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Gabriel Taylor

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a character in “The Pier”, as played by Bandit



Gabriel Anthony Taylor



April 19


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As a graduate of medical school, it goes without saying that Gabriel is intelligent. He's book smart and has never been one to truly struggle in school, though that's not to say that he's a genius. He has always had to put effort into his work to do well, and he has always been a motivated and goal-oriented type of person. He was raised in a family where doing something with your life was expected, so it was never difficult for him to have goals that he wanted to reach. In high school, in addition to focusing on his academics, he was very into sports. Though he no longer plays football, he is still athletic and likes to take care of his body. He spends hours at the gym every week and for the most part, tends to avoid eating junk food regularly. In addition to his parents teaching him that he needed to become someone in life, they also taught him that family is the most important thing in the world. Despite one of his sisters being a few years older than him, Gabriel has always been extremely protective of both of them. It was an easy role to take on since he surpassed his sister in height by the time he was ten. He's not necessarily that crazy older brother who's threatening to shoot any boy that looks at his sisters for longer than a second, because he recognizes that his sisters are capable of making choices for themselves. Instead, he's the type of person that will interfere when he feels like one of them have been disrespected or hurt, or are on the brink of being hurt. And when it gets to that point, there's no turning back. When it comes to family, Gabe doesn't play, and he doesn't give people more than one chance to hurt them. He's always believed that it's an essential role for him to play, because while his dad is the man of the house, at least when he was a teenager, his dad would go to jail for beating the shit out of a kid for hurting one of his sisters, but he was still young enough to get off easy on it. Now that his dad is getting older, he feels like it's more and more important for him to start being responsible for his family. It's why he feels so guilty about all of the loans his parents have co-signed for him, and why he's so stressed about doing well in his residency this upcoming year, because he knows that once he finishes his schooling and gets a job, he'll be able to give his parents everything they've given him and more.

Though his temper comes out when he feels like his family is in danger, overall, Gabe is a relaxed guy. He has a good sense of humor and can make fun of himself. He doesn't take much too seriously, is pretty go-with-the-flow, and passive about a lot of things. While it makes him someone who is easy to hang out with, it can also be damaging to himself, because he often prioritizes other people over himself. As long as something is bearable, he'll let other people run the plans even if he would prefer something else, simply because he doesn't want them to be unhappy. Because he was raised in a way where he was always taught to aim big, he sometimes comes off as judgmental or condescending towards people who don't have their lives as planned out as his. He doesn't understand how people can be content with settling for the mediocre, and he can often fall into the habit of preaching to people who don't want his advice. He thinks he's only helping, but struggles to understand that not everyone wants to live the same life as him.


Gabriel was raised in a pretty normal environment. His parents were both hard workers, with his father holding a job as a plumber and his mother working as a grade school teacher. He grew up with a sister who was three years older than him, and when he was six, his cousin became a permanent resident of their household.
She was so young at the time, and even though she stole his "baby of the family" position, Gabe was too honored to take on an important "big brother" role to care about losing any attention. It made him feel important, and gave him confidence as he grew older, since it allowed him to act as a teacher, mentor, and boss at home. At the same time, having an older sister who was smart, bossy and very independent kept him grounded since she loved to pick on him too, and her teasing not only served as a way for him to garner a layer of thick skin and a good sense of humor, but a competitive nature, too. He was never too much trouble for his parents, as they knew that he was the kind of kid who was always aspiring to be the best that he could be. Though he had his normal moments of trouble here and there, for the most part, Gabriel always had enough common sense to know that fun in the short term wasn't worth risking what he had planned for the long term.

