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The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom


College, the wild part of persons young life. they try new thing, have no regrets, and stay up until the sun rears it head. Theirs studying of course but that was back in the 2000's. Now, it's only parties and war.

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This is a Remake from late 2011 by LoveHateKindOfGirl, and I remade it the first time in 2012. I give her all credit for this RP and it's storyline.

Its the year 3045, and college no longer exist. everything has been replaced by computers. But the abandoned buildings and campus's still stand, becoming a secret community among runaways. on the inside, the buildings are thriving with teenagers, just having fun. having tapped into the electric company, they get free electricity and no one knows it. the school buildings are turned into a city, filled with store and restaurants that the runaways created themselves. There's Live theater, and also Movie theaters. They even have their own celebrity's. The Dorm buildings, are living space. New a rivals have to head upwards just to find an empty room. its paradise for Runaways, no rules, no parents, just freedom and fun. but, there always a down fall. the law is always on their tail and when they get close to revealing the secret community, the runaways have to move, and start everything up all over again. and with nothing to start with, that can be hard. some of them, have had enough, and have decided to fight back, but fighting only gets you so far.........


The Freedom House
One of the many Abandoned Campus's that have been turned into a runaway paradise

Survival in the war between the law and the runaways

Things to look out for:
This RP is not meant to just be party's and romance, there will be shootings, beer bottle bombs, Etc. every time the cops show up. so yes, go ahead and fall in love but remember, this is war.

Other than that:
We're teenagers, have some fun

[Character Skeleton under this]

Romance is encouraged but, like i said before, do not turn this into a only romance RP

We will start when we at least have three boys and three girls

Cursing is aloud

When things get steamy, take it to PM, but dirty comments and Kissing are aloud


Character Skeleton-
[Picture here, please put to the left]

Age: [16-18]




Campus Status: [what people see you as]

Theme Song: [url here]

Weapons: (Even though this is war, the Teens are not that heavily armored yet. Maximum of 2 weapons per person, not including melee weapons, and nothing bigger than a NATO round.)


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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway
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Dawn breaks across the what was formerly the campus of Richardson University, a small College on the west bank of the Mississippi. Here, runaways from all ages gather to relax, party, and be free. Specifically, the main building is Building 34, known to its residents as "The Freedom House". It sits in the middle of the campus, and originally was the Business Building for the College. Each Building is like it's own state, with its own Military, and Trade. Each Building sends a Representative to the Council, a group of the oldest men and women to discuss actions, aid, and strategy. This Campus paradise is only one of thousands across the United States, when all Colleges and Universities were closed down by the US Government.

Underground tunnels connect all 40 Buildings together, so that way they can move weapons or goods from building to building without the possible issue of police. By Day, this area is quiet, used for meetings of the Council, and Military Officers. But by night, it lights up in a barrage of colors with parties on every floor, with nothing illegal to any age besides starting fights and breaking stuff.

Micheal and Airianna are on the move outside, gathering materials from the surrounding area.

"Hey, Airi, wake up. We're almost to the site." Mkoll says as he wakes up his partner. At times he wished she was more than just his friend and co-worker, but alas, she didn't seem to notice the signs. "Grab your weapon and put it on your back, just in case things get ugly or we get jumped." He says as he holsters his twin Desert Eagles and slides his M4 on his back. He also grabs a metal suitcase filled with $50,000 and handcuffs it to his arm. The goal was simple: Give the money, get the guns and ammo, and head back hopefully without mishap. "I just hope for once an arms deal can go without a hitch." He sighs as they get closer to the drop-off point.

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Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway
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Aira was dreaming of home. well that's what it once was. Her father was in his chair in front of the TV with his glass of scotch on the rocks. The smell of wood and booze reeked from him. Her mother was out late at the office again. Though she knew her mother was really sleeping with her boss. It sickened her. Her family was a disaster. Aira came from the kitchen as her father stood quickly. She waited for it. The sharp hard impact of her fathers fist in her rib cadge. She heard the yelling and the names. Just as her father was about to hit her again she woke to Mkoll shaking her. She reached for her gun but stopped seeing it was him. She did a half smile at him.

"I almost gutted you. you gotta be a little more careful waking me up like that." She said standing up and stretching. She grabbed the M4A1 SOPMOD that lay beside her on the ground. Aira strapped the gun to her back and made sure her gun was unclasped in the holster.

"I'll be shocked if we finish this with the same amount of ammo we came with." She said. She didn't like not carrying a weapon into these things but people always got jumpy when they say the other side with pointed lead.

"Hows your new bracelet? heavy yet?" she asked teasing him playfully. She started in front of him watching every hole and space.

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Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway
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"Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya." Mkoll says as they arrive at the place, he stops the car and gets out. "Very funny, it's not that heavy." He remarks with a smile as they head towards the clearing about 50m in front of the car. "I know it's unlikely that we get out of here scotch-free, but it's always nice to dream." He says as they walk, Aira in front of him as he checks her out from behind, trying to be sneaky about it.

They come across the large opening in the forest, with 3 men standing there, and 2 crates. "Ah, Mkoll, there you are. I was worried you were caught." the center man says with a smile as Micheal waves, having his two men lower their weapons. "Pleasure to see you again Ricardo, so you got the goods?" Mkoll says as they meet in the middle, shaking with his other hand. "Ah yes, everything you ordered is here, you have the $50,000?" He asks as Crespo holds up the briefcase. He sets it on the ground, and opens it, revealing the money to Ricardo. "You never cease to amaze me Mkoll, so we got a deal." He says, seconds before a bullet rips through his body, splattering crimson blood on his men as 3 Squad Cars appear out of the forest, sirens blazing.

"Ah shit! return fire!" Mkoll says as he fires at the Squad cars as they stop and the Cops begin to pour out. "Die you bastards!" He snarls as his M4 opens up, dropping one Officer to the ground. "We'll cover you, get the stuff loaded!" He calls to the others, as the two nod and begin moving the crates.

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Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo
Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway


Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway
Airianna "Aira" Hathaway

Rules were meant to be broken.

Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo
Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo

"It's my job to keep these people safe, and I'll be damed if I fail."


Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo
Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo

"It's my job to keep these people safe, and I'll be damed if I fail."

Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway
Airianna "Aira" Hathaway

Rules were meant to be broken.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Airianna "Aira" Hathaway
Airianna "Aira" Hathaway

Rules were meant to be broken.

Character Portrait: Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo
Micheal "Mkoll" Crespo

"It's my job to keep these people safe, and I'll be damed if I fail."

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