Ginger Caggliano

A young & vivacious free-spirit, desperate to escape the suffocation of political correctness.

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Name: Ginger Caggliano

Nickname: N/A

Age: 22


Height = 5'8
Weight = 130lbs
Eyes = Green.
Hair = Jet Black, and reaches to the bottom of her back when out.
Piercings = Four piercings in each ear(2 lobe, 2 cartilage) and one belly button piercing.
Tattoos = "Dio รจ l'amore", which means "God is Love" in Italian, is tattooed on the top of her neck......with a small gothic cross underneath them.

Personality: Ginger is a young & vivacious free-spirit. She loves to make people laugh, experience new things, and study up on the history of not only her country/culture, but countries/cultures all over the world.
She isn't brash or confrontational in the least, but does tend to say what's on her mind in a rather nonchalant way. It's rare to to see her seething with anger, since conflict is something she tends to avoid. But if you mess with her family, or loved-ones, she'll blow a casket.


- Jenna Caggliano, 35 (Engaged to Kyle Thorne, 33)
- Maria Caggliano-Martinez, 29 (Married to Mateo Martinez, 32)

- Antonio Caggliano Jr., 31 (is called JR instead of Antonio though. "Jay-R", not "junior")
- Mario Caggliano, 14 (twin)
- Fernando Caggliano, 14 (twin)



Ginger is the youngest daughter of New York Governor Antonio Caggliano, and his wife of 39 years; Valentina Caggliano - a famous/controversial lawyer.

She was born and raised in East Hanover, NJ for the first several years of her life, before her family picked up and moved to New York City, to help further her fathers political aspirations.
All in all, Gingers childhood was loving, and she pretty much had anything she could of ever wanted....except perhaps her fathers full attention. But she never felt a lack of love from Antonio, and the older she got, the better she understood why her mother wasn't around.

Even though she admires her fathers career, and actually enjoys politics to some level, she loathes the lack of privacy they now have. The constant microscope her life has been put under recently as her fathers rivals try to take him down before the election, is beginning to take its toll.
As a child, the media respected her privacy at least somewhat...but now as a young woman, who just wants to go out with friends like other girls her age do, they could care less about her privacy, and are actually actively trying to catch her,or her siblings, doing something shameful to the family name.....all for the sake selling papers.

So begins...

Ginger Caggliano's Story


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It wasn't a normal thing for Ginger to appear on TV for political interviews, but seeing as how she had joined with her older sisters to help promote her fathers version of "Get Out The Vote", the three had been asked to appear on multiple late-night news programs. For tonight, they chose Gretawire.

The show started at 10pm EST, but the sisters - who all were wearing jean pants with Red "Get Out The Vote" t-shirts - wouldn't go on until 10:37pm.

"You can speak first!" Jenna said to Ginger.
"Why me?"
"Yeah, what her!?" Maria would snap, before Jenna even had a chance to respond.

The two older girls would go back and forth for nearly seven minutes, over who should speak first....but go figure, when the interview begun, it was Ginger who took the lead;

"The Cagglianos are known for being very involved and hands on with the public, and this years campaign is no different. His three daughters, Maria, Jenna, and Ginger, are hitting the streets this week to begin their fathers Get Out The Vote campaign, and they've joined me from New York tonight to talk with us about it. Ladies, welcome."

"Thank you Greta" said Ginger, and her sisters quickly followed suit.
"Your welcome. So um, this isn't your first time doing this is it? I mean, unlike Huntsmans girls you three were out there for your father last time right? So what makes you guys so interested in getting out the youth vote? And what do you say to those here in Washington, and there where you are, who worry about fraud in some of these GOTV campaigns??"

The three women all smiled, before Ginger began to speak.
"Well first, thanks again for having us on Greta! And no, this isn't our first time with the GOTV campaign. I participated with it a bit back in 04' while my sisters ran it, and then for 08' all three of us ran it together - much like this year. We're so invested in the GOTV campaign because we think it's very important that people exercise their right to choose who they want in office. If Iraq can have a 94% turn out for their first elections, with war erupting all around them, what's our excuse? And to the people who complain about Corruption, we get it. We're no ACORN. My father is a Republican turned Independent....who never has, and still doesn't, beleive in using thug-like organizations, sponsored by secretive so-called philanthropist with special interest in the mind, to "Get Out The Vote".....unlike some of my fathers challengers. "

The three girls would jar back and forth with Great for nearly ten minutes, before saying their goodbyes.

"I hope i got that right......" Ginger whispered, as the three walked out of the FOX News studio in downtown Manhattan.
"What?" asked Jenna.
"That 94% thing......i know it was in the 90's, but i'm not sure if it was 94, or 96!"

Her sisters shrugged, before climbing into the black Limousine.....where two bodyguards sat waiting.

The ride was mostly silent, as the two older girls sent texts on their phones, and Ginger stared aimlessly out the tinted windows. But as they came closer to Gracie Mansion, Jenna suddenly told the driver to turn around and head back towards the Flatiron District.
"Flatiron? Why the heck are we going there??"
"Spinelli's Lounge! My baby's there, we're going to go pick him up."

Maria sighed, but Ginger perked up. "Oh wow, Spinelli's!? I've heard about that place, it looks so awesome! We should go in!!"
Both her sisters rolled their eyes and protested. "Come onnnn, why not!?"
"You really want us to go to some wild night club after appearing on TV!? That interview was a big blaring signal that we were at FOX News Studios.......they're probably a handful of vultures following behind us to see what we do next. I much rather them see us pick up and rop off my fiance, vs. them following us INSIDE Spinelli's."

Ginger sighed. She knew her sister was right, especially since the lounge had a reputation for "unpredictable clientele" But she still couldn't help but wanna go.

