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Synthia "Sin" Blue

"Perfection must be obtainable."

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a character in “The Poetaster and the Singing Dolls”, as played by GenericUserName


"A doll, am I? Then I shall stay perfect forever."

"Don't let my face fool you."

Questionable, but he doesn't ever mention it. (Closeted Homosexual)

"Rephrase the question."

Peace Keeper

Sin stands at 5'3'' and weighs an average amount for someone his size. He has a very childlike face and seems pretty harmless from a quick glance. His hair is unkempt and cut unevenly, reaching at its longest to just above his shoulders. His bangs hang in front of his face, but he doesn't seem to concerned with it. His hair is dyed dark blue, making his striking blue eyes stand out even more. His eyes are big and extremely bright, making them his most striking feature. His skin is pale with pinkish tints to keep him from appearing too unhealthy. He always stands up straight and tends not to falter when he looks at a person, no matter what they do to him. Some people appear to think the boy doesn't blink. He doesn't seem to enjoy making facial expressions.

Sin wears mostly warm clothing and winter wear. He seems to be far too attached to wearing a jacket during all times of year. He also enjoys the color blue far more than he should. His usual outfit is a plaid long coat, which typically reaches his knees, with a white undershirt. Both of these things have high collars which he keeps unbuttoned. He apparently hates having too much clothing bunched up around his neck. His pants are usually very simple, black pants which he tucks into almost knee-high boots. He doesn't seem to really enjoy touching people, so it's very common for him to have a pair of gloves stashed in one of his many sets of pockets. His favorite jackets tend to have a lot of these pockets, often hidden on the inside of the jacket. Lastly, he seems to have a broken pair of handcuffs on his left wrist. They apparently got stuck there after a case he took quite a long time ago.

"I should look at least somewhat acceptable to you. If there's is something you dislike, I am more than happy to change."

Sin is unnervingly calm. Often, he will sit in complete silence for hours at a time without so much as a movement. He doesn't seem to really enjoy talking very much, and often claims that doing so makes his throat ache. He doesn't mind the company of people, so long as they don't ask him to say too much. Given the right situation, he can be brought to say quite a lot. This is typically if he cares more about the events at current or if he knows a great deal about the topic being discussed.

Overall, Sin is a bit of a goody-toe-shoes. He follows every law to a T and often attempts to enforce the laws upon others around him; claiming, “That's against the rules” or “You'll get in trouble.” These are probably two of his most common phrases, and people who know him get very tired of hearing them. The fact that he tends to complain when people attempt to “have fun” often forces people away from him. Sin would never really admit that he is probably a bit lonely, though he is fine with his dog. He doesn't require people to live, after all. He's pretty neutral to having them around in the first place.

Sin can, however, go off. He's known for becoming extremely childish in the wrong situations, often throwing a fit or just complaining loudly. He's difficult to calm down when something goes wrong, since he does his best not to become to close to people. When people really break a rule or law, he tends to become more like a lecturing teacher than anything. It takes time for him to calm down. He apparently kind of fun to argue with.

Sin is very capable of feeling, but would never let anyone know this. He thinks that if he shows emotion it will ruin his "perfect" image. He has been told that he should be perfect his whole life, so he will not shatter the image. Getting him to show emotion is only possible through making him extremely angry. He might show fear or sadness if he isn't around others, and sometimes cries to himself. Getting caught like this is something he will take very poorly. If anyone catches him breaking the perfect facade, he'll break down completely and show all of his "flaws".

Never get Sin around fire. He's become a pyromaniac after witnessing his house burn down, and tends to get a little weird around the substance. He will start shaking and occasionally laugh a little, but generally be fascinated. If you let him see fire, he'll start to attempt to burn other things down for a few afterward, and every time he succeeds he'll start over with the process all over again.

"I have worked hard to follow the rules my parents laid out for me. If you find anything about my personality to you disliking, I apologize profusely, but I will not be willing to change anything. This is the way I have been trained to behave."

-The rain
-Practicing shooting
-Winter clothing
-The color blue

"Y-You want to know about... what I enjoy?"

