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Name: Edwards, Victoria Allison
Nickname: Vic or Edwards
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height, Weight: 5'6 - 125 lbs.
Eye Color, Hair Color: Blue, Blonde
Nationality: Citizen of United Sate of America
Birth Place: Georgetown, South Carolina

Position on the Team: Detective

Medical Concerns: Shot in the arm at age 26 and has made a clean recovery, possible PTSD from incident in which she sees the Dept. Counselor
Current Fitness: Passed psychical exam in 2009, Works-Out Regularly, Teaches a Women's Self Defense Class on the Weekends
Current Concerns: Possible PTSD
Other: Birth Control

Overview: U.S.C. Criminal Investigation 2002-2006, Police Academy Fall/Winter 2006-2007, Georgetown P.D. 2007-2009, Philadelphia P.D. 2009-Current
Years on the Team: Started with the team Sept. 23, 2009
Other: December 2009 - While questioning a suspect alone, was caught off-guard, shot in her right fore-arm, held captive for almost 24 hours

Physical Description: Victoria has that 'all American girl' look that people tend to not take seriously. She is average height with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her figure is athletic, yet girlish. At work she attempts to dress neatly in slacks and pain blouse. Outside of work she is more a jeans and t-shit person. She wears little make up, due to not usually having time to apply it and her hair is usually in a messy ponytail or bun.


+ Father is a Detective in Charleston, S.C., Brother is a Detective in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
+ During her Rookie Year with the Team, a suspect shot her as she approached him for questioning and held her captive over night before the team found her and arrested the suspect.
+ Enjoys her down time very much. This often involves too much alcohol and a hang over the next morning.
+ Quick tempered and fowl mouthed more often then not.
+ Mother died from cancer when she was eleven. Her father raised her and brother with strong morals and tried to teach both all her knows about being a 'good cop'.

Psychiatric Evaluation: Due to the strong male models in her family, she feels she must live up to high standards. This causes occasional stress. Her romantic relationships often fail due to her expecting too much from her partner and she tends to take on the dominant role. Tends to sometimes slack or get side-tracked easily, this causes guilt and she overly tries to make up for it. Although she feels she has to overcompensate due to her family status, she is passionate about solving crimes and 'catching the bad guy'.


Glock 23, Law Enforcement issue stun gun, mace, handcuffs


Victoria Edwards had a very typical all American girl lifestyle in a small South Carolinian town by the ocean. Her mother died when she was eleven years old and her brother was sixteen. Her father, a detective in Charleston, S.C. took his role as single father very seriously, however he often forgot that Victoria was a girl. He taught her how to fight and how to shoot. He encouraged both his children to become officers. Victoria's brother was the first to start out going to U.S.C. to study Criminal Justice and Investigation, then going into the Academy and then the force. Following in his footsteps, Victoria did the same. She didn't receive as high marks as her brother and this often bothered her. She imagines her brother being the apple of her father's eye and she often tries to out-do him.

She started out on the force in Georgetown and worked there a little over two years. She quickly realized she would be happier working out from under both her father and brother's watchful and judgmental eyes. When a spot opened up in Philadelphia, she jumped on it. While in this new town, she has been trying to let both her knowledge and her instincts take over to help her become her own 'better cop' other than what she is expected to be from her father.

So begins...

Victoria "Vic' Allison Edwards's Story