Almost twenty minutes later, they pulled up outside of Spinelli's Lunge, and were greeted by Kyle - Jenna's Fiance - and his brother, Mark.
"Hey babe! And Maria.....Ginger. You three wanna come in for a few drinks!?" he asked, and Ginger jumped at the opportunity.
"Sure!" she beamed, before opening up her door and jotting around the front of the limo to meet Kyle.
She'd pull off her t-shirt, to reveal a simple black tank, and then throw it into the open window where her sister still sat. "Come on Jenna! Don't be a sour puss, it's just a few drinks, it won't take that damn long!"

"Fine...." Jenna muttered, before stepping out of the limo - followed by Maria, who had pulled off her t-shirt like Ginger, to reveal a plain white tank.
Maria was slightly more pumped, but the only one completely un-bothered by the prospect of the Media following them inside, was Ginger.

Kyle had earlier reserved a space for him and his brother to sit in one of the lounge areas on the bottom floor - in front of the main bar, so the girls simply followed him to it.
The song playing in the public areas was Septembers "Cry For You", and Ginger couldn't help but move a bit to beat, as she made her way to one of the two leather seats across the ways from a matching couch - with the bodyguards in tow behind them. However she wouldn't stay there long.......

Once Jenna began to dance with her fiance, and Maria with Mark, Ginger made her way up to the bar......with a body guard almost directly behind her.......something that caused her to turn around before she sat. "Hey, you think you can like.....wait by the end of the bar or something? You'll bring more attention to me by A) standing behind me as i set. and B) looking like you want to kill anyone who even looks at me....you know!??"
"But Ms. Caggliano-"
"I know i know, it's your job, blah blah blah.....just down to the end of the bar, you can still see me there, right?"

After a few pouts from Ginger, the large man relented, and finally agreed to sit - not stand - five seats down from her.

Ginger smiled gleefully, and then took her seat.
On one side, sat a young blonde couple, and on the other, sat a row of empty seats. Even though it was a weeknight, and there were others bars, and gaming activities in the lounge, to find more than two empty seats was a bit rare.

"Can i....help you?" asked a man behind the counter, who suddenly began to grin halfway through his question.
"Sure, can i have a Long Island Iced Tea?"
The man nodded his head, and asked for her ID. She declined the offer to start up a tab, and instead had him swipe her card just once, before handing it back to her.
"I don't wanna be a snoop, but i thought you looked familiar....and then the name on that card said-"
Ginger cut the mans excited whisper off. "Yes, i'm who you think i am.......but don't tell anybody, mmkay? It could cause a riot!" she joked in a whisper, causing the already smiling bartender to laugh a bit as he stood back some and nodded his head "Sure thing miss!" he said, before turning to greet a new arrival at the bar.


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Ginger sighed quietly to herself, and restrained from rolling her eyes, when she heard someone beside her say; "Hi.. I'm sure you don't remember me but..."
However, when he went on to mention his name, she perked up a bit and quickly turned from facing the traffic, to facing the now familiar face.
"Massera...." she whispered under her breath, before he continued."We almost met in Spinellis last night."

Ginger smiled. "That we did."
She'd slide her sunglasses down on her nose a bit, before continuing. "I'm a bit surprised you recognize me though. What gave it away?" she asked w/ a smile, as her right hand casually made its way to her hip, and her left held on to her bag.

Before another word could be said, a short pudgy man behind her softly grabbed her right arm and turned her towards him. "Need a taxi? Need a ride? I-i can take ya sweet heart, half the price, right in my car here!"

Annoyed as hell, Ginger snatched her arm back and stared daggers at the man. "No thank you! And don't ever touch me like that again, or -"
The man would cut her off, "Come on babe, we'll go out to eat somewhere around here, and then i can take you anywhere you wanna go! It'll be sweet baby doll!"

With little thought, Ginger suddenly grabbed Jimmys arm and again shot a sharp stare at the man. "WE'RE going across the street, thank you very much. So you can take your broke down taxi and shove it up your ass - baby!"

The light at the corner finally turned red at the perfect time, giving her an opportunity to drag Jimmy across the street towards "Kimmies".

"Um, sorry about that." she said nervously as she let go of Jimmys arm - realizing that she had just grabbed a man she didn't know from a hole in the wall. "I just, well, i guess i thought he'd leave me alone if he thought i was walking with you, instead of by myself. But i suppose it was a bit rude of me to pull ya over here like that."

Ginger smiled and pulled her long thick hair out of the bun it was in, and ran her hand through it a few times.
"Sooo," she began, as she walked over to "Kimmies" front door.
"I'm gonna get something to eat in here, wanna join me? I do beleive i owe you a drink."

Ginger smirked, before walking inside without an answer. The window beside the front door was rather expansive, and open......so Jimmy would clearly be able to see what table she walked to if he chose to follow her in. She wasn't sure if he would, and also wasn't sure if she wanted him to. Why she'd tease a stranger was lost on her....but one thing she was fully aware of, was her enjoyment of it all.

"Afternoon." she said to the waitress who walked up to her booth seconds after she sat down.
"A pitcher of water, and a pot of coffee please. And um, do you guys have cheese fries in here?"
The waitress almost looked appalled at her question, and insisted that they didn't serve things "that low brow and unhealthy".
Ginger sighed, and ordered a plate of lightly-salted potato skins instead.

She couldn't help but stick her tongue out like a little girl at the back of the stuffy woman as she walked away. Ginger hated Kimmies, but also knew it was one of the places she could take her glasses off in, and not be harassed, seeing as how reporters weren't aloud in, and her booth was all the way in the back.
Besides, most reporters wouldn't even bother to follow her into Kimmies, seeing as how the clientele here was far less diverse, and interesting, than the clientele that came in and out of Spinellis.


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Ginger couldn't help but grin when Jimmy mentioned the scent of her hair. She'd even smell a lock of it herself, to be reminded of the "cherry blossom and rain" scent she had used earlier in the morning.

After the compliment, is when she first noticed his hands fidgeting. "Is he, nervous?" she thought, as she found herself unable to stop glancing from his face to his hands.

The conversation wouldn't advance much before his phone went off, and Ginger would sit and listen to a rather colorful discussion - giggling a bit when she heard "Because I'm being incredibly rude to a very beautiful woman." and then "...no I am not introducing you to her."

