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Florah Nörvainne

A red-headed ranger of eastern Grovaria, she does not yet know of her identity as a paragon.

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a character in “The Paragons of Xaides”, as played by Graymonger


• Age: 23

• Gender: Female

• Physical Appearance: A river of blood red hair draping over her shoulders and reaching down between her shoulder blades is the first characteristic that anyone will notice when peering at the ranger. She has large, vaguely almond-shaped hunter-green eyes that gaze at the world of Seitonus. Her left eye, however, is tainted by a vertical scar that, fortunately, did not make her go blind. The ranger has a pointed-upward nose that coincides nicely with her full, pink lips. Her countenance dons nearly invisible cheekbones, a short chin, and a somewhat-pointing jaw line. The ranger’s flesh is pale like snow, and her configuration is slim and agile, able to perform athletic feats that most individuals would find incredible. Florah peaks at the height of five feet and five inches, weighing roughly one hundred and fifteen pounds.
• Apparel: The armor that Florah usually dons is a dark studded leather with steel pauldrons. Fingerless gloves adorn her unfeminine, large hands that have seen too many callouses from the many drawbacks of her bow and the many swings of a sword. Tight leather leggings reveal her physique nicely, but, more importantly, allow her to perform acrobatic stunts that make her such a devastating opponent. She wears mid-calf-high leather boots and a belt stretches across her waist that holds onto several pouches filled with miscellaneous materials (such as salt for meat, lockpicking tools, a compass, a small map, and materials for her to fletch her own arrows) and a sheath for her sword. A slim-fitting corset lies beneath the armor and a silver necklace hangs loosely around her lean neck. Two short spikes weaponize both of her leather bracers that are strapped sternly to her forearms. Lastly, a multitude of leather straps with steel buckles crisscross her chest in order for her quiver of arrows and several throwing knives to be held in place throughout her body. Florah, out of all her gear, takes pride in her cloak the most. Colored a forest green, the cloak naturally matches her irises. It is a thick material, but flexible enough and short enough (only flows down to mid-calf) for her still to perform her athletic feats. The hood can be pulled over to conceal much of her countenance.

• Weapons: Florah’s main weapon of choice is Leiaru—her bow. Crafted from some of the most flexible and durable yew logs, it has the strength to send an arrow one hundred and fifty yards at full speed, about fifty more yards than the average bow. The curve of the bow is painted a dark charcoal gray, and the curved tips of Leiaru are adorned with sharp, steel points. The bow’s grip has been covered with a thin layer of wolf fur to make it comfortable for the hand, but not too thick as to make the grip easy to lose hold of.
The ranger’s second weapon is a steel Keatisian curve blade. With about a seven inch grip and a forty inch curvature of the blade, it is just under four feet in length and able to parry the attacks of any swords besides that of a two-handed nature.
Florah’s final weapons are her four throwing knives strapped to various locations around her configuration, such as her right thigh, her left and right side, and inside her left boot.

• Personality: Growing up in the shadows of the city of Glence, Florah is not scared easily and finds it unlikely for herself to ever fully trust another individual. She is a strong-minded woman and will not flinch to voice her opinion. She is stubborn, blunt, and remarkably cold when dealing with sensitive people. She has no sympathy or empathy for those committing acts of cowardice or fear of a physical entity (but not of the future or the unknown, or other abstract fears). She finds love to be weakness in her own opinion, but will offer comfort for those pained by love-inflicted wounds.

• Background: I do not wish to reveal Florah’s past as of yet. Delve into her mind by use of dialogue or hints in her actions to see what lies within her clockwork of thoughts.

• Dragon Name: Kudraer

• Age: 321

• Gender: Male

• Physical Description: A dragon of enormity, Kudraer weighs eleven tons. His strong neck makes him just over thirty feet in his quadrapedal stance. His wing span is approximately one hundred and fifty feet, able to usher forth gusting winds with a few flaps of his wings. Dark gray scales cover its anatomy, and great horns protrude outward from the rear of its head. Spikes run along its spine, but after its shoulder blades and toward its neck the spikes cease.
• Element: Chemical dragonfire—a fire that resists water and can only be extinguished by smothering it. With the amount of flames blasting forth from Kudraer’s lungs however, smothering them isn’t much of an option unless you desire third-degree burns or death.

• Immunities: Water, sleep-inducing aromas, and paralysis.

So begins...

Florah Nörvainne's Story