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Theodora Grace Edwards

"You'll regret doing the devil dirty like that."

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a character in “The Periphery”, as played by Periphery


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There Will Be Blood || Kim Petras
"In the club, I can't save you now
Ain't nobody can hear you shout
When I'm pulling you underground (there will be-)
Take a sip from the Devil's cup
Just a taste, you won't get enough
Seal your fate when you swallow up (there will be-)

Don't let me in, I'ma ruin your life
I'm straight psychotic (there will be-)
This is gonna be a hell of a night
I know you want it

There will be blood, run for your life
Go on and say, go on and say your last goodbye
There will be blood, you're gonna die
You'll never make it, never make it through the night"


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Wrong Turn || Kim Petras
"Demons, devils, crucified
You and death come eye to eye
Go and kiss your life goodbye
Kiss your life goodbye

It's your final destination
Count your blessings, time to make a sacrifice
Take a deep breath, let it sink in
Now you realize

You took the wrong turn
Took a wrong turn at the wrong time
You took the wrong turn
Took the wrong turn at the wrong time"


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Image Image
|| Full Name ||
"It's an old lady's name."
Theodora Grace Edwards

|| Nickname(s) ||
"Just don't call me Dora."
Theodora has a few nicknames. Those who don't know her well are more likely to call her by her full name, but they will very quickly be corrected, as she's not a big fan of it. Instead, most people call her Teddie. She also permits Ted, Theo, or T. Dora, or Dori, however, she absolutely hates.

|| Age ||
"I'm not a fucking child."
Twenty years-old

|| Sexuality ||
"I'm a sucker for women."

|| Residency ||
"I'm from dead-end-ville."
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois
Currently: Garden of Eden Private College, New Orleans, Louisiana

|| Occupation ||
"I was a rocker."
Formerly: Rock musician || Currently: Gas station cashier

|| Face claim ||
Heather Baron Gracie

|| Role ||
"I'm not just a witch, I'm Queen of the witches."
|| Divine || Hecate ||
Goddess of necromancy, sorcery, witchcraft, ghosts

|| Relationship Status ||
"Free as a bird."

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Turn Off The Light || Kim Petras
"Under moonlight
Chills down your spine
Fear in your eyes
Feelin' malicious
Heard you like it vicious
All your dirty wishes
We were made to do it"


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Image ImageImage Image
|| Addictions ||
"I like darkness."
☠ Death ☠ While it is less of an addiction and more of a morbid obsession, Teddie is utterly fascinated and infatuated with death. Where others feel uncomfortable with the topic and try to avoid it, Theo is quite the opposite. She's a little twisted and macabre. She's obsessed with gory horror movies, murder mysteries, and the like. On a boring day, Teddie can occasionally be found crashing New Orleans funerals.
☠ Music ☠ Music has always been part of Theo's life. Her mother always told her she's the daughter of Marilyn Manson, and growing up, that had a huge influence on her. She became obsessed with rock music and spent much of her life reaching for a career as a famous rockstar. She bleeds rock, it's her truest passion.
☠ Party drugs ☠ While her habit for party drugs (i.e, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana) is not crippling or destructive, it's very much part of her life. She can't seem to stop herself when she's at a party or a show, though she does her best not to overdo it, and will not touch anything harder than cocaine.
☠ Cigarettes ☠ Theo has been addicted to cigarettes since she was thirteen.

|| Likes ||
"Sex, drugs, and rock & roll."
▲ The color black ▲ Rock music ▲ Power ▲ Heavy makeup ▲ Cats ▲ Clubs
▲ Performing ▲ Funerals ▲ Death ▲ Blood ▲ Horror movies ▲ Drugs
▲ Whiskey ▲ Leather ▲ Fishnets ▲ Being the best ▲ Halloween ▲ Sex

|| Disikes ||
"Stupid people."
▼ Early mornings ▼ Being told no ▼ Her hometown ▼ The Order ▼ Cops ▼ Losing
▼ Being underestimated ▼ The color pink ▼ Clingy lovers ▼ Schoolwork ▼ Emotion ▼ Liars
▼ Pop music ▼ Being overlooked ▼ Not getting her way ▼ Little dogs ▼ Holidays ▼ Love

