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Caleb Lovely

0 · 766 views · located in Santa Monica, CA

a character in “The Pier”, as played by predictmeifyoucan




Birth Name:
Caleb Jonathon Lovely

The Puppy, Pouty


Date of Birth:
February 23

New York


Student/Computer Programmer

Dialogue Color:

Caleb has always been a bright kid in terms of personality and intellect. Much of his personality oddly contrasts what he endured in the first few years of his life, mostly because that was the only way to successfully survive it. Despite having the first part of his childhood be quite turbulent, he never showed the signs of family abuse to his teachers or other authority figures. He's always been quite silly and jovial and, like pretty much anybody, seeks out fun. In fact, all of the family photos show nothing but a smiling Caleb, save the occasional upset pictures that are inexplicable, especially given how sensitive of a person he was. This trait easily led him to being the crybaby in the group more times than one as a kid, likely because he subconsciously correlated home with not being a safe place to do that. His bottled up emotions made it so that seemingly little things broke his heart, such as being 'It' when he didn't want to. Luckily, he grew out of that, but he will always be a touchy, emotional guy, no matter how much facial hair he has. On top of his gentle personality, his curiosity of the world was his saving grace. He was never sad or hurt enough to not want to learn, and he was more or less always given toys and books that piqued his interest, usually given as a distraction of apology for something his parents did. This curiosity followed him through the rest of his childhood, as he was a particularly nerdy kid in all that most stereotypical ways. But where he lacked in looks, he did make up for in personality.

The betrayal he connects with his mother and father are a large reason for why he's so loyal and emotional. While plenty of others would come out of his situation the exact opposite of him, hardened and cautious, he managed to maintain mostly positive traits. However, these positive traits can be negative if at the right extreme, and with Caleb, that's where his flaws begin. He has a hard time taking even the smallest things to heart, not able to compartmentalize between what's a big deal what was simply not worth the worthy. Because the smallest comment could spark a large argument between his parents, he was of course always on eggshells, always trying to predict a fight before it happened so he wouldn't be caught off guard. His detail-oriented nature, coupled with his emotional side, acts as a coping mechanism, but also works against him because he'll manage to find something out of nothing. That being said, he forms attachments with people and things quickly and irresponsibly, latching onto anything he perceives as good. That has, of course, led to many more betrayals and harsh reality checks, yet he somehow still didn't learn until recently. And even still, at his core, he is far too hopeful and trusting in the world. He feels a need to see good in everything, otherwise he'll crumble. This is why he hates negativity, and especially rude people. He feels partially responsible for what happened with his mother, so in a way, this is his making up for it. When he feel they're threatened enough, his generally cheery demeanor will change completely. His 'red side' has only revealed itself a handful of times since he tries not to let his anger consume, but when pushed to the right levels, he can be an entirely different person. He definitely views this as a flaw and tries to remain as positive as possible. Ironically, though, he is good for holding grudges. It's definitely not something he's proud of, especially since it seems like a nice gateway to turning out like his father, but he just can't let go. And being that it doesn't seem to have an effect on his outer personality, he doesn't feel the need to really change it.

In college, he evolved a lot, physically and mentally. As far as personality goes, he became much more secure in himself, and thankfully got out of that naive attitude. Even now, it's quite apparent that he isn't the same as he once was. He's far bolder and much more confident, things slide off his shoulder much easier now, and he's not as afraid of confrontation as he was as a kid. Additionally, he also has an air of arrogance about him. To make matters worse, he's perfectly aware of it too, and chooses to embrace it. He knows that he looks good and that his life is going great and has learned to not be ashamed of that. Of course, there is definitely a difference between being ashamed and being cocky. He's not so bad to where he's an asshole now, but compared to his much more tepid, babylike personality as a kid, it's apparent that he's feeling himself. Nevertheless, Caleb will always be Caleb, and his closest friends know that. No matter how nice the hair or the job or the Instagram feed, he'll always be the puppy of the group. His signature pout and the way he wrinkles his nose when he's not happy aren't going anywhere.

Likes & Dislikes

Caleb loves wholesome people who give off a good energy. He enjoys the color blue and winter is his favorite season because he likes the weather, the festivities, and the clothes. He dislikes disorganization although he is not organized himself. He's also not a fan of confrontation, and has been known to shut down if things become too personal or intense. In the past, he had to really be pushed to fight back. Now, it's easier to get a reaction out of him as he's not so scared of even the slightest disagreement anymore. He can't stand people who are rude, especially without reason. Being that he tries his hardest to not be that way, he has even less tolerance for those kinds of people. Rude people are one of the few things that can actually get him riled up without fail. He also hates when people try attacking those he deeply cares for. He'll take abuse a lot better from other people than he will his friends taking it. Ever the fan of adventure, he loves trying new things, especially food and activities.