The phone call lasted only a few minutes.
"I'm really sorry about that, some of the people I work with enjoy busting my chops a bit.
I'm really horrible with opening lines so... plus I feel the need to get this in before anything else happens.
I've been trying to do this since last night and... well it's been with limited success at best.
I'm Jimmy, Jimmy Massera and please before the world comes crashing around me could I have the pleasure of your name?"

Ginger went to speak, but they were again cut off, and she couldn't help but drop her head into her hands out of frustration - as the waitress placed down the potato skins and beverages.
She'd pour herself a cup of coffee, and sip on it - as she watched the Waitress Fawn over Jimmy.
"There goes that moniker again.....Jimmy The Saint. I should google that!" she thought.

After an additional minute or so, the two were finally alone again.
"I'm begging you...before anything else happens, your name please.
This way I at least know the name of who I'm giving all these apologies to"

Ginger burst into a quiet laughter for a moment, before suddenly reaching out across the table and placing her hands over his - grasping them tight enough to stop the fidgeting.
"Seems like we attracted interruptions, hmm? Or perhaps i should say we attract interrupters.
Anyways, my name is Ginger, Ginger Caggliano, and please - stop fidgeting with your hands.....i don't bite."

She'd smirk and take her hands off of Jimmys just as the waitress came back an asked for her order - which she gave to her.
Only after the waitress took Jimmys, would Ginger throw in;
"Oh, and please, put this entire meal on our familys tab. Mr. Massera has done quite enough for me already."

The woman seemed a bit taken a back at her request, but nodded her head and confirmed Gingers last name, before walking away.

"I know gents like to pay for us girls, out of kindness and what not, but you've already bought me a drink and pretended to be me my impromptu, i don't know, walking buddy?" Ginger giggled a bit, before continuing "So i don't mind paying for the meal, it's really no big deal."

Even as she talked, his name kept rolling around in her head. It appeared as if she was just as unfamiliar to him, and he was to her, which was actually a bit hilarious if one thought about it, since both were actually quite well known around the city - hell, the country in many regards.

"So, i'm curious." Ginger would begin, once their food was placed in front of them - which consisted of a gourmet cheese burger with more potato skins, for her. "What exactly do you do? I mean i've been in this stuffy little restaurant too many times to count, and i've never seen you in here once - yet Peggy, the waitress, knew you so easily....just like that bartender. And the moniker they both used, Jimmy The Saint.....you don't strike me as a religious man"
She'd smiled warmly at him after her attempt at a little joke, before biting her into her sandwich.
Sadly though, just as she did her cellphone began to ring.

"Ah, excuse me a sec!" she said as she chewed her food, with her hand covering her mouth.
She'd wipe her hands off with a napkin before digging through her bag for her phone. However, after pulling out the Red Samsung Galaxy Note, it was obvious it was her other phone - a white blackberry used solely for work or family emergencies - that was ringing.

"Shit" she mumbled, before finally pulling out the proper phone.

"GING! Where the hell are you!?? Dads losing his mind! I thought we all agreed we were going to stay in for the day!??"
Ginger sighed, as her sister Jenna voice rang out in her ear.
"Um no, you all decided that, i said no such thing. Besides - why the hell are you calling me on this phone Jenn, this isn't an Emergency.."
"The hell it's not! Where are you!!!?"
"I'm in Time Square, doing the hula with the Naked Cowboy."
"Yes it is, you guys act like i'm four."
"No, YOU act like you're four. Now come home already, please."

There was a brief silence between the two, but Ginger could sense the mixture of worry and desperation in her sister voice, so she reluctantly agreed.
"Thank you, see ya when you get here."
"Yeah yeah, bye."
"Good b-"
She'd press the "End" button on her phone, before her sister could finish her short sentence.

Ginger then placed both phones back into her bag and waved the waitress over.
"I'll need a to-go box please." she said, and the waitress nodded her head promptly, before taking her food away.

"Seems like the interrupters have reared their ugly heads again." she said to Jimmy, with a soft smile on her face. "I'm starting to wonder if some entity is trying to keep us apart on purpose." she'd joked, before sliding out of the booth and brushing the front and back of her dress off with her hands.

"Here you go Ms. Caggliano" the waitress said, as she handed her a bag with her to-go box inside of it.
"Thanks." Ginger said, an away Peggy would go again.

Even though she said it as a joke, Ginger really did wonder if all the interruptions were some kind of sign. But after a few moments she brushed it off, and dug into her bag.......until she pulled out a card - which she then slid in front of Jimmy.

"So, voting's pretty important to me," she said with a laugh, as the GOTV card with "Vote" written all over it, was left in front of him on the table.
"but that's not the only reason i gave you that card. The number on the bottom is a good way to reach me. I don't always pick up my work phone, but i always check my messages in a rather timely fashion.
We never did finish our time at Spinellis.......so perhaps if there's a next time, we can."

She'd lean down, grab his hand, and shake it softly. "Its been a pleasure, my new walking buddy."

As she walked out of the restaurant and hailed a cab, there was a smile on her face a mile wide.
"Gracie Mansion" she said to the cabbie, as she slid on her glasses and then relaxed into her seat.

"What on Earth possessed me to give my number to a man i barely know? What if he's some reporter.....my father would kill me!" she thought, even though in the back of her mind she knew why she had acted so friendly towards this Jimmy Massera.

There was something intriguing about the man, something "off the beaten path" so to say.......which she wasn't use to. In her head she knew he wasn't a reporter, and something told her he wasn't popular for spreading the word of the lord, or feeding the homeless.......but even though every reasonable bone in her body would tell her not to return his call, she knew that if he did call, and invite her out somewhere......she'd likely go.


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Ginger did the walk of guilt into Gracie Mansion. She expected her family to be rather annoyed with her, but luckily when she arrived a meeting with several high ranking government officials - including her father & eldest brother - was occurring in the living room - meaning some rather important either went down, or was about to go down.

