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The Phantasm

The Phantasm


(OPEN) In a fantasized version of Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan, familiar yet dark and mysterious crimes have broke out and the darkness among the city begins to show itself!

578 readers have visited The Phantasm since Sonicx00 created it.



In the fantasized version of Shibuya, Tokyo (Japan) recent break out of mysterious crimes have broke out across the city which most have been unexplained or unsolved. The crimes recently began to be set in motion of a three month timespan which some people have noticed if not most. Interestingly though it was only ten years ago that similar cases were shown to take place in almost the exact same manner on the same days yet even those were unexplained. Although unusual, what some of the world do not know or are sceptic about is the fact that this world contains supernatural entities that have been rampant since even the darker times of the world only to be hidden among there human forms or some families contain certain bloodlines that have specific gifts. Due to these facts, many groups and individual's with these gifts have become rather curious of these events that have been taking place recently. Even human's with normal capabilities (Mostly investigators and detectives) have been looking into these cases matching the recent events to the past to see a connection although questions have yet to be answered.

Although for the most part there were four major cases that have came up. All events are noticed to be viewed slightly different depending on who you are or what you know (Do not mix player knowledge with character knowledge). The church has began looking for answers from ten years ago and have been tracking and investigating the incidents even to this point. They are the closest in information. Some Magus's have an idea what may have began it (For the most part they know it's magic but again it comes to there knowledge). To human's they're nearly clueless to how these events occur excluding case #4, however they do they do know they are definitely unusual. Some of the families with bloodline capabilities do also have an idea like the Magus's but they don't exactly care too much. However everyone knows the basics of these four cases. Below will be an explanation of each case. All news were mostly on the news but very brief and to the point (Not everything was explained or given).

Case #1 – September 1st
fifteen Casualties excluding the death of a high ranking executive. Bodies found among a ten foot crater in the middle of town square. Upon looking at the executive, he had a hole through his chest. Killer unknown and witnesses only explained seeing an explosion.

For the most part and to everyone, people recognize the crater to be the main part of the scene to stand out. Especially after going to the scene at night of course at different times. For the most part it was merely an observation and pass by for most people who really were into it. Investigator's able to observe the scene only noticed some of the gravel was a little warm.

Case #2 – October 3rd
The prime minister is assassinated blood smeared over the wall of his office and somewhat over the side of the desk. Next to it are the words “Change”. Items found were suspicious papers and a USB drive.

Other it being on the news that a prime minister was assassinated nothing more was announced. Investigator's did however know of the suspicious papers and USB, however before they were looked at interestingly that investigator was assassinated and stolen (By the church but no one knows that, however investigation team does suspect another Magus or the culprit did it). To everyone else, you may notice a connection but its all character knowledge at that point.

Case #3 – November 5th
Suspicious building explosions happening at the same time. Five buildings destroyed yet no where was any evidence of explosives placed. One was a academy, two construction site, skyscraper, and Executive building.

No casualties and the building has only been expected during the day and nothing was found at that point. To each there own from this point on.

Case #4 – November 6th
The series of murders all over Shibuya have began.

It is currently 11:00 P.M. Of November 8th and around thirty murders have taken place around the city by this point. No one has came up to be suspected although the murders have by no means seem natural and some may leave signs to different people among the city whether it be of the church, Magus's or normal human beings... One way or another you have all come to suspect and perhaps assume where the villain may appear but are quite unsure. Do know that it is pretty much a free for all. Remember just because you're a magus, if you see someone from the church you may not hate them. It all comes down to your beliefs.

Things for players to know:
All Mages are known as a Magus. Magus's are human's with mana capabilities that train in only one type of Magic. Often because its what there bloodline limit them to. If they were to try to go into a different field it may prove to be difficult and take a lot of time to master. Even there main specialization's take years. Although there are some societies, most Magus's are solo.

