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The Perfect Race

Seisei Hofuna Academy


a part of The Perfect Race, by SunniBunny.

Welcome to Seisei Hofuna Academy! Safety is guaranteed on campus grounds, so please refrain from using weapons of any kind.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Seisei Hofuna Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Academy Rules (This is in the RP, so that means your characters can break them.)

1. Refrain from using weapons and any type of fighting at all times.
2. SHA does not allow sexual activity of any kind, even kissing.
3. Do not be late for classes or skip classes.
4. Remain on campus at all times during school hours unless you have an illness or appointment.
5. Follow verbal directions of all teachers and staff.
6. No littering in the school.
7. Cheating will lead to an instant detention, so refrain from cheating.
8. Always keep your cellphones and other electronic devices OFF.
9. Vandalism of school property is not acceptable and will lead to an In-School-Suspension.
10. Any type of tabacco or drug is NOT permitted on campus.
11. You must always wear your uniform properly, your tie/ribbon is tucked and tied under your collar in an orderly fashion, and your skirt isn't too short, nor is sagging allowed.
12. Boys are not allowed to have piercings, and girls may only have one piercing on each earlobe, and having the piercing appropriate for school.

School hours: 8:45AM-4:15PM
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Seisei Hofuna Academy

Welcome to Seisei Hofuna Academy! Safety is guaranteed on campus grounds, so please refrain from using weapons of any kind.


Seisei Hofuna Academy is a part of 2073 Tokyo, Japan.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Hitori Ayumu Character Portrait: Karasu 'Crow' Hōno Character Portrait: Ryori Miki Character Portrait: Inoue Shin Character Portrait: Susumu Riku Character Portrait: Shirasaki Yuuka
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A hand suddenly grabbed Miki's arm, and she immediately could tell whose it is. "Miki. Are you o-" She snapped out of the trance and turned around brightly, not noticing that the hand had froze up and jerked back. "Crow!" she chirped, her skirt floated up while spinning around on her heel. Crow, for some reason, was deathly pale and was on the ground, as far away as possible from her, mumbling something too quiet for the girl to hear. Miki blinked, slightly hurt, but too stupid to know about her own feelings anyways. She hid her bright-red hands and leaned over. "Crow! What's going on? Are you hurt?!" He was deathly pale and was breathing heavily, then he finally calmed down, but he was still a pale as a sheet. "Miki, I. . ." The teen opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but then he stopped and continued, but with a different subject. "I think we should get registered at the school. . . What happened to your hands?" Miki silently rubbed a few drops of the seisui on the palms of her hands, the healing took place immediately, never failing like always. She pretended to not know about her hands and grinned. "What are you talking about? My hands are fine! See, they only look a little pink because I was in the bath just now." She flashed her hands, which didn't heal completely since there wasn't enough seisui rubbed on her hands. Her hands quickly dived back into her pocket as she replied to his other question. "Well, I was just heading there to register right now, Riku just left to get tidied up, Shin is gawking at the sakura, and as for Aoi, for all we know, she could be in Los Angeles." Miki smiled.

She stared at Crow, he was wearing only black jeans and a grey women's top, as for his hair, it was literally chopped off, what a waste of rare, violet hair. Miki had the oh-so-common blond hair, which was quite common back then, though the only other natural blond she's seen would be the one and only Riku, well, maybe also the normal person from before, but she didn't get a good look at him. Riku-chan could possibly be pulled off as my cousin if the situation ever comes! She couldn't help but to let out a small giggle and she handed Crow about the same amount of cash as she did Riku. "Crow, here, you can go get your haircut and some clothes, and don't worry, you'll have to pay back." Miki scurried off to the school, school hours still operating, and dashed through the halls, students stopped and stared at the fast-moving bullet of gold run too fast, and go crashing through one of the doors. She looked up and read the sign that hung from the doorway. "Pr-in-ci-pal.." she looked up at the surprised principal and jumped up to a proper posture. "G-Good afternoon! I would like to enroll in this academy along with a few other people!" she bowed and noticed a familiar head of blonde hair. Many students crowded around the broken door, as the girl slowly looked up, her blazing vial slipped out from the inside of her poncho-top and dangled from the black leather string in the natural sunlight. She looked at the other student who was in the room and recognized him. "It's the hero-person!" she blurted, pointing her finger at him. Everyone at the doorway gasped at what Miki had called him. "Did you hear that?! Shirasaki.. A hero?" "Isn't he just some delinquent?" Miki turned around, already knowing the pain of isolation, and shouted, "Sorry, but, do you have the right to say that? I'd doubt a bad guy would save a girl from being.. kidnapped!" she couldn't exactly say that there was an attempted rape, that was a bit much.

