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Akanke Kathrine Thompson

A girl who has the attitude to match the body

0 · 165 views · located in Two Small Towns in California...

a character in “The Pen Pal Project II”, as played by RahRadio14



Name: Akanke Kathrine Thompson
Pronunciation:(ah kahn KAY) =Meaning:Lovable at first meeting

"If you can't back it up don't talk big."

Mimi, love, and HBIC . Akanke isn’t sure how she got her nick names though she pefers Love before either Mimi or HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Sexuality: Hetorsexual

School: Riverview School

Description of Appearance: Akanke has light tan colored skin, she weighs a 160 pounds, She is 5ft 10. Akanke’s natural hair is a light brown and has tight curls, but through premes and relaxers her hair is now straight. She is very skinny with a decent sized chest.

Akanke is fashion is a mix of hood rat and prep. Though she only wears her hood rat clothes to school. Dramatic earings such as big hops adoren her ears. She wears a lot of bright colors, animal prints, heels, and wedges, Her clothes are usualy tight, revealing, and very fashionable. For example on an average day Akanke usualy wears big silver or gold hoops, leopard leggings with black wedges, and a crop top. Her t-shirts are mostly crop tops and if they have any words it would be. “HBIC” “ Don’t talk to me bitch!” Her jewelry ranges from bangles to woven necklaces. To school she wears bangles that match her earrings and a necklace. To add to the hood rat look, her makeup is usually heavy eye makeup or bright lips. (Never both)

-Cheer leading/dance/gymnastics/Tap (She really likes dance)
- Math because she likes money and math relates to money
- Money but more importantly SAVING money.
-boys (When they are not being dumb)
- rain (She likes dancing in the rain)
- dogs (She has to big Mastiffs named Lady and Tramp)
- School (Don’t tell anyone or She’ll be teased)
- Pageants
- false nails (she always has her nails done because she does them herself)
- Suckers (her favorite is cherry flavor)
- Rape artist like Honey Cocaine, Chanel West Coast, Nicki Minaj (They are the main fashion icons she follows)
- Fashion


-School (People can be such jerks)
-Rude people
-The color puce…like eww
-Prune juice
-Hot Cheetos

Akanke is the head cheerleader at her school, though her character is supposed to be a bossy bitch. She isn’t. Well until someone messes up and she has to fix it. Going to the school she does that’s almost every day, which earned her the nickname HBIC. even though she very pretty, Akanke is always concerned about her looks, which is why she’s on a strict food plan by her trainer. Akanke puts a lot of work into her appearance and creating the image she has at her school. She follows the fashion run ways constantly; she is always up to date on her looks not because she can afford the brand names, because she learned to sew just to keep up with fashion. Akanke also has been practicing hair styling and putting on makeup since she was ten.

Akanke doesn’t have high hopes for her future her goals are to be a professional cheerleader or become a fashion designer. She finds her classes interesting enough but she doesn’t see how history will effect if she becomes a professional cheerleader or not. Akanke if focused on a goal such as her appearance and career dreams, she puts in a lot of effort and research. Akanke is not a mean person; she just doesn’t tolerate stupid people, bullshit, and ignorant people.
But if the right buttons are pushed Akanke can turn into an icy bitch, she knows how to throw punches and has gotten into a few fights with girls who wanted to talk big. First Akanke treats the girl and then hands her earrings to friend and proceeds to beat the hell out of the other girl.


Akanke’s mother is full blooded Nigerian; her father is also Nigerian, though both her parents are light skin like her due to a European ancestor in their blood a long time ago. Akanke’s parents moved to America when Akanke was eight. Both her parents had set up a restaurant with the help of a family friend in a little town. Akanke hadn’t known English at this time so she was home schooled until she was in seventh grade were the clicks were already established. During her homeschool time Akanke went to dance classes of all types, she was also entered in pageants. (She still does pageants) Trying to fit in Akanke convinced her parents to let her get a perm and new clothes, as soon as she changed her look everyone in school liked her.

For the rest of middle school she was in the popular group but Akanke didn’t feel like she had made any friends. In high school Akanke had gotten onto the cheerleading squad. The school didn’t really have a real squad since funding had been cut for cheerleading to keep the football team. Akanke had started a new cheerleading squad and became the head captain. Akanke found real friendship with the six other girls on her team. The girls made it to regional and then to nationals were they took first place. Though the school still didn’t fund the cheerleaders they still show cased their trophy. In this school the cheerleaders dislike the football players for taking all the funding. The cheerleaders fund raise, worked part time jobs, and stitched every costume they had. Akanke created every dance using a wide range of different dance types ballet with hip hop, tap with folk song, and much more.

Sound track for Akanke
Drops of Jupiter by Train
Bad Girl by Honey Cocaine
Icey Bitch by Honey Cocaine
All Gold Everything by Honey Cocaine
Middle Finger by Honey Cocoaine
Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson
Put in work by Chanel West Coast
I love money by Chanel West Coast
Keep Spinning by Chanel West Coast
Looking Ass by Nicki Minaj
Boss ass bitch by Nicki Minaj
Moment for life by Nicki Minaj
Fly by Nicki Minaj
Sail by Awolnation
Not your fault by Awolnation
Cough Syrup by Young the Gaint

So begins...

Akanke Kathrine Thompson's Story