-Being forced to talk
-Sticky foods

"Use nothing you know of me against me. It is rude to prey on people's hate."

-Large gangs
-Losing Control
-Burning anything else down

"It is more rude to prey on people's fears..."

Sound Manipulation: He can make sounds louder, quieter, and change their direction. This isn't extremely helpful, but he can use it to make people not hear each other and can take a sound and make it loud and direct it at someone to create some sort of mock attack.

None as of current.

"I apologize. Rephrase the question."


Sin was born the son of the chief of police. His parents were overjoyed to have a son who could, hopefully, follow in his father's footsteps. So, from a very young age, Sin was taught how to be the picture of perfection. He was taught to sit up straight, open the door for a young lady, pull out and push in chairs, dot his I's, cross his T's, the works. He never seemed to mind, as it made his parents smile. He did everything he could to be the perfect son.

Of course, he took great interest in his father's job. Being a policeman was the only job that Sin felt was perfect for him. So, he took up an interest in study law. He became obsessed with memorizing every rule, every word, letter. He would become just like his father, a perfect man.

Or, maybe not. Sin was perfect to an almost disturbing point. The children in his school would call him a doll. They said it was as though he never blinked or spoke out of order. A living doll who was born to do nothing but follow in his father's perfect footsteps. Sin grew somewhat cold, and eventually snapped when a boy in his class made a comment about Sin's “Family of Dolls”. Sin hit the boy with all of his strength, breaking the larger child's nose.

His parents were ashamed. They punished him like any good parents would; telling him not to leave his room until he had learned his lesson. So Sin stayed in his room for a day, just thinking. What had really been wrong with punishing someone for something they said? Wasn't that technically Justice? Was... Law not really that linked to Justice?

Then Justice wasn't that important.

He apologized to the boy for breaking the rules and moved on with his life. He continued to be a perfect doll that followed the rules to a T. He, after all, couldn't disappoint his family.

One day, he returned home from school late, having stayed to study. He was graced by one of the most strange and fascinating sights he had ever seen. His entire house was ablaze. His mother was outside; crying. He asked her what had caused the event and she explained. Apparently, Sin's father had been working with one of the local gangs. He was keeping the gang out of trouble for a price, and that had been kept a secret from Sin and his mother until a few hours before the fire. Sin's mother was told to leave the house, because the gang was going to come by. Apparently, Sin's father had arrested their leader. Now, they had gotten their revenge.

Sin remained ever calm. His father had lost his life in the fire, but Sin and his mother remained... Sin couldn't show his mother just how torn he was inside. He had to continue to be the perfect doll, after all. There was no way he could reveal himself. Not like that.

Sin attempted to join the police force when he turned 19, but was quickly denied due to his father's past mistakes. Since then, Sin has been living in a small apartment and doing Vigilante work of sorts... His views of Justice and Law are still violently skewed, and he still acts like a doll most of the time. He also seems to have picked up some slight pyromaniac tendencies. He keeps seeing fire, burning something down, and terrifying himself.

Sin has a pet, a dog named "Azure". The dog is apparently very loyal and follows him everywhere. It's trained to be a guard dog. Whoever kidnapped Sin had to find some way around the dog, that or they took the dog with Sin.

So begins...

Synthia "Sin" Blue's Story

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Merrick Maestri

Merrick sighed quietly as he looked over the group of new Victims. Sending the Singing Dolls out to get some new toys certainly wasn't a bad idea on his part. Of course, they were all unconscious right now. Merrick had made sure to speak to each of them as they came in and put them under his power. Now each of them had passed out and were laid out in the entryway floor. They should start waking up soon... At least, Merrick wanted them to. It was starting to become a real pain. He hated having to wait, and here he was staring at unmoving bodies while just about nothing happened. This was excruciating.

He glanced over to his Singing Dolls and smiled a little. They were all so obedient. Not that they had a choice. He wonder if any of them would resent him for forcing them to kidnap random humans from the city. Then again, he had no clue who they had brought for him. He hadn't exactly looked very closely at each of the unconscious people laid out in front of him. Really, he hadn't even counted them to make sure everyone followed his orders. He knew good and well that they would be completed.

