The Pearl of the Sea

The Pearl of the Sea


[i]"Please... Take the pearl... And get rid of it... Throw it into the sea, and hope they never find it.[/I]

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Pearl of the Sea
Long ago, they threw it away. To protect us. Or so they claimed. They took it from the emperor, running to the ports. They got aboard the boat, and sailed out as far as it would let them. They threw it into the Ocean, never to be seen again. And that was the last anybody ever saw of it. But it lived on in the history tomes. No longer as the Emperor's Pearl, but the Pearl of the Sea.

Now, it's regarded as mere lost legend. A 50 kilo pearl, of grand quality. They made up stories and exaggerations, the school-children and conspiracists both, for all their own reasons. Now, we fear that getting near the pearl will bring about great Sea-Dragons, there to protect it for eternity. Nobody knows the truth of what's out there. Long ago, the people of the port-city Galevin, journeyed out on the sea, searching endlessly. Nothing was found. All returned empty-handed. But one man who returned, claimed he was blind-sided by a dragon. He was called a madman, and was locked away. But nobody ever went out to sea for the pearl ever again.

It's been 50 years. Ship technology has advanced. Gunpowder has been controlled. Slave trade and ownership has become common for the large Galevin companies. Swords, scabbards, cannons, flintlocks, the blunderbuss, crossbows, and the grenado are common weapons. There are several species now known in the world. Most of them are indentured servants to Galevin. Taken from their home country, enslaved for 10 years, and then released to go anywhere in the country they want. There are elves, dwarves, lycans, vampires, kobolds, golems, and plenty more. But they're always treated like second-class citizens. They still have rights, but they're sh*tty. Magic is recently legal, all except for blood magic, summoning, nightmare magic, and necromancy may be practiced without legal restriction. But most people still distrust magic users despite this.

And people have nearly forgotten about the Pearl. Probably for the best. It's unsafe, and there may be dragons. But one person remembered. Mery Fortuna. One of the best sailors in all Galewin. She has organized an expedition to finally find it. She claims to have found a map with the location of the pearl. Do you believe in her cause? Do you believe in the Pearl? Do you have the skill of the ocean? Do you have the misfortune joy of being an indentured servant onboard? If so, then hop aboard the S.S. Dragon's-Bane, and get ready for the journey, for The Pearl of The Sea.

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1) No GMing, PPing, Metagaming, Gary-Stu's/Mary-Sue's, all that crap.
2) Violence, romance, and language are fine, but keep the sexual stuff in time skip.
3) Keep in the technology level I've established. You can pick any weapons or items in that technology level, even if I haven't said it. If you don't know, ask me.
4) 7 sentence minimum. I know, it's pretty steep, but I want some semblance of literacy. If you can do more, that's good, but I know that sometimes I won't do more than seven sentences, so it's no problem if you don't go over. Just be careful not to go under.
5) I can/will make up new rules when necessary.

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Re: [OOC] The Pearl of the Sea

Very cool, your talking my kind of thing :) Ive always ben interested in reincarnation, I have developed my own system, as there are many aspects of reincarnation that I dont agree with. I have tried my best to solve the "3 problems of reincarnation" at least to my satisfaction :)

Re: [OOC] The Pearl of the Sea

Actually, it's loosely based on the Hymn of the Pearl. I love myths and mythology. Sometime after this one, I've got an RP idea based on the six paths of reincarnation.

Re: [OOC] The Pearl of the Sea

Very interesting idea, have you read The Hymn of the Pearl? its a Gnostic (myth) scripture about a lost pearl, protected by a dragon. I like this RPG and Im more then just slightly interested ;)

Re: [OOC] The Pearl of the Sea

I'm slightly interested, but I'll be holding back for a bit ^^"

Perhaps if this gains more participants, I'll join as well!

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