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Ayano Aoi

The world is loosing its beauty slowly and painfully..

0 · 446 views · located in 2073 Tokyo, Japan

a character in “The Perfect Race”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars


Ayano Aoi (Ayano is "My Color, Or My design, while Aoi means "Blue")



Ayano seems to observe everything that moves and breaths, but when she does her eyes sharpen and her emotions change in a half a second at everything she observes.

Love Interest:

Sense of Fashion:
Ayano likes wearing very fashionable clothing that suite her, so it changes over time.


125 lbs

A Moonlight Color/Ivory

An on-going artist who is well known around the world. She is actually thought to be a teen prodigy. She is also a model for some magazines or portraits from time to time.

†Sweets ("She denies it though..")
†Pastel, Water colors, and everything else.
†Classical Music
†Children and Animals

†Bitter Foods
†Broken Paint brushes or tossed and "worthless" paintings.
†Mean people
†Direct fighting

†Becoming Blind, and to loose sight of the world she draws.

†"If It isn't Obvious, drawing or painting will be one"
†Strolling around new areas finding new things to take inspiration of.
†At a Cafe' drinking some coffee and sketching out people or cakes.

†"It seems you can not see true beauty.."
†"-Oh and Mona Lisa! Oh she is one gorgeous piece of art and "The Scream" oh it has so much dept- a-ah sorry *cough cough*"
†"Even the littlest things have the the best of beauty..its just people are too focused on the big things.."
†"I have no interest in you.."

Fake Life History (The life you lived up until the truth was revealed):
Ayano's world was in the past, with no technology or human pollution just small villages and nature. It was the perfect world for her, and she was able to draw and paint anywhere without seeing a discarded can or smoky water to mess up her upcoming art. Though She lived her life alone in the forest, in her own small hut without anyone knowing about her existence excluding animals who seem to come everyday to watch her paint. But one day, she felt her life was incomplete. Sure the animals and the local villagers were fine company, but it just didnt satisfy her anymore. Being a dense girl, she passed it off as a urge to draw, so she left her hut and went to the village. While being there she passed by an injured traveler. Not sure what to do, she carries him to her hut and takes care of his injuries. It was the first time to be near a man her age. So upon his awaken it was a shock. She hid and he laughed. From then on they got closer to the point of "love". Ayano thought it was all perfect until the truth was revealed. This sickened her, and made her angry to the point of no return. This is why pollution pisses her off.

†Being the quiet girl she is, people assume that she is conceited but truthfully she want to express her true nature, but its difficult..
†That a lot of recent hurting of the mean girls in town was her responsibility.
†She is afraid of heights. (kinda)

Severity of Faulty Emotions(Explain):
She is a bit insecure about herself when she is around a crowd. And is not sure on what to say, giving her a very conceited look when she is actually very unsure. When she is insulted she lets it happen but she is actually planning revenge. She doesnt like taking it directly but let the victim suffer. This is one of her defects. But just to note, when she fights, she can kill someone in seconds without control.

[One of her modeling photos, though in this she is wearing color contacts and this was when she recently escaped so after she cut it to the length of the picture above]



[Her latest painting "Smile" Which is based off her true emotions to open up to others]

So begins...

Ayano Aoi's Story

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Miki turned around, her virgin hair soaked in the mysterious liquid slapped the Shikenkan and slid down to the immaculate floor as she turned. Looks like everyone's out. She noticed that a person- she couldn't exactly figure out anyone's sex at the moment, for it was too dark and the only lighting was the ominous blue glowing Shikenkans which barely helped enough to figure out her surroundings. The person appeared to have a deep, yet playful violet hair color, which had also grown ridiculously long. The person walked up to her and finally broke the silence, besides the sounds of the sloshing in the Shikenkans, and looked up at the girl. "We need to get out of here." She was taken aback by the deep voice, all she's heard so far was her girl-voice, so of course she'd be surprised. So there's a boy.. I should greet him! She sat there for a moment with a blank face, and finally burst out, "Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Miki, written with the characters 'beautiful' and 'precious'. Haha, conceited much, aren't I? What's your name?" A sudden hollow sound of impact broke through the conversation, followed by another male voice, deeper than the purple-haired boy. "This not my mother." Her eyes darted to the source of the voice and found another person in the faint, blue darkness. He had jet-black hair, of course its outrageously long too. "Is it me or is there only boys-" A silent slap of water interrupted, followed by another voice, this time, female. "Hello," Miki turned towards the relaxed voice and let out a sigh of relief. "Did you all just wake up here too?" "Ah-ha. So there is another female!" Miki smiled brightly in the dim room. "Nice to meet cha!" She stopped when she heard a girl mutter bitterly about something.. Perfection? Miki turned towards the quiet voice to see a girl with silver hair that shone in the eerie blue light. "Hi there!" she shouted out to the shining pair of metallic-purple eyes that penetrated the darkness. "What's your name? You should join us here!" She yelled, oblivious about the approaching late-night research scientist. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw yet another person. The person appeared to have blonde hair, like her. The stranger sat down, the dripping blonde hair rustled along, revealing his chest, confirming that he was a male. "Hey! You should join us!" she waved, not caring that her hair-dress/towel/wrap had slipped when she had turned earlier.

She stood up, too quickly, and slipped off of her "mom", falling down on top of someone. "Ack, sorry about that." She shifted and felt her chest slide smoothly against someone's.. And it was not a girl. Miki, being the dense girl she is, just slid off calmly and asked, "Ah, are you okay? Wait.. Who is this?? I can't really see." The room went silent for a moment, only to let the "newborns" hear the clacking of someone's shoes. The footsteps rose like a crescendo, steadily rising the tension in the room with every step. Just at the zenith of the tension, the sound stopped, and the lights outside flashed on. Miki's heart was practically jumping out of her throat in the suspense. Cold sweat was blending with the mysterious water that she was covered in and slowly slid down across her fair skin, making her shiver. She stared, wide-eyed, at the shadow of the stranger's feet at the door and clung onto the nearest person. She heard the jingling of keys and silent sinister laughing. The loud sound of a giant vault lock rung in her ears, she clung on closer to the person. Adrenaline rushed through her blood, and finally, a shout broke the tension. It came from outside..? "Hey! What are you doing?! This room is to not be disturbed until the next secret tour! Go home before you get killed!" The instant the word "killed" was uttered, Miki heard the sound of shoes taking off at top speed. She sighed in relief as the lights shut off and the room went silent. The clock buzzed, and all of a sudden, some kind of steam filled the air. The Shikenkans appeared to suck them up and the water turned even more blue. Miki jumped and looked at the clock. 6:13 AM. "What?! It's already passed about half an hour?!" Then something finally panged in her head. School. "Ah! Shouldn't we go to school? I wanna go to school! Can I?" she smiled, giddy. She stood there anticipating, her hair covering her important parts, most of her chest, and her "area".

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One of the girls of the group was beginning to draw up all the attention she could grasp from the others. Riku found it odd how giddy and excited she seemed, despite the situation. He almost wanted to turn around at that point and leave the group alone completely. But it was no use; the girl locked eyes with him, too, and addressed him directly. He sort of wished he'd gone unnoticed.

But there she was, calling "Hey! You should join us!" and probably expecting him to do just that.

If he hadn't been so full to the brink with plain simple not-caring, he would have ignored her. But the situation seemed to call for cooperation, and making enemies wasn't going to do Riku any good. So he simply gave up and approached the rest of the way. He'd get this girl later if she ended up giving him a headache, which he estimated would happen sooner or later.

He stayed quiet, coming up to the group and staying on the edge of things, getting as best a look as he could in the lack of lighting to see the others in the room. There was the peppy blonde-haired girl, along with two others, and then two other boys. One sported vibrant hair, which caught Riku's eye pretty quickly, while the only thing to really catch his attention on the other boy was the fact that he was obviously taller than both Riku and the purple-haired kid. But it did spark a little curiosity about height in Riku. He gave a glance around at the other girls. He was about the same height as most of them, maybe slightly shorter or slightly taller, depending on the girl. And.... he was beginning to hope that perhaps these girls were just really tall... But that seemed unlikely.

Damn, he thought, biting down on his lip. Even if his lip wasn't raw and bleeding at this point, it would be soon. Habit would assure him of that. This means i'm short, doesn't it? He gritted his teeth, glaring at the taller boy in the room. He had to loom over Riku by a good half-a-foot, give or take, and it was beginning to draw out a little light envy.

Why couldn't they just make my body like the one in the fake world?! He thought jealously, straightening his back and stretching his neck as far as it could go, but just coming out disappointed further. He even lifted the heels of his feet of the ground slightly and tried to balance on the balls of his feet, but dropped down shortly after and looked away. Being bothered about not being a big tough guy wasn't going to do much. After all, Riku didn't need to be big and tough to fight in the first place. His style was built around the least amount of force with the maximum amount of damage. A light body would be good for evasion as well. But he still found himself looking at the other boy for comparative height as well. This one seemed about the same height. Any difference in stature would have to be measured by a third party. At least there was still the minute chance of being, like, a centimeter taller. But there was also the chance of being slightly shorter and his disappointment simply growing. He agreed with himself to leave the topic alone.

Riku suddenly drew himself back into reality, doe eyes trailing to a light source and listening with a touch of anxiety to a conversation on the other side of what must be the way in or out of the room. A way out... He repeated to himself. at least that isn't half bad...

But he still found himself frozen, listening intently and hugging his long hair in front of him a little tighter.

"Hey! What are you doing?! This room is to not be disturbed until the next secret tour! Go home before you get killed!" Someone called at the event that was taking place just beyond the exit, and the other person scattered. The light source disappeared.

Riku's body relaxed. At least the threat - if it could really be called a threat - was nullified.

But the talking started up again... Something about school, coming from Miki. He was only half paying attention in the first place to the comment, but found himself commenting back, regardless.

"What kind of person wants to go to school?" He scoffed, and made a mental note to himself that all the so-called 'perfect' in the world couldn't get rid of the way he fumbled on the pronunciation of certain words. It got unnoticed by some people, but some words just got him, and people would wonder what kind of accent he had, or if it was even just a speech impediment. Most of his word fumbles were subtle, just little mispronunciations or incorrect vowel sounds. A person not really paying attention probably wouldn't notice. But even with having lighter, more delicate sounding voice than he used to, he was glad to still have the same basic speech patterns. It was like losing everything you owned in a fire, and finding that there was just one little keepsake in the ashes that was preserved. It kind of made him feel good.

