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Stella Murray

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a character in “The Pier”, as played by Collapse


The Basics
Stella Grace Murray



May 28


If Stella is anything above everything is, she's a perfectionist, and she always has been one. She has that "it girl" image down to the T, and it's something that she's proud of, because it's something that she worked hard to obtain and maintain. She comes off as the girl who has every aspect of her life under control and planned out. She's organized, very intelligent, good with words, and cunning. She's not someone who can be manipulated or fooled very easily. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She's the one who's good at fooling people, and the mere fact that so many people believe that her life is perfect and she can do no wrong is a good indicator of that. It's not to say that her life is a sham, because yes, she is smart, and she's pretty, and she's social and independent, but she's far more anxious and obsessive than she lets on. It's probably her biggest downfall, and is something that she has always feared would be her demise, because more and more recently the stress of having to keep up with her perfect life is pushing her into having panic attacks. She can be easily overwhelmed, especially when she's alone or at home in her comfort zone and finally drops the emotionally-controlled wall that she's good at putting up. Because she taught herself that having flaws was unacceptable, Stella has grown to pent up her emotions and doesn't know how to deal with failure or even minor bumps in her life in a mature manner. It's either things go right, or she's having a complete melt down in her bedroom at four in the morning, where the only alternative that her mind convinces her is worth pursuing is giving up everything she has and literally leaving the state. She isn't a great problem solver when things get rough, and she does not work well under pressure.

She's independent and confident, and in a sense, the way that she prioritizes her image and reputation so highly sometimes leads to her seeming condescending and selfish. While she recognizes that she can be condescending in certain aspects of her personality, she would never admit to being selfish, because she doesn't see it that way. Of course, to an extent, putting so much effort into being good at things has benefited her, but if her parents or her siblings or even her friends ever complained about her behavior, she would genuinely feel offended, because in her head, she's doing everyone she has relationships with a favor by being the way she is. Would they want to be known as the person who was friends with a high school dropout, or someone who planned on spending the rest of their life flipping burgers at McDonald's? She knows that she wouldn't want her friends or family to expect her to like them if that was the case, so in a way, she feels like even if she personally wanted to calm down, that at this point, she would be disappointing other people too. She definitely puts a lot of pressure on herself to make people proud of her, and in a way its contradictory in itself since her personality sometimes seems abrasive in its condescending nature, but at the same time, she only adopted it to make people want to be friends with her.
Stella Grace Murray was born into the Murray family as the first child, though only by two minutes. Her twin sister was born soon after her, and though they're the same age, Stella has always considered herself to be the oldest of the family. And the most successful. And the most important. Was she wrong? Maybe she was wrong for feeling so above her siblings, but she wasn't necessarily wrong about being the best. Parents always claim that they don't have favorites, and maybe some don't, but Stella spent her life trying to be the best at everything. She wanted to be the model child for her parents; the one that they could brag about at dinner parties. She wanted to be the girl in school who came in everyday looking well-dressed and put together despite it being seven in the morning on a Monday. She needed to become captain of the tennis team during her junior year of high school, so she did it. She was the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect athlete, and the "it" girl for most of her life, and though she tried so hard that she would lay in bed at night on the brink of a panic attack if anything in her life was going even minutely off course, her biggest goal was always to be that perfect, but make it look effortless. It's hard to say where her perfectionist nature came from, because while her parents had high expectations for all of their children, they were never as high as the expectations that Stella set for herself. It's become her personality by now, and it has had its benefits because there's no denying that she is successful in many different senses of the word, but sometimes she does wonder why she did all of this? It's one of those things where she feels like she's in too deep now to just abandon who she is, and stop caring about things, but she often wonders if all of what she has was worth all of the mental strain she put herself through. While she has always prided herself in making being her look so easy, it wasn't. It cost her a relationship with her sister and ones with countless other people who could have been good friends with her, but couldn't keep up with her aspirations. She always wanted to be at the top (of everything), but it's only recently that she's realized how lonely being at the top can actually be.