Miki recomposed herself and bowed at the supposedly 'Shirasaki' and smiled gratefully. "Thank you very much for saving me!" She continued with her business and grabbed a few registration forms (iPads) and stepped into the separate waiting room, right before that, giving a small wink to the crowd to simply have them stop bothering the girl. With a flurry of golden hair, she shut the door behind her and slid down. M-My first actual contact with actual humans! She reddened, her heart pulsing, and filled out the forms according to the IDs she brought along. She realized that all of them, except for Ayu-chan, were sixteen, so they were all.. Second years! The school year just started, so technically, they were second years. Now what about Ayumu? Will she attend school? As a first year, and the youngest? Well, she's smart enough anyways. Miki clicked Ayumu as a second year and then walked back out of then room, putting the device back in the neatly stacked pile. After a few moments, the principal read through the forms and looked at her with an Are-you-crazy look. "Miss, we don't accept average people." he pushed his hologram away with an arrogant tone. Miki gave the completely innocent look, of course using her perfect looks as an advantage. "B-But, we're all talented! I promise! If we can pass the entrance exam and show you a perfect talent, then you must let us in!" The principal succumbed to her perfection, and then retorted, "If one of your friends cannot simply do that, the entire group will be rejected!"

Miki was ushered into a silent, luxuriously decorated room and was seated at a elm desk, where a red button was. All of the envious escorts left the room, and a voice bellowed from an unknown location. Miki looked around cautiously, alerted. "Good afternoon. You will take the entrance exam. Now press the red button when you're read-" The girl hastily pressed the red button without hesitation. "H-Hey! You didn't listen to all of my direct-" "Just get on with it already!" she shouted back. A whole crapload of scalding red-hot stones were scattered everywhere, except for one thin, straight line that her two slender feet could easily walk through. "Now you must remo-" "Remove my shoes, correct?" she nonchalantly threw them off and walked through the scorching stones, the heat was burning her feet. "Tch! You stupid woman! Don't you worry about your skin?! Any woman out there would want it!" the voice yelled. "Oh, so you're a male? Nice to meet you, but I don't care." She passed through the door at the end of the room, sweating, and her shoes were waiting at the end of the room. She stepped forward, and nimbly jumped back, avoiding a masked man, presumably someone they hired. She pulled out her chain and quickly dealt with him, slipping on her shoes. Something pricked her foot, and she just prodded onto the room before, and sat at the elm desk, which had now an actual exam paper. "Are you crazy?!" the voice echoed in the tidied room. "Maybe. Find out yourself and stop hiding in the wall behind me." "Wha-!" Miki turned around and grinned. "I can finally stop with the act!" The marble wall slid down, revealing a shocked man. Miki flapped the paper, revealing that it had no correct answers. "Hmm, looks like I've passed your test, now I'll be going to take my talent exam.