Another girl in the group seemed to clash with Miki's statement pretty instantly, and started going on about some kind of nonsense about there might not even be a school. The word 'sifi' came into the speech and Riku finally got the gist of what on earth she was going on about.

Oh, great, he thought sarcastically. Just what we need, a conspiracy-theorist si-fi buff....

Riku opened his mouth to retort to her about what an idiotic theory that was, but suddenly shut his trap. He had no reasons to deny what she was thinking, actually, and the whole deal about waking up in a big laboratory inside a big tube did seem to qualify as a possible government conspiracy.... So he simply decided to ignore the comment and disprove it later. Even he knew when to shut up. Even if he could be a bit of a hot-head.

"I'm Hitori Ayumu. Let's all just introduce ourselves, and then figure out some sort of way to get out of here quiet-like." She said suddenly.

Well, Riku supposed the task seemed rational enough. Better than calling out, 'hey dude, yeah, you!' to everyone. And trying to identify people by features probably wasn't going to fly well. Riku wasn't even positive of what he looked like now, aside from apparently being shorter and having blonde hair... He was about to answer to that, too, but the conversation went on without him. Oh well, someone would bother trying to learn his name eventually, wouldn't they?

He watched Miki suddenly start going for the shinkenkan again, something about lights, and asking the violet-haired boy, Crow, for some assistance. But then came a request for the others to try and get the lights out of their own Shinkenkans. Riku scowled, hugging his hair a bit tighter and giving a glance back at the sloshy liquid in his own. No way. Not a chance in f*cking hell. He was not going back in that thing! It had been freaking hard enough to get out. Sure, it wasn't really water, and he was already positive there was going to be no drowning and asphyxiation inside - after all, he'd spent 16 years of his life in that thing, hadn't he? - but there was something about being submersed that still bothered him. It was still far to much like drowning. He wanted nothing to do with it.

Miki crawled back out and suddenly started dumping the contents of a box she'd found onto a pile on the ground. Well, this, he felt, couldn't be as bad as investigating that Shinkenkan. Riku took a few steps over and came up behind her, peering at the contents that she'd scattered on the floor. Seemed like a shit-load of weapons.... And good ones at that. But that was another confusing point. Why put weapons in here with their little experiments? It hardly seemed like a rational decision in the least, unless they were trying to get everyone in this room to fight their way out through people who probably had much more advanced weapons. In a fight like that, everyone in the room would probably end up down for the count, and then where would the scientists be after that?

The scent of blood tinged the humid air, and Riku looked at Miki again. Oh, great, she was a clutz, too. Brilliant... And how many times was she going to get her leg sliced before she realized that she was letting her skin get a little too close to sharp objects? As she got up, though, He noticed that her wounds had closed. That was quite a surprise, but he figured it had something to do with that odd fluid.

Well, as long as she wasn't dripping blood all over the place with an open wound, he figured he didn't have much of a reason to pay too much attention, and headed over to the pile to inspect what there was. Though another girl, the one who seemed to clash so easily with Miki, was inspecting the weapons too. Riku recalled that this girl was the conspiracy-theorist, Ayumu. Her attitude seemed much-to-be-desired, too, and he figured a conversation with her would probably not end well, so he gave her little more than a couple glances, and tried to focus on the pile. He noticed Ayumu pick some sort of sword up from the pile out of the corner of his eye, sort of like what Miki had done with that odd looking chain, and tried to see if any weapons appealed to him. Normally, he fought hand-to-hand. A weapon in one hand was a dead give-away where an attack would come from, and Riku knew that from experience. Fighting a person with a weapon was occasionally easy, and he could determine what kind of defenses and moves to put down in order to disarm the person, and then they were useless against him. But he found himself picking up a weapon anyway.

It seemed like a staff, almost, at first - black, and metallic, with chrome patterns that reminded him of something futuristic and star-wars-y. Though, he wasn't quite sure why star wars came to mind exactly. He'd only watched those once as a kid, with German subtitles. He just had liked to watch the fight scenes. But he almost expected a big read beam to come shooting out one end. He inspected the odd weapon a little while, unsure of why he'd picked it up in the first place. Honestly, what was it even used for--

He stopped turning the thing in his hands and noticed a slight seam in between what seemed like two halves of the object. After a moment of considering, and biting his lip, he pulled the two halves apart, revealing the blades that each half concealed. Each side was both a blade, and a sheath for the one on the other side. Now this he could work with. Weapons that simply extended his blows, but an attack or block could still come from either side. Twin swords. The weapon seemed good enough for him. Nice.

He re-sheathed the blades back into each other, bringing them back into one staff-like weapon, and held it down at his side in one hand. It was nice, but the size was hardly convenient. He'd need some sort of holster or something for it. Well, after he got clothes of course. That was more of a priority than convenient carrying of a weapon.

But that Miki girl seemed to be a it again. What was she doing now? He watched her suddenly suck up a good portion of the liquid in her tank with some sort of vial, and his doe-eyes only widened. What the f*ck?! How the hell did that make any sense?!?! Suddenly the girl hopped back out of the Shinkenkan and grabbed another vial-thingy, this one being a firey, opaque red color, and suddenly, the liquid inside the Shinkenkan that Riku had come out of had a sort of.... reaction with it being opened. The Girl dropped the vial suddenly, but it didn't break. Which was... odd.... to say the least...

Riku walked over to her, bending down and picking up the small vial. He closed it and watched the reaction of the fluids from the Shinkenkan die down. His attention turned to the vial a moment, looking at it and inspecting the design. It was appealing to him, at the very least. He'd always loved the color red. But it was difficult to study in such abnormal and little lighting. Who could say if perhaps it were more intricate a design that he could completely tell?

Riku averted his gaze and looked at Miki. "Soo, what? This one is mine then?"

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Miki blinked and scooted on until two familiar voices began bickering. Ayu-chan and Riku. Ack! The worst combination! The tsundere and the potty-mouthed grump-face. Ah, what should I do..?! I'm not good at these kind of situations! Miki fumbled around until the tallest of them all finally broke them up. The small girl sighed in relief and lowered her voice. "Thanks.." She paused replaying her memories, "Oh, you never mentioned your name!" she said. "Come to think of it, aren't we short one person?" Miki looked around and counted. Two girls, Ayu-chan and I, and then three guys, Crow, Riku, and the tall guy! Eep. Where's the silver-haired girl?! Her head pivoted around and looked for a head of silver hair, but no avail. "Sh*t.. Where's the other girl?!" Miki blurted, soon clapping her hand over mouth, listening to her flawless voice echo quietly in the vents. She shook off her worrying and quietly muttered to herself, "She can follow our trail of water right..?" Miki continued to scuttle on and heard a gruffly voice nearby, and then looked around frantically, making sure they weren't caught already. She sighed briefly, only to be interrupted by the voice speaking up again. Her hand groped around in the darkness, and she grabbed someone's arm by accident. She quickly jerked back with a quick "Sorry!" and crawled on.

Miki's hands and knees were getting a bit sore; they've been crawling around for at least twenty minutes now. A tiny light flashed on in the distance, and Miki recklessly briskly crawled towards it, crashing into a small mesh screen. She rubbed her face and chest, which now had an odd mesh pattern on her skin. Her chain jingled as it unraveled onto the metal surface. Miki quickly yanked it up and retracted it back in. "Hmm..." She stared at the restraint from freedom and it finally hit her. Her chain's pocket knife! Miki fumbled around with her chain until the blade finally flipped out, barely penetrating her raw, unexposed skin. She sliced the mesh as if it was butter, her hands shaking in excitement, and shoved the mesh to the side. The vent appeared to be big enough to stand up for her height, and Miki carefully stood up, her knees super sore from crawling. She began walking quietly with wobbly legs, and then grew to a solid, well-postured brisk walk. Her eyes sparkled as she got closer to the light, it seemed a lot more different than the ones that were in that tiny dark room. Miki whipped out her knuckle-blade and cleanly slashed at the weak lock. She leaped out recklessly, at first, the sunlight blinded her, but she absorbed it's warmth, opening her eyes. She floated briefly, her long, golden hair was a parachute, and she saw a massive school building below her. There was a sign that was.. Growing? She finally noticed that she was falling, and read the words that flashed by her. Seisei Hofuna Academy. The girl expected a harsh impact, but instead crashed into a... Person?! She looked up at the uniformed blonde boy who cushioned her fall. She heard the oh-so-familiar sound of a gun hitting the concrete and blinked, still holding her unraveled chain, which was now entangled all over her bare body. She looked around to see the vent that she came from... Twenty-five stories up. Her face paled as she began searching the boy for injuries. "Ahh! I'm so sorry! A-Are you hurt?!" She mumbled, obvious to her being stark naked.

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Ayano watched the others left before she jumped off the glass tube for anything that interest her. Or gave her answers.
She scrambled around for anything but there was nothing that caught her eyes. She sighs and walks away deciding to go after the others.

As she walks down the dark hall, she felt herself step into a puddle of water.. There's her key to find them. Following the trail of water, she heard the voice of the annoying brunette girl, her name was Miki she assumes or that's what she saw on the plaque. But where...? Her eyes went to the floor, and to the ceiling entrialed vents and tubes. "Really.." She sighs and followed the noise of her voice.

She found the opening to the vent and began to climb in continuing to follow the voice. The light shined in her face before she pulled herself up on the roof. "Now where.." A harsh wind hit her. She grumbles realizing where they were and goes to the edge looking downwards.

She blinks and noticed something else. In the "past" when she was climbing a low branch, she was scared out of her mind. Now..she couldn't get the fear up, not even if she tried. Stepping out her foot from the edge, Ayano fell forward, head first, her hair streaming behind her. Nothing, not one drop of fear. As the floor came closer, she put weight in her lower body so her feet landed on the floor with excruciating pain. With no flinch, Ayano fixed her hair before lifting her hand and with a blank expression, she spoke. "Here.."

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He watched as Miki ran off,her blonde hair flowing so naturally,that it actually looked fake.Then he looked at Riku.

"I remember where Aoi was.As for Ayumu...She was behind me,and in front of you.You should know where she went.We'll split up and look for both of them.Crow should be able to do fine alone.We just have to remember to..." he looked around,and pointed at a store. " up in this location."