Though she struggled with herself in an internal sense, her own internal conflicts were the only struggle that Stella really faced in life. She was privileged enough to have a stable family life, a comfortable financial situation, and a high social standing to an extent where she always had friends and was never bullied. Her family probably looked like your All-American, picture perfect family, and to an extent they were, until Greyson came out as being gay. Their parents were struggling with some small marital issues before then, but had always done a good job at shielding their children from it. It was only when the difference in their reactions towards Greyson's situation came out, that Stella noticed the growing friction between her parents. Their father was embarrassed and nearly appalled by the idea of his only son being gay, while their mother was far more accepting and supportive. It was tough because her parents seemed to fall on opposite ends of the respective spectrum- to a point where Stella wouldn't have been surprised if their father threatened to cut Greyson off simply for being gay, and their mother being the one to tell him that she loved him no matter what. Obviously it must have been a difficult situation for Greyson, but Stella struggled with it as well, in what might have been selfish, but still applicable to her character. She was used to being the model child for both of her parents. Now, it was like she had to pick a side, and because she was a little bit more of a Daddy's girl than her mother's spitting image, she sided with her father. That's not to say that she was brainwashed by her father, because she also felt like having a gay brother somewhat impeded on the image she wanted for her family. It's just not something she would admit nowadays, since she's definitely become more accepting of Greyson (and admittedly feels bad for ever acting like she was anything less than that).

Aside from her home life, life outside of the home has been good to Stella too. She attended Yale University and received an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, and is currently a student at Harvard School of Medicine. Given their dramatically low acceptance rate, it's a feat that Stella is very proud of and something that is allowing her to have high hopes for her career aspects, as she intends to go into the field of orthopedics.

So begins...

Stella Murray's Story

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Santa Monica, California

Apartment Setup:
The Pier Towers: 1537 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA

Apartment 4A: Stella Murray, Violet Taylor, Caleb Lovely, Malachi Donaghue

Apartment 4B: Sabrina Murray, Eida Grace, Bennett Ryan, Gabriel Taylor

Apartment 4C: Greyson Murray, Moriah Morales, Delilah Everly, Christopher Holland

(The apartments are located on the 4th floor. All residents have access to apartment building rooftop, and laundry room in the basement.

Move in Date:
June 1st, 2017 (Thursday)

Move out Date:
August 16th, 2017 (Wednesday)

All of the characters will work at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant on the pier on Monday from 2 PM - 8 PM, and Wednesday and Friday from 11 AM - 6 PM.

Waitstaff: Caleb, Malachi ,Gabriel, Moriah
Busboys/Busgirls: Eida , Bennett
Kitchen staff: Greyson , Delilah
Hostess: Stella , Violet
Bartenders: Christopher, Sabrina

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Date: Thursday, June 1st / 2:00 PM
Location: The Pier Towers: 1537 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA


Dialogue Color: #005722
Christopher was shocked that his flight from Boston had actually went smoothly. He wasn't a very frequent traveler, maybe flying once or twice a year for local vacations when he had the money, but that didn't stop him from thinking that airlines always somehow fucked things up. For someone who had access in involvement in drugs to an extent where getting Xanax wouldn't be that difficult, it's shocking that Chris still flew sober, because he hated flying. He felt like he was cursed when it came time to do so, as if all of the few times he flew things were delayed for one reason or another. Thankfully, his flight touched down in Los Angeles at around noon, and though it took a little while to get his bags, and then to deal with some traffic on the roads (as he expected, given LA's notoriety for it), he arrived at The Pier Towers at around one o'clock. Luckily, he was one of the last to arrive, and the Murrays were already there, which meant that they were able to get their keys and start the move in process with little time wasted on the cheesy and unnecessarily emotional "oh my god, I missed you!!!"s that could be expected with a group like this. Chris had missed (most of) them too, but he was glad that everyone seemed keen on getting their heavy bags into their apartments and getting settled before actually catching up. Even if the three hour time difference wasn't catching up to him quite yet in terms of feeling tired since it was only three o'clock on his body's time, he was hungry, and that was what gave him the motivation to actually unpack his things once he got to his room. If he didn't have food as the thing pressing him to get settled so he could move on and address it, then it wouldn't have been even slightly surprising for Chris to live out of his luggage for the next two and a half months.