"Ging! Over here!!" she heard her sister call out from the library. So instead of walking into the impromptu conference room, she detoured into the side library room where her sisters, Mateo, Kyle , and her mother sat.

"Oh figlia mia*, I'm so glad you're okay!!" her mother blurted out, as she hopped up from her seat and hugged her tight. The worry in her voice completely befuddled Ginger.
"Gees ma, i'm 22, not four! I think i can manage going out an eating without a chaperone." Ginger responded with a small laugh. But the smile on her face quickly faded as she noticed the seriousness in her mothers expression.

"What's wrong?"
Valentina didn't answer her, and instead stood back a bit and then turned towards her sister, Jenna. "You didn't tell her!?" she asked in disbelieve. Jenna stood up and crossed her arms over her chest, before muttering:
"No. It wasn't something i thought i'd go into over the phone"
"Okay yous guys are scaring me, what happened??"

"There was a creditable threat against Peter and his family, and by default, dads been put on warning, But....something tells me he's fine." Jenna said, before sitting back down.

Peter Lorenzo was the Lt. Governor of New York, and him and his wive had been long time family friends, and political allies, of the Cagglianos. So it was no surprise when Antonio threw his full weight and support behind his long term friend - successfully getting him on the ballot as a running mate.

"Oh wow, where did the threat come from - do they know? And why do you say dads alright Jen?"
Jennas fiance, Kyle, got up so Ginger could sit beside her sister - with her purse beside her feet on the floor.

Jenna would go on to explain how the threat was recorded over a jailhouse phone call between a pair of Russians, with known associations to the mob...which made the threat make sense, since Antonio recently directed the NYPD to conduct a massive raid on known establishments of the Russian and Polish Mob, and a few other establishments that were owned by normal citizens, but were rumored to be conducting business when the Russians or Poles.

"Gees Jen, that only makes me feel like dad is MORE at risk than Peter."
"Well i guess you could be right, but it WAS Peter who led the media blitz after the arrest, so um, i'm thinking their gripe is with him only, at least for now."
Jenna was trying to spin the situation in a semi positive light, but no one was buying it....especially Valentina.

"Mio Dio! "For Now"? That doesn't make any of us feel any better Jenna!!" their mother blurted out, before running her hands through her hair feverishly.

"Calm down mom, i'm sure things will be just fine. Dad has the best protection in the entire state ya know!"
Ginger would say, just as her father entered the room.

"She's right" Antonio said, as an aid and guard quickly shuffled in behind him
He'd share a quick hug with his wife, before continuing;

"Well, the FBI and NYPD have suggested to us to stay in for the next 24 hours, and only go out for events of the utmost importance"

Silence would fill the room after the Governor spoke, as everyone either sighed or rolled their eyes.

The Cagglianos were not strangers to political fueled threats, and although the mob was for more worrisome then a raging letter threatening revenge from a deranged constituent, everyone in that Library knew that Antonio would likely ignore the suggestion of the police officials, since the last thing he, and quite frankly most of the family, would want to do is showcase to the Russians that some jailhouse threat is enough to cause them to run and hide like scared puppies w/ their tails in-between their legs.
No way, no how......not this administration, and not this family.


It was now dark out, and nearly six and half hours had passed since the meeting in the library at 2pm.
Ginger had spent most of her time comforting her mother, and then watching over her young nieces and nephews, but as everyone finally began to heard into their own bedrooms, Ginger decided to do the same. But before she did, she picked her purse up from the corner, threw it over her shoulder, and meandered into her fathers office - where he was leaning back in his chair while taking park in a conference call with Lt. Governor Peter Lorenzo, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and NYPD Chief George Rogers.......all of who he put on hold, when his daughter walked in.

"Ginger, what it is?" he asked, concern showing clearly through the hours of fatigue written all over his face.
She simply smiled at him and walked behind the desk.

"Get some rest dad, you're not a cyborg.....you have to eat, drink, AND sleep."
"I know, i know. Besides, if i wither away, who the hell are the Russians gonna gun for next after Lorenzo, eh?"
Ginger rolled her eyes as her father laughed - not a hint of nervousness in his voice.
"Very funny. Shoot for 10pm to call it a wrap, you've worked long enough today."

She'd bend down and kiss her father on the cheek before walking back towards her room.
Once the door was closed, she threw her bag on her California King, and then fell down on the mattress beside it.

"I need a beer." she complained, before laughing at herself.
Ginger would lay there for only a few minutes, before finding her way into a nice warm shower.

Twenty minutes later, her hair was pinned up via a butterfly clip and a towel was all that she wore as she again flounced down on the bed. She turned the TV on to ESPN and began to watch Sportscenter.........but she wouldn't get far into it before she noticed her blackberrys screen flash on and then off, before vibrating, to remind of "New Messages". She had half the mind to ignore it, but for some reason she decided to listen to the four messages.
One was from the reporter she had spoken to in Time Square, and two others were from volunteer coordinators of her fathers GOTV campaign, but the fourth was none other than her lunch date;

"Hi...this...this is Jimmy.
We finally met earlier today uh about that next time you talked about... I... I'd really like that.
There's this little Italian place I know of, nothing special but the food is excellent, down in Little Italy you know.
Anyway I'm sure I'm using up enough of your time so... I'll be at the same place tomorrow, around the same time maybe then I can give you my number huh?"

"He actually called...." she whispered to herself, as she saved the four messages and then went back to Jimmys, and snickered a bit at; "I can give you my number"

"I already have it...." she'd say to herself, before pressing "4" for "message header"
Much to her disappointment though, the number was played back to her as "Unlisted"

"Damn, i guess i don't have it."

She'd hang up her work phone and pull her personal cell out of her bag, before laying back into the pillows.
Ginger had every intention of getting up after a few text and changing into her night clothes.....but instead, within fifteen minutes, she was out like a light.

However, as usual, she wasn't uninterrupted for long, when at 9:45pm, someone began to knock on her door. She ignored them until the person spoke, and mentioned something strange.......a floral delivery, for her.