Growing up, he was never brilliant. He wasn't one of those kids who teachers called gifted, and he had to study hard for every single exam he took if he wanted to get an A. He had that motivation in him, though, because he was always a competitive person. He liked pushing himself to do better and better every time he did anything. It was what landed him in the top 5% of his graduating high school class, and position as the star quarterback during his junior and senior years of high school. He received an academic scholarship to Boston College and spent four years there as a biology major with a pre-med concentration. He did his time there, and his hard work paid off, as he was accepted into Boston University's medical school. Four years there came and went, and this past May, he graduated. He was able to secure a residency position in Boston's Children's Hospital's anesthesiology unit, which begins this September. Until then, Gabe is finally able to breathe for the first time in what has felt like years, and actually relax. It's an opportunity for him to let loose and reconnect with himself, but also with his friends and family who he's felt like he's been neglecting, as admittedly, along with school, his girlfriend has been his number one priority recently. As someone who has always deemed himself a family man, he's embarrassed by the way that he's been slacking off on keeping up with his sisters and childhood friends, so he's more than glad to have this summer to spend with them.

Family Members:
Jason "Jay" Taylor | Father
Raquel Peterson | Mother
Damien Peterson | Stepfather
Michelle Taylor | Stepmother
Moriah Morales | Stepsister
Violet Taylor | Adopted Sister/Biological Cousin

So begins...

Gabriel Taylor's Story

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Santa Monica, California

Apartment Setup:
The Pier Towers: 1537 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA

Apartment 4A: Stella Murray, Violet Taylor, Caleb Lovely, Malachi Donaghue

Apartment 4B: Sabrina Murray, Eida Grace, Bennett Ryan, Gabriel Taylor

Apartment 4C: Greyson Murray, Moriah Morales, Delilah Everly, Christopher Holland

(The apartments are located on the 4th floor. All residents have access to apartment building rooftop, and laundry room in the basement.

Move in Date:
June 1st, 2017 (Thursday)

Move out Date:
August 16th, 2017 (Wednesday)

All of the characters will work at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant on the pier on Monday from 2 PM - 8 PM, and Wednesday and Friday from 11 AM - 6 PM.

Waitstaff: Caleb, Malachi ,Gabriel, Moriah
Busboys/Busgirls: Eida , Bennett
Kitchen staff: Greyson , Delilah
Hostess: Stella , Violet
Bartenders: Christopher, Sabrina

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Character Portrait: Eida Grace Character Portrait: Moriah Morales Character Portrait: Delilah Everly Character Portrait: Sabrina Murray Character Portrait: Violet Taylor Character Portrait: Malachi Donaghue
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Date: Thursday, June 1st / 2:00 PM
Location: The Pier Towers: 1537 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA


Dialogue Color: #005722
Christopher was shocked that his flight from Boston had actually went smoothly. He wasn't a very frequent traveler, maybe flying once or twice a year for local vacations when he had the money, but that didn't stop him from thinking that airlines always somehow fucked things up. For someone who had access in involvement in drugs to an extent where getting Xanax wouldn't be that difficult, it's shocking that Chris still flew sober, because he hated flying. He felt like he was cursed when it came time to do so, as if all of the few times he flew things were delayed for one reason or another. Thankfully, his flight touched down in Los Angeles at around noon, and though it took a little while to get his bags, and then to deal with some traffic on the roads (as he expected, given LA's notoriety for it), he arrived at The Pier Towers at around one o'clock. Luckily, he was one of the last to arrive, and the Murrays were already there, which meant that they were able to get their keys and start the move in process with little time wasted on the cheesy and unnecessarily emotional "oh my god, I missed you!!!"s that could be expected with a group like this. Chris had missed (most of) them too, but he was glad that everyone seemed keen on getting their heavy bags into their apartments and getting settled before actually catching up. Even if the three hour time difference wasn't catching up to him quite yet in terms of feeling tired since it was only three o'clock on his body's time, he was hungry, and that was what gave him the motivation to actually unpack his things once he got to his room. If he didn't have food as the thing pressing him to get settled so he could move on and address it, then it wouldn't have been even slightly surprising for Chris to live out of his luggage for the next two and a half months.

