-counter prescription would not aid in the pounding of his head. His other ability is wielding hot objects with out gaining burns or having pain receptors in his hands or any other certain part of his body to be touched by a heated object. This gives him the ability to withhold a sword made from the glowering stones in the back of a blacksmiths shop, with sparks glittering from the hilt and tip, and heat rushing throughout the copper object every 0.9 seconds.
Passive Abilities: Patrick is able to have abnormal speed up to thirty minutes. Depending on how much stamina has been used in the previous hours, it will either shorten or lengthen the span of his speed. Eventually though, his speed will come to an end, as not being infinite or being a supernatural being. He had only equipped himself with lesser abilities than one being a rare species redeemed with flight, strength, and the rest. Patrick usually intends to use this abnormal speed in only dire needs. He does not want to show off his traits to others just for the purpose of boasting.
Weapon: He has a copper sword hidden in his leather sheathe half of the time. It is only used when necessary, and those times mainly include heavy combat. The weapon has heat arc through it's copper field every 0.9 seconds, and it's hilt is glowering with hot ash. The ash is created from the infinite heat burning at the curling silver of the hilt, embroidered with patterns practically melting away in a candle-wax fashion. The heat does not affect Patrick due to his supernatural power. Sometimes a burning red is visible to the naked eye at the tip for being so hot.



Personality: Patrick was always witty, even when in the case of serious times. When fighting, he'd tease the other opponent about flaws or lack of combatant knowledge. Patrick was wise with battle stances and how to parry one's attack, or how to defend one-self as a flying bolt of lightning charged past his waist. It's happened before, running into god damn wizards as if they ran the metallic city full of fat people riding around on scooters or thin cars floating amongst the graying sky. Patrick liked to contemplate their existence, and of why the gods have not yet bound a rumbling hatred down onto their lazy work, where before the Technology Age, they had worked for things, they had played out in the streets with a bouncy red ball, and they played a game called football or basketball, which now lay in the ruins of ancient history. Patrick was eccentric. He lived in a house which used to be owned by an older resident, passed down in generation of ancestors. They happened to have forgotten about boxes piled high, filled with objects from the past. Usually he tinkered with things called cellular phones and usually happened to end up intending this strange objective known as calling. Maybe it had mimicked the now-present ideal of mind-messaging others with the usage of their cerebellum. Patrick had a quirk of talking to himself when not occupied with his hands driving ancient hammers down onto wooden tables. Wood was a weird product of nature, but now trees rarely flourished in the polluted regions of the earth. Patrick had only shook his head when he saw the piles of garbage becoming a massing of waste to just emit horrendous smells. Seriously, someone needed to bring back those garbage trucks they had.
Likes: Patrick owns a dog, it's species being a cocker spaniel. He always was beside Patrick, his posture high and firm, while his ears hung like lazy fabrics suspended on a thin line. His dog's name is Wayne, being a male of obvious purposes. Patrick dearly loved this dog with furry, floppy ears and a shaggy coat suspended over his swinging belly.


