The Pokéverse

The Pokéverse

Your basic pokémon world, will you be a trainer or a pokemon?

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Here is a list of all starter pokemon

Here is a full list of all pokemon

These two links should be everything you need to select a pokemon to be, including type and move set.

Professor Oak: This is the start of several young trainers' journey, they will all be assigned a pokémon partner to start them off, one that will become their best friend. Whether your a trainer or pokémon you will always be with your better half, always side-by-side.

Trainers don't forget to buy your pokéballs, Hp potions, revive, and Tm's, and remember after pokémon battles, weither in the wild or in a gym, your pokémon will always need to heal with either a Hp potion or a nice trip to the local pokémon center.
Here's a quick tip; A pokémon center healing is special, it is the only thing that can cure status effects such as poison, burnt(burning), and confusion. wild pokémon who fought against other wild pokémon may have these effects, comming across some of these sick pokémon, they might fight back, but showing kindness and bringing them to a pokémon center might win their hearts and they might want to join you on your journey.
A young boy, once showed me that.

But anyway, Trainers you will be given 10,000¥, 5 starter balls(red pokéballs), 10 Hp potions, 10 Revives, and a choice between Grass, Fire, Water, or if your lucky an additional type of Thunder or Physic pokémon as your starter, and depending on where you stary your journey, that can change what starters you can choose from.
Also, before you begin, there is other trainers starting along side you, they can be your friends or rivals, take your pick.

Toggle Rules

Rule:1 You can be any Pokémon as long as the name is that of the pokemon... ex: Azurill. But you could use a nickname... ex: Sweetpea the Azurill.
For Wild pokemon I will accept name prefixes such as angry, scared, ext...
Trainers can be named/nicknamed anything reasonable.

Rule:2 "Wild pokemon"(Poké-players) can be caught, when they are caught they are given a nickname then (Battle will be descused), but the battles will be fought between two "poké-players" also wild pokemon can only use natural gained abilities, tm's can only be baught by trainers and applied to the proper type of pokemon...I'LL BE WATCHING

Rule:3 Trainers keep im mind that some pokémon are very hard to catch, stubborn almost, but everyone is able to be caught, and in different ways other than battle, as seen in the anime.

This is the pokémon world, the only fighting that will be done is in battles.

More rules will be added, as they come up.

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