Religious churches do have a role in this – The main one for this RP is the “Church of Hera”. Often almost all Magus's in Shibuya and almost all Japan know of this church. They oppose Magus's and often are seen to govern magic. They believe Magus's who use there powers uncontrolled should be destroyed.

Not all characters have to be strictly human, human bloodlines, or a magus. You can be a human with a demon entity, possessed etc.

The one behind it all is currently an NPC which all characters will find out later.

Characters Available
1. Priestess Claudette
2. Male (Reserved by BigBadWolf)
3. Female (Reserved by Elyon)
4. Male (Open)
5. Female (Reserved by The5thHorseman)
6. Male (Open)
7. Female (Open)
8. Male (Open)

I hold reservations so long as you are active and actually can communicate with me.

I do not mind adding more slots but holding a character calls for responsibility. Just stay active, If you tend to abandon RPs quickly do not even consider joining.

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[center][font=noteworthy][size=90][color=purple][u]Theme:[/u][/color] [url=Song URL] Song Name ♦ Artist[/url]
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♦ [color=Your Choice][b]GENERAL INFORMATION[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Your Choice][u]Type/Sub-Race:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Gender:[/u][/color]
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[color=Your Choice][u]Age:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Sexuality:[/u][/color]

[color=Your Choice][u]Romantic Interest(s):[/u][/color]

♦ [color=Black][b]APPEARANCE[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Your Choice][u]Height:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Weight:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Build:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Hair Color/Style:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Eye Color:[/u][/color]
[color=Your Choice][u]Scars/Tattoos/Piercings:[/u][/color]

[center][color=Your Choice][u]Description[/u][/color][/center]

Give a three paragraph description of how your character looks, stands, gestures, basically what the characters shows of him/herself.

[color=Your Choice][u]Preferred Clothing:[/u][/color]
Describe your characters favored type of clothing or what is usually worn.

[center]♦ [color=Your Choice][b]MENTALITY[/b][/color] ♦[/center]

[color=Your Choice][u]Oddities:[/u][/color] explain quirks that your character may be seen doing. For an example it may be twiddling their thumbs as they wait or so. We all have them one way or another.

[left][b][Likes][/b][/left] [right][b][Dislikes][/b][/right]
[left][color=your choice][b]o[/b][/color] --- [/left] [right] --- [color=Your Choice][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=Your choice][b]o[/b][/color] --- [/left] [right] --- [color=Your choice][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=Your choice][b]o[/b][/color] --- [/left] [right] --- [color=Your choice][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=Your choice][b]o[/b][/color] --- [/left] [right] --- [color=Your choice][b]x[/b][/color][/right]

[center][color=Your choice][u]Personality[/u][/color][/center]

Describe your character's personality as a whole. Give at least three good paragraphs, if you take everything into account, your character will be better fleshed out.

[center]♦ [color=Your choice][b]TALENTS/COMBATIVENESS[/b][/color] ♦[/center]

[center][color=Your choice][u]Skills[/u][/color][/center]

These aren't magical abilities, character specific abilities or anything that relates to attacks but these are basic skills that your character has learned throughout there life and what they're good at. If I see something that doesn't make any sense to your history I will call you out. Being highly investigative but never going into training and or never having any experience just doesn't make sense at all.

[center][color=Your choice][u]Weaknesses:[/u][/color][/center]

What affects your character the most, this doesn't always involve fighting but it could be emotional things too. Although you didn't write anything down here do not assume your character is god in battle.

[color=Your choice][u]Powers:[/u][/color]

As far as powers go do not god mod it or you'll definitely have to re-think it when i give you a review. Your powers can be rather great effectively but just be sure you know your own weaknesses. If abilities seem to OP I will ask for an explanation or reject it. I do think abilities out to the core.

[center][color=Your choice][u]Abilities:[/u][/color][/center]

Abilities are similar to powers except a good way to see it is that Powers are more like your passive or bloodline thing like you were born with it. Normal human's wont have those however abilities are something you relatively learn over time and such. List those here.