The girl walked out of the room, and sighed heavily, pulling out the tack in her right foot. "Owwie." She popped open her vial and healed her foot, though it still felt tender. "I can certainly feel the pain." she put her wedges back on and passed by the culinary room. She stopped and poked her head inside. Pans with burnt insides and many wasted bowl were cluttering the place. Miki sighed and quickly cleaned up the mess, her impulses led her into making her favorite cake, sachertorte. While the oven heated, she checked to see how it work by using leftover batter stuck to bowls and tossed the mish-mash of failed batter. "Bakes too hot." she noted to herself while she tempered chocolate on a marble slab, which was inappropriately being used as a decoration. After making the batter with tenderness and a nostalgic love, she popped the spring-form circle pans into the oven. The ganache was ready to go, sitting on the stove at a temperature low enough to keep it's silkiness. She plopped down next to the window, enjoying some green tea in an expensive-looking glass cup, and stared outside at the massive campus, where a group of students were skipping class. Only the sounds of the oven silently buzzing, as if it were hiding, and the sound of her teacup clinking against the plate gently filled the room. She could hear the familiar tune of a teacher lecturing his class about calligraphy, his voice seemed quite young for a teacher, especially a calligraphy teacher. Miki tuned out from the world, the sweet smell of the sachertorte began to fill up the corridors, which were soaked in the scents of expensive designer perfume, and traveled to the nose of the principal. Of course, he rushed over, but thanks to a crowd of gossiping rich kids, he was delayed. Miki perked up and returned from reminiscing about her fake memories, rushing to the oven, the cake was now perfect. She slipped on gloves and turned off the heat. Waiting a few moments, the cake was now finally ready to leave the oven. Miki pulled the two pans out and laid them out on the cluttered counter. "Looks like rich kids don't cook." she remarked to herself, looking at what was obviously a bowl of silkie eggs violently smashed in with jersey milk and a dash of pepper for some reason. She took the concoction that was emitting waves of high-quality, and hesitantly dumped it in the trash along with other week-old failed 'foods.' She removed the sachertorte cakes from the pans, placing them in the wire rack, and grabbed some high-quality chocolate blocks. She sculpted them into intricate swirls and carefully set them aside. After putting in the chocolate filling, she coated the cake in the ganache and quickly placed the swirls on top and finished by piping 'Sacher' on top.

The principal rushed inside, shouting, "How many times have I said that baking and cooking for the students are to be done with the ingredients in the kitchen, not the ones for the students-" he looked up and looked at Miki's creation. "You'll let me in now, right?" He stared at the cake, flabbergasted, and then defiantly said, "That's only the looks! I need to taste it to make sure!" Miki was already in the process of cutting a slice and handed it over along with a glass of deep, red wine. He hesitantly took a bite, his face already had the look of defeat the moment he walked in. He devoured the rest of the slice and grumbled, "Accepted... But just you wait! The minute you guys ruin the school's reputation..!" "I know, I know ossan. Expulsion~" she placed the cake in a box to take home and slipped in a few pounds of high-quality meat. She waved as she left, already holding student IDs in hand, and said, "See you tomorrow, pr-in-ci-pal." The snobby principal gritted his teeth, knowing that giving up perfect students and letting them loose, would mean that they would run their mouths about their horrible experience at the school. Miki skipped off, taking note of the supermarket that was on a separate street on the way home.

The Rapunzel-haired girl took the elevator up, the front desk lady gave up since everyone seemed to be taking it now, and Miki went through the usual procedures, entering her apartment happily. "Tadaima~!" she announced. She put the food in the practically empty fridge, and walked over to Crow's apartment to see if he had returned home yet. She popped her golden head around the corner and spotted.. Ayumu?! She pounced over, right next to the girl, who was wearing some kind of uniform, and handed Ayumu her student ID and her citizen ID. "Ayu-" she was about to say Ayu-chan, but already knew what the result would be so continued with a jerky "mu-chan!" she smiled and pointed to the connecting door. I made some sachertorte for the testing and took some meat from the school's ultra fancy kitchen, so tonight we'll be having ribs on rice and some sachertorte for dessert!" Miki pranced off, back to her bedroom, and found some men's clothes stowed on a box along with a wig.

Dear Ryori-sama,
This will be your disguise when you need it, so make use of the clothes!