He started walking away before he remembered something and turned back to stare at Riku.

"And for all things that are still right,please don't end up in an argument with her again."

And then he was off,walking at a brisk place.The jacket he had stolen was flowing unzipped,exposing his chest.He wasn't worried about that anymore,seeing as how his privates were covered by the pants he stole.He tried to recall the path that they had ran from,and the previous location of the building from which most of them jumped off from.And sure enough,he found Aoi,still stark naked.Thankfully nobody was around.He walked over,removed his jacket and placed it around the girl.

"Found you.The other Ningen no Kami are planning to meet up.Come with're going to need clothes.The jacket can't cover you entirely." he began walking away,then stopped.Without turning around,he spoke to Aoi,"It's pretty screwed up outside right now,Miki nearly got raped.So you stay close to me,at all times.Understand?"

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Shin proceeded walking,he could feel Aoi following him from behind.He sensed this wasn't a good position to look after her,just in case some person thought he could outwit Shin and kidnap Aoi from behind,so he slowed down,and allowed Aoi to catch up so they were walking side by side.As they reached a place more packed with the public,he could feel several pairs of eyes on the both of them.It must've been weird,a topless male escorting a female who was wearing nothing but a jacket.And to top it off,they both had extremely long hair.

Somewhere,a young girl had accidentally let go of her balloon,and it was drifting away.The wind blowed it over to Shin's direction,and he managed to grab in just in time.The girl had ran after it and tripped,now bawling at her bad luck,the lost of her balloon,and a scraped knee.He walked over to her a knelt down,offering her the balloon.As the girl reached out for it,he held her hand with gentle care,began to tie the balloon in a solid,yet easily removable loop around her wrist.

"There.It won't fly off again as long as you keep it tied around your wrist.Stay safe okay?Don't fall down again." he said to the girl,for the first time since he was a Ningen no Kami,in a warm,friendly voice.The girl's mother hurried over and pulled her daughter to safety from the 'perverted pedophile' as she had called Shin.Shin stood up with a grunt,and continued to look at the woman as she started yelling several insults at Shin,a few which caused other people watching to gasp at the sheer crudeness.As she paused for breath,he spoke.

"Are you done lady?If you are,you might want to bring your daughter to get her knee disinfected.She took a hard fall." he turned away from the woman who blinked in surprise,and he walked back toward Aoi.He could hear the young girl as he walked.

"Thank you Mr.Long haired guy!"

He couldn't help but break a small smile,he held out a hand and waved nonchalantly.The loop he had tied onto her wrist was the same loop that his National Sport's Team leader from his 'dreams' had tied onto his when he used to lose his own balloons.He was told by the leader that his father used to tie the same loop for him when the leader was younger.It made Shin feel accomplished for some reason,like he had carried on a small,private tradition.At the same time,the memories of his fake world had made Shin feel sad,alone and most of all,resentful.This world was reality,was it not?But it could be another dream,ready to vanish as soon as it wished to.He returned to Aoi's side and stopped his train of thoughts.

"Sorry about the hold up.Let's go." he said,continuing to walk towards the store that he had told Riku to meet up at.It seemed that Miki was now there,and...looked like some kind of model.She was definitely wearing some expensive clothes.He proceeded over with Aoi.

"I found Aoi.Not sure if Riku found Ayumu yet.And I guess you found clothes...for yourself." he announced,running a hand over his bare chest before letting it rest in between his shoulder and neck,massaging it.He listened to the blonde girl talk about a place to stay,school and jobs.

"Where are we staying?" he asked,actually pleased that Miki had found a place to stay. "As for school and jobs...I'll see where things take me.I might,I might not."

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Riku's eyes widened with light surprise as Ayumu's hand connected with his wrist and she dug her fingers in, pressing into pressure points and bringing him down. It's not like he resisted in going down. If a fight had taught him anything, resisting the energy was the worst thing to do. It just made the blow slam harder into you and you had to endure it. Absorbing the energy and moving with it was best when you were trying to be passive. He could take it and not take it any harder than he needed to. Piece of cake. The best way, of course, was to redirect the energy and turn it back at the other person. But like hell he was about to do that. He just let himself go down onto one knee, letting the left one stay there bent instead to keep his weight off of it.

First, he'd gotten hounded on arguing with her already, twice at least, and he figured pounding the girl into the ground was also on the no-no list. Not that he would hit a girl anyway. Sure, maybe he'd hit Ayumu, but that would only make her more bitter. And the way she was acting, she was already going to end up bitter, alone, and spitting on puppies. Just as long as she didn't hate on cats, Riku was just dandy with that. Second, what was he supposed to do? Wrist-role away the hand, grab her wrist, yank her inward, dig a finger into a pressure point of the elbow to stress a lock while twisting her arm and bending her over, and then slam his elbow down on her shoulder-blade to dislodge her shoulder? As easy as it would have been, no. No he wouldn't. He'd probably break her shoulder clean off, and then he'd have to deal with the whole just-beat-up-a-girl deal. And either way, any aggression back at this girl was just going to make things worse. Not that a passive attitude made things any better either. Honestly, did she not even hear him when he asked her kindly to skip all the crap so this could go through easily? Did she just want to try to piss him off enough for him to actually start being aggressive back at her? This was her second hit at him. He'd really done nothing wrong, but this girl felt it her business to believe that his actions and words revolved around some silly obsession with her? Juvenile. Self-centered in the worst sort of way. And all that aggression could be misinterpreted for a crush, if coming from, say, a junior high student. But this girl seemed to be stuck in those sort of phases, so why not?

But aside from psychoanalyzing her behavior far more than he needed to, Riku found himself criticizing her attack technique as well. The grip was firm, the move was effective. But Ayumu wasn't going as strong as she could. She was showing mercy, and for someone she probably deemed stupid. Which happened to be another childish trait - the solid belief that you were better than everyone else and had no reason to listen to them or consider that they may have as much intelligence, if not more, than you did - and could also lead to the inability to see reason. But if she meant to hurt him, she should have done so, and allowed him to take the pain in whichever way he decided to take it. Mercy was weakness. Even that little bit of it, that probably wasn't even a conscious decision. "Pathetic..." He muttered, not even sure if she would pay attention. "If you're going to hurt someone, you shouldn't hold back."

But Ayumu was going off on some pointless rant now to acknowledge the advice, and probably would have been far too full of herself to accept it either. Whatever. Let he use half the force on someone when she actually was depending on it and let that guy be violent enough to pound her into the dirt. Had Riku been that kind of person, she'd already be on the ground, and Riku would have already walked away quietly.

"Rule number one: don't stalk me. Rule number two: don't touch me. Rule number 3: don't interrupt me when I'm in the middle of something. Oh, and also, don't do ALL OF THE ABOVE without first acquiring such necessities as a SHIRT. If you wanted me to tell you to go away, then fine. I'm just fine on my own, thank you very much," She said, flaunting those traits that Riku really no longer saw as provoking a follow-up argument, but just saw her making a fool out of herself for thinking so flatly. He supposed she had no concept of what civil meant. Not that he'd been particularly kind with his own words for her, but at least he was calm and reasonable.

He stood calmly, brushing off his pants like being on the ground hadn't been a big deal. In fact, the whole situation really hadn't been such a big deal. But Ayumu must have decided she wanted to make it into one for some reason. Damn was it easy to get this girl's goat. It's like she wasn't keeping an eye on that damn goat in the first place. Or like she was holding out a sign that said 'go on, take my goat. I love it when people take my goat.' Figuratively speaking, of course.

"Now scram, before Rinnosuke thinks I'm part of some gang of half-naked German stalkers," Ayumu said, and turned around and headed back to the door. Riku snickered before the door even shut behind her with a slam.

Yeah, because he would totally stalk someone like her.

"Oh, that's funny," He said aloud for no reason at all, beginning to walk back down the street. "Like I would want anything to do with someone with a personality so dreadful!"

He shook his head, pocketing his hands and continued down the way he had come. Just about time to break the news to oh my god its a kitty cat.

Riku stopped dead in his tracks, staring wide-eyed at the little white cat slinking out of an alley way. It was scruffy, and collarless, but that didn't mean it wasn't someone's pet. He discarded the information as unimportant and approached slowly anyway. If there was one sort of living creature he liked, it had to be cats. They were independent and intelligent, and they could deal with or without company. That and they were cuddly and soft. But Riku wasn't about to admit that them being cute was one of the reasons he liked them. He put out his hand and watched the cat jolt to look in his direction, startled.

"It's okay, kitty-chan, I won't hurt you," He called softly, trying to approach a little slower and crouching slightly, though both actions at once were hurting his left leg which still felt sore from the impact of falling. He figured he could try massaging it with that liquid later.

The cat sniffed the air cautiously, and moved close enough to sniff his fingertips gently. Riku stood perfectly still, hoping he wouldn't frighten the kitty off. After another few moments, the cat brushed up beneath his hand affectionately. Maybe perfect made him liked by animals or something. Either way, he was pleased as punch. He pet the cat a few times, and, upon the realization that everyone else was probably over at the rendezvous point before he was, scooped his hands under the light animal and picked it up. He could at least cuddle the kitty a little while longer. He could always let it go later and it would be able to find it's way back home pretty easily. Chances were, it wasn't like he could particularly keep it. Someone would tell him to get rid of it sooner or later because that would just be his luck, but he could keep it as long as he could.

Riku got into moving again, holding the warm kitty against his chest and walking a little swifter to make up for lost time. By the time he got there, Miki, Shin, and Aoi were already there. He quickened pace for a few more strides, then slowed to a regular pace and came up next to them. Kitty-chan fidgeted and Riku loosened his grip, thinking that the cat was going to run off, but it decided to crawl up onto his shoulders and lie down, long tail swishing back and forth at his right shoulder and head looming over the left. The cat leaning into his neck. Apparently, the cat liked him enough to stay. That was comforting.

But he took a look at Miki as he approached. Jesus. Who did she mug? A movie star? Damn.

"Hey, sorry that took so long," Riku apologized. "I managed to Find Ayumu. But it didn't end well. She decided she wanted to attack me, and, well, obviously I wasn't going to be violent back. That would be dumb. And honest, I didn't do anything remotely bad. She just refuses to actually pay attention to what someone is saying, and likes to make a big deal out of everything even when I calmly asked her not to. She also seems to think that everything is revolving around her. But long story short, she wants to be left alone, and I say we let her. Less chance of me deciding that hitting a girl is okay..."

