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a character in “The Phantasm”, as played by Sonicx00





Type/Sub-Race: Human (Magus)/Priestess
Gender: Female
Nickname(s):Claudia (It's been awhile since she has heard that)
Affiliation: The Church Of Hera
Alias(es): The Angel Of Death, The Tempest
Age: 28
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romantic Interest(s): None


Height: 170
Weight: 130
Build: Glamorous
Hair Color/Style: White, lose and straight down her back
Eye Color: Red
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Religious tattoo's that are covered from the neck down her chest and back.


Preferred Clothing:



[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Hera Rogue Maguses x
o Books Vampires x
o Dancing --- x
o Singing --- x




Gunslinger - Claudette is an amazing gunslinger, able to take both of her pistols out, aim perfectly and shoot in a couple of seconds. In addition to this she is well aware of where she places of clips at the ready, taking as less time as she needs to reload.

Knife Artist - Claudette is nearly unmatched with a knife being able to use it as her secondary weapon. Claudette with training knows how to properly use the weapon to her advantage.

Ambidextrous - Claudette uses her hands equally never relying on either or. This helps incredibly when it comes to her gunslinging where she uses two pistols at once.

Interrogation - With Claudette's line of work being the agent of Hera and for what she does for her church. She has increased and developed skills of interrogation and will do nearly anything to get answers.

Investigation - Claudete is incredible with investigating further then normal humans might. Mainly having to do with her subterfuge for information she is able to secretly pinpoint information on a trained level.

Observation - Claudette often observes things to the core and doesn't act without doing so. She tries not to let a single bit of detail sway from her.

Singing - Claudette is an excellent singer which she tends to practice during the day. Mostly it could be known this is a trait of hers that hides her night life.

Dancing - Being well on her feet, Claudette can often do formal dances quite well. She's also one to dance alone when she singles upon the church's roof but this is only when no one is looking or so she hopes.

Acrobatics - Under training Claudette is very acrobatic as she should be when being ambidextrous with weaponry. Often during combat is when it is shown but there are some cases which she has to reveal this part of her.

Quick Reflexes - Naturally, Claudette has exceptional reflexes reacting the moment the sound of gun may go off, catching something she accidentally drop and such.


Symbol Of Hera (Weakness) -


Symbol Of Hera (Power) - Hera in this reality is known to be an actual deity worshipped mostly of the greeks and western country. Every two hundred years, our goddess chooses a champion and blesses them with power. Claudette has augmented strength and agility. To be precise, Claudette isn't as fast as a car or able to teleport basically but she can definitely keep her speed above the average human. When it comes to strength, she can punch through a brick no problem but she can't lift a car and chunk it. She can with this strength jump pretty high into the air. Relatively 15 feet if she charged up to it.


Divinity Magic This magic is actually conjured from Claudette's family bloodline of devoted priest. This magic is unclassified in the world although its roots are basically of a stronger holy magic only used by this family. To the point, Divine magic is augmented Holy magic that goes beyond its natural counterpart shadow (Darkness).


Symbol Of Hera (Awakening) - Her awakening is dependent upon her emotional stability. When awakened her Tattoo's extend over her entire body, most noticeable to her foes is her face which the markings go from the forehead to her chin as her eyes darken with the shadow over them. In addition she grows black wings are shown to be quite strong, feathers as sharp as knives. Claudette does not retain her complete mindset, in fact it is shown to be quite darker then usual. It is shown that Hera does in fact reveals herself through personality at least, showing she will become angry when jealous and shows no mercy. In addition, she gets a divinity aura which becomes visual energy leaking from the woman. Oddly though the aura has a mixture of darkness in it as well.

Weapons of Choice/Discipline:
Holy In scripted Twin Pistols (8 rounds of 6 divine infused silver bullets that she can refill at a certain time)
A holy in scripted silver dagger

Fighting Style


Relationship Status: Single

Family/Significant Individuals:

Personal History


So begins...

Claudette's Story