After hanging what he didn't want to wrinkle in the closet, and shoving everything else into drawers in his dresser, he took a few minutes to arrange the rest of his things. He was surprised that he was going to get to have his own bathroom, but then again, it was the Murrays who had arranged this whole thing. He knew that they lived a different quality of life than he was used to, even if they weren't always obnoxious about it. Additionally, he reminded himself that he knew that this was going to be a sick deal when he walked into it. Mr. and Mrs. Murray had always been generous, but allowing them to rent a few of the apartments in the new building that Mr. Murray's company had just finished remodeling was on a whole different playing field than letting Chris tag along on one or two of their summer vacations years ago, or allowing him to take home all of the leftovers when Mrs. Murray cooked her famous chicken parm dish. Even if nothing else worked out, Chris had already decided that this summer was going to be a good one, because he was living in a nice apartment at a price that seemed dirt cheap, even compared to what he was used to back in Massachusetts, where things already cost less than California.

This was going to be a summer of renewal for him. A fresh start. After his breakup with Eida, it was no secret that Christopher had hit rock bottom. For the two years that they had been dating, he had miraculously rid himself of the excessive habits he had in drinking, partying, and the likes. He recognized that they were all empty habits with no benefits, but he had become addicted to them over the years of engaging in them. It was more than an addiction, really. Those things had become a part of his personality and identity, and abandoning them had meant abandoning hobbies and friends that went along with it. He had been so head over heels for Eida, that somehow, none of that mattered then, like it had mattered the many other times that he had tried to get his act together before. She was the first girl that he had fallen for, and he was just as surprised by it as anyone else. Even with their breakup being civil, and somewhat expected, Chris found himself feeling like he had lost his new identity. And what did he have to fall back on? The only other "him" he knew, fit with coping habits that he knew would numb the pain quickly. He was jobless, and back to drinking excessively and partying on the regular within a few weeks of the breakup. It sucked, and Chris was embarrassed that he let things fall apart so easily, but he also was trying to cut himself some slack. He had time to mope and hit rock bottom, and that was fine, as long as this summer, he picked himself up again and moved on. Doing so while spending basically every day with that ex-girlfriend right in his vicinity would be hard, and he knew that, but at this point, he had no other choice. Doing this surely beat spending the summer in his parents' basement, since his lease had just recently ended up his apartment, and he had no money to secure a new one back in Boston any time soon anyway.

Living in the same apartment as Greyson Murray was going to be awkward, and Chris was willing to admit that. He felt bad for what had happened years ago, when he was nothing short of a dick, and drunkenly beat the kid up for what he interpreted as him hitting on him. It was a bad thing to do, especially given how close he was with the Murray family at the time, and though it was no excuse, Chris could only blame it on him being young, and beyond stupid. He wouldn't deny that he was a complete asshole when he was younger, though he wasn't as willing to see that his personality hadn't changed that much since then. At least as much as he liked to act like it had. Other than Greyson, though, Chris didn't mind Delilah and Moriah as his two other roommates. With a closed fist, he banged on Moriah's bedroom door, saying, "Come on, sunshine. Let's go see if Sabrina's finally D-T-F this summer. I need a good wingman in my corner, because you know that nothing goes better with a summer in California than a pretty blonde," he said, with that not-much-has-changed showing through in his personality with that remark, especially considering that he knew that Sabrina's brother was possibly within hearing distance.

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greyson murray
the pier towers - 2:00 p.m

xxxxxxGreyson was nervous to say the least. He was probably the only child of the Murray family to not be completely on board with the trip. While he enjoyed the idea of seeing some of his oldest friends, he was still weary about some of the relationships he left in a hurry. Of course, his six hour flight from New York made this inherently worse. From his current family situation to his unfortunate unrequited love, this could only get messy. It took nearly eight complementary club sodas, his entire 80s rock playlist, and a read through of his battered copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird to finally calm down. Greyson had always been nothing less of a worry-wart ever since he started high school, and clearly he hadn't grown out of it.

xxxxxx When the aircraft finally landed he grabbed his small nike backpack from the overhead compartment and shuffled along with everyone else off the plane. As he made his way to baggage claim he sent a small text to his siblings and his mother noting his arrival. He had left quite early that morning so by the time he landed he could hopefully check in and settle down before any of the others arrived.