Miki blinked and stuffed all of her hair into the amazing wig, and the ends of her hair stuck out of the netting, blending into the wig's hair. She whipped on a simple t-shirt and jeans, realizing that her cleavage will be a problem. She messily wrapped her chest in cotton strips and stood on front of a mirror, staring at herself/himself. The crossdressing girl grinned and then said to herself, adjusting her voice to a normal low voice, "I am... (Ore wa...)" she thought to herself and then it finally came to her head. "Takashi!" She plopped down on her bed and stared at herself in the mirror. "Ohoho, I look so hot~ But I look like a genderbend.. Ah-ha! Color contacts!" She looked around in her closet to see if the company at least stocked her with other disguises, and only found a wig that looked like her old hairstyle, jet-black coarse hair that was short-ish and braided. She tossed the wig violently to the corner of the closet, concealing it out of sight. She finally found a box of eye color dye..? She suspiciously looked at the box and followed the instructions for silver eye dye. "If its fake I can always use the seisui." she mumbled to herself. She dropped two drops of the colored liquid in each eye, and closed them for about five seconds. She ran to the mirror before opening them, and then finally looked at her new male persona. The dye really worked, and worked pretty well. Her eyes were now a crystalline silver, as if it were glass, and her golden hair looked like highlights in the muted platinum blonde wig. The only problem left was, her eyelashes and slender feminine body. She quickly solved the body problem by stuffing her sleeves with some kind of silicone body shell, and figured out that part, and put on some gloves. She then tried to flatten out her lashes as much as she could, and the final product was some kind of bishounen. "God, I look like the fourth male Ningen no Kami." She could barely recognize herself, after thickening her eyebrows and having to purse her lips every single second.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Hitori Ayumu Character Portrait: Ryori Miki
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Ayumu had just been thinking about the rather pressing issue of her identity. Without something so essential, she couldn't hope to live in the real day and age she had opened her eyes to find. However, it seemed her worries were unfounded, for her reverie was violently disrupted by an ear-piercing squeal as an annoyingly familiar ball of optimism descended upon her, shoving two small plastic cards in her face. They seemed to be at least partially computerized, although that was nothing unexpected, once the Tsundere could wrap her mind around exactly what she was looking at.

Okay, she had to wonder. How in the hell had Miki, one of the most airheaded individuals she could possibly imagine - at least, from what she knew of her - gotten her hands on functioning personal and school identification chips? Moreover, how had Miki managed to get her enrolled in bloody Seisei Hofuna?! That school, from what she had read, was one of the most prestigious and renowned institutions in the city! Ayumu had no doubt that there had to be a great deal of formality involved with a membership to such a reputed locale. And yet, Miki had somehow - in defiance of all logic - managed to get her enrolled! While she was rather ecstatic, to be sure, that she had been given what seemed to be an early Christmas present, she just couldn't grasp how her ditzy fellow had accomplished such an impossible feat.

Well, it looked like she would never know. Before she could collect her jaw and come up with an intelligent inquiry, the airhead rambled on about food, then darted out of the room. Ayumu sighed, and looked over her new identification. It looked like the information on it was mostly the sort of stuff she was used to, which surprised her. Although she was now 16 years old and born in a different year, Miki - if it had really been her who had made these fakes, which Ayumu had to doubt - had somehow managed to guess her birthday. On top of that, she had also somehow gotten the necessary pictures of Ayumu for the I.D.. The Tsundere didn't know what to think. Still, if she was going to be enrolled in this school, she supposed that she only had one option: go there and find out exactly what she was getting into. The school clubs would probably be meeting within about 15 minutes, so there would still be staff on campus. And, hey, the clubs would be meeting. It seemed she'd gotten even more of a jackpot than she'd thought.

Well, then, there was only one thing to do: head to the school and check it out. But, of course, she would need to make a good impression.

A few minutes of searching provided Ayumu with a mirror, and a few more minutes of self-inspection and grooming yielded a nod of approval. The diner uniform, once the broach with the name of the establishment emblazoning it had been removed - which it had - looked like some kind of formalwear, rather than the employment clothing that it actually was. She'd make a great first impression if she showed up looking like this.

