The Powergamer's delight

The Powergamer's delight


in this roleplay, everyone is welcome to powergame (aka, extremely powerfull characters that can do things that should be impossible) as long as they respect others, and no one simply "instakills" anyone.

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In the beginning, There was Void. Then, something happened. a marvelous explosion bursted into existance, and Atoms, particles, magic, physics and eveything you could immagine was born in its simpelist state. and with the explosion, beings began to take shape from mass amounts of mana and matter condensing... shifting. these were the first gods. yet tp know of their power, yet to learn. and THATS where we begin our story...

Toggle Rules

1. Powergaming is allowed, but please do reframe from deleting millions of people instantly.
2. no cursing. obv.
3. everyone can do absolutly anything, but try to respect something that some else establishes.
4. "pocket universes" are allowed.
5. anti-magic is allowed.
6. "unbreakible" simply means VERY, VERY hard to break here.
7. the plot can evolve over time. try not to ecome too off topic.

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Artman comes into existance
"w-...what? whre am i?"
he looks around


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There is a sound the cross of a thunderstrike and ripping fabric, but magnified in intensity by ten times. Suddenly, a roiling cloud of darkness and red lightning appears.
Chaos looks at his surroundings with awe. "Wow... such beauty..."
He then let out a malicious giggle. "I can't wait to destroy it all!" He turned to the other person floating there. "Hey, do you want to help me destroy this place?"

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"All of you shall die! All your creations shall fall! Mwahahaha!!!"


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Character Portrait: Artman215


Character Portrait: Artman215

Artman is one of the first gods, capible of almost immaginable things. they have taken the form of a human, even though they dont exist yet...


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