He has a habit for eating vegetables or healthy foods, such as salad, tomatoes, green beans, other things to keep him alive and not substituting walking for a hovering scooter. Knowing him, if he were to give up his healthy diet, he'd end up having fatty sides suspend over the blue, cushioned seat of the white plastic machine. His likings for salad go to urging extremes that he intends to eat them without any decorative dressing to pattern the greens. He is not entirely a vegan, as he practically eats steak and other meats. Patrick favors steak though. Definitely steak. His other favoritism is for his small, portable tablet he holds in his sweatshirt pocket, where it has the span of a small juice box container. Almost like an elder cellular phone of the older time periods. No one uses a tablet anymore, except Patrick of course.
Dislikes: Patrick dislikes sunny days, where if he were to awaken to the pattering of rain on his windows, he'd almost thank god for the showering of those droplets smacking the ground. The rain just seemed to calm himself, as he would grab his umbrella after creating a small lunch for himself. He'd walk all the way to the nearby shore of a river, and sit underneath a gazebo, far away from the city that smelled of smoke and hydrochloric acid. A silly power plant creating that scent if one were to question why it smelled like that. He'd sit underneath the gazebo and eat his lunch, having his gaze sweep over the rushing currents of the river, or the rocks that became swept under-current with the darkening waters, mimicking the skies dim coloring. His other dislike is cats. If he were to announce this dislike, many woman would walk up to him and glare at him, like he had just murdered someone. They gave that kind of look where it had no words to state except that their eyes, saying something like cat hater or a little bit of profanity. He didn't know why so many people took offense to his esteemed disliking. He didn't hate cats, he just found their meowing, fish-eating, smelly pissing in a box, type of thing all kind of gross and weird and odd. Who was he to speak, having all those current traits that made a cat a cat.
Fears: Patrick had little fears, except for the casual fear of heights, or the usual claustrophobic fear. Whenever he were to near a fencing side of a walkway, high above ground, he'd end up sweating and having clammy hands. Patrick usually avoided others when he had anxiety. His main fear was dying and not able to do anything about his death, almost like suffering and painfully having to experience it and not being able to resist death or avoid it.
Talents: Patrick had started to play violin at the age of nine, where he reenacted excerpts from Phantom of the Opera. His family had always told him to never stop playing, but he had taken a break as an individual to focus on reality at the age of twelve, but he soon resumed back to violin-playing when the summer came along. The bow and wood-working of this intricate instrument just seemed to give him a get-away from all his world problems. He still plays the violin, but not as frequently as a child.
Flaws: Patrick has a long scar arcing down from his shoulder blade to his tailbone. This scar had been gained when he had been at the age of fourteen. He had been riding his horse when it had reared backward, having been scared by previous thundering coming from the barn. It must have been one of the other vacant horses rattling at their food cans for more hay. The horse had then become startled enough to frantically have Patrick fall off it's back. The horse had almost come down with him due to him grappling at her mane. After his near-death experience and coming to his shocked senses, he had felt cold on his back, almost as if he had fallen into a pool of water, where he had only shivered in a sudden pain at his back hurting endless times. Aware that he had the capability of becoming paralyzed if it were not for the slowing down of his fall by attempting to grab onto the horse, fear suddenly clenched him. He had traced his finger down his neck, to his back, where it was sticky and wet. Blood, as he could have felt that slimy texture of it running out of his back with every fast pulse of his heart. He was rushed to the hospital the following hour of bandaging up the deep wound and then getting driven to a nearby hospital. How cliche.

Bio: Patrick was an only child, living up in a small house located in the northern suburbans of a far-away city in Chicago. Amongst his time, he were a boy who played with other friends in the midst of the evenings, the sun showering its rays down onto his back, where sweat glimmered across his temple as he chanted fight to other boys who wrestled on the cool pavement. Eventually, he distanced himself from others and retreated to the basement, where he created his small bedroom in a dormant bathroom with only a small light hanging from the cracking ceiling. It usually resulted in awakening to a dark, cramped space. His mother and father never really payed attention to Patrick, but merely attention to themselves and their beer. His mother was mainly a drunk most of the time, enclosing herself into a world of her own. His father happened to work day by day, night by night, doing nothing when he was home but sleeping and watching re-runs of nature documents about the orangutang.

Patrick had been a strange boy in high-school, where he still distanced himself from other people and kept to drawing sketches of fantasy characters in his spiral notebook. Patrick was a skinny boy for his age, and he always got told to turn sideways, and others would say that he disappeared. Patrick attempted to ignore them, but the attempt was futile and he rarely answered questions or spoke at all. He had eventually ended up skipping school, or giving reasons saying that he was sick or did not feel well, eventually his mother gaining suspicions of him and having him be sent to a psychiatrist for bullying purposes. He rarely intended to show up, but his mother had forced him to go to this old lady with dyed hair that was frayed at the ends and her roots had been visible in every glare of a shady lamp in her office. When Patrick reached his late teenage years, he had just locked himself in his room for hours and hours, giving way to tinkering on other things and unimportant objects. His eventual realization of utter loneliness only made him in a worse condition, of being isolated from others in a darker place, a darker world. Patrick had woke one morning being disoriented and dizzy, his hearing tunnel-like and his eyes consecutively spotting. Patrick just assumed he was dying, so he curled up in his bed for a few days before he had blanked out and just went to this different time fragment. Completely and utterly different, with less noise, and more social activity of fundamental purposes. This was Patrick's time. His time to re-live a life that had been wasted away at the substituting of depression.
Other: Patrick intentionally has small panic attacks, but they are minor and nothing to be dealt with medication.
Relationships: None. Patrick is stingy towards intimate relationships and partnerships with others.
Character Thoughts Towards Others: None.


Theme Song: Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe -x-

So begins...

Patrick Iodne's Story

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Aria Deomon


All she remembered from before was an earthquake terrorizing the few animals she had, the nearby town falling down, and then her own house crashing down onto her. It was frightening for her, one of the most frightening things she had experienced since having to go to the neighbors for salt since she ran out. And the next thing Aria knew, she was in a building, one that looks much different from her actual house.