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Miki tackled the empty bench, a moment or two later, Shin joined her along with Aoi.... Who was still in the nude.. "I found Aoi. Not sure if Riku found Ayumu yet.And I guess you found clothes...for yourself." "Oh, you must be very jealous, aren't you?" Miki jokingly smirked. The keys jingled as she fidgeted with the palm of her hand, for it had no scar from when she was four. "Where are we staying?" Shin asked, his delight was written all over his face. "Wait, the guy gave me this iTouch evolved thingy.. Found it in my bag just now too!" Her hand groped around in the cool air that was trapped inside of her satchel, and she grabbed what looks like a simple piece of glass with the Apple logo placed for the home button, and whipped it out into the daylight. "As for school and jobs...I'll see where things take me.I might,I might not." Shin had said while she was starting up the device. "Well, like I said before, we can pretty much rule the school since we have the advantage, but it's your choice!" Miki briskly went back to what she was doing with instense concentration, for even in 2014 the most advanced device she used was the iPad 2. The slightly confused girl pressed the button, and even though she's seen plenty, the hologram surprises her, of course she quickly reverts to her cheerful self. The hologram flickered for a second to adjust to the surroundings, and then the screen requested the passcode. Her nimble and slender fingers do some kind of what looks like a finger spasm, but it's actually the password. After a few minutes of setup, Miki selects the Safari app by pinching it and pulling it towards her, and then adjusts the hologram for everyone to see.

Miki somehow smelt the presence of Riku, accompanied by.. a cat? The well-dressed girl looked up and stifled a giggle at his reaction at her clothes. She beamed a smile and patted an empty spot on the bench. "Hiya Riku-chan! You look so funny with the kitty on your shoulder, even though all I've been seeing you doing is being a grump! These are the pictures of the three condos I, ahem, purchased for you guys, and there are apparently specific rooming arrangements thanks to how Tokyo is now." she went back to showing the nicely taken pictures to Aoi, who was already wandering off and testing her "flawlessness" on normal guys, and to Shin, who seemed to be in a good mood, wait until they see the money she stol- no, forcefully took from a person who already was swimming in it. Hmm, I should come back to that place and steal from that rich b*tch some more.. The thought was quickly pushed to the burrows of her mind when Riku said, "Hey, sorry that took so long," he apologized. "I managed to find Ayumu. But it didn't end well. She decided she wanted to attack me, and, well, obviously I wasn't going to be violent back. That would be dumb. And honest, I didn't do anything remotely bad. She just refuses to actually pay attention to what someone is saying, and likes to make a big deal out of everything even when I calmly asked her not to. She also seems to think that everything is revolving around her. But long story short, she wants to be left alone, and I say we let her. Less chance of me deciding that hitting a girl is okay..."

Miki looked at him and scoffed. "Geeze, that crazy girl... She's probably the youngest of us all, just by looking at her you can tell. Well, this time I think we should send someone else, because one, she's 99% most likely not to listen to you, and two, her impression of you couldn't get any worse. Hmm, we should send someone that will keep their calm.. Obviously from what happened before, a girl shouldn't be walking alone..." her hair literally did a tiny jump when the idea came to her head, "We should send Crow! Oh, speaking of the devil..!" Miki turned her bright head towards Crow, who's apparently living up to his name, because there's a crow at this very moment sneaking up on him and... Oh! It's on his head now. "Crow! I need you to later tell Ayu-chan this: We found a nice home, and there's a lot of spare money to do stuff like get real clothes and real food. From, Mikiiii~! Now, Crow you gotta say it just like that. Haha, just kidding, but that would be hilarious to see." "Wow, Miki. Rob someone famous, did we?" He was reaching up slightly to see what landed on his head, and appeared to brush that concern off since he probably knew what it already was. "Hmm, not sure if the woman's famous, but she sure is swimming in cash! Look at this!" Miki grabbed the seven-or-so stacks of hundred dollar bills and waved it away from the public eye. The cash quickly retreated back to the safety of Miki's purse when she felt another presence, but it wasn't a human presence. It was to far away to tell, but it definitely wasn't human.

She snapped herself back to what was right in front of her right when Crow began to speak. "I overheard you speaking to. . . whoever. So, you found a place for us to see? D'accord." Miki grinned and flashed the iTouch towards him. "Behold, all of the condos will look exactly the same, and because it's mainly under my name, I'm getting the biggest one! And his name's Shin, Inoue Shin! You gotta remember your own family's/race's/team's names!" "Have you seen the technology here? It's amazing! It's like, holograms, and everyone has one, and it's so amazing! And-" Crow's eyes sparkled in giddy awe, and he stopped, running a hand through his violet hair and saying, "Ahaha. . . sorry. I'm babbling. Again." Miki grinned happily and replied, "Waii! You finally opened up! And of course even I'm amazed at the technology here!"

After everyone got to have a good look-see at the pictures Miki stashed the iTouch away into her bag and spun the keys around her slender and pale finger. "These are supposed to be our house keys," the girl tossed each person a set, and all keys had access to all three condos, plus the extra condo that's now their private indoor bathhouse. "Now notice that some of you guys have matching keys! As you can see, Aoi and Shin have the keys with the blue 1001 so you two are flatmates now. If Ayu-chan joined, then she would rooming with Crow in room 1003 with the yellow keys, and I'm rooming with Riku and his kitty in room 1002 with the red keys. Now the complexes are technically all one big-ass complex where the workers screwed up and made connecting doors without the fancy door lock security system, I guess it got so advanced, they didn't bother to install the old fashioned bolt locks." Miki nonchalantly shrugged, secretly looking for the unknown presence. A bush rustled nearby, and she dived in, sending a massive amount of budding leaves and flowers into the air. A moment or two passed in silence, and she suddenly popped out of the bush like toast in a toaster. Her hair was slightly disheveled, but the wind let it release and the leaves clung to her hair, giving off a oddly nature-like feel.

The mood was quickly ruined when a small silk grey puppy with white paws, muzzle, and the tip of his tail was white, popped out from her chest. Miki nuzzled the puppy, and it somehow climbed up her silky hair and rested on her head comfortably. Miki sat down and opened her mouth, about to say something, until the wind blew her vial into her mouth, and she spat it out, wiping with her dress, still somewhat keeping her elegance. She brushed off her dress and finally said, "Oh yeah, we can't eat anything, or rather, put anything in our tummy, without at least one drop of this water, called seisui, in it. Otherwise, we'll deteriorate and become sick and crap like that." The puppy stared intently at the kitten on Riku's shoulder, at first Miki suspected the puppy would take it's dog instincts and chase the kitten, but instead gave a more "Do you wanna play?" gaze at the kitten. Miki sat back down on the bench, and fiddled around with the kitten on Riku's shoulder, at first, getting scratched, but she just smiled, licked off the blood, and continued playing with kitten, the kitten submitting to her perseverance, and the puppy jumped off of Miki's head and also onto Riku's shoulder, wanting to join in the play. The kitten ignored the puppy and the two began wrestling, on Riku's shoulder. Luckily, the kitten's claws weren't hard enough to puncture the puppy's skin, and the puppy's jaws and teeth weren't strong enough to give any actual damage. She plucked the puppy off of the kitten tucked it back into her dress, the puppy slipped down further and ran around on Miki's lap. Miki tried to hold in her laughs, her the puppy's squirming tickled her too much. The girl grabbed onto Aoi and burst out laughing until the puppy finally found it's way out, making the skirt fly up. Miki, unlike a normal girl, chuckled and said, "Okay puppy-tan, that's a no-no because you can't have me flashing the world."

Miki patted the puppy's tiny head and looked up at the others. "Oh and there are three button's on the key, the unlock button, the lock button, and the guide button, which can lead you back home! Now let's test it out now!" Miki clicked the button, a hologram appeared, showing a map and the route home. Miki beamed a giddy smile, and excitedly was about to run off, and then turned around, sparkling, and motioned her hand. "Come one guys!" she scurried off, passing right by the school, and the giant clock tower read 11:59. The hand hit the 12 on the clock, sending harmonious chimes throughout the city, resonating as it plays soothing music. There are faint sad undertones, but the bright sun and dominating melody suppress it. The blond girl winks at a male student who is sitting at a window, and she hurries off, after two or three blocks, she looks up at the simple building that gleams with tinted glass and chrome. Her foot cautiously takes a step forward, and then she quickly sticks the key in the keyhole, clicks the unlock button, and shoves the doors open with ease she presses the elevator button, and the front desk lady looks at her oddly. "You're not taking the teleporter?" The elevator is already waiting for her the minute she pressed the button, and she nervously smiled. "Well, elevators are always a lot more scenic, aren't they?" Miki steps into the elevator, her silky hair flowing behind her, and the doors shut. The puppy pops out from her dress, and licks her face. Miki giggles and when they reach the tenth floor, the doors refuse to slide open. Something blinking catches her eye, and she once again clicks the unlock button, and the elevator doors slide open. "Gosh, security is really tight." Miki says while gliding right to her door. The door is red on the outside, and big, bold, letters read 1002 on it. Miki clicks the unlock button once again, and the door opens for her, she nervously steps through, and the door shuts quickly from behind.

She's slightly startled since in the movies, whenever that happened, that usually meant you're being locked in. The puppy itched it's ear and looked up at Miki with pleading eyes. Miki smiled and said, "Fine, we're going to the bathhouse." She walked around, only to find that there's one bedroom. She checked thrice, and there's only one bedroom. She angrily grabbed the nearest phone-looking object, and punched in the number for her real estate agent. His voice chirps with full-on salesmaness. Miki grits her teeth and growls, "You said there were two bedrooms!" "Sorry! Wrong number!" "Oh no you don't! I'll beat up your salesman's smile once I see you!" He pauses and finally says, "I'll only make you pay every four months for the same price as two months." "Deal." Miki hangs up and plops down on her bed. Well, now it's hers and Riku's bed. Hmm, oh! I can just have those two guys in the yellow complex! But then I'll be breaking that rule... Ah, how will they find out anyways! The videophone Miki just used rings suddenly and Miki rushes over to pick it up. "Why hello there, our gender sensors are telling us that there isn't a man in your complex at the moment, could you please explain as to why?" The front desk lady's voice still has the jubilant ring to it prior to earlier. Miki chuckled nervously and replied, "Oh him? He's on his way right now, but it's not yet nighttime, so please refrain from calling during my private hours, thank you!" the teen slammed the slim phone onto the mount and flung open her closet to throw her dress in there, to find that her closet is already stocked, with the same company's clothes. Miki jumped back, buck naked, in surprise, and grabbed the white towel that was in a separate compartment. She wrapped the towel around her bare body and grabbed a small towel for the puppy. She grabbed her keys and zoomed to the bathhouse, immediately jumping into the steamy water. She slid back and closed her eyes, not realizing that the bathhouse had only unisex baths, but even if she did, the only people allowed to access are the Ningen no Kami, and they've all seen each other naked before... Sorta. Either way, Miki didn't care, and allowed her six foot long hair float all over the water's surface.