"Say what?" Ginger asked rather groggily, as she opened the door.
The young officer repeated the fact that there was a floral delivery for her outside - as he tried desperately not to look stare too hard at the barely dressed women in front of him. As nervous as he was about being caught catching a glimpse, Ginger didn't seem to care much, and told him to take the delivery for her since she wasn't dressed at the moment.

"I-I would ma'am, b-but, he wants to make sure it's given to you."
Ginger sighed. "Well fine, bring him to the door."
"I'm sorry ma'am but with the threat, there can be no unauthorized guest. Besides, it's late, state law says-"

She'd cut him off by holding her hand up towards his face.
"Yeah yeah yeah, i know the law. Gimmie a second, okay? And i'm not a Ma'am, i'm in my twenties."

Ginger slammed the door and then dropped her towel, before walking over to her dresser, pulling out her striped strapless nightwear, and putting it on.
Anyone else in her shoes would of sent the florist on his way, and she actually considered it herself, but she wasn't a snob, and figured the man worked rather hard getting the flowers to her, so what was the harm in going down to meet him? Besides, her curiosity was peaked. So ginger slipped into a pair of flip-flops, opened her door, and then followed the officer - named Jordan Mraz - to the end of the driveway, where a group of officers stood around the lone florist.

"Evening officers - Overkill much? This looks like a Bruce Willis flick" she joked....causing a few of the rookies to laugh, before the glares of their group leaders caused them to stop.

"These must be for me......" Ginger said, as she made he way towards the man holding a bouquet of not white, but blue, Calla Lilies.
"Well you've seen me, now care to tell me who sent you? I'm curious - a late night delivery is pretty, well, odd, don't ya think?"

"It's all in the card miss, here ya go." said the young man, as he smirked and held the flowers out towards her.
"Well, okay then...."

Ginger would grab the flowers and then tip the man, before strolling back inside.
Seconds after walking through the main door, she'd wrap one arm around the large bouquet and then use her other hand, and mouth, to open the card - having very little patience when it comes to gifts.

She'd read the short inscription aloud.
"From your walking buddy, a miracle from the saint"
Within seconds of reading it, a smile crept onto her face just as she reached her bedroom door.

She usually hated flowers...."Roses always die" was quote she loved repeating, but Calla Lilies just so happened to be a favorite of hers, especially the Blue and Orange ones. So once she walked back inside her room, she'd pour marbles out of a beautiful clear vase, fill it up with water, and place the Calla Lilies inside of it.

Ginger then placed the vase on the nightstand beside her bed, and only after sliding her purse and its contents onto the floor, did she crawl under the sheets and lay down.

"Something tells me meeting you tomorrow just might be impossible...." she whispered to herself, as she stared up at the beautiful blue flowers.
"But i suppose i should be some extra effort into, he did send me Calla Lilies...and blue ones at that...."
She'd snicker softly before reaching up and turning the light off.

After only a few more minutes of TV, the room was pitch black, and within a minute, she was once again out cold.


Ginger would wake up at 5:45 to the sound of arguing.
It sounded like her fathers usual Sunday morning meeting had started early, and was was going badly.

"Gees" she complained under her breath, as she rolled over towards her nightstand and looked up at the flowers - which looked even more stunning in the stream of sunlight that was creeping in past her closed blinds.

If it was up to her, she would of stayed in bed for a few more hours, but as the arguing got nothing but louder Ginger slipped out from the sheets and into her white 2-inch wedge flip flops.

"Governor, you can't do that!! You're putting not only yourself, but the women and men who protect you, in danger!" Bezzy, her fathers senior aid, said dramatically.
"Then fine, they don't have to come if they're afraid!" Antonio lashed back.

Officer Mraz sighed, "We're not afraid, sir. Just, being cautious."

"About what??" Ginger said through a yawn, as she pulled her hair out of its bun - revealing a long wavy mess.
"Ginger...." her father said, as he suddenly lowered his voice and walked over towards her in the living room door-frame.
"did we wake you? I'm sorry."
"It's fine dad, just don't try to skip over my question. What's going on?"

Before Antonio could answer, Bezzy - who was like a third Grandmother to Ginger and her siblings - butted in. "The news of the threat being supposedly thwarted, is all over the news.....and now all the Sunday morning shows, want your father to do an interview!"
"Well what's wrong with that?"
Antonio grinned ear-to-ear.....but Bezzy just stared at her, mouth open for a bit, before responding.
"But dear, we were told to stay inside for-"
"I thought that 24 hour thing was a suggestion, not an order. Besides, if he went out the back and used a couple decoy limos on the way, everything should be fine."

The foursome would spend several minutes debating the issue, until it became apparent that Antonio had made up his mind. The conversation then turned towards which show......
It was a toss up between The Today Show, GMA, FOX NEWS, and MSNBC.....and as the group began to discuss it, Valentina and Maria made their way into the living room, with coffee cups.

"Screw the Today Show" Ginger said, after rolling her eyes. "Matt Lauer is an incompetent douche."
"Hey! I like that guy, he was really nice when we were on before." said Valentina
"Yeah, that's called the "smile in your face but spit in your cup when your not looking" routine. GMA isn't much better. I say Fox & Friends or Morning Joe."
"Joe's an ass." said Jordan.
"No he's not! He's a cool dude, who actually tries to can the personal stuff and stick to the news - unlike Lauer!! And so is Mika. The rest of the hosts might be twats but they're not ALL that bad. But now that i think about it, they're not even on Sunday, Chris Hayes is."
"Oh god talk about a real douche, who has like 15 viewers." Jordan piped in with, before answering a page on his radio.

Chris Hayes was the one person everyone in the room agreed was a definite "No"

"I like Doocy best!" said Maria, and her their mom nodded her head.
"Doocy's hilarious, and the curvy couch is always a pleasant experience." Antonio add in.

"Well Doocy isn't on F&F on the weekend...."

