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Guy Bjornson

"I have dreams but I'd rather have my brother safe without any question that put myself first."

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a character in “The Price of Blood”, originally authored by Zoey26123, as played by RolePlayGateway


"I love my brother more than anything, and I will do anything for him, even if it means I don't get everything I've always wanted."

The Basics

ImageImageFull Name:
Guy Oliva Bjornson

His brother and father used to call him Ollie in private



Prince;Nephew to king of Ostwall

Sexual Orientation:


What's on the Outside

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
155 lbs.
His right ear
A large burn scar on his leg that he keeps constantly covered up
Guy looks exactly like his brother. The only way to tell them apart is how they act. Guy has brown hair, a square jaw, and brown eyes. He stands at 5'11" and weighs around 155 lbs. He has an athletic body thanks to his training nearly every day. Guy is very handy with a sword and is stronger than a lot of guards thanks to his constant training when he is not in the library or his room. Guy has a burn scar all over his right leg that he hates. He hides it by wearing a bandage on it constantly, only taking it off to bathe and sleep.

What's on the Inside


{Outwardly: Arrogant, Womanizer, Loving (towards his family), Adventurous}
{Inwardly: Caring, Loving (towards his family), Adventurous, Dreamer}
On the outside, Guy is an arrogant womanizing youth who will flirt with nearly any and every girl so long as they look nice. He really hates this facade as he finds it dehumanizing towards himself though he would rather face the facade than loosing his brother again. Guy is not against showing how much he cares for his family and will not hesitate to be overprotective to keep them okay and or happy. He is obviously adventurous and curious as he can't help but want to know more, see more, and experience more. He doesn't care if it hurts himself, but won't dare risk it if it could hurt his brother in any way.

On the inside, Guy does everything for his brother. He is sweet and really wishes to find someone he can actually like. He loves to learn and does love the idea of adventure though he doesn't know how he could possibly get any. He loves to fantasize and can't help but day dream when he should be doing something else.
Guy is constantly reading, he will always have a book nearby and will read when he doesn't have anything else to do and no drawing supplies. He is always up for reading no matter where he is though he sometimes prefers socializing depending on the company.
Guy loves to ride horses with his brother. The two could ride for hours. Guy loves horses and always takes care of his own horse instead of making the stable hand do it as he has always taken care of his own horse like his brother.
Guy loves to draw or paint depending on what he has on him at the moment. He will only paint and or draw in his room and when he does this, his work is rather amazing. He won't show it to anyone else out of embarrassment and not knowing his work is actually good.
Touching his hair
Guy is always running his hands through his hair. He is having a bad day or is distracted if he isn't touching his hair every once and a while during the day.
Whenever he is supposed to be studying or in a meeting to help around with Ostwall, he will end up sketching instead of paying attention. He has many sketches on many papers and he usually rewrites any documents with sketches on them.
Fear of Heights
Guy hates heights, he would rather have his feet on solid ground, or something he's on be on solid ground than jumping or climbing a tree as his feet are never on the ground. He hates being more than ten feet off the ground and has rarely gone out onto the balcony his room has.

  • Drawing
  • Swords
  • Training
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Most Foods
  • Riding
  • Painting
  • His brother
  • Running
  • Sweating
  • Rudeness
  • Being called stupid
  • Being ignored
  • Heights
  • Fire
  • Studying often
  • Cooking

What's Done Is Done


Place Of Origin:
Guy and his twin brother Simon were both born as commoners. They lost their mother in childbirth leaving them with just their father. The family were not extremely poor though they certainly were not rich by any means. The two grew up doing odd jobs for their father and for those around town in order to keep things running at the small store they owned that sold various objects.

The boys were never in trouble and would spend their free time running off ride or draw. When Simon fell in love with a girl when the two were fifteen, Guy told him the girl was no good. The two got into a large fight and Simon refused to acknowledge Guy for nearly a month. It was then that the girl revealed herself to just be using Simon to make an old friend jealous. The old friend nearly killed Simon in a fight the night the girl revealed her true identity. Guy swung in and was able to get Simon out before any real damage was done though Simon doesn't remember it.

Guy and Simon became closer than ever and hardly left each other's side. Even though Simon thought Guy appeared as an arrogant idiot for self esteem, Guy had other reasons. Guy could not accept that he had almost seen his brother die and hadn't done enough, so he swore to make it so his brother never got with another girl. That way, he would never be able to get hurt again, Guy would rather keep the pain than let his brother experience it ever again.

Guy and Simon were out riding horses that belonged to their uncle, the king, when there was a fire at their father's store. Within, their father died as he was trapped. The two came home to nothing and were forced to leave the town for they had lost everything but each other. When they arrived at court, they had a difficult time adjusting and couldn't help being rather secluded until they discovered the library. They both took an interest in learning to read and began reading often as well as their other hobbies.