(Holy crud, that was a reallly long post. Sorry! I'll write a shorter post next time, I was just a bit overexcited >_<)

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A dog,a cat....what?A crow as well now?Shin was quite amused with the sudden explosion of animals.Seemed like Riku and Miki definitely wanted to keep the cat and dog respectively.As for Crow...he didn't know what the violet haired teen was going to do with the crow on his head.He looked Aoi who had been staring at a guy for quite sometime before the said guy eventually ran off to his friends.He decided to reach over and cover Aoi properly with the jacket.

"Nearly naked equals suspicious huh?Then we should get some soon as we see this condo that Miki,apparently bought for us." he said.

Miki had already activated the Guide Button and dashed off quite enthusiastically.Not long later,Riku walked off,following the directions given by his key.Shin looked at Aoi with a questioning glance,as if to ask should they go as well.He pressed the guide button on his key and walked,keeping one hand on Aoi's shoulder so they wouldn't get separated...easily.There wasn't really any need for the direction actually,since Riku was just a few feet away from them,and he was quite visible.They ended up in front of a glass building.Shin examined it without any comment,although he had to admit,the infrastructure in Tokyo now was better than it was in his dreams.He used the keys and entered the complex,before moving towards the elevator.The desk lady apparently mentioned something about the teleporter,which he paid no heed to,listening intently as the previously used elevator began to descend,no doubt after being used by Riku.

"Huh...these are the 3rd and 4th people today who insisted on using the elevator.And what's with the both of them?They're half naked..." muttered the desk lady,before going back to what she was doing before they interrupted.

He unlocked the doors and stepped in with Aoi.The doors slide shut and the elevator ascended.They came to a stop and the doors were still shut tight.Shin noticed the keyhole and snorted,before sticking the key into it and unlocking the door.

"I guess security here is pretty tight." he said,glancing at Aoi before walking off towards a door the exact matching color as his and Aoi's key,with 1001 on it.He unlocked the door as well and stepped in,glancing around at the apartment.Shin hadn't expected the living room to properly decorated.2 sofas were scattered in the middle of the carpeted living room along with several bean bags and floor pillows.A coffee table stood in the middle.The messy arrangement looked surprisingly good,that it might've been the main idea all along.The kitchen was located in a far corner of the living room,without the carpet.The only indication of difference were the wooden tiles and kitchen utensils.He took a glance at the glass sliding doors that showed the scenery outside and was amazed.

Sakura Blossoms all over the place!

"I...guess I could get used to this." he mumbled to himself before he stepped to the side a little and waited for Aoi to enter.

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She watched Shin adjust her jacket with a blank expression, and nods slowly. She then glanced at his hand before watching his actions carefully not wanting to be lost again. But as they went closer to the large building she couldn't help look around in awe. Aoi never seen one of these amazing glass buildings in person and it was shocking. But then again, she wouldn't mind having a large green forest in its stead.'Fresh clean air..' Shaking the thoughts out of her mind, Aoi followed Shin into the contraption which was known to be an "elevator." Reluctant at first, she slowly stepped in only to jump in surprise as it ascended. She stepped close to Shin for security, and began to observe the metal box cautiously.
"I guess security here is pretty tight."

Ayano blinks and turns towards him before nodding a bit. It was strange, has the world always been like this? And she was stuck in that little world without knowing the world on the outside. She didn't have any memories of being made nor any memories of the people who made her. A question ran through her mind and the she felt something like a heavy rock dropping into her stomach. "What was their purpose in this world?"
She sighs, 'We're probably little toys played with and forgotten..' Ayano concluded sadly before stepping into the room.
Suddenly, she cheered up a bit. The heavy stone which resided in the pits of her stomach slowly disappeared as she stares at the Sakura Blossoms outside.

The cherry blossoms waved in the wind, and then danced into the arms of the wind gracefully. The trees reminded her of "home" and this comforted her greatly. Sighing wistfully, Ayano began to explore the room just by staring at everything. Couple of silent minutes passed, and she stared at almost everything but this huge box. 'What was it?' She wonders staring at it. In the center of the box it shined like glass and the outer square had a little gleam. In the lower half a little circle was placed into it. "hm..?" After a few minutes of decision, she pressed the button with her frail finger. "Beep" Ayano took a step back. The center then flashed a white light and disappeared into black. She blinks wondering if it was her imagination only to be proven wrong. A commercial was being played suddenly, and it was advertising a certain event.

"Come to Linda's Art Box today! We are having a contest and any one may enter. You must make a beautiful painting and the theme is "Desire!" The prize for the first place winner is a set of high quality paint and brushes along with a large stand with a couple of large white boards to paint on, for seco-" At the thought of painting again caused her to zone out. "I can probably win easily." She whispers, "But I'll have to get some clothing first..."
"Oh and the contest ends today~! Please come as soon as possible!" Ayano blinks and stares at the TV. 'Today?!' She panics silently, before racing outside the door. "Ill be back!" Ayano stated before disappearing down the hallways
Running for quite a bit, she stopped at a large store. She glanced into the show case windows before entering. The rush of cold air hit her, and the smell of new clothing ran past her nose. 'ugh...' Taking a deep breath, Ayano scanned the hangers and huffed. Too many to pick from. "Um Miss...?" She turns towards a gaping women. The lady took a step forward and observed her appearance, her eyes wide in surprise. "Miss are you a model?" Ayano blinks and shook her head. "Well you have the potential to be one, but oh dear you naked and your hair!" The women gasped and clicked her tongue in disapproval.
"No no this won't do for a pretty miss like you." Pushing her into a room, Ayano walked in obediently. The noise of hair falling to the ground and the sounds of zippers were heard from outside the room. Then it went quiet. "A-ah you look absolutely stunning, like a white flower." Opening the door, it revealed Ayano with a white sundress which had grey flower prints running up the dress in delicate formations. On her small feet, she wore ivory colored flats, and around her neck was a long necklace which had a orb with a jewel incrusted into the center hanging onto it. It was a simply outfit but had huge impact against her light tone and hair. "But dear are you sure you don't want to cut your hair more?" The lady asked fingering the large braid which was hung against her shoulder. "No.." Ayano replied enjoying the slightly layred ivory colored hair which reached her lower back.

The lady sighs, before asking. "Did you bleach your hair?" She shook her head in response." Incredible, i never seen such a lovely color in my life, oh and that reminds me, a friend of mine seen another girl who was utterly perfect like you..." She looked at her. "you wouldn't know her would you." The image of Miki came to mind and she shook her head cautiously. "Ah well..." The women took something out of her pocket which revealed to be a card. "Our company will love your presence, think about it would you. Oh and clothes is on me." She winks before walking off to tend with the other customers. Wasting no time, Ayano tucked the card and key into her pocket and ran out of the store. As she ran past, she felt stares and heard whistles causing her to feel irritated. "Focus.."

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Miki soaked in the hot water like a sponge while the puppy splashed around in her long, untouched hair. She gazed at the puppy as Riku entered casually. "Hey," Miki looked up, not bothering to turn around completely. "Yo." "I gotta say, the place looks nicer than the pictures. Though I did notice the one-bedroom thing.... Anyway, I think it's my turn to go shopping, so I'm gonna head out again in a second. It'd be nice to wear pants that are actually my size," He paused momentarily. "And, y'know, a shirt and shoes would be nice too. Just need to hope that people won't kick my half-clothed ass out of stores." Miki stood, up the puppy got entangled in her hair and was dangling clumsily from the long strands, which were partially submerged. "Oh, I'll get some money, but I have one policy. Everyone must do their share of paying and cooking and cleaning! Alrighty?" she grinned as she threw the towel around her neck.

Now back in her/Riku's bedroom, she whipped open the closet doors and grabbed $300 from the wad of cash that was safely stowed somewhere. She slapped the cash in his hand and touched a strand of his oddly-cut hair. "Hmm, you should get a haircut too..! Oh! Just uhm," she grabbed her satchel and pulled out the business card. "Use this or something to show what kind of style you're looking for! Trust me, there are some crazy hairstyles out there." She could hear the muffled sounds of a TV from the room next door. "Oh, looks like Shin and Aoi have arrived." The butt-naked girl walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a small glass bottle of milk, not bothering to ask where it came from, and before allowing a drop in her mouth, she grabbed the necklace, which was sitting on the counter, and put a drop in the bottle. She chugged down the milk, some of it ran down her neck, so she just wiped it off with her towel. She then heard light, yet rapid footsteps that were fading away, and the slam of a door. "Huh? Did Aoi leave?" she popped her head through the connecting door. She only saw Shin, gazing at the cherry-blossoms in awe, and an absent presence of Aoi. The TV was buzzing on about some contest at Linda's Art Box and then Miki sighed, already knowing about Aoi was planning on doing.

Miki shut the door and stared at the analog clock which simply hung on the wall. "3:00 already? Hmm, if I were still in school..." she trailed off, shaking away bad memories. The puppy yipped, surprising her. She spun around, the puppy yelped again from behind. Miki finally pulled up her hair and found the puppy entangled in it. "Pfft, you silly puppy." She untangled her hair with her fingers and gave the puppy his towel, the puppy rolled around in the fluffy, damp, warmth. A quiet mew resonated from one of the rooms. Miki wandered around, leaving wet footsteps. Riku's kitten was stuck inside a plant pot, coated in dirt. Miki plucked it from the dirt and ran a slightly wet towel around the small animal, and quickly dried it off. The kitten went back to wandering around, and Miki went back to her closet. She ran her hand through the soft, cotton clothing and stopped at a cream-colored poncho-looking top and grabbed a grey vest tank top to go underneath, and then slipped on a pair of safari-style cuffed shorts. Slinging the satchel that held a few hundred dollars, she shoved in her keys and weapons, just in case. Miki threw on some sand-colored one-inch wedge sandals and topped off the outfit with a simple white headband, and was headed out to the school, which should be almost done by now.