The group would go on bickering for a few more minutes before deciding on both F&F and GMA. The Governor would appear live towards the end of F&F's 7'oclock block, and then do a call-in interview to GMA at the end of their show, much to the chagrin of his aides and security team.

"Well, now that that's settled i'm gonna have a quick conference call with Peter and the others before heading out." said Antonio. He'd kiss his daughters on the cheeks, and then go into his office with Valentina close on his heels.

"Well, i guess i'll go sit in my cell for the next 12 hours." Ginger joked.
"Yeah right, we all know that's crap." Maria said, as the two girls both stood up "I'm not staying in either, but i'll have my husband, my kids, and JR with me. So please, don't go all half-cock again by yourself....okay? It's just a bad idea, even without the threat."

Ginger smiled warmly, and then hugged her sister. As the two would break from their embrace, the young officer from before would walk up to them.
"U-um, if you need something, or to um, go out.....i can go with you." he suggested.
Ginger went to decline the invitation nicely, but before she could Maria answered for her.
"Oh that's a great idea!! There, we won't worry if ya have a nice young strapping officer beside you. No if ands or buts about it! Now i' gotta go....see ya!"

Slightly annoyed, Ginger watched as her sister fled down the hallway to avoid an argument.

"I, um, do you plan to go anywhere today?" Officer Mraz asked, and she sighed.
"No, probably not."

Without another word, Ginger turned around and began to walk back to her room. Jordan followed.
Once at her door she turned around.
"You know, i think i'm old enough to take my own shower and dress myself, sooooo, i think we'll part here for now kay?" she joked, and Mraz nervously nodded his head.

"Yeah, sure."

By Noon the suppose-to-be full house, was damn near empty. Outside of a small group of officers, and her twin brothers Fernando & Mario plus their tutor, the house was empty. Ginger had just gotten out of the shower minutes ago, and was now dressed in a fitted, & backless, flowery sundress that reached a few inches below mid-thigh - with huge white-rimmed circular sunglasses covering her eyes.
She'd sit on the edge of her bed and text a few old friends from school, before throwing both her phones in a black bag with studded straps, and heading down the hall and towards her brothers rooms.

"Hey, i'm gonna head into the city, you guys want anything?"
"Oh can we come?? This shit is annoying as hell!" Fernando complained, as he dropped his pencil down on his homework.
"HEY! Watch your mouth! You've got at least two more years before you can say that kind of crap."
"What the hell will two years do?" Mario asked with a smirk.
"A whole lot, so deal with it. I can't take you, i um, have a meeting of sorts......i'll bring you back something to eat though if i can, ok? Laters."

Ginger tried to reach the door without being seen, but Jordan was quickly on her tail - now dressed in plain clothes.
"Um, are we ready to go now?"
She'd smile a bit before sighing. "I guess so!"

After the half hour ride, the pair would spend another hour and a half at the GOTV headquarters a couple blocks away from Kimmies and Spinellis..
When it was finally time to leave, Ginger mentioned she wanted to go around the block for something to eat......and began to look repetitively at the clock on her phone.
She saw no way of getting around Jordan being there when she met Jimmy, but what real harm could that do. She could lie and say he was working for their campaign. But the second that thought slipped into her mind she laughed, "Yeah right, that won't work.....he doesn't strike me like some campaign water-boy.....far from it."
Ginger would laugh to herself, before following Officer Mraz around the street corner.

Kimmies was getting closer, and she began to nervously fidget with her hands, not really sure how the whole encounter was going to go down. But thankfully, when Jordan quickly jumped into a hot dog cart line a mile long, an idea popped into her head.
"Hey, i'm gonna go pick up an order in Kimmies, it's right there, i'll be fine - okay?"
"No, Ms. Ca-"
Before Jordan could say her last name, she put her hand up to his mouth and Shhsh him.
"It's right there, besides, the guy tailing us in the car there, can watch from his window and make sure nothing bad happens - okay? It's a stones throw away, i'll survive" she whispered.

Jordan looked a bit shocked when Ginger pointed out the officer that left Gracie Mansion shortly after them as a tail. But after shaking it off, he reluctantly agreed, and signal the officer in the car with a nod of the head, that everything was alright, as Ginger walked in alone.

"I hope he's here, i won't have more than five or ten minutes." she whispered as she walked up to the small bar-area.
The last thing she wanted to do was decline an invitation to Little Italy, a part of town she use to love to visit, but she didn't see any way around it.

Jimmy was nowhere in sight when she entered though, so to kill the time she pulled out her phone and began to check The Wallstreet Journal and New York times, about her father and Peter. However when the waitress from the other day spotted her, she asked about "Jimmy The Saint", which instantly reminded Ginger to google that little Moniker.......the results that came up, were the last thing she expected.

"No way, no fucking way!" she mumbled to herself "And here i went and teased Mateo for being dramatic about Spinellis clientele......but this guy, is actually rumored to converse with Mobsters? Hah! Well gee...i don't know how i feel about that" she said in a whisper barely audible to her own ears, yet alone anyone elses.
But she did know...
In the back of her head she knew even a rumored association with such criminals SHOULD cause her to run, but she couldn't help but find the guy, interesting. And if she was being honest with herself, his rumored ties to wise-guys made him even more intriguing.....and she still wanted to have that chance to actually talk him up, and see what he was all about - uninterrupted.

"Little Italy would actually be quite the place to escape to, and not be interrupted. They'd never think to look for me there first......" she thought to herself with a smile, before hoping up on a stool - hoping he'd show in the next few minutes.

figlia mia = my daughter
mio dio = my god


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Character Portrait: Ginger Caggliano Character Portrait: Jimmy Massera

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After twiddling with her thumbs for a few more seconds, the bell on the door chimed, and in walked Jimmy.
Ginger would smile softly at him before hopping off her bar-stool and following him to the same booth they had sat in the afternoon before.

"Hi.....Listen I'm sorry I was late...I ehhh I had a bit of a rough night last night huh?"