To: Thing One, Thing Two

Just landed in LAX. Are either of you here yet?

xxxxxx Greyson didn't mind the chaotic traffic when he finally escaped the airport. It wasn't much different from anything he'd experienced in New York. However, the city was hot as hell. Changing clothes would definitely be at the top of his list when he arrived at the Pier Towers. On the ride there he slipped his Nikon out of his backpack and lazily snapped a few pictures of the L.A. life out the window. Rows of palm trees lined the streets where sidewalks of a few early-risers bustled about the stores, a few of which Greyson recognized.

xxxxxxWhen he finally pulled up to the the Pier Towers, Greyson was pleasantly surprised to see that it matched the pictures his mother had sent to him of the place before the trip. At least his father had good taste in something. The room was cozy and modern, something he could definitely get used to for a while. He could hear the shower going from another room and spied Moriah's purse sitting on the table. The corner of his mouth lifted up in a lazy smile as he thought of the rambunctious girl. He then realized that he had completely forgotten about the concept that he had 'roomates' for this entire trip.

xxxxxxMoriah was one of Greyson's friends, he always enjoyed her company. Through the surmount of chick-flicks they had watched together he hoped that she felt the same. Chris, however, was something Greyson was quite weary about. Considering one of the last times he'd ever seen him he had blacked of Greyson's eyes and gave him a bloody nose. The two definitely didn't have the greatest of a relationship but nevertheless Greyson accepted it was going to be something he'd have to get used too. Delilah was middle-ground for Greyson, he hadn't been around her that much to know her too well.

xxxxxxGreyson had managed to unpack, change into more comfortable clothes, and was now lounging on the plushy bed in his room aimlessly scrolling through social media. After a moment, he went back into his messages and typed one out to Caleb. The two hadn't seen each other in quite some time, and Greyson still didn't know where he stood. Of course, it was silly of him to think that Caleb coming out meant that there was a chance between them, but it was still a thought that made his heart skip. Greyson spent a good five minutes erasing and rearranging the text before he finally gave up, and tossed the phone on the bed in frustration.

xxxxxxHowever, the sound of Christopher Holland's voice from outside his room gave him a reason to put down the phone, and not embarrass himself. He shoved his phone in his back pocket and peeked his head outside, his face lighting up at the sight of Moriah. "Momo! You would not believe the extra bag I packed with just movies and popcorn for us"
. He wasn't lying either, that bag was jacked full of every genre and flavor of popcorn you could think of. He turned his face slightly to glance at Chris, who still looked more or less the same since Greyson had last saw him. Greyson's jaw twitched slightly as the contents of their past flashed past his eyes, but this wasn't the time or place for any of that. He managed to flash a quick smile at Chris even adding in a small greeting. "Hey Chris".

xxxxxxHey he thought to himself, it's a start.

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#, as written by Tye
Violet Taylor

Outfit: Here
Dialogue: #888ce7
Simply put, Violet was thrilled to be spending the summer in California. She didn't care about who she was spending it with, so much as that she was going to be living what seemed like a dream life to her, for a few months. Sure, she would have to work, and working at a restaurant nonetheless didn't seem that enthralling, but it was a sacrifice she was willing to make to get to spend a few months in a state as iconic as California. This was her first time visiting the state, as her family had never taken a group trip there while she was growing up, so that was one more reason fueling her excitement for the summer. After she had been forced to drop out of Pace University due to bad grades, and her parents refusal to pay for a second semester at the school since she was already on probation after the failing grades the first semester, her plans for the future had come to a halt. In theory, she never had any real plans for the future. She hadn't cared where she went to college, as long as it was somewhere cool, so once she was accepted to a school in New York, the details and actual academic work didn't matter to her. She spent her days absorbing the city - going to cool clubs and bars, eating at restaurants that would deplete the money her parents begrudgingly sent her every week, and taking pictures of herself everything. Lots of pictures. Her Instagram account was as active as ever, and as she liked to put it, she was living her best life, and had pictures to prove it.

