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Arietta Nikola

"Secrets always end up coming out" **WIP**

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a character in “The Penpal Project”, as played by Anraee



{“I'm someone you may never figure out, but I prefer I to be that way” }
- Unknown -

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Luka Megurine[/center][/size][/font]

Arietta Nikola
"I have a weird name, yes I know."

"My face doesn't match my age much"

"I have another nickname, but that requires a whole different story here.

"No offense, I just like guys."

"Honestly I don't know my penpal much, nor do they know me."

My father speaks it so I'm naturally fluent.
"I took it in high school, I understand it for the most part."
[i]"This is a given. I lived in the U.S. why wouldn't I speak english?"

Las Vegas, Nevada
"I'm for Sin City itself."

{"Everything a person does is for a reason." }
- Unknown-


◖ LIKES Rain paired with Sunny days
"Rain is a beautiful thing. It clears up the sky and wets everything hat it can. Some people find it dark and gloomy. But there's another thing to it. I love rain when its during the higher tempertures. It gives me uch an amazing feeling. Althoughealy humid, its pefect weather to go out in. Sometimes if I have to I'll take a walk on my own to enjoy it. I really do love the ran and sun."
◖ LIKES Action
"Come on, who doenst like a little action when the time is right? Life is going to be rally boring without it. But that's one thing like. Action and drama. They both are my cup of tea you know? I love to have fun and play around a lot. Yu have to live your life to the fullest. Don't waste in on all your imperfections and mistakes. You are who you are. Be proud of I and have fun. No one like to be around people who cant learn to live, even if its just a little."
◖ LIKES Gardening
"I don't seem like the type to realy like gardening do I? But its something I also enjoy to do. Although it requires hard work and it consumes time. the end result is amazing. You get to see amazing looking fruit aong with an amazing taste to add from it. Nothings been added and its all natural. You may not like it but I do. Its something most people don't understand not willing to explain it."
◖ LIKES Expression and Emotions
"There's a reasonwe have feelings right? I love emotions. Its not that I like to see people cry, its the fact that they are showing it. It ticks me off when people think they are so tough they cant show how they feel. The more you hide how you feel, the more hurt youre going to end up being in the long run. You might as well get over it and show how you feel. It may be hard at times, but its something that you realy should show. When people want comfort and they aare showing me what they are feeling, it puts me in a good type of shock every time. There isn't really much to explain about it. All I can say is that I really love it. Words cant really describe how it makes me feel when people show emotions. I just love to see it. I love smiles and laughs. Although its bad, when I see someone hurt and afraid. It makes me happy knowing I ca do something to help them."


"No one really antruly enjys pain. Its not something you should enjoy. Im not one to judge since some people enjoy very much. But its not my cup of tea at all. Seeing people hurt physically and mentally drives me crazy. I like to see smiles and hear lahs as I go along. It's never really pretty to see someone cry at all. Pain is apart of life im sure most people would want to remove from exsistance. Although its a part of life, people do enventuly get over it. But in order to do tha, you still have to go through the pain. Its not pleasureable to me at all. I wish it really wasn't something tahts a part of life. My life would be a lot easier that way.
"I honestkythink a lot of people don't like hiding. Not as in a simple hide and go seek game. I mean like running away from you problems. Not showing who you really are. These things really aren't something you should be happy about at all. Its more of a nuisance. There's been a point in time where I was like that. It wasn't ythe best part of my life but it was something that I did. Its on pleasant at all. Its annoying and frustrating. I like to show who I am and if that becomes a problem it can get pretty bad I guess. Not in my whole life I would ever choose to hide again. But then again, I can't lie and say I won't ever hide again. After all things happen, so that time may come again despite me not wanting it to.
"Now now, I told you I love emotions right? This may seem to go against that just a little. The one emotion I cant stand is love. It's that one thing everyone loves and want to lose themself to. But what happens when the person you loved breaks your heart. Youre left here. Broken Hearted and hurt. I dont want to go through that. I don't want to be hurt again. Its painful and it hurts. That's twol things I dont like. If I was to ever fall in love. That person will have to be a life changing person for me. I'm not the type to easily fall in love. But once I've fallen, I've fallen hard for that person. "







[color=#HEXCOLOR]EYE COLOR[/color]

Icy Blue


Lean and Tall|| Where she comes from people are more so around the height of 5'3-5'4 for guys. With her being 5'7 almost 5'8 that makes her a giant compared to most of the people around her.