|| Abilities||
"Dark magic is my bitch."
[ Necromancy ] Teddie can bring the dead back to life. She has not mastered this power and therefore, it is limited. She can resurrect lower lifeforms with ease, such as animals and plants, however humans are a bit of a challenge. Depending on how long the person's been dead and a few other factors, she may or may not be successful in bringing a person back, or may only be able to temporarily resurrect them.
[ Blood Magic ] This gift she's very skilled in using. With a few drops of blood (either from her or a victim), and a short spell, there is almost nothing she cannot accomplish. For the most part, she uses this gift to learn information about others through "visions" or even control her victim, though there are many applications. Her blood magic is very strong and works on almost all lifeforms, through particularly powerful Divines can be a bit of a challenge for her to control or cast lasting spells upon.
[ Spirit Communication ] Very simply, Teddie can communicate with the spirits of the dead. This takes some concentration, but is almost always successful. She can also use this gift to summon and command demons, though her control over this part of her gift is somewhat unpredictable so using this skill can be dangerous.

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Goddess || Xana
"He won't look me in the eyes
Afraid to see what's looking back
Oh, you'll regret doing the devil dirty like that
He believed that I could take a beating (ooh)
But the bruises down my back don't mean a damn thing (ooh)
Cause I brought the god of war to his knees
With the back of my hand wiped his blood from my cheek
You're fuckin' with a goddess
And the bitch bites back"


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Image Image
|| Basics ||
"Scary, but cute."
  • Eyes → Pale green
  • Hair → Black, kept shoulder length and often unkempt
  • Height → 5'6"
  • Weight → 130 lbs

|| Piercings ||
"I've got plenty."
Theo has her nose pierced as well as her belly button, tongue, bottom lip, and several ear piercings in both ears.

|| Tattoos ||
"I fuckin' love tattoos."
For a girl of only twenty, Teddie has more tattoos than one would expect. Most of her work has been done by friends, girlfriends, or family of friends that have waived the usual 18+ requirement for her.
[ Left Arm ] Theo's left arm is nearly a sleeve. It's got several tattoos scattered across it, including a conceptual piece of butterfly in danger of being cut in half by scissors, as well as a hot air balloon with the image of a valley in the balloon. She also has a few other smaller pieces sprinkled among the larger ones to complete the sleeve.
[ Left Thigh ] On Theo's left thigh, sits the first tattoo she ever got. She was only thirteen years old, and a friend's cousin did it for her in their basement. It's in center of her thigh and reads "My mind makes noises".
[ Right Arm ] Teddie's right arm is not quite a full sleeve yet, but has a couple of tattoos. Up on the upper portion of her arm and onto her shoulder, Teddie has a flower in a pot with the word "grow" written on it. Lower down on her arm, just above her elbow, there's a little skull and crossbones tattoo with hearts in the eyes of the skull.
[ Right Forearm ] On the inside of her right forearm, Ted has a rather large tattoo of two moons and a pentagram. This, she got as a symbol of her dedication to witchcraft, after she learned the true origin of her gifts, and that she was not a mere witch, but a reincarnated goddess.
[ Right Calf ] On the back of her right calf, Theo has a tattoo of a demon/witch woman holding a cat. This, she got when she was younger, shortly after the death of her family cat, Jinx, whom she loved very much. The cat was killed by a school bully and his friends to taunt her. While she grieved the loss, she used her gifts to teach the killers a lesson they never forgot.
[ Left Rib cage ] On her left rib cage, Teddie has a small tattoo of a broken cigarette with the word "fuck" under it. As a teen, she had a bad habit of accidentally breaking her cigarettes because she bummed them off people and stuck them in her pockets. The tattoo was a bit of a joke on that.
[ Right Breast ] Perhaps her smallest tattoo, Teddie has a drip of blood tattooed on the upper part of her right breast. It is her only tattoo in color, and, though tiny, easily one of her favorites. She has a fascination with blood, due to the nature of her magic, and this tattoo signifies that.
[ Left Hand ] On her center knuckle of her left hand, Teddie has a small tattoo of a dripping moon. This was a stick-n-poke done for her by her girlfriend at the time. It took a very long time and has faded with a few years, but it's still visible and surprisingly clean for a stick-n-poke.
[ Right Shoulder blade ] Lastly, on the back of her right shoulder blade is Theo's most recent tattoo. It's an image of the triple goddess Hecate, whose soul she gets her power from. She got this shortly after being rescued from The Order as a tribute to her Divine soul.

|| Scars ||
"I'll get them back someday."
[ Throat/Neck ] Most of Theo's scars come from her time spent held captive by The Order. She was subjected to many cruel experiments that bordered on medical torture at times. Her throat and neck are covered in small burn scars from a shock collar she was forced to wear that would violently electrocute her every time she attempted to use her abilities.
[ Inner Arms ] Needle scars on her inner arms are more souvenirs of her time with The Order, thanks to a copious number of blood draws and IV inserts for tests and trials where they took samples of her blood or pumped her with different drugs to test her reactions.