He clicked his tongue and looked over the unconscious group yet again. How annoying. It was about time he asked his dolls what the toys were like.

"So, what did you bring me?" He glanced to Alexander, then Aiden. In reality, he could just order the Dolls to answer, but what was the fun in that? He laughed a little and just stared forward yet again. It was fun to have people so afraid that they were willing to do just about anything to keep out of trouble.

"I hope you thought to bring in people who will fit in our little... family." He sighed this time. Hopefully none of the Singing Dolls had kidnapped someone obnoxious specifically to spite him. That would only cause more issues. Of course, he couldn't let them leave and he didn't exactly want to kill them, so he would just have to deal with anyone that had a less than desirable personality. He grimaced at the thought. At least he would have his Singing Dolls if all else failed. All of this was starting to really frustrate him. He hated waiting. It left him to think far more than he wanted to.

"Well?!" He yelled now. He had managed to make himself extremely angry just by thinking to much.

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#, as written by DarkOne
Alexander Leonardo Adams

Alexander held a sack with a dog inside. He had a strong, but oddly gently grip on it. Alexander of course made holes in the sack so the dog wouldn't suffocate. Right now he was just petting the dog over the sack. He was being calm and sending those emotions to the dog. He did not want the dog to get too rowdy. Last thing he wanted was Merrick to get angry or anything of the sorts with the dog. Alexander actually only decided to kidnap the blue haired boy because of the dog. Including Merrick had told him to kidnap someone and he couldn't exactly disobey him. Though, the boy’s blue hair and eyes did draw in his attention at first. He had noticed the dog a few seconds later. He thought it would be fun if there was a pet in the mansion.

Now Alexander eyes were on the blue haired boy. He felt odd about kidnapping a person and an animal. He would have never done anything to this extent in his life. Though he had gotten a rush when he kidnapped the human and dog. It felt like he was a kid who had just stolen from a candy store. All those nerves of not wanting to get seen and or caught did cause a rush of adrenaline, which turned into excitement, to run through his entire body. He even had gotten goose bumps. Thing was the adrenaline had started to die down. He couldn't help it as he started to feel guilty about the kidnapping. He knew it was wrong. Alexander hoped the boy wouldn't hate or even dislike him for too long for what he had been forced to do. He quickly brushed those feelings away as they arose. Alexander decided he would apologize to the boy and try to help him adjust to this situation. He had to make it up to him somehow.

A while later his eyes wandered over to Merrick when he heard the man click his tongue. He felt the man’s annoyance. Alexander took a slow deep breath as he tried to rein his powers in. He was still filled with some adrenaline so he was doing a poor job of not using his powers at the moment. It took a few minutes before he got his powers somewhat under control. This is actually why he hadn't responded to Merrick’s question yet. His body tensed when he felt Merrick’s anger, but he did not jump or have any type of reaction when Merrick yelled. He had been expecting it. Alexander now aimed a playful smile at Merrick.

“Oh don’t get so angry so quickly doll face, you aren't as cute when you get angry,” he teased as he paused to stick his tongue out playfully at him. Then his lips formed into a mischievous grin, “Though to answer your question, I bought you a dog, and it is in this sack that I am holding. I bet you were wondering what I had in this sack, huh? Though, don’t worry, I of course brought you a human like you asked. The person I kidnapped is the boy with the dark blue hair. He is the owner of the dog as far as I know. I don’t know much about him though, but you can see he is on the short side and has a childlike face. Oh and he has some pretty blue eyes too, though, enough about him. I believe the dog will fit nicely into our little family once it gets to know everybody. I doubt the boy will be a bad person, people with pets are usually nice in their own way.”

He flashed Merrick a childish grin when he finished speaking. He shifted his stance to readjust the weight of the dog. ‘I hope blue eyes wakes up soon. I do not want to have to keep his dog in this sack for much longer. It is not very nice,’ he thought. He watched the boy as he waited for someone else to speak or for him to wake up.