And so, she did. Silently taking her room key, sliding it into her breast pocket, and heading out into the halls, she began looking around for the elevator she had taken up. She soon found it, but stopped before entering, for something had caught her eye. A small metal panel on the floor, with a small bank of varying buttons placed above it, labeled, tellingly enough, "Destination." A quick inspection showed her that the keys were numbered the same as the various floors of the building, much like the controls of an elevator. Well, she wasn't sure what this thing did, but if she had to guess, it was some sort of fast transport system. Although she was a bit paranoid about just stepping into something like this, pushing a random button and hoping for the best, she figured it would have directions or warnings displayed around it if it really was da-

Oh, wait, it did. "Warning: Keep entire body on teleportation platform at all times. Teleportation platform ONLY transfers matter located directly above it, and can and will only partially teleport someone standing only part-way on board."

Well, that at least explained exactly what this infernal device was. A teleporter. It was hard to believe, but this WAS the future, after all. Well, judging by the way the lady behind the counter had looked at her and muttered something when she first came in, and how there seemed to be a decided lack of stairs in the building, this must have been the standard inter-floor transit system of THE FUTURE.

Joy. A potentially lethal interdimensional transit system was the new normal. The Tsundere had to wonder how many people got accidental amputations from the "partial teleportations" the warning plaque had talked about to warrant a cautionary sign like that. Just what was wrong with good old stairs?

Well, if this was the new normal, then Ayumu supposed that she'd just have to get used to it. Teleporters like these were probably used everywhere, and if she avoided them constantly, then she would just stand out as strange. She sighed, stepping onto the platform and finding the key for the ground floor. Even if this thing killed her for some reason or another, she thought morbidly, nobody would miss her. There wasn't really any point in living, anyway, so she wasn't exactly scared of dying. Pushing aside her fears, she reached forward, and pressed the button.

"Scotty, beam me up," She murmured, watching as the panel below her lit up with a sudden flash of light.

And then, her world flipped upside down. It was only a moment, but everything in the world felt so wrong that it seemed more like an eternity. Suddenly, she was inside out, left was right, up was down, light was dark, her eyes faced inward and she seemed to be being compressed with intense force. In a second, the world snapped back, but she had to stifle a gasp as she stumbled out of the transporter, managing to retain her feet as she assessed where exactly she was. The entrance hall, it seemed. Well, that solved that, she supposed, although the Tsundere firmly decided that teleportation was NOT a pleasant experience.

A few minutes of walking showed Ayumu to her destination. She entered the school grounds as most were leaving, the after school cleanup having ended and those not in any clubs having started the long walk home. The perfect Human merely made her way quietly into the building, and, opening up a map window helpfully located on the back of her student I.D., quickly navigated her way to the clubrooms.

First stop, the band club. I wonder if they need a keyboardist? Ayumu mused, slowly opening a door which, if her map was to be believed, housed the band club. Well, it seemed her map was good, because if the quiet strains of acoustic guitar, punctuated by a bluesy drum beat and joined by a quiet chorus of saxophone and singing was any indication, she'd found her destination. She waited until the song ended before she entered, interrupting the performers in the midst of congratulating each other on how well they had done.

"Excuse me!" She piped up politely, causing the various musicians to turn to face the new arrival. "I'm a new transfer student to this school. My name is Hitori Ayumu. I have an interest in music, and was wondering if your club had any openings."

A few quiet murmurs, then the band's lead singer stepped forward, a smile at least a mile wide adorning her face.

"Hi there!" The singer declared enthusiastically. Ayumu noticed that the four-member band was entirely comprised of girls, a fact which made her a bit more at ease. Try as she might, she'd always had a hard time getting along with boys. "I'm Nura Tomoko, club president and lead singer! This is Tsubaki, our lead guitarist, Aya - she does saxophone when we do jazz or blues songs, and bass guitar when we do rock or pop, she's really amazing! - and this is Yuuko, our drummer! It's great to meet you!" She hopped down from their small stage at the front of the room, gesturing to each in turn.