The slender, fair-skinned girl strode by countless envious and awed people, feeling slightly isolated, and heard a shriek. She ran over to the source of the cry and saw a group of people holding down a girl. She ran over and roundhouse kicked the biggest person, sending him flying. Her limbs were nimbly flying, not wasting a single movement, and she had knocked down everyone. The slightly disheveled girl bent down to help the other girl, but the damsel stared at her, terrified. "No, I'm not trying to hurt you," she smiled. "N-N-No! Watch ou-" Miki was stuck in the arm by a metal pole, the sound of her bone cracking horribly echoed in the alley. She looked up, her expression indifferent, and coldly said, "Are you done now? It's looks like I'll I have use my weapon as well." She swiftly jumped up in the air ten feet, and took out her chain whip. Moving at extremely high speeds, she mercilessly broke one leg of each person, scaring the girl and making her run away. The group of people were begging for mercy, and Miki finally went back to normal. She realized what she did, and grabbed her head in terror. I-I-Is this what I was programmed to do?! Is this what the bane of my existence about?! She hurried over to the wounded group, and used what she had programmed in her head to give them first aid, then asking a passerby to get the ambulance.

Miki trudged off to the school, and stared at her bloody hands. She ran to the nearest bathroom, scrubbing her hands vigorously, until they were raw and red. She stuck her burning hands in her pockets and ambled onto the way to the school somberly.

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"Ill be back!"

Shin blinked and turned around to look at the ivory haired girl but she had already disappeared.Wearing only a jacket that barely even managed to cover her up properly.He took a look at the...was that supposed to be the television?Seemed like some kind of advertisement for a drawing competition was airing.Linda's Art Box huh?He sighed.

"I don't even know why I have an urge to do this..." he muttered under his breath before walking out,making sure to close the door securely behind him.He looked at the hallway.Aoi was nowhere to be seen.Shin blinked like an owl,wow she was quick.He made his way down and walked down the streets,they were pretty empty,save for a few people walking around.He stopped in front of a large store.There was a nagging feeling that he couldn't shrug off and he entered.After being outside for a while,the sudden blast of frigid cool air shocked Shin,though his face never flinched.Several people watched him,possibly tipped off by the fact that he was topless,but he ignored them and walked into clothing shops,asking about a lady with ivory colored hair.He was turned out most of the time,and was answered with a solid 'No'.He eventually stumbled upon the lady.Their eyes ended up meeting and the lady bounced over to his direction.Before the lady could open her mouth to ask a question,Shin had already asked his.

"Have you seen a girl with ivory hair here shopping for cloths?" he asked in a bored,monotone voice.

The lady looked surprised,whether pleasantly or suspiciously,Shin didn't bother with the details.

"Yes...she...had nothing on except for a leather jacket,is that who you're looking for?" inquired the lady.

"Yes,we're...acquaintances." he nodded.The lady pursed her lips and surveyed him.

"Well,I don't know what happened that she ended up wearing nothing,but I'm guessing you gave her that jacket?" she asked,pointing at his flawless,bare chest.This was met with a nod.

"I see...are you by chance...a model or superstar?You sure look like one." she asked,a little curious now.Shin stared at her with a slightly incredulous look.

"Not at all." he replied.

"Well anyway,if you have time,I could hook you up with some better looking clothes.Seeing as I did the same with the girl." the lady smiled warmly.Shin shook his head.

"No thanks,I should get going.Any chance you still have the jacket with you?" this was met with a nod,and the lady walked off before returning with the jacket and handed it over to Shin.In a swift move,he slipped it on and left it unzipped.Before Shin could walk off,the lady handed him a card.

"You're quite similar to the girl in a're both do I put this?Perfect.This is our company's card,we'd be delighted to have you grace us with your presence." she told him with a smile.

"Not interested." he brushed the offer off,starting to walk away.

"Do give it some thought." she pressed.Shin stopped and walked back,taking the card from the lady.She gave him a small wink and walked off towards her customers.The lady kept her eyes on Shin as he walked out of the store.

"Really...he had the bad-boy kind of look.But he seemed rather nice.And that black hair...definitely added to his mature features.And that toned body...such a perfect person.Oh,that girl he's looking for must be so lucky...And..." she continued to talk to herself,oblivious to the fact that her customers were staring at her weirdly.

Shin continued to ask pedestrians about a white-haired girl as he walked down the street.Eventually,he gave up and asked about Linda's Art Box instead.He was pointed out towards the opposite direction from where he was,and he mentally berated himself as he ran back all the way,already far,far off.He came to an abrupt stop when he recognized the ivory coloured hair far off in the distance, but the dress nearly caught him off guard.It looked amazing.He stopped and contemplated while observing Ayano walking away.

'I've found what?What if she ends up getting angry at me for following her?I'm looking out for her after all...wait no,her pride might get her mad with me...' he thought in his mind,imagining Aoi yelling at him that she could take care of herself.Yet for some reason,he couldn't imagine her made at all,with her expressionless face and what not. 'Whatever,I'll just look out for her from afar.If anything happens,I'll go in.'

And so Shin kept his distance while following Aoi.It went on for quite awhile and eventually pedestrians eyes him with suspicion.The suspicious were soon confirmed when the two policemen arrived and were talking to a pedestrian who pointed out towards Shin.Shin raised his eyebrows as the policemen walked towards him.

"You're coming with us,sir." said one of the policeman,an athletic build,somewhat like a runner's.Shin just raised his eyebrows higher.

"Why should I do that?" he replied the question. The taller,bulkier,more muscular policeman stepped forward.

"You're under suspicion for stalking activity.Of that girl over there." he said,pointing at Aoi's figure far off in the distance. "Now come with us for some questioning.Or we will use force."

"I haven't even done anything wrong.I'm not going to the damn police station,misters." Shin told them flat out.

"Then we'll do this the hard way." the taller policeman said,taking out a pair of cuffs and catching Shin off-guard,kneed Shin in the stomach,causing the black haired Ningen no Kami to double over.The policeman cuffed one of his hands behind his back in a swift motion and was about to cuff Shin's other hand when Shin retaliated by planting his foot behind him,straight into the policeman's chest and frontflipped,using the momentum to carry the policeman along on his feet for the ride.This caused the policeman to fly over Shin and slamming straight onto the ground.Shin quickly got up and ran as the other policeman took out a stungun and started towards him.

"HEY!GET BACK HERE!YOU WILL BE PLACED BEHIND BARS IF YOU CONTINUE RUNNING!" yelled the taller policeman that Shin slammed onto the ground,who had recovered and was now pursuing the Ningen no Kami with his partner.

Shin's pants was giving him a hard time,being a little baggier than usual,slowing him down.This allowed the policemen to catch up,but just as they closed in,Shin veered off towards a wall.Just as soon as the policeman with the stungun swung it at him,Shin places his hands on the wall and did a wall spin,managing to evade the stungun just in time.Before the maneuver was completed,he landed his feet not on the floor,but on the attacking policeman's chest,much to the policeman's surprise.Shin kicked off and did a backflip,similar to a wall flip,except he backflipped off a person.The force caused the policeman to crash into his bulkier partner behind him,slowing both down as Shin continued to run away.

'Great,now I'm probably one of the most wanted criminals in the city.' he thought.That wasn't really possible,but it seemed like Shin's humor was starting to return a little.

Aoi was now quite in plain sight.

"WE TOLD YOU TO STOP!" yelled the policemen,who were once again catching up to Shin.

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[center][b]Ayano Aoi[/b][/center]

Aoi looked around feeling the stares of many.Taking this as a chance she made her way to a boy who stood frozen because of her sudden attention.

'You can do this..'

"U-um sorry to interrupt but do you k-know where "linda's art box" is..?"

Ayano was quite surprised with her self, the shy girl type, really? She secretly sighs before going back to her acting.

The boy gulped and nods pointing in one directions not daring to look away.

"O-oh thank you!" She bows cutesy like and was about to run off until she heard shouting nearby, actually it was getting louder...

She turns gracefully and watched in amusement as a couple of men were running after Shin. 

Ayano couldn't help but sigh wondering if this had something to do with her. Time to work her magic one more time, maybe she can have some fun this time. 

In seconds her expression turned from emotionless to concern. 

She ran forward in hasty and clumsy steps as any weak girl would.

"K-Kaito!" She cries out hugging Shin, who now named Kaito for some odd reason, tightly, stopping his sprint with her newly formed strength.

The policemen stopped and stared confused at the two before them.They coughed and showed their badges. "Miss. i'm sorry but this man was found stal-"

Aoi blinks, batting her long eye lashes giving her the very innocent look. "B-but sir, Kaito didnt do anything wrong, he was probably looking f-for me, i r-ran off and well.. I-Its not Kaito's fault!" She weakly retorts.

Fake tears began to fill her eyes as she gripped on shin's jacet dramatically. 

The men took a step back in shock, the tears getting to them well. They all blushed and began to loose their tough looks slowly. "oh well if that's the case then I see no problem, right Officer!" The one beside him blinks, and nods. "Yes!" 

"Well Ma'm." The policemen coughs, blush staining his cheeks. "if you need anything, please dont worry and call." He turns glaring at Shin suspiciously before heading off. 

People around them blinks, some muttering if it was a movie shoot.

Ayano sighs, and lets go of Shin, the warmth escaping her. She had to admit that act was impressive but not perfect. Though the imperfection just added to the act making it more realistic. Watching the men walk off, she turns to Shin blinking, her expression back to its blank self. She opens her mouth to speak only for them to snap close. 

Today she spoke more then she usually does, and all of it was fake. No real emotions, and if she spoke now it would probably be harsh even though she doesnt want it too. So not bothering to ask Shin why he was here, she began to walk off towards the shop.

In mid step, she stops and looks over her shoulder staring at him ,before motioning him to follow. It seemed like a very consideted act but she didnt mean for it to look like that. It wouldnt be so bad to have company once in awhile.

Heading towards the shop, Ayano stares at the amount of people who arrived, her eyes darting from person to person. Both 10 year olds to 50 year olds walked around greeting people or practicing their art. She gave all the paintings a glance and was glad to see there was no real competition.

