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Winter Paige Thomas

"Just in time, In the right place, suddenly, I will play my ace."

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a character in “The Periphery”, as played by Periphery


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Eyes On Fire || Blue Foundation
"I got nothing for you to gain
I'm taking it slow
Feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time
In the right place
Suddenly, I will play my ace"


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Venus Fly Trap || MARINA
"Don't underestimate me
'Cause one day you're gonna see you're in a losing battle
Babe, you'll never stop me being me
'Cause whatever you give life, you're gonna get back
Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap?"


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|| Full Name ||
"Can you guess what season I was born in?"
Winter Paige Thomas

|| Nickname(s) ||
"I have many."
Winter, being a con artist and drifter, has had many names in her life. Some are nicknames, others are more akin to alias's she uses to conceal her identity. She's often called nicknames such as Winnie or Win by people know her well enough to know her real name at all. Common alias's she uses to deceive and pull cons include Wynona, Willow, Whitney, Wendy, and Wren, though she most often uses Wendy as it's low profile.

|| Age ||
"I'm young, but I've lived many lives."
Twenty years old

|| Sexuality ||
"Love is love."

|| Residency ||
"I've lived everywhere."
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Currently: Garden of Eden Private College, New Orleans, Louisiana

|| Occupation ||
"I'm a career criminal."
Thief & Con artist

|| Face claim ||
Elle Fanning

|| Role ||
"The god of thieves."
|| Divine || Loki ||
God of Tricksters, Thieves, Shape Shifting

|| Relationship Status ||
"I like to remain unattached."

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All The Good Girls Go To Hell || Billie Eilish
"All the good girls go to hell
'Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And heaven's out of sight
She'll want the devil on her team"


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|| Addictions ||
"I can't stop taking things that aren't mine."
☠ Stealing/Deception ☠ Winter is aboslutely addicted to thieving and conning. Even when she has absolutely no need whatsoever to do so, she can't seem to help herself. It's like a vicious tick she has. She cannot leave a store without taking something, and sometimes she has no care or use for the item at all. She just gets a rush from taking what isn't hers or deceiving others, and getting away with it. It makes her feel powerful.
☠ Traveling ☠ Winter moves around a lot. Until recently, she's never really stayed in one location for more than a few months. Part of this, is due to necessity. There's only so much thieving and conning she can do in one place before having to get the hell out of dodge. However, she also has a restless heart. Staying in one place too long makes her ansty and nervous. She enjoys finding new places and taking from them what she can, before moving on without leaving a trace.
☠ Cigarettes ☠ Winter has a cigarette habit she leans on when she gets anxious or paraniod.

|| Likes ||
"I like to lie."
▲ Stealing ▲ Money ▲ Lying ▲ Her cat, Clyde ▲ The desert ▲ Nightime
▲ Travel ▲ Cigarettes ▲ Nature ▲ Champagne ▲ Cold Weather ▲ Being alone
▲ Adventure ▲ Sarcasm ▲ The color green ▲ Snakes ▲ Being Challenged ▲ Reading

|| Disikes ||
"I hate people who cling."
▼ Feeling tied down ▼ Too much attention ▼ Wine ▼ Weed ▼ Dogs ▼ School
▼ Getting caught ▼ Telling the truth ▼ Dumb people ▼ Crowds ▼ Authority ▼ Love
▼ Confrontation ▼ The color orange ▼ Sweet foods ▼ Coffee ▼ Boring people ▼ Anxiety

|| Abilities||
"I can be whoever I want."
[ Thievery ] This ability helps her get away with swift theft. You could be looking her dead in the eye and not know she's picking your pockets clean. Even security cameras cannot seem to catch her pocketing what she wants, and everything is up for grabs. Sometimes, she steals just for the hell of it.
[ Deception ] Blessed with a silver tongue, she can make you believe just about anything. It is impossible not to believe every word she says, even if it's a bold faced lie. When using this ability, her words become like a "spell" she's casting as she speaks and her victim is drawn into her every word, believing every syllable without failure. Stronger minds can sometimes resist this ability a bit, or will even regain their senses as the spell "fades" a little later and they realize she'd been lying. Weak minded individuals, however, may go their entire lives never knowing she lied.
[ Shifting ] With this ability, Winter can alter her appearance at will. She cannot exactly shape shift in the sense that she can become anything she wants. She has to remain human and female, but those are her only restrictions. She can change her height, weight, hair color, voice, ect.

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Rhiannon || Fleetwood Mac
"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn't you love to love her?
Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover?
All your life you've never seen
Woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?

She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is to darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark
And when the sky is starless

All your life you've never seen
Woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?
Will you ever win?"