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Run For Your Life || K.Flay
"Don't count me out
Just cause I'm down
Boy I've been down before
Fate has a way of playing games
And I've been keeping score
They tried to tell me I was lost in the forest
Like a cub with no mother when I actually was where I wanted

Bite off the venomous head
Follow the chemical scent
Look for the hole in the fence
Take everything you demand
Fast as you can
And run for your life
Run for your life"


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Image ImageImage Image
|| Personality ||
"I'm a dark horse."
Reckless → Teddie has always been a bit of a handful thanks to her reckless tendencies. She's a real adrenaline junkie, addicted to the rush of excitement that a little bit of fear gives her. This can sometimes get her into trouble, leading her into dicey situations, but so far, she's always come out the other side. She's never the girl to back down from a challenge or a dare, no matter how dangerous, and seems to always lean towards the wildest choice in any situation.

Dark / Macabre → Teddie has always been a little strange, ever since she was a little girl she's had a bit of an obsession with the dark and macabre. She was the girl in class that kids were afraid of because she ripped wings off butterflies at recess, and watched horror movies at sleepovers. As she got older, this darkness became a central part of her personality, and no matter how ostracized she was by her peers, she never once attempted to conform. She almost seemed to enjoy being the "weird girl", freaking people out gave her a little pleasure. She has a dark heart and always has. She gravitates towards death and pain, thinks that blood is beautiful, and likes things like dark art, gothic clothing, horror movies, dark rock music, true crime stories, ect.

Brooding → Teddie is a loner and pretty much always has been. Growing up, she wasn't exactly bullied, as the other kids were too afraid of her to bully her, but they certainly avoided her. She really only had three close friends, and a few lovers, her whole life, but other than that, she's been mostly alone. In fact, she sort of prefers it that way. She would rather be a dark, sulking force in the corner than a radiant ball of energy because she's cynical at heart. She maintains the belief that people are selfish and the world is cruel and cold.

Dangerous → Teddie is quite powerful. In fact, her skill with her abilities is far ahead of many other Divines her age because she was born Divine and always maintained a steady interest in her gifts as opposed to repressing them or denying them as many Divines do. This makes her rather dangerous because she's reckless, angry at the world, and capable of more than even she fully understands. Pair this with a vengeful attitude towards those that wrong her, and you've got the perfect storm for total destruction.

Arrogant → Not only is Teddie powerful, but she knows it. She carries immense power due to the nature of her Goddess, and loves it because she has an incredibly strong competitive streak in her. She has a compulsive need to always be the best, and when she isn't it angers her and drives her insane. She can't help but take a lot of pride in her strength and power, and doesn't care who her pride offends or pisses off.

Loyal → Despite being a loner, Theo is secretly a very loyal individual, and currently, her loyalty lies with all Divines. She has seen the ugly heart of The Order and would never wish that on her fellow Divines. While she mostly keeps to herself, she would protect the school with her life because it's a safe haven, that she loves and appreciates more than anyone will ever know.

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Witchy Woman || Eagles
"Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night
She's a restless spirit on an endless flight

Woo-hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo-hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eyes"


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Image ImageImage Image
|| Family ||
"I only ever had my mother."
Charlotte "Charlie" Edwards || Mother || 33, at death || Deceased

|| History ||
"It wasn't always easy."
Teddie is the product of a drunken one night stand, at a rock concert after party. Her mother, Charlie, was always a huge groupie. She came from a broken, abusive home and decided to escape that life by running away from home with older friends at just fourteen and following their favorite rockers around on tour. She got pregnant with Teddie at just seventeen years old, at the after party of a Marilyn Mason concert. All Teddie's life, her mother insisted that her father was Marilyn Manson himself. Though it was never proven, Teddie loved this story and took it very much to heart, idolizing the rocker's music as she grew up, the same way her mother once did.

Unfortunately, Teddie's mother was not exactly equipped to be a mother. She had a lot of demons, and a lot of struggles. Her only example of motherhood at all came from her own mother who was cruel and abusive, and to top it all off she was only seventeen and more concerned with concerts and parties, than raising a child. Her mother did her best never to physically harm her or abuse her, but there were a couple of drug-fueled attacks in Theo's childhood that her mother always fell into a guilty depression after.