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Synthia Blue

A small shiver came from the blue haired boy as he started to wake up. What happened...? Where was he? He slowly opened his eyes and stared to the roof. What was going on? His whole body felt heavy for some reason, but he really didn't want to think about it. Maybe he would just lay on the floor until this strange dream ended. He sat up rather quickly when he heard a voice, though. His head spun at the sudden rush and he quickly gripped it. That hurt... Everything was spinning and nothing seemed to feel right. He had to get it together. There was someone else here. They couldn't see him. Not like this.

He removed his hand from his head and glanced to his side. There was a girl there. She was blonde, apparently a bit angry. She shouted at someone who Sin couldn't see; to which Sin just frowned. He glanced the girl over before standing shakily and brushing himself off.

"Yes," His voice came out soft, "You should warn people before you shout. Please, in the future, heed your own advice." He spoke monotone for now. There was no reason to be too upset with the girl. She seemed just as out of it as he felt, so there was no reason to blame her for her rash and rude actions. He slowly turned to the one the girl had been speaking to and gripped his head as he stumbled backwards. That man... The one with the red hair. Had he seen him before? Sin tried to straighten himself out as quickly as possible, but still felt sick. He directed his glance to the other people and suddenly tensed up. There was a man in a suit who was holding a whip of some sort, and he didn't look very happy.

Sin swallowed; not wanting to openly show his fear. Why was that man glaring at him so much? Had he done something wrong? A thought flashed through his head. What had he done...?Did he... Burn something down...? He looked to the red haired man again; trying not to think about the man with the riding crop anymore.

"Excuse me," He spoke somewhat more politely this time, "Do I... know you?" He walked up to the man and just stared. It was then he felt the other man grab him and push him back. He opened his mouth to speak, but the man interrupted him.

"How dare you..." He began to tell the man how rude it was to interrupt, but the man only spoke again, "Stay put. Don't move from this spot." Sin felt his whole body freeze. What was this? He began to try to move, but couldn't bring himself to do it. No matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't move. His eyes widened in fear as the man walked away. Why? Why was this happening?

He tried to reign in his emotions, but he couldn't help panicking. Did he deserve this? What did he do? Why was that man so mad at him? He glanced to the red head once again and showed only the slightest amount of fear. What was going on?!

Merrick Maestri

Merrick glanced over at Alexander as he spoke up. Typical Alexander. He was always so wonderfully playful... Or perhaps it was annoyingly so. It really depended on Merrick's mood.

“Oh don’t get so angry so quickly doll face, you aren't as cute when you get angry,”
Alexander was always quick to joke. Merrick rolled his eyes a little and leaned against the wall. “Though to answer your question, I bought you a dog, and it is in this sack that I am holding. I bet you were wondering what I had in this sack, huh?" Merrick's eyes widened at that.

"A... A dog?" His voice was an obvious tell of his confusion. Why a dog? Was there a reason for the dog? Had Alexander just really wanted a pet? Why didn't he ask? Merrick frowned a little. At least he liked dogs.

"Though, don’t worry, I of course brought you a human like you asked. The person I kidnapped is the boy with the dark blue hair. He is the owner of the dog as far as I know." That made a lot more sense than Merrick's previous assumption that Alexander had randomly picked the creature up on his excursion out of the mansion...

" I don’t know much about him though, but you can see he is on the short side and has a childlike face. Oh and he has some pretty blue eyes too, though, enough about him. I believe the dog will fit nicely into our little family once it gets to know everybody. I doubt the boy will be a bad person, people with pets are usually nice in their own way.” Merrick's eyes widened. Suddenly, he didn't care about the dog anymore. The boy had blue eyes? Was he some sort of demon? Merrick clinched his fists and looked at Alexander with even more anger in his eyes than before.

"Did you say he has blue eyes...?" Merrick seemed to snarl as he spoke, "Is he a monster of some sort? A demon? How many people has he killed?" This was terrible. He couldn't just throw the blue-eyed monster out of his house, that would cause issues. So what was he supposed to do? Keep him locked up? That actually didn't sound like a terrible idea...

He was about to go off when one of the previously unconscious girls got his attention. When had she woken up...? She appeared to have run into the wall... How could he have possibly missed that? When she yelled at him; he just turned and glared. Did she really think she was in a place to correct him? Had she not read the obvious signs?