"No worries, i understand. My night was pretty, well interesting." Ginger began, as she crossed her legs and started to get comfortable in her seat - momentarily forgetting her time crunch. "You know, i hate flowers......"

She'd pause for dramatic effect, before beginning again. ".....but some how you managed to pick one of my favorites; Blue Calla Lilies. That's something special in my opinion, since those aren't the most common flower out there. But on top of that, you seemed to know where to deliver them to......so, i suppose you actually did know who i was this whole time?"

Gingers smile grew a bit, before she happened to look up at the door as the bells above it chimed. It was lucky that she did.....because in walked Jordan.
"Aww gees" she muttered softly, before sliding further into the booth so that the officer wouldn't see her.right away.

"Hey, wanna play dine and ditch?" she'd whisper, as her eyes darted back and forth between Jimmy and Jordan - whose back was now turned away from them as he conversed with a women behind the bar. "Well not really dine and ditch, since we didn't eat anything here....more like, ditch my chaperon!"

Ginger knew it was only a matter of seconds before the woman pointed to their booth. So she would quickly pop to her feet and move to the side exit door behind their booth.
After a quick smirk and tilt of the head for Jimmy to follow her, she opened the door and stepped out into the alley.

Once outside, Ginger would nervously fidget with her bag an unconsciously tap her heel, as she waited for him to follow her.
"I hope he finds this whole situation to be more intriguing, than odd......" she joked softly to herself, as she hoped the door beside her would open.

When you come from a political family such as the Cagglianos, you lose a lot of privileges that others take for granted......such as hitting up a bar every now again without a security detail, or going on friendly/casual dates without having people from your fathers reelection team breathing down your back to make sure every single date reflects well on your father......so Ginger hadn't been out on any kind of "date" in a long time. An even though she should of been concerning herself with how ditching her detail could have repercussions, and whether or not Jimmy would be good for her fathers campaign if she was seen with him, she couldn't help but thinking like any other twenty-two year old who simply wanted to go out on a date;

"I wonder how long before ditching the press and security details loses it's thrill for him, and just becomes plain annoying....."


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By the time she was able to sit in his car, Ginger was completely out of breath.
"Hate to be a bother but this car isn't real hat friendly, could you look after that for me?"
Ginger nodded her head, a bit wide-eyed. "S-sure....no problem."

She'd begin to play with the rim of his hat, as he spoke up again
"I'm sorry about back there on the roof.
I just didn't have time to work anything else out.
You're...you're ok right?
No broken bones... no bruises?
When you finish with that load of questions how about you tell me a little about you and the monkey in the suit back there?
That wasn't a standard rent-a-cop that a was police issue piece he was carrrying.
Don't tell me the goomba from the other day is still bothering you...you know the guy from the sidewalk?
If he is... I can handle that for you.
Sometimes, some very stupid people, don't know how to take "no" for an answer so quickly huh?"

Ginger stared out the window to her side for a moment, before suddenly bursting out in laughter.

"Mio dio! I've NEVER done anything like that before, even in school! That was too fun, i mean i know i'm in a world of trouble later, but you know what?"
Ginger would shift in her seat so that she was leaning on the left side of her body and facing Jimmy. "I'd totally do it again!" she'd finish with a huge grin, before placing Jimmys hat on her head.

After an additional few seconds, Ginger flounced back into her seat and buckled up. "We wouldn't want to get pulled over for something as silly as a seat belt violation, would we? And for the record, i'm fine. Totally fine, MORE than fine actually! I haven't seen that Taxi driver since we went into Kimmies the other day....did you, do something to him? And what exactly does 'handle him' mean??"
The slightly hyper Ginger wouldn't give him much of a chance to respond before speaking up again. "Never mind, don't tell me!
You know, you actually out ran Jordan, and he's pretty damn fast......perhaps the force should hire you...."

She'd giggle a bit at the mental image of Jimmy in a uniform working with cops, until the car coming to a stop at a light jarred her back into reality.

"To answer your other question back there, i figured you knew who i was since the flowers were delivered to my fathers place, but yes, Jordan - the guy chasing us - works for the NYPD. He's on the short list of officers assigned to guard my family, but mostly my father....Antonio Caggliano"
Ginger would sigh a bit before crossing her legs and then her arms over top her chest. "Ya know, the Governor." she said, in a far quieter voice.

She wouldn't speak again until the car began to move again. They were only fifteen minutes or so into their 45 minute journey towards the tip of the island, when both her phones began to ring. She'd quickly dump her bag out onto her lap, grab both phones, and turn them off in unison.

"So, are ya gonna ditch me now that you know you'll probably have a third of the force searching for me, and subsequently - you?" Ginger asked with a small smirk, as she threw her things back into her bag. "I mean i'd understand if you'd wanna get rid of me and drop me off somewhere.....i'm not always the funnest person to be around when it's an election year - due to all the guards and press." she added on dejectedly.....before moving around in her seat some.

Suddenly "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones came on the radio, so instead of giving Jimmy the chance to respond with what she assumed would be an agreement to drop her off and rid himself of an unneeded problem, she began to sing along to the radio.

"Thank you, thank you very much!" she'd say facetiously w/ a few fake bows as the song ended, before lifting Jimmys hat up from her head long enough to run her free hand through her hair. She then tapped the same hand on her bare thigh a few times before sighing.

"Like i said before though, if you wanna drop me off i'd understand......but i'm hoping, maybe, you're the adventurous type that wouldn't mind having a late lunch with a wanted woman."

Ginger lowered her head a bit as not only her smile, but the flushness of her cheeks, grew.
It really had been quite some time since she was alone with a man that wasn't either related to her, or working for her.


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She's the Governors daughter btw! Not the Mayors. =P

"Antonio Caggliano huh? Well isn't that something. I've got some friends that know some people that will deal with trouble from him for me.
Don't worry about it, it won't be anything bad. I just know some people in high places you know?
You...you on the other hand..."