Aria opened her eyes and found herself in an old and abandoned house. The floors and ceilings were dirty along with spiders and their webs hanging everywhere, which she wasn't really afraid of since she'd seen plenty back in her own house, "Ah dear... Where did Mavin go?" Was the first thing she asked herself.

Mavin was the first thing to come to her mind. Since she practically lived alone, like most people in her time, so the only 'people' to accompany her were the 'fairies' she could see. Mythical beings? Spirits? Demons? Who knows what they really are, but she simply calls them that, and the only one that Aria is very close to is Mavin.

The little fairy dipped out from underneath a crushed wooden table and climbed into the pocket of Aria's apron, "Eh? Is something the matter?" She asked, since she could feel him shaking, but since fairies couldn't really talk, from what she knew, of course he didn't answer.

"And where are we?" She continued asking herself, and Mavin. Aria was used to talking to herself since she lived alone in her house, and especially since Mavin couldn't talk. Aria got up, and ducked her head a little to avoid a large spider. It was hardly bright, a simple window lighting the room, which almost looked like a prison cell because of the lack in color, homely items, and since it only had one door to go out.

Aria walked near that door, which was left hanging on one hinge, and peered outside, cupping one hand around her mouth and shouting, "Hello? Is anyone there?"

It was a simple shout, but it was sure to get someone's attention, "Oh Mavin.... where's our house? Although it's ruined, this place doesn't look anything like home..." She sighed, but didn't dare to leave the room since she was afraid of getting completely lost.

Yuu Kokonose


Yuu's memories were a little blurred, sort of like mud in clear water. He remembered a little part of being in his house with his mother and older sister who were both eating breakfast, his mother getting ready for her job and sister going on a trip with her friends while he just sat on the couch and watched TV, being the lazy person he is.

Once the two left, and a few hours later though, he turned on the tv to the news, for some reason, and found a very important someone exclaiming that it was the end of the world. The TV then went black, and a shaking was felt by everyone in his city. He scrambled outside and saw buildings falling, cars driving, people running, and children screaming. It was catastrophe.

But that was all. From there, everything was just blank. He didn't know if he ran away, if he just stood there, if he checked on his family, he wasn't sure at all. He couldn't even guess what he did, and although the thoughts still scared him a little, it just felt like it was all a bad dream.

Immediately, his eyes flashed open and he sat up, only to hit his head on a broken table he was underneath. Of course he let out a small yelp from the surprised and sudden slight pain, but he calmed down a moment later, rubbing his forehead, and climbed out from underneath it.

"Where... exactly am I?" He asked himself quietly, not meaning to say anything out loud, but by accident of course.

The first thing he did was pull out his phone and call his mother, caring about his family very much. But once he tried, nothing came though. His mother didn't pick up, and it made him a little worried, so he tried his sister's phone, and nothing came from that either. Yuu got a little more anxious, especially since he was in an old and ruined house, which could have been effected by the earthquake he felt on what was supposed to be 'an hour ago.'

He heard someone call out, unsure of the voice, but rushed out the room, hoping to either find the owner, or and exit to the outside, which he needed much more.

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Ian Emanuel Erian

Ian grunted as he woke up. His clothes were ripped in various places by bullets flying at him, and in some of those cuts, blood could be seen. He didn't remember what happened. All Ian remembered was that he was fighting in a battle in the Arctic, and Ian took his post as the sniper in his platoon. Another person was there with him, in case the enemy somehow discovered the sniper's position. After all, Ian was only useful in ranged fights. Up close, he's practically dead.

Mid-battle, the enemy managed to push back Ian's platoon, as well as discovering their position. Thinking fast, Ian's partner was about to throw a flashbang. About to. The land began to shake, and the snow on a nearby mountain began to fall down to the battle. The force of the spontaneous natural disaster caused the soldier to drop the flashbang, allowing it to detonate right under Ian as he was taking aim for the nearest enemy. The result was the deafening of the sniper's ears and the temporary blindness, which, in reality, allowed the incoming avalanche and the occurring earthquake to wreak havoc without Ian's notice.

"Ugh... my head..." Ian muttered as he rubbed the aching noggin of his. Looking around, he realized that he wasn't in the battlefield anymore. "Well... crap." Did I get captured by the enemy or something...? Ugh... Ian thought as he stood up. It was a dark room, with a bit of light coming from the space the closed door to the room didn't cover. Feeling for anything in the floor, Ian smirked as he almost immediately found his weapons. No way... Not even anyone would be dumb enough to leave the prisoner's weapons with him.