After hanging what he didn't want to wrinkle in the closet, and shoving everything else into drawers in his dresser, he took a few minutes to arrange the rest of his things. He was surprised that he was going to get to have his own bathroom, but then again, it was the Murrays who had arranged this whole thing. He knew that they lived a different quality of life than he was used to, even if they weren't always obnoxious about it. Additionally, he reminded himself that he knew that this was going to be a sick deal when he walked into it. Mr. and Mrs. Murray had always been generous, but allowing them to rent a few of the apartments in the new building that Mr. Murray's company had just finished remodeling was on a whole different playing field than letting Chris tag along on one or two of their summer vacations years ago, or allowing him to take home all of the leftovers when Mrs. Murray cooked her famous chicken parm dish. Even if nothing else worked out, Chris had already decided that this summer was going to be a good one, because he was living in a nice apartment at a price that seemed dirt cheap, even compared to what he was used to back in Massachusetts, where things already cost less than California.

This was going to be a summer of renewal for him. A fresh start. After his breakup with Eida, it was no secret that Christopher had hit rock bottom. For the two years that they had been dating, he had miraculously rid himself of the excessive habits he had in drinking, partying, and the likes. He recognized that they were all empty habits with no benefits, but he had become addicted to them over the years of engaging in them. It was more than an addiction, really. Those things had become a part of his personality and identity, and abandoning them had meant abandoning hobbies and friends that went along with it. He had been so head over heels for Eida, that somehow, none of that mattered then, like it had mattered the many other times that he had tried to get his act together before. She was the first girl that he had fallen for, and he was just as surprised by it as anyone else. Even with their breakup being civil, and somewhat expected, Chris found himself feeling like he had lost his new identity. And what did he have to fall back on? The only other "him" he knew, fit with coping habits that he knew would numb the pain quickly. He was jobless, and back to drinking excessively and partying on the regular within a few weeks of the breakup. It sucked, and Chris was embarrassed that he let things fall apart so easily, but he also was trying to cut himself some slack. He had time to mope and hit rock bottom, and that was fine, as long as this summer, he picked himself up again and moved on. Doing so while spending basically every day with that ex-girlfriend right in his vicinity would be hard, and he knew that, but at this point, he had no other choice. Doing this surely beat spending the summer in his parents' basement, since his lease had just recently ended up his apartment, and he had no money to secure a new one back in Boston any time soon anyway.

Living in the same apartment as Greyson Murray was going to be awkward, and Chris was willing to admit that. He felt bad for what had happened years ago, when he was nothing short of a dick, and drunkenly beat the kid up for what he interpreted as him hitting on him. It was a bad thing to do, especially given how close he was with the Murray family at the time, and though it was no excuse, Chris could only blame it on him being young, and beyond stupid. He wouldn't deny that he was a complete asshole when he was younger, though he wasn't as willing to see that his personality hadn't changed that much since then. At least as much as he liked to act like it had. Other than Greyson, though, Chris didn't mind Delilah and Moriah as his two other roommates. With a closed fist, he banged on Moriah's bedroom door, saying, "Come on, sunshine. Let's go see if Sabrina's finally D-T-F this summer. I need a good wingman in my corner, because you know that nothing goes better with a summer in California than a pretty blonde," he said, with that not-much-has-changed showing through in his personality with that remark, especially considering that he knew that Sabrina's brother was possibly within hearing distance.

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"Thirsting isn't the right word," Chris corrected her with a grin. It was the right word, really, because Moriah was right, and thinking about getting with Sabrina was just about as close to getting with her as Chris would ever get, but he had too much pride to admit it. The fact, as secret as it was, that he had been sleeping with Stella regularly over the past few months was enough to boost his already inflated ego into thinking that sleeping with Sabrina could actually be a possibility this summer, though. Despite basically growing up with the Murrays in a way that made them closer than normal friends, Chris had never been deterred from thinking that one day he would sleep with the two blondes. He was like their version of Roger from Sister, Sister, except he knew how to hide his flirtatious ways when around their parents. Being respectful and maintaining a proper image around parents was one of the few things that Chris was actually good at doing growing up. Just as he had managed to keep that act up for all of his life, he now had a new act to maintain, and that was acting nonchalant and normal around Stella and Gabriel.