They both adjusted to court life after that and became rather sociable. Simon was slightly less so as he was more in love with reading than Guy, though that didn't stop him from starting to try to help his uncle. In the meantime, Guy took a fascination with drawing and painting and began to do it more and more, going into the castle town to get supplies before returning to his room and staying in their for hours, forgetting to eat and only letting in his servants, uncle, and brother. Only Simon has ever seen any of the paintings for Guy is embarrassed of them and thinks they are horrible.
Happiest Memory:
Riding with his brother out in the fields near the town they lived in.
Saddest Memory:
Their uncle dying and seeing the remains of their old store/home.

Face Claim:
Dave Franco

So begins...

Guy Bjornson's Story


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Simon had been standing outside Guy's guest room door for nearly half of an hour before his brother opened the door. "What, decided to hand sew your own outfit?" Simon asked, annoyed that his brother wouldn't let him in and wouldn't tell him why. "Of coure not, I was rather busy with my mask thank you very much. It was too drab and plain. That and I had to finish something," Guy says simply with a shrug.

Simon nodded as he caught a glimpse of a canvas leaning against a bookshelf in Guy's room. He adjusted his own mask to make the strings go over his ear since it seemed to keep slipping slightly out of place. "Did you bring a book?" Guy asked as he caught a glimpse of the book in Simon's hands. Guy shook his head, wondering about his brother. He really had fallen in love with reading hadn't he? Even though the two had only been reading for a year or so, they were pretty advanced with it. "Parties are boring and you know that," Simon says as the two walk towards the sound of a ball. "I still don't get why we have to come. Just because we have a title doesn't mean anything. You know that. We hardly act like Ronan ever, so why do we have to be lumped in with his same title? Not including the heir to the throne and all..." Guy drawled. He loved and hated parties.

Simon shrugged. In all honesty, he was glad for the title, it allowed him to see the inner workings of diplomacy and allowed for the highest education possible. "Just try not to get slapped tonight, you've been known to do that," Simon muttered under his breath to Guy as they entered the ball only to have a few people that they recognized from the tournament this morning leave. "What's the fun in that?" Guy asked with a smile as the two made their way into the throng.

Guy followed Simon as Simon searched for a rather secluded place to sit and read. Guy hated that his brother wasn't one for a party, but only their uncle could force Simon to dance, well, perhaps Ronan too, but other than that, nobody else, besides maybe a neighboring king, but that doesn't matter. "Don't go back to the rooms before telling me, I'd join you," Guy says before looking around. He spotted a lady that was staring at the dancers and was about to move in to invite her to a dance when Simon asked, "Are you wanting to go on the hunt tomorrow?" Guy shrugged, he really didn't want to, he would much rather lock himself in his room though he knew that might not go over well with the others.

"Let's talk to uncle and ask if we can get out of that, I know you aren't too keen on killing animals," Guy says softly before moving to accept a flute of champagne. He took tiny sips, not wanting to drink a lot. Guy left his brother in search of their uncle and saw him with Celia. "Hello uncle, if I could just steal a moment, I wanted to ask you about the hunt tomorrow. Do we need to go?" Guy asked knowing his uncle would understand the "we" as Guy and Simon, it wasn't hard to figure it out since the two were always around each other.

Simon sat in a corner on a column's base, a book in his hand. He wasn't really paying attention to the world around him as he sat in the shadows, entirely focused on his book.


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Corianna was about to respond when Ulfric spoke. "Aye, but at these gatherings, people often replace those masks they wear everyday with ones that are more truthful."

"I don't quite understand. Are you saying everybody is hiding who they really are? Why would they do that?"

Aha! So they were actually interested in the truth of the world. Corianna might as well learn now what it meant to be royalty. "That's a good question, Cori. Let me ask you: how would you react to someone holding a dagger up to your face rather than someone offering you a cup of tea? Undoubtedly, you would feel more comfortable with the person offering you tea. They have that warm smile and they look trustworthy, so you take the cup. However, when you drink from the cup, it is the last thing you ever do because it was poisoned. Now, was the person offering you the cup trustworthy or were they wearing a mask? What was their intention?"
Celia was surprised she had so much, but she couldn't only tutor Corianna in skills like riding and archery. She needed to learn the politics of the world as well, no matter how young she was.

Before Corianna could respond, Celia's cousin walked up. She didn't know which one it was and frankly, she didn't care much. "Hello uncle, if I could just steal a moment, I wanted to ask you about the hunt tomorrow. Do we need to go?"

She blinked at him and looked to her father as he answered, "It would be rude to not attend, Guy. It is a sacrifice I am certain you and Simon can make for the day."

A hunt? Well, that sounded fun. Once again, she longed for home. There, she could hunt to her heart's content. Here, it was improper. Ah well. She was teaching Corianna to ride tomorrow anyways.