The biggest struggle in Theo's early life was the neglect and dangerous environments her mother was always exposing her to. She couldn't exactly tour the country as a groupie with a baby on her hip. Sometimes she was brought along on excursions and left alone in shady motel rooms for days at a time while her mother partied, other times, her mother would leave her behind with questionable friends, or friends of friends.

Despite her mother coming from old money back in Massachusetts, when she ran away from home as a child, her family cut off her funds entirely. She kept random odd jobs, including a couple of illegal ones, such as selling drugs, but it was hardly enough to support a woman and her child. They lived in a series of camper vans, motel rooms, tiny apartments, and friends couches for much of Theo's life. As her mother toured with bands, they relocated often, but for the most part, she grew up in rougher neighborhoods in Joliet, a city not too far outside Chicago, Illinois.

All her life, Teddie has known of what she is. In fact, her mother explained it to her early on, when she started showing signs of power. Witches were not creatures of fiction, they were real, and, depending on the type of witch, their power often came from a goddess known as Hecate. A witch was merely a vessel that could channel this power, and Theo's mother came from an old bloodline of witches, but Theo wasn't just a witch. She was something stronger. Once a generation, the soul of Hecate herself would reincarnate in a witch from a strong bloodline like hers, and that was what Teddie was. She was the living embodiment of the Goddess from which many witches get their power.

Teddie grew up knowing this, and spent a lot of time exploring her powers which were unnaturally strong. As Hecate is a Goddess that still maintains something of a following (the witches), the power and soul of Hecate is stronger and more potent than many Gods and Goddesses lost to time and memory. Theo's practice and knowledge of what she was, through her early years helped her power to grow and develop in ways many Divines do not, as they are not immediately aware of who they are and spend a lot of time suppressing, denying, or confused by their gifts.

Unfortunately, this also set her aside from her peers pretty drastically. Rock music was her upbringing thanks to her mother, and darkness was her love, thanks to her power, creating a gothic individual that others were often frightened of. She had a few close friends in high school that shared her interests, who she was unflinchingly loyal to, and by the time Teddie was fifteen, they'd formed a rock band together by the name of Witch's Blood.

For the most part, they played merely at local venues and bars, but after a year or so together, the little band started to gain a little traction as they booked their first gig in Chicago, opening for a major band. That same year, Teddie's mother died of an overdose. She was sixteen and, instantly ran away from the first foster care home they placed her in, spending the rest of her teens crashing on the couches of her bandmates.

By the time she was eighteen, the band was really gaining a little traction, and Theo helped it along by using her dark natured abilities to add to the theatrics of their shows. Their band's name was Witch's Blood, and one of her favorite gimmicks to get the crowd going crazy was to scream "lyrics" in Latin as she sliced her palm open. Blood would spill and something dramatic would happen like light fixtures exploding, riots erupting, ect.

Unfortunately, these antics and the growing popularity of her band attracted the wrong attention. The Order reared it's ugly head. An organization her mother failed to warn her about when she told her of who she was. To them, she wasn't just another Divine target, she was an enormously powerful resource. The Order has enlisted the help of witches for thousands of years to give them an edge over the Divine beings they hunted. If they could control and study the source of many of their witch's powers, they'd be even stronger.

After passing out drunk at an after party, she was kidnapped by The Order and found herself trapped within one of their research facilities. She was treated cruelly and coldly, like a living experiment. She was prodded, poked, tormented, operated on, and all manor of other horrible things. They were simultaneously studying her, and breaking her so that they could control and understand her power better. They took her blood and fed it to their witches to make them stronger, and the witches in turn used the power to create spells for their agents and technology to aid them in their hunting of the Divine. The Order was stronger than ever because they had her.

She was trapped there for a year before her fellow Divines finally discovered the location of the lab and attacked it successfully. She, as well as six other captive Divines were rescued and sent to various safe havens for others of her kind. She was sent to one of the most famously secure havens, known as The Garden of Eden Private College in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Teddie has been living at the school for a year now. While structure and academics aren't really her thing, and she often blows off schoolwork or causes trouble, leaving is not an option for her. Not only would they resist her leaving so the Order doesn't grab her again, but she's terrified of that very thing as well and wants to learn how to strike back.

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"You'll regret doing the devil dirty like that."
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So begins...

Theodora Grace Edwards's Story