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The Perfect Race

2073 Tokyo, Japan


a part of The Perfect Race, by SunniBunny.

Welcome to Tokyo.. Will you survive out here looking like that little gaki..?

SunniBunny holds sovereignty over 2073 Tokyo, Japan, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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As you can tell from the introduction (YOU DID READ THE INTRODUCTION RIGHT?!), Tokyo right now is a whole different world compared to how it was back in 2012. If you're a woman going out in Tokyo alone, there's pretty much a 99% chance you will be jumped and possibly raped. And if you're a rich kid going out there alone, regardless of gender, you're gonna be mugged and robbed. The secret organization that has been going through Project Ningen no Kami has it's underlings crawling everywhere, so it's best that the Ningen no Kami shouldn't trust anyone out there. As for the humans, you are considered one of the underlings, but you're in a different category since you are looking for them on your own and would rather not resort to the low tactics of using your mom/dad's grunts.
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2073 Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to Tokyo.. Will you survive out here looking like that little gaki..?


2073 Tokyo, Japan is a part of The Perfect Race.

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Ryori Miki [82] This needs more sugar! It's not sweet enough!
Hitori Ayumu [74] "You like my playing? Thanks, I guess. Huh? My name? Oh, it's Ayumu. Nice to meet you."
Inoue Shin [62] "What if this life right a 'dream' as well?"
Karasu 'Crow' Hōno [61] "Simplicity isn't as 'simple' as you think."
Susumu Riku [51] "I'd inform you of the chances of you walking away from this unscathed, but i'm positive you wouldn't like them."
Ayano Aoi [49] The world is loosing its beauty slowly and painfully..
Shirasaki Yuuka [45] "Lock and Load...."
Oren Kovalenko [20] "Perfect is subjective. If you were perfect you wouldn't need to take my relatives."
Masanori Satoshi [3] "Perfection is overrated; it's imperfection that's truly beautiful."
Mai Hishima [1] "It's your fault that my life is what it is!"

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Never mind, Ayumu thought, watching the chaos unfold as a gigantic man, someone the purple-haired one had apparently had some sort of bizarre altercation with at some point, stepped out before them and began menacing Crow. If anything, the tangent Crow had gone on before was completely, totally, and utterly normal. This, on the other hand, was what an absolute train wreck looked like, for it seemed that the boy's defensive instinct had something to do with babbling about bananas. While this seemed to have a similar effect of complete bafflement on the man now standing in their way as it did upon Ayumu, it didn't do much to deter his attack upon the boy, who, not wanting to simply kill the man outright, was instead forced to dodge an abrupt charge, one which drove Ayumu to instinctively sidestep as the man barreled through, almost as wide as the both of them.

From what Ayumu could gather, the man had at some point mistaken Crow for a girl and tried to have his way with him. While she could see how this mistake could be made, the thought process involved there told her a bit about this oaf's concern for members of the female gender. That was already enough to get on her nerves, but she kept calm. That is, until the man said something else, a veiled threat which in no way went well with the young lady at all.

"You have a pretty girl with you," The brainless thug of an ape said, with the obvious implication being "I'm not after you this time." Oh... OH. Well, there was a good joke. Did he think she was helpless? Or maybe he expected she'd be cowed by a threat such as that? Well, either way, he was in for a quick, violent lesson that she doubted his two puny neurons of brain matter wouldn't be able to comprehend. As he picked up Crow, driving the boy to ask quite calmly for assistance, Ayumu gave a rather frighteningly calm smirk, and, reaching into the side alley from which the buffoon had emerged, quickly took up the first potential weapon she set eyes on.

Now armed with a rather heavy metal trash can lid, she strode calmly up behind the man who had now begun to laugh rather loudly and tighten his hold on the boy, who still stood, nonplussed by the situation. Still smiling calmly, Ayumu tapped the man on the shoulder gently, causing him to turn about for a moment and sneer. "Oh, don't you worry. I'll get to you once I'm do-" He began.

The man got no further, for at that instant he was simultaneously struck by a savage kick to the groin and a trashcan lid swung in a perfect right hook, directly to the face. His nose gave a loud crack as it gave way beneath the force of the blow, and his cry of surprise and pain was quickly muffled as the force of the blow, combined with his weakened knees in the aftermath of the kick to his privates, carried him over backwards, slamming him down upon the ground. His working arm quickly released the boy it held immobile as Ayumu followed through, bringing down the lid hard on the outside of his elbow, shattering this bone as well with the sheer force of the impact. The man, the agony he was in finally catching up to his thoughts, gave a loud cry of pain, but this was rapidly silenced as the righteously enraged Ningen no Kami quickly knelt over him, bringing down the lid directly upon his face, using the force of the impact to snap his head back as he attempted to rise, bashing his skull against the pavement with surprising force, stunning him temporarily as the girl now brought down her knee across his chest, planting it firmly just beneath his collar and forcing the air from his lungs before rising to her feet once more and altering her target, bringing the heavy lid down with a clang now upon his groin. Had he any wind in him with which to make a sound, he probably would have screamed rather pitifully at the agonizing attack. But, as it was, he only let out a hushed, terrified gasp, and slumped slightly where he lay, too agonized to move as Ayumu finished her beating, and, casting aside the lid, turned back to Crow with a very cheerful, very calm smile on her face.

"Well, I don't think he needed the ability to reproduce, anyway!" She declared altogether-too-happily by way of excusing her actions, and smirked. After a beating of that kind, she didn't think he'd be getting up any time soon. Even after he regained the ability to move without aggravating bruises in sensitive locations, the full psychological recovery would take much, much longer. Either way, Ayumu didn't think he'd be accosting random, effeminate looking people anymore, least of all herself or Crow.