When all of that ended and she had to move back home, she felt like life was over. She didn't enroll in any classes for the spring at her local community college (because her parents said that that was the only college they would invest in for her, given with her poor track record) because she needed time for her pity-party, but when they threatened to bar her from the California trip, she was quick to meet with an advisor and schedule classes for the fall. She told herself that it was a sacrifice she needed to make, because if this summer went as well as she expected it to, she wouldn't even be in Massachusetts come fall. She would meet someone in California that would make her famous. For what, she didn't quite know, but she just knew that she was too good to continue living life as a normal person. She was meant to live a life of fame, freedom and money, and though she didn't have any particular skills that deserved to get her there, she was still confident that fate would take her there. Her chances to get there in New York had been cut short, but she was sure that this trip to California was God's way of giving her a second chance at that. Not even Gabe failing miserably at understanding the concept of lighting while she made him take photos of her at the airport so she could add a jet setter vibe to her Instagram managed to ruin her vibe, and that said something.

Now that she was settled in, with her room looking as up to par as she could make it with what she had packed, she was ready to start this adventure. Before she could really do much, though, she found herself in Stella's bedroom (which unsurprisingly, looked ten times better than Violet's). Even if once Stella started dating Gabe, her coolness had been demoted in Violet's opinion, she still thought pretty highly of Stella. "I feel like you totally need to like consider ditching my brother this summer. Like, I just feel like we're literally going to meet so many guys this summer and you don't need to be weighed down by someone who's less interesting than watching paint dry on a wall. You could do a lot better, Stella," she insisted, making herself at home as she lounged on the girl's bed, purposely depreciating her brother's value, as she liked to do just to cause trouble when she was feeling bored.

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S T E L L A . M U R R A Y

Dialogue Color: #b33913

Like her sister (though she was unaware of that), Stella was just finishing her post-shower routine by the time that two o'clock rolled around. Although she normally preferred showering at night, after spending hours on a crowded plane, she knew that she would have felt disgusting all day had she not rinsed off those germs, so after her room was set up, she was quick to hop into the shower. Not only did it help her feel cleansed physically, but mentally as well. As much as she tried to hide it, the fact of the matter was that Stella was more stressed out lately than she had ever been in her life. The peak of it had come a few months back, when the weight of medical school, on top of all of the other expectations she had set for herself, was crippling her ability to live. No one, even her very close friends, would expect it from what they knew of Stella, but panic attacks had become regular occurrences, and before the semester was over, she had started seeing a psychiatrist who had prescribed her Zoloft. Given that Stella was in medical school, it should have been a given that she would treat her mental health as seriously as her physical health, but in addition to taking far longer than she should have to seek out help initially, she also only took the anti-anxiety medication sporadically. Even though she knew that she was smart enough to know that stigmas around mental health were untrue and damaging, something in the back of her mind still convinced her that she would be admitting to being weak and flawed if she took medication for anxiety regularly, and so she opted to be stupid and only take it as a panic-stricken measure after having a breakdown... hence why she kept having them, probably.

Her relaxing shower had put her into a fairly decent mood, and it kept her feeling more inclined to smirk and roll her eyes at Violet's words, than snapping at her. The latter could have been a possibility too, given that Stella's conscience was guilty when it came to the exact topic that Violet was talking about, so she was even more grateful for feeling calm at the moment, because it kept her pleasant. With her hair blow dried, and now fully dressed, she idly touched up a few things in her room, making sure that everything looked neat and in its place, as she chatted with Violet. "I'm very happy with Gabe," she confirmed, giving the girl a knowing look. "You know that." It was a lie, or at least somewhat of a lie, because while she had grown to really enjoy Gabe's company, and she was happy when she was with him, it was a lie to say that she was happy with the situation overall. Their relationship (on Stella's end) had only arisen due to Stella wanting to have what Sabrina wanted, leaving her sister incapable of having it herself. She hadn't exactly thought that through, and years later, here she was in what was now a long term relationship that she wasn't nearly as invested in as Gabe was. She didn't let that show, but it was beginning to become an act that she was struggling to maintain when she had so much else on her plate.

