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Kyle Rice

"So a priest and Spider-Man walk into a bar..."

0 · 303 views · located in Skyline City, California

a character in “The Power House”, as played by Sameshitdifferentday


Name: Kyle Avery Rice
Nicknames: None
Role: The clown
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: ... 609465.jpg

Kyle is a big dude, standing at 6' 4", and weighing around 215. He used to be a chubby kid, until after his mom passed. He began taking Mixed Martial Arts classes, and soon got muscularly toned. He is what a lot of girls at his school, would consider good looking. He usually has fair skin, but has gotten considerably tanner, due to it being summer.

Alter-ego: Superstition
Disguise: ... e_mask.jpg

A white theater mask, with a black hoodie, and regular jeans. This is what he calls, his vigilante outfit. Although, he hasn't participated in any crime stopping, he plans to make his costume more "official", later on. (Much like Peter Parker did.)

In the Personality box:
Personality: Kyle is the funny, comic relief. Being humorous got him to be one of the most popular kids in school. Although people tell him he should participate in sports, (because of his size) he just doesn't find them very interesting... Aside from MMA, of course. He isn't really sure why he had become so outgoing and insensitive, because before his mother died, he was quiet, lovable, and shy... A lot more serious. Well, at least as serious as a kid can be. When he had been going through counseling, his therapist told him that his newly found "voice", as she called it, is most likely just an outlet for his emotions. Honestly, he didn't really care, either way. Being popular and funny had gotten him so much more advantages in school. At least, the social part of it.
Likes: Caramel, pranks, sarcasm, intelligence, over confidence, and reading.
Dislikes: Nasty ass Dr. Pepper, chocolate, anger issues, whiny people, and people who don't know they suck at thinking.
Hobbies: Play chess, writing, listening to music, talking about celebrities, and pranking people.
Crush: N/A
Theme Song: Sound of Madness by Shinedown

In the Equipment box:
Powers: He can "jump" (Teleport) to virtually anywhere, as long as he has seen that place before. Also, he can choose to jump to a place, and be there a minute before he jumped. For example, if he jumped somewhere at 3:30 PM, he could end up at that place at 3:29 PM, if he wanted to.
Weaknesses: If he is in a green, secluded area, he cannot jump. Also, high voltage is extremely dangerous to him.

In the History Box:
Kyle first began showing signs of his father's abilities when he was 2 years old. At first, his parents were ecstatic. Then, Kyle began jumping out of the crib. Then, his room. Then, the house. Then... Out of the state. Once his parents retrieved him, they had an electronic chip planted in his left palm. Each time he tried to jump more than 5 miles away from his parents, he would get a shock. Not high enough to do any real damage, but high enough to stop him from being successful in the jump. Kyle was originally confused at this, but after a year or so, he began getting angry at his parents for being over protective. At the age of 13, Kyle started jumping more than 5 miles from his parents, ignoring the shock. That is when his parents painted his room green, knowing that was one of his two weaknesses. So, if he ever did that, they would lock him in there. They were doing it for his safety, they told him. Kyle played it off as if he was okay with it. But he wasn't. This anger began building up within him. But not letting his emotions show has been working out for Kyle pretty well, so far, so he just keeps it bottled up. This is why he got terrific grades in elementary. Then, his mother got lung cancer. After a year of being in intensive care unit, Caroline Rice passed away. David Rice had dropped Kyle off at the hospital, so he could go get something to eat, and bring it to Caroline and him. When he was away, Kyle was there when his mother died. The last words she said to him were, "I love you, Kyle. I knew this ever since you showed your abilities... No. Ever since I looked into your eyes. That you were and are destined for greatness. Kyle... I love you." Kyle stared at her for what seemed like the longest time. Then, she died. After this, Kyle became devastated. He wouldn't talk to his father a long time. He went through counseling treatment, for about a year, before starting to get back to normal. Except... Normal wasn't normal. The old Kyle was quiet, polite, and generous. The new Kyle was loud, rude, funny, and conceded. His grades began dropping from A's to B's to C's to D's, and then... S's. Just kidding. F's. He hasn't told any of his many friends about his powers. The only other person is his father, and their relationship had grown more and more distance, since his mother passed. After his junior year in high school, his father had somehow found out about this... Summer camp of some sort. "Dad. I'm 17. I don't go to summer camps." But, his father persisted. "Kyle. I had the same powers as you did, when I was younger... But I didn't use them for anything but my own selfish reasons. But, you... You're young. You have everything in front of you. Trust me. Use this ability not only for yourself... But to benefit others." Eventually, Kyle gave in. But, honestly. What could he do? He was just a kid.

So begins...

Kyle Rice's Story