In short, problem solved through the gratuitous application of pain and violence. And, when the problem was of such a disgusting nature, that was the best solution of all, wasn't it?

(Mono, now I'm wondering if you're secretly a super genius trying to use double-reverse psychology to make me think you're not. Thanks. XD)

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Crow blinked as Ayumu as she beat the guy up. He actually felt some his pride as a man fly out the window and sympathised with the guy when he was hit in the groin for the second time. "Well, maybe his child will inherit the continuous pain in his groin which he will have for the rest of his life. Anyway, thanks. I think he was trying to undo my trousers with one hand, so..." He said, before turning to listen to the small voice from the floor.

"If... either of... you were a... lone... if the girl... I... could have..." Crow didn't let the guy finish what he was saying. No, he turned him over, hearing a painful groan, and sat on him so he was looking down at the guy.

He smiled sweetly. "Excuse me? You could have?" Crow's voice had an odd tone to it. He leant down and put his elbows down on the guy's chest, pushing down hard to aid the bruises already created to widen. He blinked at him, before smiling an oddly manic smile. His eyes had that odd tint of insanity which changed his whole look.

"Humans are like one big computer. Except some computers have errors and viruses, and are easily reprogrammable. That's you! I could rip off your head right now and see what your processor is like or I could just re-pro-gram you~!" Crow giggled evilly, dragging his finger along the brute's jaw. "How about a game? Everywhere I kiss, you get a surprise?" Crow took the man's hand, being careful not to really touch his skin for long, and kissed the back of it softly, before shooting it. The guy was quiet in his pain, but Crow still laughed at the cold gasps he was making, before kissing his shoulder, his other hand, and even one of his knees, all the while repeating the shooting process. "Would you like you continue our game? Or have you given up? Shall I kiss your neck or temple next? How about your heart?" The brainless man shook his head as fast as he could, which wasn't really that fast at all.

Crow smiled eerily. "Next time you threaten Ayumu, if you even lay a hand on her, I'll rip you apart, limb by limb. Bone by bone, even your finger bones." He said sweetly, before his voice turn into a low growl. "Do you understand me?" He smirked at the man's feeble nod, before standing up and stepping on his throat. "As soon as you can move, you're getting out of here before I change my mind about killing you, okay? And I know how to make poison, untraceable poison, from household items so don't even think of getting us back when you've fully recovered."

And with that, Crow grabbed Ayumu's hand and walked down the street slowly. Once they'd gotten a reasonable distance away, he sighed. "I feel disgusting. I had to touch him. With my mouth. Ugh. By the way, that last part wasn't true. I haven't perfected fully untraceable poison." Crow brought his hand up to his lips and rubbed, before covering his mouth and nose with his hand which wasn't holding Ayumu's. The girl's touch didn't make him feel sick, but he'd touched the man they'd just left holding onto his life and that made him slightly nauseous. "Aw, where's Sailor Moon when you need her?" He said, before laughing. "I'm only joking...... If I really wanted anyone to save me it would be Sailer Venus. Of course."

(I guess you'll never know, Tsukiakari. I guess you'll just... Never... Know. Muahahahaha. No, I'm really not a super genius. Currently holding frozen peas to my own forehead and my roommate's because we were both running around the corner and BOOM headshot.)

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Ayumu watched with mixed confusion, irritation, and amusement as Crow picked up where she had left off. It was rather infuriating to see that the idiotic mugger still hadn't learned his lesson, even after she had literally stomped him into the pavement like a small, insignificant insect. While she'd have been perfectly willing to finish the job, however, it seemed Crow had taken just as much offense as she had to the man's idiocy, and was now currently continuing what she had started. Still, the way in which he did it was rather weird - still, everything else Crow did seemed to be done in an odd way, even perfectly normal things, so didn't that mean that him being strange actually wasn't strange at all? Oh no. Now she was thinking like he did again.

In any case, Ayumu soon found that their attacker had mysteriously been beaten almost to the point of unconsciousness - definitely not by innocent little her - then slowly shot in several places - definitely not by her friend, who took a somewhat unchivalric approach to protecting her. So, they left him lying in the alley where he had attacked them, and continued on their merry little way down the road, hand in hand once again.

"Sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to explain the injoke. Never seen the show, as I said earlier," Ayumu said, giving a sigh of mock-frustration, but swiftly giving a slight smile and continuing. "But, you know, if you didn't want to touch him, you didn't have to. You could have just shot him a few times and given him that threat without all the weird mind games you played with him. And, anyway, I thought you said you didn't want to shoot him in the first place?" She grinned, and continued in a more serious tone of voice. "Don't get me wrong, though. I appreciate you dealing with him for me. My outfit's already messy enough, and it'd be hard to wash any more bloodstains out of the undershirt than I already have to. And, more importantly than that, it's kind of nice to have a knight to protect you, even if he does it in an unusual way. I guess... if anything like what happened this morning happens again, I'll be counting on you. Back there, I thought that I could handle everything myself, or, barring that, I could at least force them to kill me... I suppose I'm just not used to being nigh indestructible, yet still just as helpless as I've always been. But, it's helped me realize something, though... I'm not as strong as I'd like to think I am, but also, I don't have to do everything myself. It's silly, right? I should have caught on ages ago, and yet..." She lapsed into silence, gazing down at the ground, the mirthful air she had displayed before now almost entirely gone. Still, she swiftly recovered herself, and gave an earnest smile to her companion to show that she was alright.

"A-anyway, thanks for standing up for me back there. I guess I'm in your care yet again."

(I stand by my previous designation of "Reverse-Tsunshun." While a normal Tsun-Tsun would, in this situation, say "Don't get me wrong, though, I didn't need your help," Ayumu did literally the exact reverse of that.)