Caleb Lovely is the eldest son of Robert and Hannah Lovely, high school sweethearts whose relationship seemed out of an 80's teen drama. The two had grown up together, and in their teens formed a close bond. Shortly before he was born, Robert and Hannah unexpectedly had a daughter. Still young and unprepared for the world, let alone a child, the two gave the girl up for adoption when she was only a few weeks old. Caleb, like his older sister, was also unplanned, but not wanting to have a repeat of the last incident, his parents decided to marry quickly and finally settle down. Initially, it was a struggle, but the first few years went by relatively smoothly, but this was reality was fabricated. Behind closed doors, his parents fought constantly. Hannah's daughter did not belong to her husband, something he'd always suspected. It was the root of their many arguments, but they stayed together because of the years they had behind him, as well as for their son. Nevertheless, Hannah fell into a deep depression over her guilt, and the crumbling relationship with Robert only assisted this. Caleb was only six when he first saw his father strike his mother. The glass left six stitches down the side of her eye, but his mother told him that people make mistakes. On the outside, you wouldn't be able to tell that there was such strife between the two, but as he got older, they worked less hard to conceal their issues. If asked, he'd tell you it didn't really bother him, which was, of course, even more disturbing. Hannah eventually confessed about her infidelity, but her honesty didn't help matters. Caleb gradually began to despise his father, as following his mother's instructions to 'just ignore them' no longer sufficed. One night at eight years old, there was a particularly nasty fight. One of the 'bad ones' where he would have to stay in his room and console his younger sister. Caleb had snuck out of his room to get a snack, having missed dinner, and saw his father beating his mom. Trying to protect his mother, he tried to intervene, which only resulted in him promptly being tossed across the room and with a broken arm.

It took another six months for his mother to finally leave New York with her paramour. With their arrival to Boston, all of their worries seemingly disappeared. Robert was out of the picture, they had a nice house in a nice neighborhood, with a nice 'new dad', as his sister liked to call his mother's boyfriend, James. It was this year, in the third grade, that he began attending the school where he met all of his current friends. With all of their troubles gone, for the most part, Caleb was expecting to embrace this new life and not look back, but instead, his resentment for his father had only intensified, as well as for his mother. While she was in a better environment, Caleb still noticed how James would comfort at night as she cried. He noticed how often James would excuse their mother from the dinner table because she had one glass of wine too many. For a long time, he had nothing but anger for both of his parents, but it was his feelings towards Hannah that bothered him the most, because in a way, he felt guilty since his father was clearly no victim. As a kid, he didn't have the words to give language to his emotions, but he knows now that his resentment towards his mother was because of how he felt she failed him, especially after his dad broke his arm and it took her six months to leave. He was angry that she 'let' their dad do this to their family, and that she didn't try to even protect her children. As he got older, Caleb knew he wasn't being fair, and those conflicting feelings and knowledge only caused him more turmoil.

Despite the turbulence, he would still say he had a good childhood, especially since his best friend was there to help him through a lot. Getting into college was a turning point for him, as he essentially did a 180 as far as his personality and looks went. With this evolution came a newfound confidence in himself, but he still struggled and continues to struggle in some aspects of his life. University was a time of experimenting in all aspects of the word, and even if those four years were incredibly liberating and life changing, that didn't keep him from being mum on his sexuality until this year. After equating his attraction for men to being gay, before realizing that he still likes girls as well, Caleb identifies as being bisexual, but the 'change' made him uncomfortable in the sense that he feels like sure about himself than he'd like to be. Add to the fact that this is the first time he'll be around his friends since coming out, he's unsure how the summer will go. He doesn't expect anyone to isolate him, but it's still something he's secretly timid about, even if he doesn't act like it.

So begins...

Caleb Lovely's Story

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Santa Monica, California

Apartment Setup:
The Pier Towers: 1537 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA

Apartment 4A: Stella Murray, Violet Taylor, Caleb Lovely, Malachi Donaghue

Apartment 4B: Sabrina Murray, Eida Grace, Bennett Ryan, Gabriel Taylor

Apartment 4C: Greyson Murray, Moriah Morales, Delilah Everly, Christopher Holland

(The apartments are located on the 4th floor. All residents have access to apartment building rooftop, and laundry room in the basement.

Move in Date:
June 1st, 2017 (Thursday)

Move out Date:
August 16th, 2017 (Wednesday)

All of the characters will work at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant on the pier on Monday from 2 PM - 8 PM, and Wednesday and Friday from 11 AM - 6 PM.