"I'm down for helping you find yourself a cute little summer fling though," she added, as she picked up her phone to see that it was finally fully charged again. "One that won't lead to you failing out of college, of course," she added, pulling her eyes away from the screen for a moment to glance back at the girl as she referenced the relationship that she knew had occurred between Caleb and Violet a while back. It had seemed just as odd and misplaced to Stella as it probably did to everyone else, and tough she knew that Violet was definitely 100% at fault for failing out of school, she couldn't help but to repeat an opinion that Gabe had had on it after Violet first moved back home, just to play that "all-knowing older sister" role that she felt most comfortable in.

To: Gabe
Lunch :)??

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#, as written by Bandit
This was what Gabe needed – a nice, long, refreshing summer of pure relaxation. California gave off that vibe completely, being a place that Gabe envisioned to be one filled with palm trees, and surfers, and people who were never in a rush to be anywhere other than where they were. Surprisingly, this was his first time in the state. He had been on the west side of the country before, during a trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s twenty-first birthday, and when he visited The Grand Canyon as a kid, but he had never made his way to the golden state before. Before this summer, he had never had a specific reason to, and with how busy he tended to be, it was often easier to book smaller weekend getaways to New York or Miami when he had the money and needed to relax. California had always just been too inconvenient and out of the way, so he was relieved to finally have an excuse to visit, and in this case, not just visit, but actually live there for a few months. After graduating from medical school this past spring, he knew that he not only needed, but deserved, some time to relax. He was lucky that his residency didn’t start until the fall, as many of his fellow classmates had positions that started immediately after graduation, and he was even luckier that his schedule happened to align with those of his friends, some of whom he knew were just as busy as him, and others who… who probably found that this vacation was easier to fit into their schedules. As was the case with Chris, who had knocked on the apartment door just as Gabe was about to open it to leave.

To: Stella
You read my mind ;). Preferences or should we let the others pick?

Stella’s text coincided with the knocking, and answering that as he used his other hand to open the door left him with a momentary delay in actually realizing that it was Chris and greeting him. When he did look up though, a grin fell into place almost automatically. Though he had his flaws, Chris was one of Gabriel’s closest, and longest lasting friendships. They had grown up together, gotten into trouble together, and eventually, taken different roads in life, but regardless of that, they had managed to remain close. Chris was always there when Gabe needed a night out to drink away his worries, and even if he tended to feel like Chris needed to act his age more frequently, he tended to go more lightly on Chris than he would anyone else, simply because they were friends. It was why he had excused many of his more oblivious faults and poor actions, like the incident with Greyson. “What’s up, man?” he greeted with a wide smirk. “Surprised your ass is up at this hour. Still recovering from your never ending hangover, or did you decide to give being a functional human being a shot, and didn’t get yourself almost-kicked-off-the-flight-drunk on your way here?” he inquired.

Still standing in the doorway, he remembered Stella’s text, and letting Chris in, he moved a bit deeper into the apartment to call out to the others. He assumed they were in there, though he had been in the zone enough as he organized his space, that it was possible that he missed them slipping out. “Sabrina, your sister wants to eat,” he called out, smiling as he continued with, “so you know that that means that it’s time to eat.” Despite dating her, Gabe wouldn’t hesitate to poke fun at Stella’s tendencies to be rather controlling. He liked to think of it as a positive traits- like she knew what she want and was confident in herself. “Eida, Bennett, you guys hungry?” he continued, still speaking loud enough that he hoped they could hear from their bedrooms, if that was where they were. As he looked back to Chris, his voice lowered to an appropriate noise level, however. “So, yeah, think I’m gonna grab lunch with Stella. Your people all in your apartment? I’ll text my sisters and see if they’re hungry,” he added, as he pulled out his phone to do just that.

To: Moriah, Violet
Getting lunch if you’re hungry