Tomoko herself was tall, skinny and flat, with eyes as brown as her neck-length chocolate-colored hair. Tsubaki was a kind, if a bit nervous looking girl with a long blonde ponytail, bright blue eyes, and a level of development both in size and figure that contrasted starkly with her innocent, childish countenance. Aya was a short, slender, black haired girl with a piercing green gaze and a mischievous grin, with matted, spiky hair, and Yuuko was a rather low-key seeming individual - probably an albino, if her reddish-brown eyes, long, white hair and pale skin were any indication. The latter-most individual seemed rather mellow, as she was the only one who didn't hop down from their makeshift stage and head over to greet the new arrival, instead opting to wave quietly and watch stoically from a distance.

"It's nice to meet all of you as well," Ayumu said, smiling as she gave an introductory bow.

"You don't need to act so formal! Come on in and make yourself at home!" Tomoko declared, gesturing towards a few chairs in the corner before sitting down along with Aya on a large couch. "Tsubaki, could you get us some tea?"

"Sure thing," The guitarist consented gently, heading over to a small table in the opposite corner where some tea was brewing, gathering up several small cups and beginning to pour the assembled girls some drinks.

"Oh, thank you," Ayumu said graciously, seating herself in a comfortable armchair across from the members of the band.

"Don't mention it!" Aya replied, still giving her shifty, catlike grin, snatching her tea from Tsubaki as she returned with the group's drinks.

"So go on, tell us! Don't be shy!" Tomoko exclaimed after a brief draft of the tea.

"Tell you...?" Ayumu inquired, taking a small sip from her own drink. "Oh, it's good!" She complimented.

"Of course it is! You wouldn't believe how good Tsubaki is at this sort of thing. She's really sweet, our little housekeeper!" Tomoko complimented breezily.

"Oh, that's an exaggeration, I assure you," The guitarist said modestly.

"Suuuuure it is~," Aya laughed, speaking in a sing-song voice, grinning from ear to ear.

"Anyway," the band leader continued. "I mean, tell us what you're good at! Do you sing, or maybe play an instrument? How good are you?"

"I play the piano - or the keyboard, if it's more appropriate. I've taken lessons from an expert since I was five years old. I'm not incredible, but I like to think of myself as a passable performer."

"Oh? That's nice. I've always liked the piano," Tsubaki said, sitting down on on a small stool next to the others and taking a cultured taste of her own drink. A quick glance showed Yuuko to still be sitting in silence by the drum set. She must have been shy, or something.

"The piano? And you're good?" Tomoko asked, seeming excited. Well, more excited than she had been before. From what Ayumu could tell, the president of the Seisei Hofuna band club was always excited.

"Well, yes," Ayumu said modestly. She didn't get any further than that, for at that moment, she was clapped powerfully on the shoulder. In the blink of an eye - literally - the band club president had stood up and given her a rather over-enthusiastic "pat on the back."

"That's great! Our old pianist quit about a month back. We've been looking for a replacement ever since!"

"Oh? Well, I guess that means I'm in luck. Should I play something for you? That is, if you have a piano or keyboard."

"Please do," Tsubaki said smilingly.

"Right this way, my friend!" Aya declared, standing up as well with a broad grin and gesturing toward the stage in an overdramatic manner. Ayumu followed her energetic escorts to the back of the stage, where under a dusty black cloth sat something large. Aya took hold of this covering, and ripped it away with an over-the-top sweep of her hand, revealing a rather pricy looking keyboard and bench. The pianist seated herself, and looked over the instrument with an approving, if critical eye. It was little different from the sorts of instruments she knew, and a few moments of fiddling brought up the tone library. She selected a rather vibrant jazzy piano setting, and then swept her hands over the keys, testing it to see how well it would work. Yes, this would be perfect. Glancing up at the various band members around her, all of whose eyes - even those of the shy, or possibly antisocial drummer - were on her. Grinning back, she steeled herself, and then began to play, jumping right into the fast paced intro of a song she knew from memory.