Looking around some more inside the room, Ian saw that it was practically ravaged. Geez...Did an earthquake occur here...? Every single thing inside the room had either fallen on the floor, toppled over, or laid as multiple pieces of itself on the said floor. Suddenly, Ian heard voices from outside the door. "Huh...? Who's there...?" He muttered as he approached the doorway. The sniper put his ear against the door, trying to listen in and see if he can get a hint at what's going on. To him, it was just some random nonsense, but through it all, Ian could hear one distinct voice. "As for you... head out and show yourself."

Ian nearly froze at the command, but the voice wasn't really directed towards him. Realizing that, Ian moved his hand away from the handle- that is until his mind registered something about that voice. Wait... could it be...? Ian thought. He moved his hand back towards the handle. No... I thought she was half a world away... There was a bit of joy to the thought as Ian twisted the doorknob. Opening it a bit, he could see a group of people. None of which, Ian could recognize by sight. Of course, now that he revealed his presence to the group (if they happened to be facing Ian's direction), it just became very awkward for him. Ian bit his tongue, secretly, as he can't find the words to say first.

One of those people walked past the whole group, asking for a sort of jailer. What is he- blind? Ian thought. Another of the group had her back towards Ian as she said "I'm afraid that we are no jailers... merely prisoners like yourself. Sorry to interrupt you sir, but I am Ariana and I believe you may just be in the same situation as myself and these others with me... May I ask your name?"

"..." Ian kept silent still, not knowing what to do or say. Sighing, Ian got out of the room. "Uh... excuse me... But, can any of you tell me what's going on?" Ian said, trying to keep a smile.

Asher Lucian Evans

Great... Fan-freaking-tastic. The man in the dark green cloak thought. His head was pounding as hard as a heart of an athlete in the Olympics, and he isn't in New York City. Other than that, the man felt like crud after discovering that he just ate expired food products in a restaurant in- wait. I'm not in New York City.

Looking around, Asher Lucian Evans could see, via the designs of the items inside the dark room he was in, that he wasn't in New York City. In fact, he wasn't in America. "Why... the hell am I in Japan...?" Asher muttered. Trying to remember what had happened, Asher realized that an earthquake ripped through New York City, which was unheard of because no one even recorded an earthquake in that large area. Yet in happened... How?

As Asher inspected the room again, he could tell that wherever in Japan he was, the place met the same fate as New York City. Must've been a powerful earthquake as well to topple all that... Asher thought. Still looking around, Asher finally found a door, but he heard voices. The sounds were too far to be heard clearly, so Asher couldn't make out what anyone was saying. Without having the door opened more than it originally had, Asher peeked through the little space that the door left alone. He can see 9 other people in the house. They were all in front of him, but Asher's position was from a nearby hallway that led to the single room he was located in. Sighing, Asher stood up straight. Alright... So I got an earthquake, transportation into Japan and into a run-down house with at least 9 other people, and nowhere to go... What to do? Asher thought. To keep his distance, or to be apart of the group? That is the ques- "Yeah. I'll stay away for now and see how this will turn out." Asher muttered as he stayed in the room.

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Before anyone answered her question, she heard a male voice talking, "So.... you were also going to school?" he said, Naomi turned her eyes to see Yuu starring at her. "Yes, all I remember is heading to school, and then I woke up in here..." she said admittedly. "H-Hey... you go to Hokkaidō also, don't you?" surprised at his observation, and relieved that he had also noticed the similarity in their uniforms, although they were slightly different, she answered quickly with a little excitement, "Yes! do you know my school? I don't believe that I had seen you before, but your uniform..." she gave a quick pause eyeing his clothing before talking again, "wait, did you just say 'also'?" she asked with curiosity. Before she gave him time to answer, she remembered what they had said before, and seeing the situation there were better questions to ask "then... do you know what is happening? was there really and earthquake?"

Before Yuu could answer her question, Joshua introduced himself again to Naomi, he answered her question by confirming Naomi's suspicion, "...I would hasten to guess, albeit reluctantly, that an Earthquake did in fact take place." Naomi couldn't understand the situation, and was unable to answer immediately to his breaking news. But, before a tear could form in her eye and before her voice broke, she gave Joshua a nod and said in a whisper "I see..."Without noticing a tear had formed in her right eye, in embarrassment she rapidly turned her eyes down and hastily she cleaned her eyes.

Although Naomi has already heard their names when she had eavesdropped on their introduction, Aria kindly introduced herself again, to which Naomi answered with a small smile and with a respectful bow. "Nice to meet you Aria" she said respectfully. Naomi was not used to talking with girls, as she had grown used to being with boys girls would often tease her, but Aria inspired her some kind of confidence.