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Image Image
|| Basics ||
"No one ever suspects the sweet-faced blonde."
  • Eyes → Pale blue-green
  • Hair → Platinum blonde, hangs just past her breasts and
    is often kept straight, or in loose waves.
  • Height → 5'4"
  • Weight → 110 lbs

|| Piercings ||
"Just my ears."
Winter only has the lobes of her ears pierced

|| Tattoos ||
"I don't have very many."
For the most part, Winter has stayed away from tattoos. She does have a couple of small ones, but she stays away from anything too large or unique. She does her job by playing various roles, or remaining anonymous, so she can't have something extremely recognizable brand her or make her stand out.
[ Back of neck ] Right at the top of her spine, on the back of her neck, Winnie has a very tiny outline of an angel tattooed. This she got shortly after the death of her father whom she loved dearly. It's a reminder that he's with her always, even in death he watches over her. A nervous habit of hers is to rub her hand over it.
[ Left thumb ] Written on the side of her left thumb, Winnie has the word "B R E A T H E". Often, Winter struggles with anxiety and paranoia, and the tattoo is simply a reminder to breathe. It helps soothe her a little when she gets worked up, reminding her to relax.
[ Right Elbow ] On the back of her right elbow, Winter has a tiny cactus tattoo. She was born in Las Vegas and spent much of her early childhood moving around the American Southwest, so the desert has a special place in her heart, as this tattoo signifies.
[ Left Elbow ] Lastly, on the inside of her left elbow, Winter has a tattoo that simply reads "miles to go". Traveling has been something Winter's done constantly her entire life. The longest she's remained in one place is probably no more than a year. This tattoo reminds her when she gets restless, that there's still more out there.

|| Scars ||
"People don't like to be stolen from."
[ Under Jaw ] While she doesn't often get caught, thievery is a dangerous game with heavy consequences for the loser. The first time she was ever caught, she was fifteen. A mark she had been working a con on for a month found her out and, the confrontation got ugly. She managed to get out with her life, but there's still a small scar under her jaw from a blow dealt to her face during the scrape.
[ Left bicep ] High, on the fleshy part of her left bicep, Winnie has a small jagged edged scar. This she got from another mark who managed to find her out. She had been pulling a romantic con in which she dated a millionaire and drained his bank accounts under the table. One evening, they were having diner and wine at his place when he confronted her. Wine glasses were thrown and a large shard of glass lodged itself in her arm.

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Dani California || Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Black bandanna, sweet Louisiana
Robbing on a bank in the state of Indiana
She's a runner
Rebel, and a stunner
On her merry way saying baby, watcha gonna?
Looking down the barrel of a hot metal forty-five
Just another way to survive"


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|| Personality ||
"Baby's a rolling stone."
Intelligent → Winnie never had much of a traditional education. Growing up, they never stayed in one place too long, and were often too busy conning to worry about school. There were periods of time where she was enrolled in school for a month or so at a time, but that was about all she had for a formal education. Most of what she learned, she learned from the world and her father. Despite this unorthodox method of education, however, Winter is whip smart and a fast learner. She enjoys spending her free time reading, and likes a mental challenge. Should she come across something she doesn't know or understand, it's only a matter of time before she's mastered it completely. She's enormously clever and cunning, and what she lacks in formal education, she makes up for in spades with street smarts.

Deceptive → Winter is an Olympic level liar. Not only does she have the power of deception to make you believe every word she says supernaturally, but she's got a natural talent for it as well. She know just how read people expertly, and spin words to accommodate for what she learns. In a single sentence, she can make your biggest dreams, hopes, or even fears seem like a total reality in order to manipulate and deceive. In fact, lying is almost a sport for her. She loves it, and the same goes for theft. She almost can't get through a conversation without telling at least one lie, and certainly can't leave a place without stealing something, no matter how insignificant.

Anxious → Though she's a bit of a loner by nature, and enjoys solitude, Winter is not socially anxious or shy by any means. She does, however, suffer from a lot of anxiety in other ways. One such example is her restlessness. She can't carry on a "normal" existence or stay in one place, for very long without growing ansty and anxious. In fact, the longer she remains in a location, the worse she gets until there's nothing she can do but skip town. She also has a lot paranoia constantly hanging over her head. Conning is dangerous and risky, and she's always in danger of being found out. While she does her best to keep it in check and not let it ruin her game, she can't help but feel perpetually paranoid of being found out.

Grifter → Winnie is the very definition of a rolling stone. Not only does she need to constantly relocate to stay under the radar as a thief and con artist, but she actually enjoys a nomadic lifestyle. It keeps things fresh and exciting for her, and soothes her ever building anxiety to embark on a new adventure every couple weeks or months. Besides this, it keeps her unattached. She's a bit of a loner, with a deep-seeded fear of true intimacy and closeness. If she plays games and then leaves before anyone can get close to her, she never has to worry about something real breaking her heart.