'My art skills were great before, and with the ningen no kami powers who knows how far ill get.' Ayano thought sitting her self down at a small wooden stool.

Before her were a set of paints and brushes, perfect for her to use. Picking up a brush, she took a deep breath, loosing herself from the world and focusing only on the paper before her. All the noise around her zoned out, and she only heard the strokes of the brush. 

Minutes passed and she felt herself drop the brush. Her art was completed and she was shocked. Before her was a girl with a happy yet sad smile that seemed to spark with emotion. [OOC: picture on Ayano's Profile] Her skills have advanced more then she suspected and her ability to express her emotions were incrediable. Ayano looks down at her hands. Was this the power of her blood, the blood of a Ningen No Kami..! 

'With this I might find away to accomplish my wish..'

Noticing the volume around her has lowered, she looked around spotting some stares. It was mostly the nearby judges and elderly who were amazed. 

She blinks and stood up awkwardly making her way towards Shin.

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Everything happened so fast that that Shin had a little trouble getting a good grasp on it. Aoi had managed to convince the police to leave them alone with some skillful acting, which surprised even Shin. Aoi motioned for him to follow her. The policemen had apparently forgotten to remove the handcuff that was locked onto one of his hands, so he slammed his wrist to the wall, mangling the metal cuff, making it easier to be pulled apart. He removed the cuffs and started following Aoi, not knowing that he was causing small droplets of blood to drip every few steps from a small cut he had given himself from the handcuff.

Now in Linda's Art Box, Shin leaned back against a wall and watched as Aoi's drawing begin to unfold through her well-placed and precise strokes of the brush. After a few minutes, Aoi had completed her drawing, which was...beautiful in Shin's opinion. Beauty described. A happy looking girl, yet wielding a sad smile. It seemed to possess the potential to move emotions. He looked at Aoi as she walked over.

"I'm not going to lie. That was brilliant...Aoi." he told her, giving her a smile. "Winning should be easy for you. " He noted the look of awe coming from the other participants.

Unknown to him, a small puddle of blood about the size of a fist had started to form on the ground below his injured wrist.

"Once they announce the winners, we should go back. Or grab dinner. It's getting late. 'Kay?" he tilted his head questioningly at Aoi.

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Aoi observed the other participant's art with interest. 'You can always learn from others' She thought, but was pulled away from observing from the voice of Shin.
"I'm not going to lie. That was brilliant...Aoi." At that moment, her heart literally skipped a beat. "Winning should be easy for you. " The corner of her lips, curved upwards, from an emotional line to a bright smile. Ayano couldn't control it, but she didn't try to, being compliment just made her so happy at the moment.

But it didn't last long, when she noticed something crimson red behind his legs. Her eyes widen, and she gasped quietly. 'How can I not notice, something s-so obvious!' Not concentrating on Shin's next comment, she grabbed his wrist gently in swift moments. It wasn't so gruesome, but it was spilling blood which wasn't a good thing... Her eyes burned with guilt. 'Why didn't I notice!' She asked herself once more.

Taking calm breathes, she began to think. 'First I should at least stop the blood...' Taking the edge of her dress, she ripped it slightly, earning a generous amount of "Gauze". So with it, she tightly wrapped it around the wounded wrist. The white material began to soak with red slowly, and Aoi continued on with the process.

'Then...' She looked at the 1st place prize behind the judges and her painting, then back to Shin. Ayano paused, and sighs looking away hoping it wasn't noticeable. "Lets go back now actually, this contest is silly,so we should tend at the wound more properly at the room-" She made eye contact with Shin, her emotionless lips turning into a smile that oddly looked like one of the picture's, yet it was more reassuring then sad. "okay?" She blinks, it has been awhile since she smiled at now it was the time? 'Weird...'

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Shin watched as his compliment brought a smile to Aoi's face. She looked so much better when she smiled, in his opinion. But all of a sudden her eyes widened and she gave out a small gasp before she grabbed his wrist in a swift, yet gentle movement. Shin was even more surprised when she started ripping the edge of her beautiful looking dress and wrapped it around the wounded wrist. He stood, amused as the ivory haired girl continued to add more strands of her ripped dress onto his wrist. Despite being amused, he felt surprisingly warm. Someone was actually taking care of him.

"Lets go back now actually, this contest is silly,so we should tend at the wound more properly at the room-"

His heart skipped almost 3 beats when they made eye-contact. It was interesting how the eye-contact and her smile managed to bring out such a reaction from Shin. He had to admit, she looked pretty...yet not inhumane,as expected from a 'perfected' human... Her display of emotion gave her the look of a normal person, compared to before.

He stifled a laugh.

"Really's alright Aoi." He fingered the blue,pink speckled vial around his neck. "I'll just used this to heal myself.But let's not remove the bandages. People are going to notice that I've healed." he looked a a few bystanders who were watching and some were pointing at the pool of blood with shock. He managed a convincing smile and waved with his free hand. He popped the lid of the vial and let one droplet spill onto his wound. He closed the lid of the vial and felt the wound starting to heal. It was itchy, a sure sign that it had healed. He refrained from scratching it. He took a look at the first place prize, then he looked back at Aoi with a rare, warm smile and nodded at the prize.

"First place isn't something people easily come by, you know? And besides, I have a feeling you love drawing, the room could use that art stand and canvas. " he patted her hand that was still holding onto his healed wrist gently. "Go. "

"And...thank you." he lifted up his bandaged wrist and pointed at it.

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She blinks at his amused face, wondering what was so funny. 'Is there something on my face?" She thought strangely.

"Really's alright Aoi." He fingered the blue,pink speckled vial around his neck. "I'll just used this to heal myself.But let's not remove the bandages. People are going to notice that I've healed." She glanced around her, and noticed as well, the attention they have grabbed. It would be quite a havok to deal with all these people again.. Focusing back onto the wound, she watched it heal slowly with the magic of the vial. Relief washed over her, and she sighs. 'Thank goodness...' She smiles softly, but blushed when she noticed the smile he was wearing, though she quickly shakes it off.

"First place isn't something people easily come by, you know? And besides, I have a feeling you love drawing, the room could use that art stand and canvas. " he patted her hand that was still holding onto his healed wrist gently. "Go. "

"And...thank you." he lifted up his bandaged wrist and pointed at it. Ayano nods slowly. "I-its alright, but I should thank you too." Maybe if he wasn't here, her true emotions wouldn't have awakened. This is what she wanted, to be more human like and normal. "For everything." Flashing one more smile, she lets go of his wrist and went up to her painting. Soon the judges would observe hers and many others creations to pick a winner. But that wasn't so hard, was it?
Time passed and the judges whisper while the contestants peer at one another nervously, saying their "good lucks" and such.

"We have finally came up with a 1st place winner!" One judge announced holding a clip board. "And the 1st place winner is....Ayano Aoi!" People around her claps and said their congratulations. She looks towards them and nods, not sure how to respond. "Congrats, Miss..." A man handed her a box full of material, including her painting. "I have to say, I was surprised, is art your occupation?" Ayano shook her head, taking the heavy box from him. The man chuckles, while placing a piece of paper upon the box. "Well you would do well, here my company would love to help you get your artist career started, but its all your decision. "
She nods bluntly and watched the man walk off happily. Not bothering to listen to the rest of the winners, she began to awkwardly and carefully walk back to shin. She couldn't see a thing passed this box! "Lets go back."

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Shin watched as they announced the first place winner, and there was no doubt, Aoi won it. He clapped along with several other people. As Aoi walked over to him, with the oversized box that towered over her, he smiled again. He was smiling alot lately...

"Here. I'll take it from here. " He offered, taking the box from her, it was pretty large. He only managed to just keep his eyes over the top of the box. And he looked rather odd that way. He tried to look over at Ayano, but found it difficult with the box.

"Alright then artist, let's go back." he said it with a surprisingly cheerful voice. He wasn't able to properly see where he was going, so he decided to keep a hand on Aoi's shoulder to let her lead the way. It might not be the best way, but at least he could follow where she went. Once outside, Shin could see that the sky was already darkening, a faint shade of dark blue. He glanced over to Aoi. Her white hair was really contrasted, it even seemed to glow a little, though it might've been Shin's imagination.

"You know how to use the key's functions, right?" he asked Aoi. "We should get home and set up a place to place your art canvas... Maybe we can even hang your current drawing somewhere in the room. That'll be nice, don't you think?"

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"Here. I'll take it from here. " She blinks watching the box being taken away and her full vision back. She looks at Shin to say her thanks only to hold back a laugh seeing how odd he looks. But she held it back with a composed expression.

"Alright then artist, let's go back." he said cheerfully which kinda surprised her. He hasent talked like that at all when she first met him, and this was a new start. "Alright." She smiles and began to lead the way to their new place, peering back at Shin every once and awhile. But when she wasen't looking back at him, she focused on the sky. It was beautiful and the color was very calming. Her eyes soften remember her old world. 'It used to be like this...' But she snapped out of thought upon hearing Shin's voice.

"You know how to use the key's functions, right?" he asked her. "We should get home and set up a place to place your art canvas... Maybe we can even hang your current drawing somewhere in the room. That'll be nice, don't you think?"
She blinks and nods a bit, with a soft smile. "Yeah...It would be nice~" She replied with calm yet happy voice, and it almost sounded human. She then continued to look out at the sky until they reached the building they were staying in. She scans it, just to make sure and leads him into the building, getting the elevator and pulling him in. "Do you have the key Shin?" Ayano asked, watching the numbers of the elevator increase.

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"Do you have the key Shin?"

Her reply was a muffled "Yours?Yes.You didn't have pockets before,so I hung on to them."

When the elevator had reached the floor they wanted, Shin rummaged his pockets with difficulty, trying to maintain balance of the box while leaning to his side a little to dig around his pockets.He pulled two blue keys out and placed on on Aoi's hand, using the other to unlock the elevator doors. He started towards their blue door,1001. He unlocked it and awkwardly opened the door before walking inside. Again, the cherry blossoms greeted him yet again and he couldn't help but stare at the beautiful pink shades tainted by the night sky's dark blue. He placed the box in a corner before turning back to Aoi.

"Home's the best place huh?" he stared at the cherry blossoms again before looking at Aoi with a smile. "Alright.Where should we place your art stuff?"