He had moved in with Stella a few months back, after moving back to Boston for work, and subsequently losing that job due to the mental implications of his breakup with Eida. He was horrible for doing it, especially since Gabe was one of his best friends, and one of the people who convinced Stella that she would be doing a good deed by letting Chris stay with her until he got back on his feet, but his urges had led him to starting and maintaining a roommates with benefits relationship. If Stella wasn't his best friend's girlfriend, then he wouldn't have felt an ounce of guilt, but she was. Gabe was his boy, the one person who had been there for him through thick and thin, and he knew that this was the ultimate betrayal. Of course, he and Stella had agreed to keep what they had done a secret, and that it wouldn't happen again now that everyone was back together, but even being in the mindset that he couldn't look at her in a sexual way anymore, he struggled to know how to look at her. It was like one of those scenarios where someone had just done something wrong, and was told to "just act normal". He felt like his actions were going to seem robotic and stiff, since they were going to be overthought, and because of that, he figured that maybe avoiding Stella would be the best option for as long as possible, at least in the beginning. Once everyone else got comfortable and caught up, he hoped that he would feel more comfortable too.

"Hey man," Chris said, offering a return greeting to Greyson, who was one more person that Chris felt stiff interacting around. The guilt was there too, since even though the incident between them occurred years ago, he still felt guilty about it. Not guilty enough to ever man up and offer a genuine and heartfelt apology, but guilty enough to try to be pleasant in interactions. "I'll meet you over there," he said to Moriah, figuring that she probably wanted to stay and chat with Greyson for a little while, and knowing that that wasn't something that he wanted to do. "I forgot that you're brother's living over there too, and I'd rather talk to him before you or Violet do something to put him into a bad mood," he said with a smirk, as he slipped past the two and headed across the hall, before knocking loudly on apartment 4B's door, where Sabrina, Gabriel, Eida and Bennett were supposed to be staying.

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S T E L L A . M U R R A Y

Dialogue Color: #b33913

Like her sister (though she was unaware of that), Stella was just finishing her post-shower routine by the time that two o'clock rolled around. Although she normally preferred showering at night, after spending hours on a crowded plane, she knew that she would have felt disgusting all day had she not rinsed off those germs, so after her room was set up, she was quick to hop into the shower. Not only did it help her feel cleansed physically, but mentally as well. As much as she tried to hide it, the fact of the matter was that Stella was more stressed out lately than she had ever been in her life. The peak of it had come a few months back, when the weight of medical school, on top of all of the other expectations she had set for herself, was crippling her ability to live. No one, even her very close friends, would expect it from what they knew of Stella, but panic attacks had become regular occurrences, and before the semester was over, she had started seeing a psychiatrist who had prescribed her Zoloft. Given that Stella was in medical school, it should have been a given that she would treat her mental health as seriously as her physical health, but in addition to taking far longer than she should have to seek out help initially, she also only took the anti-anxiety medication sporadically. Even though she knew that she was smart enough to know that stigmas around mental health were untrue and damaging, something in the back of her mind still convinced her that she would be admitting to being weak and flawed if she took medication for anxiety regularly, and so she opted to be stupid and only take it as a panic-stricken measure after having a breakdown... hence why she kept having them, probably.

Her relaxing shower had put her into a fairly decent mood, and it kept her feeling more inclined to smirk and roll her eyes at Violet's words, than snapping at her. The latter could have been a possibility too, given that Stella's conscience was guilty when it came to the exact topic that Violet was talking about, so she was even more grateful for feeling calm at the moment, because it kept her pleasant. With her hair blow dried, and now fully dressed, she idly touched up a few things in her room, making sure that everything looked neat and in its place, as she chatted with Violet. "I'm very happy with Gabe," she confirmed, giving the girl a knowing look. "You know that." It was a lie, or at least somewhat of a lie, because while she had grown to really enjoy Gabe's company, and she was happy when she was with him, it was a lie to say that she was happy with the situation overall. Their relationship (on Stella's end) had only arisen due to Stella wanting to have what Sabrina wanted, leaving her sister incapable of having it herself. She hadn't exactly thought that through, and years later, here she was in what was now a long term relationship that she wasn't nearly as invested in as Gabe was. She didn't let that show, but it was beginning to become an act that she was struggling to maintain when she had so much else on her plate.