Soon after, everyone was interrupted by a girl and a boy that were approaching them. "We are quite sorry to interrupt your conversation but we seem to be lost inside this building and we were in hopes one of you may be able to direct us towards the exit." said the male with the very pale blonde hair. Strangely he also had an eye colored different one being some sort of blue and the other a sort of hazel, it was something different no doubt but beautiful for Naomi all the same.

"I'm not sorry." said the girl with the orange hair to Naomi's surprise.

"Riye." said her companion somewhat scornfully.

"What? I haven't done anything to feel sorry for. They are weird looking." the girl said before covering her mouth as she yawned, Naomi contagiously after seeing the girl, yawned too. "Their colors are all wrong." she finally said. Naomi felt strange, she didn't know what the girl meant by their colors. She felt uncomfortable at her remark but did not say anything nonetheless, she had would always hear offensive remarks and knew when to identify one when she received it, however this seemed more like an observation rather than an insult to Naomi.


Image"Their colors are all wrong." said the girl rudely. Mikasa was sure not in a high spirit after her remark but did not say anything. She knew that the girl was not referring to their hair color or the color of their garments. Instead she fixed her eyes on her with a daring stare, if looks could kill Mikasa's stare then Riye would have probably fallen to the ground lifeless.

Showing that he was not the only one disapproving of her rude ways, and after the girl kept on seeing Joshua, he spoke without hesitation and with out boldness "and who are you to call our colors wrong wench!? I'll admit what you are referring to eludes me... still, if you insist on picking on colors when talking to complete strangers I'd suggest you hold your tongue lest someone poke fun at that obviously thick skull and stupendously foolish brain hidden under a sea of vomit-inducing orange..."

For the first time since she has woken up, Mikasa let out a small smile. Did she think Joshua's tone was a bit excesive? Yes, but at the same time she would have done the same had the girl looked at her the same way as she had looked Joshua. It was obvious her comment has touched a soft spot in the boy with the crimson eye, something Mikasa understood perfectly as she also felt the same. Ever since she was young, she was secluded by others simply because she was 'different' and being singled out like that was simply rude.

On the other hand however, Naomi was taken by surprise at the mans aggressive behavior, for the way that he had answered her inquiry she believed him to be a gentleman, and did not expect him to speak the way that he just had.

He smirked lightly and turned to her male companion. "I assume you heard my second introduction then ser? I assure you your interruption is no trouble... however we to are prisoners of this place and as such, seek its exit with equal zest and confusion... now you see we believe there has been an..."

Suddenly Joshua got distracted at the same time as Mikasa heard a noise, 'did he hear that?'. Suddenly he presented a new addition to the group, a female to be exact. "G..Good day to you all, I am Ariana Ahikito Kaizuke, Mister Rowan here has briefed me on the situation and told me your names... so a renewal of introductions are unnecessary..." she said eyeing everyone in the room except from the newest male and female. Once she did, she asked them "He didn't, however, mention your names... just who are you two anyway?"

After the girl with the orange hair replied, that they were siblings, the male concluded by simply saying, "Please just call us Kei and Riye and don't mind my sister's choice of...titles."

Mikasa remained quiet studying everyone in the room waiting for anyone to make a move, besides she had already done more interaction than she had initially intended. Mikasa was most comfortable when she could observe at a distance rather than interacting, she talked when necessary rather than as a priority.

She was particularly interested in the conversation when Aria suggested to look for an exit first, and even more interested when Joshua said there could be a possibility that they would have to exit through the window. Right now everything was a theory and nobody knew where could they exit as soon as possible under such strange circumstances in which nobody knew what exactly was going on.

At the end, Mikasa did not utter a single word again, instead she closely observed a boy whose hair was brightly green, asking something about a jailer, 'Don't tell me... he must be the older brother of pink-a-hair aka Aria here' she thought to herself for a minute. Everything that was happening was too random and too strange for Mikasa to handle for the moment and a little inside humor would not kill her. She saw Ariana and Joshua as they too acknowledge his presence, she saw Ariana talking with the green guy but was unsure as she was distracted by another voice. "Uh... excuse me... But, can any of you tell me what's going on?" asked a familiar male voice.

'that voice... I can recognize that voice anywhere, anytime' she concluded with a small grin on her face. "Ian" she whispered before letting out a sigh of relief, he had somehow survived even though she believed he had died on a mission. She felt almost as if weight has been lifted off her shoulders and for a moment in this bizarre situation she felt somewhat at ease.