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Leon Pennington

"Sometimes you've got to just jump in before testing the water."

0 · 502 views · located in Alpine, New Jersey

a character in “The Prettiest People {Reboot}”, as played by greenmousee



{"Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny". }

- Liam Payne


|Full Name|

Leon Ian Pennington


Leo || Penny
"No one I know really calls me Leon anymore, it's too formal, Leo is just fine."


September 29, 1993


Twenty One


"Family moved here from England quite a long time ago."


Singer || Songwriter
"It's fun, I love performing. Honestly one of the best feelings is being up on stage with everyone looking at you like your the sun and stars for them."


Bisexual || Biromantic
"I think everyone knows that I'm bi, it's not something I hide."

|Have or Have Not?|


{"Music is like a huge release of tension."}

- James Taylor

|Quirks & Habits|

"I don't notice it, I guess it happens when I'm anxious."

Singing Spontaneously
"Hey, When a song is stuck in my head, How can I not sing it?"

Famous Microphone Flip
"It started off as a challenge, and just became so normal. I don't really think about it anymore, it just happens naturally."

Morning Running
"It just became a habit, have to keep in shape somehow. And running in the morning is what I'm more comfortable with."

|Talents(T) | Strengths(ST) | Skills(SK) |



⚘Remixing Music⚘

⚘Can Keep A Secret⚘

⚘Mixing Drinks⚘

⚘Kind Hearted⚘


⚘Stresses Easily⚘



⚘Good Looking People⚘

⚘Emotional Attatchments⚘


|| Writing Songs \\ Recording Music \\ Running \\ Boxing \\ Clubbing \\ Sight Seeing \\ Travelling \\ Touring \\
\\ Checking Social Media \\ Hanging Out With The Lads ||


ΓΈ Asphyxiation ΓΈ

ΓΈ Being Cheated On ΓΈ

ΓΈ Death ΓΈ

ΓΈ Not Finding Someone To Settle Down With ΓΈ

ΓΈ Voice Giving Out On Him ΓΈ


✀ Had to be treated for Bulimia during a break in between tours ✀
✀ Still hates how his body looks ✀
✀ Really enjoys rough sex ✀
✀ Owns a nightclub ✀


|| Be Successful In His Career ||

|| Find Someone That Supports Him and Settle Down With Them ||

|| Be Able To Support Himself Financially ||

|| Continue Living In Luxury ||

{"On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom". }

|Adventurous| |Loyal| |Impulsive| |Kind Hearted| |Ambitious|


β–² Singing
β–² Morning Runs
β–² Dogs
β–² Tea
β–² Sleeping
β–² Attractive People
β–² Sex
β–² Taking Selfies
β–² Sad Movies
β–² Alcohol


β–Ό Smoking
β–Ό Abusive People
β–Ό Stinky Feet
β–Ό Being Restless
β–Ό Stalkers
β–Ό Lying
β–Ό Family Business
β–Ό Self-Centered People

{"Life is a beautiful war". }


|Place of Origin|

Wolverhampton, England

|Family Tree|

| Craig Pennington | Father | 56 | Alive |

| Diane Pennington | Mother | 52 | Alive |

| Anna Pennington | Older Sister | 26 | Alive |

| Millie Pennington | Younger Sister | 12 | Alive |

| Watson| Dog | Deceased |

|Happiest Memory|
Leo's happiest memory to this day has been completing his first world tour. He didn't expect the success his singing career was going to bring him, so the fact that people all over the world came out to see him puts tears in his eyes. He cannot thank his fans enough for all of their support.

|Saddest Memory|

Leo's saddest memory was when his puppy (you'll never convince Leo that it was anything more than a puppy) was run over by a rich snob who was sneaking away from reheab. Being in rehab alone was hard on him, that's why he brought along, Watson, who always could cheer him up. Thus when Watson was gone it took a toll on Leo's rehabilitation and delayed his second tour.

{"It always seems impossible until it's done". }

- Nelson Mandela


Craig and Anna Pennington, a middle class family, were just starting out their business when their second child Leon Pennington was born. As Leon went through primary and secondary school the business skyrocketed thus giving the Pennington family its wealth and status. Leon went to a public primary school and started his secondary school in a public school but Craig Pennington decided that Leon shouldn't hang around children of bad influence that he thought occupied the public schools. Once Leon was pulled out of public school, Craig hired private tutors for Leon to complete the remaining three years of his education. During this time it gave Leon the ability to pursue his singing career which his father was quite displeased with. Craig Pennington wanted his only son to inherent the business and keep it running, but Leon refused and Craig was forced to rely on his eldest daughter who'd inherent the business.

Leon with the help of his mother began his career as a recording artist, and with the connections his family had he'd gotten a lot of media attention. His image and popularity grew rapidly as he put out new singles. And with each single he gained more and more fans, that eventually his fanbase grew to quite a big number. Releasing his first album and touring the UK was a huge success for his career. Leon had a relationship that lasted for about 8 months before the girl called quits on it because she couldn't handle the fact that he wasn't always by her side, but he couldn't blame her since he was more focused on his music and his fans. In between his first and second album he went to rehab for bulimia, which delayed the recording of his second album and his first world tour. But once he got back on stage he felt amazing, it really felt like he truly belonged there, singing for those amazing fans who supported and loved him even at his worst. During the last few months of his world tour he was repeatedly linked to Kasey Ervin. Leon eventually came out as bisexual because he decided he had nothing to hide, although his relationship with Kasey was unlike others it didn't last very long and they've decided to just stick to being friends.

With the his first world tour completed he's working on his third album and giving himself a little bit of a break. He finally moved into a house in Alpine, NJ, and is trying to take it easy as he works with other songwriters on his third album.

{"Invest in people who invest in you". }



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So begins...

Leon Pennington's Story