{“Love is one of the painful, yet best feeling in the world.” }
- Unknown-


Age: 16
Arietta stumbled through the door. She was done for the night. She left the door wide open and her key was still inside. She threw her purse on the table knocking down the vase. It landed with a loud crash. She held her head and had an annoyed expression on her face. Why is it so loud? Her mother heard the noise and sighed getting up. She was used to it by now, that whole Arietta coming home late act. Her mother got out of bed and went into the living room. The whole thing stunk with the smell of alcohol. She looked up only to see Herr daughter stumbling around the room. She was fed up this time. Her mother walked up behind Arietta pulling her back and the next thing Arietta felt was the burning and stinging on her face. "Get out" Her moms calm voice spoke to her. She took it as a joke and began to cackle moving away from her and laying on the couch. "Oh mommy don't be so mean with me, it was an accident. No hard feeling right?" Arietta spoke in a sweet voice with a sickening smile on her face. Her mother stood there in anger shaking. Her daughter was a mess barely having clothes on and coming into the house at 3am only to break things. "Get out! Now!" Her mother yelled grabbing her by the shirt and forcing her out. Arietta was in shock. She still thought it all was just a game. She giggled and tried to walk back into their home. Her mother stood there with an emotionless face. "Mom move!" Arietta screamed in her mothers face. Her mom just stood there. "You're father lives a few towns North from here." Her mother spoke before slamming the door in her face. Arietta banged on the door screaming yelling and kicking. "MOM OPEN THE DOOR!!!" She screamed pounding on the door for hours. When she had woken up she was sore and got up from the cold ground. She knew what had happened since it was impossible to forget despite her being drunk. Her mom had left a bag outside and she put on a hoodie and jeans. What was I thinking? She crossed the bag over her body and began to walk. She was hurt and said but felt betrayed by her mother. She couldn't believe that her own mom would throw her out like that. Arietta was glad she made a bit of money last night so she could afford to her to her dads house. I am daddy's little girl.
Arietta walked home from her therapy session. She was being forced to take them as long as she lives with her dad. When she had first moved in she wasn't expecting him to be so hard on her. Her mother had spoke to him and they both agreed on therapy for her. She heard the soft little taps coming from her shoes as she turned and decided to head to the bank. She wanted to go grocery shopping and pick up a few thing but hated to use her credit cards. She hummed to herself and was in a good mood. She was finally changing and she actually liked it. It had been over 11 months since she last slept with someone. Her dad wasn't too hard on her at moments and she even managed to get a job while online school to finish her Senior year. She walked into the bank office and tried to pull out her money. Denied, denied, denied. That's all it kept saying. How? She checked her account only to see that she she had a little less than 5 dollars in her account. She stood there in shock. Arietta had just turned 18 two months ago and was able to access her account her grandmother left money on. There was so much money that just disappeared. Only her dad had access to it.She left the bank and went straight home. She walked in and her dad was putting something in a bag. Arietta raised an eyebrow but said nothing walking into her room. She waited til it was during the late night and her dad was fast asleep. Her walked into her room snooping around til she found the hidden bag she had seen earlier. Money was the only thing she saw. How long had he been doing this. There was so much she couldn't even think right. Not to mention counting it on her own? To think, he's my own dad She got up quietly and took the bag putting it in between her first and second drawer where there was the empty space. She was going to play his own game.
Age: 18 1/2years. Arietta walked down the small isle in the court room. She took a stand as they asked her questions and she was to answer with the full truth. She didn't pull not one lie and told them everything honestly. She did what she did and she had no excuse for it. There was no way of making up for it or anything. She took a seat and gave her mom a sad smile. Over the past year or so she had grown close to her mom. Arietta was still a sweet person as she was before she hit her teenage years? But her life was pretty messed up at the moment. She walked up and explained her part of the story. "I found the money he had stolen from me. From there I moved on and hacked into everything and robbing him of every dime he had to his name" She told them simply? There wasn't much to say about it really. She wanted to get this over with then she could start as a fresh and new person. They court whispered to each other before they cleared their throat to speak to Arietta. "You sentence you to two years and a following two years of probation. Consider this a light consequence for Identity Thieving" They spoke. She nodded and walked with the officers into the jail where she would call home for the next two years. This was sher worst fear that she could ever dream about. She never wanted to go to jail or have a crime in any way. But she did what she did and was paying two years of her life for it.

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Straight ForwardtraitKind HeatedLoyal Trustworthytrait trait


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Arie Flamalhe //Mother
Juko Nikola// Father
Nanami Nkola // Sister

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Max Joki//Foster Parent

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