"I'm down for helping you find yourself a cute little summer fling though," she added, as she picked up her phone to see that it was finally fully charged again. "One that won't lead to you failing out of college, of course," she added, pulling her eyes away from the screen for a moment to glance back at the girl as she referenced the relationship that she knew had occurred between Caleb and Violet a while back. It had seemed just as odd and misplaced to Stella as it probably did to everyone else, and tough she knew that Violet was definitely 100% at fault for failing out of school, she couldn't help but to repeat an opinion that Gabe had had on it after Violet first moved back home, just to play that "all-knowing older sister" role that she felt most comfortable in.

To: Gabe
Lunch :)??

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#, as written by Bandit
This was what Gabe needed – a nice, long, refreshing summer of pure relaxation. California gave off that vibe completely, being a place that Gabe envisioned to be one filled with palm trees, and surfers, and people who were never in a rush to be anywhere other than where they were. Surprisingly, this was his first time in the state. He had been on the west side of the country before, during a trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s twenty-first birthday, and when he visited The Grand Canyon as a kid, but he had never made his way to the golden state before. Before this summer, he had never had a specific reason to, and with how busy he tended to be, it was often easier to book smaller weekend getaways to New York or Miami when he had the money and needed to relax. California had always just been too inconvenient and out of the way, so he was relieved to finally have an excuse to visit, and in this case, not just visit, but actually live there for a few months. After graduating from medical school this past spring, he knew that he not only needed, but deserved, some time to relax. He was lucky that his residency didn’t start until the fall, as many of his fellow classmates had positions that started immediately after graduation, and he was even luckier that his schedule happened to align with those of his friends, some of whom he knew were just as busy as him, and others who… who probably found that this vacation was easier to fit into their schedules. As was the case with Chris, who had knocked on the apartment door just as Gabe was about to open it to leave.

To: Stella
You read my mind ;). Preferences or should we let the others pick?

Stella’s text coincided with the knocking, and answering that as he used his other hand to open the door left him with a momentary delay in actually realizing that it was Chris and greeting him. When he did look up though, a grin fell into place almost automatically. Though he had his flaws, Chris was one of Gabriel’s closest, and longest lasting friendships. They had grown up together, gotten into trouble together, and eventually, taken different roads in life, but regardless of that, they had managed to remain close. Chris was always there when Gabe needed a night out to drink away his worries, and even if he tended to feel like Chris needed to act his age more frequently, he tended to go more lightly on Chris than he would anyone else, simply because they were friends. It was why he had excused many of his more oblivious faults and poor actions, like the incident with Greyson. “What’s up, man?” he greeted with a wide smirk. “Surprised your ass is up at this hour. Still recovering from your never ending hangover, or did you decide to give being a functional human being a shot, and didn’t get yourself almost-kicked-off-the-flight-drunk on your way here?” he inquired.

Still standing in the doorway, he remembered Stella’s text, and letting Chris in, he moved a bit deeper into the apartment to call out to the others. He assumed they were in there, though he had been in the zone enough as he organized his space, that it was possible that he missed them slipping out. “Sabrina, your sister wants to eat,” he called out, smiling as he continued with, “so you know that that means that it’s time to eat.” Despite dating her, Gabe wouldn’t hesitate to poke fun at Stella’s tendencies to be rather controlling. He liked to think of it as a positive traits- like she knew what she want and was confident in herself. “Eida, Bennett, you guys hungry?” he continued, still speaking loud enough that he hoped they could hear from their bedrooms, if that was where they were. As he looked back to Chris, his voice lowered to an appropriate noise level, however. “So, yeah, think I’m gonna grab lunch with Stella. Your people all in your apartment? I’ll text my sisters and see if they’re hungry,” he added, as he pulled out his phone to do just that.

To: Moriah, Violet
Getting lunch if you’re hungry