He started to speak up when he saw the blue-eyed demon sit up. He grimaced and took a step back. The boy was quick to speak to the other girl, but soon was on his feet and walking toward Alexander. Merrick's eyes thinned. When the boy started to say something to Alexander, Merrick grabbed him and shoved him back to the middle of the room.

"How dare you..." He growled the words out, "Stay put. Don't move from this spot." He ordered the words and smirked when the boy froze in place. Merrick then made his way over to the girl and smiled at her.

"Welcome to my mansion. Who might you be? Tell me your name." He smiled darkly now. She would figure out soon enough what was going on in this place. After all, she had no choice but to stay here.

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#, as written by DarkOne
Alexander Leonardo Adams

Alexander eyes moved away from boy to the blond who groaned. He carefully watched the girl with worry. Had she gotten too hurt while being kidnapped? Alexander gently bit his bottom lip to calm his nerves. A few seconds later an amused smile tugged at his lips at the first words she spoke. He continued to watch her until she smacked into a wall and landed onto her butt. A soft chuckle escaped his lips against his will. He couldn't help it, it was funny, but he did still worry. ‘Someone is clumsy,’ he mused. He assumed she was alright when she growled out a curse. He tensed as he felt her emotions. He quickly ignored them and looked at Merrick with a smile. His reaction to what he said about the dog amused him. Though, he did get confused when Merrick frowned.

“Yes a dog doll face,” he paused as he noticed Merrick clichéd his fist. His smile shrunk just a little. ‘Why is he angrier at me? I did not do anything wrong I think. Does he not like dogs?’ he thought. Confusion filled his eyes. He didn't answer Merrick as he heard the blonde’s words.

His eyes widen in shock because of the way she had spoken to Merrick. Alexander didn't get to think about it much as he got distracted. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the blue haired boy sit up. His eyes were quickly only on the boy in seconds. Alexander worriedly watched as the boy gripped his head. He opened his mouth, but then closed it. Alexander thought it wouldn't be helpful to ask if he was okay. He obviously seem like he wasn't by the way he gripped his head. Alexander wanted to help him stand up, but his hands were full. ‘Oh, I can let the dog out of this sack soon,' he suddenly thought. He was glad the boy did not fall when he stumbled.

Alexander gave the boy a nervous smile when he looked at him. He became nervous with guilt again as he knew the boy would find out what he had done soon. Alexander’s heart beat quickened. He was pulled out of his guilt when the boy spoke. Alexander was about to answer, but then Merrick grabbed him and pushed him back. He looked between blue eyes and Merrick. Alexander hoped Merrick would not go to hurt the boy. He was relieved when Merrick just used his power, but then panic and fear filled him. Alexander eyes fully returned to the boy. The emotions were coming from him. He quickly pushed his emotions away as he cleared his mind. After Merrick spoke he decided to now comment about what Merrick had said earlier. He was not sure what to say to the boy yet. He did not even give the girl a chance to reply to Merrick.

“Merrick, you need to learn how to be a little bit sweeter, especially to new people honey. The boy hasn't done anything for you to act this way towards him. Though to answer your questions from earlier…yes, yes he has have blue eyes as you can see. Is there something wrong with that? He looks human to me. I have no idea why you would think he was a monster and or a demon silly. Also I highly doubt he has killed any people,” he paused to look at the blue haired boy, “I am sorry for doll face’s behavior. I think he just got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Though, to satisfy his curiosity, have you killed anyone love? Are you secretly a monster and or demon? Oh and I am curious, what is your name? Also, what is your dog's name?”

He gave the boy a sweet smile once he spoken. Next he opened the sack from the bottom. With one hand he pulled the sack slowly off of the dog it contained. His muscles tensed as he wasn't sure if the dog would bite him or not. Even though, he continued to hold the dog. ‘I hope it does not bite, but if it does no big deal. I did kidnap him and his owner. I would deserve to get bitten,’ he thought just as he completely pulled the sack off of the dog. He waited to see if he would get bitten or not.