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The Peony & The Dragon

Sanctuary of Awakening


a part of The Peony & The Dragon, by SofiUnnie.

The forgotten temple of Spirits.

SofiUnnie holds sovereignty over Sanctuary of Awakening, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Sanctuary of Awakening, which is also known as Sanctuary of Jiangsu, is a place that is forgotten by most of the Yin Hua citizens. Now it has become part of the legends and stories to be told among people - never go there, it is a place of evil. Many groundless ghost stories are spread around, keeping any seeking eye away.

This temple has many different stone lanterns around the premises and inside of it. Some are lit, some are not, all in different colors too. Those that are lit, are the currently 'alive', woken up Spirits around the world. Like the Dragon, the Fox, then the two others for the Twin Kings - a Panda and a Bronze Skane.

Some of those spirits which are 'sleeping', live inside the temple. Waiting for the right soul to be born, while there are few whom have refused to choose a soul, still broken and mourning a loss of their previous Holder. Others are simply leizuring around, playing, drinking, causing troubles etc.

There are two ancient souls, husbands, living among them. These two elven are one of the original of their kind. They are Guardians of Jiangsu. Spirits call them Masters or Fathers, as both men take all of the Spirits as their children.

In legends they are spoken about also as Fathers of Jiangsu, they are infused with long lost martial arts and magic. TBD is calmer, much adult-like in his demenour, while his other half, Tian is known to be quite a trickster, with very curious and playful mind. Anyone who meets him, always fall for the illusion of Tian never being serious and thus underestimating his true power.


Upon entering the Sanctuary, one will find themselves in a long and mighty hallway - Tianjin (means 'Heaven's Ferry Landing'). It has many canals, filled with pure water from the mountains and magic. Filled with many floors and doorways, some of which can lead deeper into the maze of the Temple, when in the end of the rest, the path has collapsed due to the age and passing of time. Be aware, though - any disturbance is well known by the Guardians and inhabiting Spirits alike.

Delun Cave (means Cave of Virtous Order) is well hidden deep within Jiangsu. It is one of the core elements of Yin Hua. There are only four people alive to this day, who have the knowledge of Delun Cave - The Guardians, the Sleeping King and Hua Xiu.

Long Tang (means Dragon Pool), yet another treasure of the Hidden Kingdom and whole world. When the water dries up - means that the Spirits are in grave danger and the whole dimension is about to collapse. The light may still shine, but if it also dies - there are no more Spirits alive.

River of Qi (means River of Energy) - as Qi is the most essential part of Martial Arts and cultivating the magic from within, this gorgeous garden is filled with warmth and sunshine even during the winter. One may simply come by and leizure, play chess or have a drink, or one could come and strengthen their Qi.

Cultivation Pool, also hidden well, but nestled underneath River of Qi. Spirits come to heal themselves in these shimmering waters. Spirit Holders used to do the same, and to cultivate their Qi, yet it has been hundreds of years since any Holder has set their foot in this place or Sanctuary.

Ningxia (means Peaceful Summer) is the Spa and Healing Area of the Sanctuary. One can find Tian in this area quite often. As no outsider is nearly ever to set their foot into Cultivation Pool area, they are sometimes entertained at Ningxia.

Hall of Knowledge, as it is mainly known, is a place where the inhabitants of the Sanctuary gather for meetings. This space is also used as a reading room and as a center of their small, but vastly knowledgeable library. No play nor trickery is allowed here.

Personal Quarters is what the name entails. A small, yet bright and luxurious haven of the Fathers. One of the most guarded areas in the Temple. It can be found on top of the Sanctuary, and it includes a small personal library, personal kitchen, pantry, indoor pool that is often used as a bath, medicine chamber, armory. These quarters also have many secret passages and portals, connected to all kinds of corners and places throughout the Temple itself and the surrounding areas, mountains.

Main Hall, where guests and alike are greeted in. Those that have been in the present of Tian in this hall, have never seen him smile nor be playful. As one enters, on both left and right, there are balconies with seating and tables, in case this place needs to hold bigger meetings. Once upon a time, this hall was used to hold meetings for war and battles. The walls hold sigils of the passed Elven Kings and Queens, in memory of their lives and power.

Lovebed - another spot specifically for the Guardians. Surrounded by the lanterns, grass, trees and moss, there is no roof above. Built in the alcove of a mountain.

Guest Room and many alike are generally in the same layout and area. One could notice magnificent view from their windows or balconies. They have been empty for a long time, unless it is a Deity who has come to visit the Guardians or occasionally one of the Spirits inhabits one of those rooms.


Jiangsu is a sanctuary of Magic, Power and Martial Arts. Without Jiangsu and it's strength, there wouldn't be Yin Hua. Although the Kings and Queens are the one to hold face and balance of the Hidden Kingdom and world itself.

If the Sanctuary of Awakening would go down, everything and all would die.
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Sanctuary of Awakening

The forgotten temple of Spirits.


Sanctuary of Awakening is a part of Yin Hua.