[center][color=Your choice][u]Awakening[/u][/center]

Awakenings are basically your character specific inner demon as one could say. Its basically your character's final resort or perhaps there best strength however, they must come with a weakness unless your awakening is weak in general.

[color=Your choice][u]Weapon of Choice/Discipline:[/u][/color]

[center][color=Your choice][u]Fighting Style[/u][/color][/center]
Give a good summary of how your character battles with everything you've given me above. Remember, your character may have never fought in there history which means they have 0 if not hardly any experience. The best thing to describe is how they may act if they were to actually have a clear stated mind.
[center]♦ [color=Your choice][b]BACKGROUND[/b][/color] ♦[/center]

[color=Your choice][u]Relationship Status:[/u][/color] Single, taken, married etc.

[color=Your choice][u]Family/Significant Individuals:[/u][/color]
List your family here.

[center][color=Your choice][u]Personal History[/u][/color][/center]
Give us a nice good and long history

[center]♦ [color=Your choice][b]OTHER/ETC/TRIVIA:[/b][/color] ♦[/center]
List here if you have anything else you want us to know.

Toggle Rules

- No Mary Sues
- No God-modding (This is included with character creation. I do review and will message you over your abilities if they seem to OP)
- Give about three paragraphs... We should all be able to write that much. Sometimes dialogue has it's exceptions but even then you can add details to your conversation, expressing how your character feels, what he's doing when talking, posture, etc.
- Romance allowed (keep it pg-13) - Although this is an adult themed RP I want to be safe and keep romance to RPG's level.
- Be dark and think dark, the theme of this RP is wicked. Think of some of the darker themed anime's you may have watched. This doesn't mean make your character's depressed from the start but just do what you can with your character.
- Keep up with the OOC and be social. Try to at least engage with plot discussions and such although for the most part the rp is very non-linear and is more about character progression. It does have a plot and I will not reveal the killers quite yet.
- Try to post often or within a week's time. If you can't post for a while, be sure to at least tell us and make sure your character is not going to stall others. (Making them wait for the remaining time you're away).
- Please be nice and respect those you roleplay with.
- Take opportunities to roleplay with each other!!
- You're Only Allowed one character for this roleplay. However if you prove you can keep up and actually post as often as you can in the roleplay then I may accept it.

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Re: The Phantasm

You can do that. Summoner Magus's utilize in one summon and its usually through an artifact. I don't know if you want to keep going with that idea because Elyon is creating a summoner too but it is your choice.

Do know we're still actively creating our character although time has not been on our side atm.

Re: The Phantasm

If possible I would love to reserve a male character. I have an idea for a summoner magus who utilizes a demon fused to his shadow and fights with it in tandem.

Re: The Phantasm

If someone agrees to you can but just because you know someone doesn't mean you actually know them. Being a random human could be good for progressive eye openers to the world and such. Just keep that in mind as well.

Re: The Phantasm

Hello there! If it's alright, I'd like to reserve the last female. I was thinking of just making her a human but I was hoping to have her be related or have some sort of relationship with another character so she's not so lonely and just a random human. :3

Re: The Phantasm

Thats fine, you're reserved. I will say being friends with my character may be iffy. However Claudette does have a "day" personality which opposes her true nature so to speak. I will say, its awesome idea for your character. I was hoping to see at least a couple if not three normal beings who get caught up in all of this or so for story and plot.

Re: The Phantasm

This looks awesome! Anyway I would like to go with a possessed human, possessed by a shadow demon. So she will be a normal human, no powers, she will be a troubled young woman who is unaware of her inner demons as well as the supernaturals around her though she is friends with some of them, maybe a friend of your character to where your character is aware of her demon.
Anyway I will copy and paste your character sheet, add my own colors, and put my own info into the sheet type it will probably be a sip for now though.

The Phantasm

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!