Waitstaff: Caleb, Malachi ,Gabriel, Moriah
Busboys/Busgirls: Eida , Bennett
Kitchen staff: Greyson , Delilah
Hostess: Stella , Violet
Bartenders: Christopher, Sabrina

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Eida Grace Character Portrait: Moriah Morales Character Portrait: Delilah Everly Character Portrait: Sabrina Murray Character Portrait: Violet Taylor Character Portrait: Malachi Donaghue
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Date: Thursday, June 1st / 2:00 PM
Location: The Pier Towers: 1537 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA


Dialogue Color: #005722
Christopher was shocked that his flight from Boston had actually went smoothly. He wasn't a very frequent traveler, maybe flying once or twice a year for local vacations when he had the money, but that didn't stop him from thinking that airlines always somehow fucked things up. For someone who had access in involvement in drugs to an extent where getting Xanax wouldn't be that difficult, it's shocking that Chris still flew sober, because he hated flying. He felt like he was cursed when it came time to do so, as if all of the few times he flew things were delayed for one reason or another. Thankfully, his flight touched down in Los Angeles at around noon, and though it took a little while to get his bags, and then to deal with some traffic on the roads (as he expected, given LA's notoriety for it), he arrived at The Pier Towers at around one o'clock. Luckily, he was one of the last to arrive, and the Murrays were already there, which meant that they were able to get their keys and start the move in process with little time wasted on the cheesy and unnecessarily emotional "oh my god, I missed you!!!"s that could be expected with a group like this. Chris had missed (most of) them too, but he was glad that everyone seemed keen on getting their heavy bags into their apartments and getting settled before actually catching up. Even if the three hour time difference wasn't catching up to him quite yet in terms of feeling tired since it was only three o'clock on his body's time, he was hungry, and that was what gave him the motivation to actually unpack his things once he got to his room. If he didn't have food as the thing pressing him to get settled so he could move on and address it, then it wouldn't have been even slightly surprising for Chris to live out of his luggage for the next two and a half months.

After hanging what he didn't want to wrinkle in the closet, and shoving everything else into drawers in his dresser, he took a few minutes to arrange the rest of his things. He was surprised that he was going to get to have his own bathroom, but then again, it was the Murrays who had arranged this whole thing. He knew that they lived a different quality of life than he was used to, even if they weren't always obnoxious about it. Additionally, he reminded himself that he knew that this was going to be a sick deal when he walked into it. Mr. and Mrs. Murray had always been generous, but allowing them to rent a few of the apartments in the new building that Mr. Murray's company had just finished remodeling was on a whole different playing field than letting Chris tag along on one or two of their summer vacations years ago, or allowing him to take home all of the leftovers when Mrs. Murray cooked her famous chicken parm dish. Even if nothing else worked out, Chris had already decided that this summer was going to be a good one, because he was living in a nice apartment at a price that seemed dirt cheap, even compared to what he was used to back in Massachusetts, where things already cost less than California.

This was going to be a summer of renewal for him. A fresh start. After his breakup with Eida, it was no secret that Christopher had hit rock bottom. For the two years that they had been dating, he had miraculously rid himself of the excessive habits he had in drinking, partying, and the likes. He recognized that they were all empty habits with no benefits, but he had become addicted to them over the years of engaging in them. It was more than an addiction, really. Those things had become a part of his personality and identity, and abandoning them had meant abandoning hobbies and friends that went along with it. He had been so head over heels for Eida, that somehow, none of that mattered then, like it had mattered the many other times that he had tried to get his act together before. She was the first girl that he had fallen for, and he was just as surprised by it as anyone else. Even with their breakup being civil, and somewhat expected, Chris found himself feeling like he had lost his new identity. And what did he have to fall back on? The only other "him" he knew, fit with coping habits that he knew would numb the pain quickly. He was jobless, and back to drinking excessively and partying on the regular within a few weeks of the breakup. It sucked, and Chris was embarrassed that he let things fall apart so easily, but he also was trying to cut himself some slack. He had time to mope and hit rock bottom, and that was fine, as long as this summer, he picked himself up again and moved on. Doing so while spending basically every day with that ex-girlfriend right in his vicinity would be hard, and he knew that, but at this point, he had no other choice. Doing this surely beat spending the summer in his parents' basement, since his lease had just recently ended up his apartment, and he had no money to secure a new one back in Boston any time soon anyway.