Chameleon → Winnie has spent her entire life playing roles. If her childhood had gone differently, she may have had a very successful career as an actress. With her powers, she can change her outward appearance to be anyone she wants, and combined with her skill to flawlessly alter her very personality, she's the ultimate chameleon. Sometimes, her cons run for quite a long time and can get very complex and twisted. She quite literally has to create a character and become that character in order to sell it and she's very good at it. She's also very good at the art of "blending" or remaining anonymous. No one ever expects the tiny, soft spoken blonde to rob them blind.

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Thieves & Kings || The Peach Kings
"We'll tickle your chin while we reel you in
Tick tick boom
Seduction sirens get the money and run
Listen for the sound of the whoo-dee-whoo
We want the sound

Chuggin whiskey in the bayou, chuggin whiskey in the train car
Jet planes, sidecars
Hitch a ride through Arizona, get our names in the clear
We're addicted to a good thing"


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|| Family ||
"My father's dead, and I never really knew my mother."
Heather Jane Norman || Mother || 41 || Alive
Marcus Allen Thomas || Father || 38, at death || Deceased
Summer Rose Thomas || Half-sister || 18 || Alive

|| History ||
"I've been a beggar, and I've been a queen."
Winter's life has been an unorthodox one to say the very least. Her mother, Heather, was trailer park trash from the outskirts of Las Vegas, while her father, Marcus, was a struggling salesman who enjoyed the occasional bout of thievery as something of a hobby. Her mother was a borderline alcoholic who couldn't hold a decent job, and was often cruel and hateful towards her father, but her father truly did love her mother, regardless of the problems in their marriage.

However, after the birth of Winter, the marriage only lasted two years before falling apart dramatically. Her mother became pregnant again, only this time, the child wasn't Marcus's. The baby was her lover's and when her mother told her father that she was pregnant with another man's child and wanted a divorce so she could raise it with him, her father lost it entirely. Coldly, her mother divorced her father and kicked him out, leaving him homeless and alone, but he wouldn't have it. He broke in and stole young two year old Winter from her crib, the two of them taking off into the Nevada desert in a camper van he also stole.

From that point on, she and her father were on there own, and started a life of crime and cons. In the beginning, it was mostly petty thievery, as her father had always dabbled in the craft a little for fun, but never really delved into it. He swiped things to help get money to raise Winter, or robbed the occasional convenience store. After a year or two, however, his craft got much more sophisticated. He started pulling insurance scams, "slipped" and hurt himself in a store and threatened to sue, seduced a wealthy woman to get his hands on her money.

As Winter got older, his various cons grew more complex, and something became apparent. Winter had supernatural abilities that, with her father's training, could make her a legendary thief. He taught her everything she knew, and she excelled at every lesson. The cons got bigger, bolder, more complex. They were stealing from millionaires, robbing casinos and museums, defrauding massive corporations, and the like. They made so much money, it was ridiculous, but it didn't stop because at some point, it stopped being about the money. In fact, most of the time when not running a con, they still lived out of their old camper van. They were doing it for the sport of it.

When it came to being caught, there were several close calls, but for the most part, they seemed invincible. Until they weren't. Foolishly, her father managed to get himself in trouble one evening when he went out to steal from the local corner store. After everything they'd stolen, he got caught trying to take a pack of cigarettes and some soda, and ended up getting arrested. Winter stayed in town for two months while her father tried to get out of the charges before tragedy struck. Her father was killed in jail from a stab wound to the side.

Winnie was only thirteen and suddenly on her own. She went home to her mother, briefly, only to find that she'd remarried an abusive man and fallen further into her alcohol dependency. Even her half sister was bitchy and hateful towards her, so, after a few miserable months, Winter ran away, preferring to take her chances on her own.

For a while, it was tricky. She relied on what her father had taught her, conning and scheming her way through life. As a thirteen year old, however, her options were somewhat limited. She could play the "orphan" card and con some unsuspecting family into caring for her, or rob stores for food and money to get by between cons. However, as she got older, she became more skilled in her ability to morph her physical appearance, and was able to make herself seem older than she really was. By fifteen, her schemes were outrageously complex, as well as widespread. She traveled all over the world pulling heists, even spent three months married to a Saudi Arabian prince, only to rob him blind and take off without a trace.

When she was nineteen, however, she ran into a little trouble. She was kidnapped by The Order and spent two months in captivity, being studied and cruelly experimented on. The research lab was eventually discovered and brought down by a group of Divines operating out of Garden of Eden College, and they took her in. Winter hates staying in one place, but her run in with The Order terrified the hell out of her. As there are safety in numbers, she has chosen to remain at the school. For the time being, at least. The longer she stays, the more restless she becomes.

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"Just in time, In the right place
Suddenly, I will play my ace"

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So begins...

Winter Paige Thomas's Story