Stephen Blackwood

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ImageName: Stephen M. (Morris) Blackwood
Age: 22
Role: The (unwilling) Nerd

Personality: What can we say about Stephen...? Well, the first impression most people have about him is 'abrasive'. He's a very picky person, hard to please and easy to annoy. He's very snarky and sarcastic, and tends to go into most situations with little to no idea of the entire scope of it. He talks a lot and curses like a sailor, a tendency that sometimes drives people away, and it doesn't outwardly appear that he cares all that much about it anyhow. He keeps to himself or his small group of friends and prefers to alienate anyone else. He also has a tendency to be very loud and obnoxious sometimes, which he mostly does to drive people away as mentioned previously. He has a tendency to label people based on appearances that he's tried multiple times (and failed) to get rid of, although he has showed improvements recently.

To his friends, he's a fairly nice guy. He doesn't really have a good handle on how to treat his friends - he's nice enough to them but even then he's a bit of a pompous ass, although he somehow manages to make up for it in the end. He's a fairly giving person, on the basis that if you've done something for him, he'll do you a favor back. He genuinely cares about his friends for being able to put up with him for as long as most of them has but has a hard time articulating it. He doesn't take being insulted well, and can be downright mean when the mood takes him, but it rarely if ever does. All in all, a good person to have on your side and a bad person to piss off.

Background: He's lower-middle class, from fairly normal parents - his dad was a bit of a nerd, but never overly nerdy, and they loved him quite a bit. Although he wasn't able to afford nice things all of the time, when he got things they tended to be cheap, such as dime-store science fiction novels or movies, which mostly led to his being typed as a nerd. When he came to the college, he continued his nerdy habits, albeit mostly unintentionally, and therefore earned his label of "school nerd".

- Cheesy movies of any genre, barring romance or slice-of-life.
- Watching TV; with Doctor Who being one of his favorite shows.
- He's a fan of most books, with a particular soft spot for classical literature, especially the works of Oscar Wilde, Albert Camus and Joseph Conrad.
- He plays bass and acoustic guitar as a hobby; although it would be extremely unlikely for him to make a career out of either one.
- Hats. Usually the older and more out of place, the better.
- Food, especially hearty, home-cooked meals and regional foreign cuisines - the best way to win him over would be with anything French.
- Sweets - desserts, cakes, pies, candies, really anything with a high sugar content.
- He plays a lot of video games, a habit he's trying to get rid of.
- Although he would never admit it openly, he actually likes people. Not very much, but it's there.

- The Twilight Saga. Even so much as mentioning it in passing with the vaguest liking for it is like Stephen's berserk button.
- Hipsters. He hates "those little knit-sweater-wearing bastards" and their "self-defeating idealogy" with a venomous passion.
- Nerdfighters. He believes they ruined nerd-dom for actual nerds, and don't really have any true idea of what being a 'nerd' is.
- Stupid people.
- That's about it. Other than that, he has some minor pet peeves.

Major: Communications (focus on journalism)

Desired Career after College: He aspires to being a multi-media critic (video games, books, TV, movies, etc.)

Where you Live(dorm or off-campus): Dorm

Theme Song: SMV - "Thunder"

Other: Don't take his hat without permission. Ever.

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