Living in the same apartment as Greyson Murray was going to be awkward, and Chris was willing to admit that. He felt bad for what had happened years ago, when he was nothing short of a dick, and drunkenly beat the kid up for what he interpreted as him hitting on him. It was a bad thing to do, especially given how close he was with the Murray family at the time, and though it was no excuse, Chris could only blame it on him being young, and beyond stupid. He wouldn't deny that he was a complete asshole when he was younger, though he wasn't as willing to see that his personality hadn't changed that much since then. At least as much as he liked to act like it had. Other than Greyson, though, Chris didn't mind Delilah and Moriah as his two other roommates. With a closed fist, he banged on Moriah's bedroom door, saying, "Come on, sunshine. Let's go see if Sabrina's finally D-T-F this summer. I need a good wingman in my corner, because you know that nothing goes better with a summer in California than a pretty blonde," he said, with that not-much-has-changed showing through in his personality with that remark, especially considering that he knew that Sabrina's brother was possibly within hearing distance.

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greyson murray
the pier towers - 2:00 p.m

xxxxxxGreyson was nervous to say the least. He was probably the only child of the Murray family to not be completely on board with the trip. While he enjoyed the idea of seeing some of his oldest friends, he was still weary about some of the relationships he left in a hurry. Of course, his six hour flight from New York made this inherently worse. From his current family situation to his unfortunate unrequited love, this could only get messy. It took nearly eight complementary club sodas, his entire 80s rock playlist, and a read through of his battered copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird to finally calm down. Greyson had always been nothing less of a worry-wart ever since he started high school, and clearly he hadn't grown out of it.

xxxxxx When the aircraft finally landed he grabbed his small nike backpack from the overhead compartment and shuffled along with everyone else off the plane. As he made his way to baggage claim he sent a small text to his siblings and his mother noting his arrival. He had left quite early that morning so by the time he landed he could hopefully check in and settle down before any of the others arrived.

To: Thing One, Thing Two

Just landed in LAX. Are either of you here yet?

xxxxxx Greyson didn't mind the chaotic traffic when he finally escaped the airport. It wasn't much different from anything he'd experienced in New York. However, the city was hot as hell. Changing clothes would definitely be at the top of his list when he arrived at the Pier Towers. On the ride there he slipped his Nikon out of his backpack and lazily snapped a few pictures of the L.A. life out the window. Rows of palm trees lined the streets where sidewalks of a few early-risers bustled about the stores, a few of which Greyson recognized.

xxxxxxWhen he finally pulled up to the the Pier Towers, Greyson was pleasantly surprised to see that it matched the pictures his mother had sent to him of the place before the trip. At least his father had good taste in something. The room was cozy and modern, something he could definitely get used to for a while. He could hear the shower going from another room and spied Moriah's purse sitting on the table. The corner of his mouth lifted up in a lazy smile as he thought of the rambunctious girl. He then realized that he had completely forgotten about the concept that he had 'roomates' for this entire trip.

xxxxxxMoriah was one of Greyson's friends, he always enjoyed her company. Through the surmount of chick-flicks they had watched together he hoped that she felt the same. Chris, however, was something Greyson was quite weary about. Considering one of the last times he'd ever seen him he had blacked of Greyson's eyes and gave him a bloody nose. The two definitely didn't have the greatest of a relationship but nevertheless Greyson accepted it was going to be something he'd have to get used too. Delilah was middle-ground for Greyson, he hadn't been around her that much to know her too well.

xxxxxxGreyson had managed to unpack, change into more comfortable clothes, and was now lounging on the plushy bed in his room aimlessly scrolling through social media. After a moment, he went back into his messages and typed one out to Caleb. The two hadn't seen each other in quite some time, and Greyson still didn't know where he stood. Of course, it was silly of him to think that Caleb coming out meant that there was a chance between them, but it was still a thought that made his heart skip. Greyson spent a good five minutes erasing and rearranging the text before he finally gave up, and tossed the phone on the bed in frustration.

xxxxxxHowever, the sound of Christopher Holland's voice from outside his room gave him a reason to put down the phone, and not embarrass himself. He shoved his phone in his back pocket and peeked his head outside, his face lighting up at the sight of Moriah. "Momo! You would not believe the extra bag I packed with just movies and popcorn for us"
. He wasn't lying either, that bag was jacked full of every genre and flavor of popcorn you could think of. He turned his face slightly to glance at Chris, who still looked more or less the same since Greyson had last saw him. Greyson's jaw twitched slightly as the contents of their past flashed past his eyes, but this wasn't the time or place for any of that. He managed to flash a quick smile at Chris even adding in a small greeting. "Hey Chris".

xxxxxxHey he thought to himself, it's a start.