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"Heh, oops... Maybe I should start labelling my potions."

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a character in “The Phoenix”, as played by ponerj


Name: Elweise
Role: Potion Master - Medic
Nickname: Elly
Race: Witch
Age: 20
Skills: Potion Making - She makes many potions, most are remedies for pain and sicknesses. All she needs is the right ingredients.
Spell Casting - She has many spell books that she owes. Her spells can do many things, but she needs the certain tome to perform certain tasks.
Flying - She can fly on a broom stick... only short distances though.
Bio: Elweise came from an island inhabited only by witches. Witches are a race of human that are powerful in magic and are only female. The witches of the island Elweise was born is a utopian society built on the belief that men are the cause of all problems. They use magic to perform tasks they would normally need a man for, most notably reproduce.
Elweise was born on there and was a good citizen, but the age of 15 she started to wonder, what was beyond the blue sea. On The Island of Witches, nobody was allowed to leave. Every once in while traders would come in to trade with the island, but only special selected witches were allowed to talk to the outsiders. Elly wasn't one of those, but she curious. She approach one of the traders and asked what was out there, beyond the sea. She seized by her fellow witches, beaten, and imprisoned for 5 years for talk to a trader.When her time was up she decided she about enough of this place. She hoped onto her broom stick and flew off across the ocean. But her little broom stick didn't allow her to get anywhere near any islands. She became exhausted and fell into the middle of the ocean. She would have surely died there if it wasn't for an incoming airship, The Phoenix. They rescued her, and they needed a well-educated medic, so Elly and vast knowledge of remedies stayed aboard The Phoenix. Not like she really had anywhere to go... She couldn't go back home, she was an exile now.
Personality: Elweise is a rather shy girl. She has a hard time trusting people, especially males. She's pretty sexist... Despite being shy to talk to, she is quite the prankster, playing tricks on the other crew members. She can act very immature and childish at times, but she knows when to be an adult.
Weapons: Her spell books.
Other: She loves getting new clothes. And she's homosexual (which is kind of obvious). Purple.

So begins...

Elweise's Story


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#, as written by ponerj
Elweise had a good night's sleep. Unlike most of the others, Elweise had little participation in the events of yesterday. She stayed tucked away in her little quarters while the others fight off flying serpent creatures. Elly wasn't much of one for battle; she was a girl of elegance, not a grimy soldier. And because nobody came to see after the fight, she assumed everyone was alright or didn't want her help. Which she was fine with if somebody like Aelfric or Vernon didn't want her help; but if Leddy or Merche refused to come to her when hurt she would be heart broken.

Elweise would wake up that morning, and immediately had a need to go out into whatever city they landed. Elly liked to get off board when they go to new places to look around in whatever market they had and find herbs and such for her potions. She needed to ask the captain for permission first, however. Elly proceeded to the deck, where she found everyone else together. It was a crowd to big for her comfort. She walk off to the another side of the deck to be by herself until everyone had left and she could talk to the captain. Elly didn't pay the city any attention, to her it was just another city like all the others. She was ignorant when it came to knowing certain locations, due to her the isolation of the island she once called home.


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Leddy watched curiously as Al's expressions changed suddenly, wondering for a moment if she had misspoke. She had really been meaning to ask one of them to help her with her speech, to avoid these awkward interactions, but it was a bit embarrassing since she had lived among English-speakers for so many years now and yet still had trouble. Maybe she would ask Bonnie or Elly later on in the daylight when they are not so busy, but then again, she didn't want to be a bother to them. Bonnie always seemed terribly busy with her maps and other things that turned Leddy's mind to mush, so Elly would probably be her best bet.

Alory's expression moved away from the shaken looks he gave before and into a prideful smile, assuring her that she had not offended. Leddy liked that expression much better, it cured her unease, and soon found herself smiling back as he agreed to walk to the town with her. How exciting, yet a bit scary, admittedly, upon hearing the words of warning from the others, but nonetheless she was enjoying these travels.

"Yes, I will wait. Tenna' san', Hallaer." Leddy agreed to Alory's askings, looking down at her feet and straightening her footing on the deck, like she was locking her boots into place on the wood. She was very anxious to get going, to see new things, but it was terribly rude to rush people, wasn't it? Leddy was fairly sure she had been told that before.

At his departure, Leddy looked around idly, taking the waiting quite literally. Everyone in the crew seemed to be out in the open now, doing their own thing, conversing with each other and most likely getting ready for travels. She adjusted her tool belt in the attempt to look busy as she waited, not one to carry weapons often like some of the others.


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Vernon looked around him. Everyone were gathering into pairs or small groups to go and search for the city. The captain seemed to be in his own thoughts. Either he haven't heard Vernon or then he preferred to go alone. Vernon estimated the groups that were heading to the city. He wasn't worried about Aelfric, Merche and Emladrin. That group could survive on their own. He was a bit worried about Alory and Leddy. Alory could fight, but Vernon couldn't help thinking how Leddy would handle in the battle. She wasn't warrior and she was beautiful. Knowing the bad reputation of this city they might be attacked.

Vernon was already going to ask if the two of them needed help, when he noticed Elweise who was away from everyone else. He slowly walked over her. "Heading to the city, miss?" he asked politely as always.