Jimmy would laugh heartily while shaking his head a bit, before continuing.
"....you could be in a lot of trouble.
So I don't think I'll be stopping this car until I either hit another light or we get to little Italy.
After all..."

Ginger laughed softly at the mention of her "being in a lot of trouble"....she knew he was right, but didn't want to think about it much.
Jimmy would then wink her way before going on about how it would be rude to just drop her off - a statement that made her smile grow, as she twisted a strand of her hair around her finger.

When he mentioned Blues & Jazz, Ginger was pleasantly surprised in his interest in both......but the casual conversing between the two wouldn't last long, for when he turned up the radio there was a news bulletin proclaiming that; "The Governors daughter has been kidnapped"

"WHAT!?" she yelled, before listening to the full announcement.
"I can't beleive Jordan actually told them i was kidnapped, that's nuts." she'd complain, before turning the radio down.

"Well looks like our day just got a little more exciting.
Listen, maybe we should have a slight change of plans, how are you on getting out of the city for a bit? I know a place in Jersey, just across the river."

Ginger listened as Jimmy told her stories of his childhood, and she'd smiled at her own memories of the beach.

"Listen to me rattling on like you don't have some stories of your own to tell huh?
So tell me something about you... any psychotic boyfriends or ex-boyfriends I need to know about?
Some memory you've been keeping tucked away in that head of yours?
You can trust me, after all if you can't trust your kidnapper who can you trust huh?"
he'd say jokingly.

"Oh well gee, with that i think i'll tell ya my whole life story now!" she joked back, before looking down at her bag where her phones were. She knew her family was probably trying to contact her frantically, which caused a knot to form in her stomach.

"I should call them" she'd think to herself.....but her desire to spend the day with someone new, outweighed her want to contact home at the moment. So after sighing softly to herself, Ginger turned her head towards Jimmy with a small smile on her face.

"No psycho boyfriends, i promise.
You see, my familys been in the political realm for a while now, so dating isn't something that's really easy to do. My sisters are lucky, they had High School sweethearts. Me, i dated a couple guys in high school, but both ended well before graduation......so no H.S. sweetheart for me. It's been a rather uneventful road, in terms of relationships, ever since."

She'd clear her throat a bit before quickly putting on a broad smile to lighten the mood.
"But never mind that, I um.....don't mind going to Jersey, use to live there myself and i haven't been back in a while. Plus it would be nice to see the ocean too, but I just feel, well, i don't know....."
Ginger would shimmy down in her seat some and stare down at her legs for a moment, before speaking up again.
"......worried. I can't beleive he told them i was kidnapped, you know? If they found us i'd of course tell them you didn't kidnap me, but my father would probably still want to make your life hell for the foreseeable future....."

As they reached the GWB Ginger pressed her glasses tight against her face, and pinned as much of her hair underneath his hat as she could. And as Jimmy paid the toll, she'd look nervously in the other direction - hoping that no one would recognize them.

"Oh thank God!" she'd whisper, as soon as they were able to continue over into Jersey.

It was now nearly 3pm, and they seemed to miss the worse of the afternoon traffic going into NJ.

"Gah...." she'd mutter as her stomach suddenly began to rumble, before turning the radio back up at the sound of the DJs coming on again.

"Hey this is your groovy fresh DJ Nala King, hope everybody's having a lovely day out there. So, we're just getting a print out here in the studio, and we're suppose to let yous guys know that the kidnapping of Ginger Caggliano was a mistaken report?"

"Mistaken report?" the other DJ, Tommy T., would chime in with.

"Yeah, a mistaken report - that's coming directly from the Governors aid apparently."

"That's one hell of a damn mistake, if you ask me." said Tommy.

"Couldn't agree more, i think someone just lost their job for sure. But lets get on with other news, such as the record breaking........

Ginger would quickly sit up and turn the radio volume down again before flopping back into her seat and laughing.
"A mistake? Are they serious?? Thank God you're not a real kidnapper, because i don't think they get a deaf dumb and blind person not to suspect something was amiss in that retraction!

Well, at least we won't have normal people looking for us left and right, but i guarantee you my father and the NYPD are still looking....i hope this beach house you have is a somewhat secluded place."


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"About your dad and the PD....listen don't worry about them.
I promise nothing will happen to me...you on the other hand are going to be tricky to get home.
I know some people I can call though, trust me, you'll be safe I've worked with all these people before and I'll be with you the whole time.
You may be thrown by what they look like at first but you couldn't be safer in your own mother's arms."

Ginger would nod her head and smile softly as Jimmy spoke, but she couldn't help but still feel guilty with the whole idea of being on the run from her family. However she again pushed her worry aside, and attempted to relax into her "new normal" of the moment.

After the car came to a stop outside of a house, Jimmy began to describe just who was inside.
At the mention of him being "connected to some very bad people" and having "done a lot of things he's not really proud of", you'd think one as politically-sheltered as Ginger would become rather cautious, but she was actually more intrigued then anything else, and would sit with her arms crossed casually over her chest, as he explained everything to her.

"That being said, before we walk into my other friend's house is there anything you want to ask me?" he'd ask, and she would take a moment to gather her bag up from the floor of the car and sling it over her shoulder, before leaning over in front of Jimmy and placing her hand on his door knob. "Yeah, what are you feeding me for dinner? After all of this, i hope it's something nice." she'd respond with a slightly-flirty smile, before pushing his door open and then sitting back up in her chair..
"And off we go." Ginger beamed, before opening her own door and stepping outside of the car - with one hand on her head, to keep his hat firmly in place.

Once outside she'd close her door and walk around the front of the car to meet Jimmy.
"You know, i think a lot of people would call this insane, me going into such a house with a man i haven't even known for a full day who just verified nearly every shady thing i read about him on google.......but i don't know,"
She'd pause and directly lock eyes with him for several seconds, before finishing her thought. "I could always be wrong, but there's something about you that screams safety, sooooo, yeah...."
Ginger would laugh softly to hide the fact that she was actually blushing a bit, before turning and walking towards the door - hopefully with Jimmy in close tow.