He pulled out the drawing Aoi made during the competition and started walking around the room, positioning it on the walls, trying to see where it looked good.

"Not here,not here....not here either..." he continued to mumble to himself while he tried to find a good place. He had terrible house designing qualities.

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Shin felt a hand on his wrist that guided the art over to a bare wall.

"My art doesn't fit the room well, so lets just place it here until I come up with a new one."

He nodded and rummaged around in the box, expecting to find something that could hang up the art canvas up on the wall. Sure enough, he found them, nails, tough pieces of string and the hooks. After a couple of minutes, he had the art up on the wall. And like Aoi said, it looked rather out of place in the room. But it still looked magnificent. He looked at the girl to see her staring at the cherry blossoms.

"You like cherry blossoms?" he asked her casually. Then stared at them himself. "I know I do. They...mesmerize me. Kind of odd, I know."

And he gave out a genuine laugh,though a little stifled, then sighed contently.

"Well, it's late. There's only one bed, so you can take it if you want. I'm perfectly fine with the couch. " he told Aoi, pointing at the couch then sitting on it. Without meaning to, he yawned loudly, and wiped his watery eyes. He didn't realize he was this sleepy... Maybe all that running today got to him.

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She shook her head, "its not odd...its just you...besides they memorize me as well." She softly responds, turning away from the trees to focus on him.
"Well, it's late. There's only one bed, so you can take it if you want. I'm perfectly fine with the couch. " he told her, pointing at the couch then sitting on it.
She watched him yawn thinking how cute it made him look at that moment before arguing quietly. "No, we...." Aoi lingers off but stay determined to say what she wanted to say.
"We can share the bed!" She pats the bed, and sat down upon it's soft and fluffy sheets. "It is pretty large, so..." Ayano looks away and mumbles the rest. "" Ayano nervously smiled, gripping the sheets out of embarrassment. "i'm going to set up my art supplies...."
She made her way to the box and pulled out the stand which had a brand new sheet laying there. She then laid the brushes on the nearby table, along with the paint that would cover her blank art.
Minutes passed and the corner of the room became somewhat like a small art studio, prepared with tools just for her. Her fingers brushed against the wooden brushes gently as she passed by before sitting herself down on the bed. Ayano took her ivory colored hair within her grasp and undid the braid, letting it loose. It fell down her back in loose waves, so she combed her fingers through, undoing any tangle. But there weren't any...and she was that perfect. And it scares her. Her face held no emotion though, only a calm demeanor. 'Hours ago I was normal and this...' She thought, her frail fingers slowing down within strands of hair.

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"its not odd...its just you...besides they memorize me as well." Shin smiled and nodded. Someone else also enjoyed cherry blossoms. That was nice.

"No, we...." he looked at Aoi curiously. "We can share the bed!" Shin was caught off-guard,and even more so as she continued to finish it with a nervous smile. "It is pretty large," He smiled softly and nodded. He then watched as she began to set up the art supplies. Indeed, an artist had great design and creativity, before long, a corner of the room had been skillfully turned into a small art studio. He continued to watch as she walked towards the bed and sat down on it, starting to undo her braids, they fell flawlessly down her back. He walked over and looked at her brooding face as she combed through her hair with her delicate fingers. He then reached out and pinched both sides of her cheek so that it looked like she was smiling.

" ...You look better when you smile...More human. " he told her, before flashing her one of his trademark grins from his 'fake' life. But as a Ningen no Kami, the effect of the grin was completely changed with the smooth,flawless,perfect features he had. The grin was perfect, the epitome of cheerfulness, even the teeth was white, brightly contrasted against his black hair. Then he brought the grin into a smile and climbed into bed.

"Well...I'll snooze first. I feel really tired..." he glanced at Ayano. "...Good night, Aoi." then he closed his eyes and almost instantly fell asleep.

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She blinks in surprise as her cheeks were pulled to form a rather awkward smile. She looks at Shin, a genuine smile actually forming on her face. Though he slipped away, shining his perfect grin, causing blood rise to her cheeks. Luckily enough for her, Shin left just in time, so she can hide her embarrassment.
"Well...I'll snooze first. I feel really tired..." he glanced at Ayano. "...Good night, Aoi." then he closed his eyes and almost instantly fell asleep
"Good night Shin..." Ayano replies calmly, watching his sleep. He looked so peaceful, and this was enough to make her happy. She then checked the time seeing how late is has become. But sleep was not on her mind at the moment, painting was. So she left the bed quietly and sat near her art stand, peering at the trees, she plucked a paintbrush from the table and dipped it in paint. Soon enough, Ayano was dazed as she swiftly maneuvered her hand to paint out beautiful cherry blossoms that seemed so alive. Time passed and she dropped her tools within a jar of water. The clear water slowly misted up with color, as she swirled the brushes around to remove any paint from its hairs. Once she finished clean up, she scanned the painting once more before nodding in approval. There on the once empty sheet, was millions of cherry blossoms, their petals were dancing around as they fell out of their trees. It was a very simple painting, but it would fit nicely in the room. With that, she yawns and too slipped into bed staring out of the window, her eye lids feeling heaver by the minute. Slowly her eyes closed and she then fell asleep.

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Shin opened his eyes to find himself laying down on the floor. What the...

"Dude? You're finally awake!" he heard a very familiar voice talking to him. He looked around, seeing several members of the National Sports Team around him. Wait, the National Sports team?! He quickly pulled up his shirt and saw the scars on his chest.

"I'm...holy shit. was all just a dream?! " he sat up and almost cried with joy. Len solemnly placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

"'s not. It's real. " Shin stared at Len with disbelief. "We've been programmed to appear for a last send off after you woke up. And, I know it's been really tough for you, and it definitely will be again." Shin clenched his fists in sad rage.

"I know we're not real, but if it's any consolation...we really did enjoy spending our time with you. We really do! You were like family to us all." as if to seal the sentence, every member crowded around Shin and hugged him in the group hug that Shin remembered all to well. He cried in their embrace.

"We'll miss you. " all of them cried out as Shin began to sink into darkness. He reached out for them and watched as his hand began to lengthen and smooth out into the arm of a Ningen No Kami. And then he was enveloped in total darkness.

"You'll miss them too, won't you? he heard a voice speak...his voice. He turned around as light began to shine around him. What was going on? He froze when he recognized the shorter teenager in front of was he himself! The other him smiled and raised up it's hands.

"Relax. I am you. But only in this life. " then the other him began to walk in circles around him. "What was the most important lesson you learnt from the National Sports Team?"

Almost instantly, Shin answered the question confidently, "We're all family and we look out for one another." The other him nodded with approval, apparently pleased. Then it clapped it's hands a few times before walking to stand in front of Shin.

"Then I assume you know what you have to do in your new life? " it raised it's eyebrows. As if through an invisible connection, Shin knew what his other self was talking about and nodded. It was odd, but after thinking about it, it wasn't unsurprising. That person in front of him...was him in this life. The other self nodded in return.

"Good. Then I guess it's time for you to leave behind this life then. You know you have to do it. " the other self stared at Shin with knowing eyes. In response, Shin closed his eyes and nodded, although a bit hesitant. The other self placed it's thumb and forefingers upon Shin's brow.

"Then, all that I am, will be you in your new life. Enjoy it, Inoue Shin, Ningen no Kami. And remember, this life was real, but not in your era. " the other self removed it's hand and gave Shin the thumbs up. "And don't worry, we actually win the upcoming Olympics. Japan grasped every medal out there. 2016!"

Shin's eyes opened wide at the revelation and he stepped forward, planning to ask about it but his other self pushed him back.

"Say, you're fond of that girl, aren't you? " it winked and pushed Shin further backwards, sending Shin falling down into nothingness. Shin allowed himself to spiral down the darkness until everything within his sight completely darkened. Then he felt the familiar jerking sensation from falling in a dream and waking up to reality. He slowly opened his eyes, staring at the light that was piercing through the window. He rubbed his morning glory-filled eyes and stumbled out of bed, trying his best not to wake the still sleeping Aoi. He walked to the bathroom and washed his face. Letting himself drip dry,he started looking around for the toothbrush, he came up empty-handed, safe for a small weird mechanism. He pushed the button and was given a spherical jelly with green and blue waves to grab hold off. How odd... this was the toothbrush? He popped it into his mouth and allowed it to sit in there for a while. He moved it around his mouth with his tongue, not knowing what to do with the strange object. He then shrugged and decided to bite into it. As soon as he did so, it exploded in a burst of sweet blueberry flavor followed by the familiar mintyness found in toothpastes.

'Wow...the marvels of technology...' he thought to himself as he stared at his teeth in the mirror. It was whiter than it ever was. He walked out towards the living room. The first thing he did was stare at the cherry blossoms again. 'But...I'd take cherry blossoms over technology any other day.'

He then scanned the room until he came to a stop at the art-studio-esque corner of the room. There was a canvas with a painting of cherry blossoms, so well-drawn, they completely blended along with the cherry blossoms outside. He stared at the ivory haired girl that was still asleep in bed and smiled. He touched the painting, running the tips of his fingers along the dried paint. He decided on a spot nearby the glass sliding doors before putting the painting in place. He stepped back and admired it once more. It looked as if there was another window in the room that overlooked the cherry blossoms outside. Shin couldn't help but smile.

'This girl...she's really good with art...' he thought to himself. "Say, you're fond of that girl, aren't you? " he remembered the question from his encounter with his other self. He looked at Aoi's figure in bed again. Was he fond of her? She was pretty, beautiful... and perfect. She was quite different, and that was true, she was a Ningen no Kami... but she wasn't different only in that sense. Shin had a feeling that she must've been different even in her 'other' life. Fond of her... Shin closed his eyes and went through his conversation with his other self.

'What do I need to do in my new life...? Take care of the others... treat them just like family. Protect them.' he opened his eyes and nodded, a sense of duty coursing through his veins, filling in the void that he missed the day before. Yea...he would do that. He stared at the cherry blossoms once more, calming himself. And almost as if by autopilot, his body began to move to a slow, graceful rhythm, one that he had never done before. He started dancing, using the cherry blossoms and Aoi's drawing as an influence to his new 'masterpiece'. If one were to view the scene, the long black-haired youth was surrounded by the morning sunlight, dancing in the middle of the scenery filled with cherry blossoms moving to the early morning wind, petals falling like pink colored snow.