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Lady Amalia

A boisterous noble from the Southern Kingdom, friends with the Princess and notorious flirt. "Call me Ama"

0 · 135 views · located in Set in the late 1600s

a character in “The Prince and His..Maid??”, originally authored by Alliqua_Dark, as played by RolePlayGateway


Appearance: Short with long black hair and blue eyes. A delicate build, she is always dressed in outrageous gowns and costumes. She prides herself in her costumes. She always wears a corset and high heels with makeup no matter what. She has porcelain skin, flawless and lovely. A heart-shaped face, full pink lips, round eyes, and rosy cheeks.

Age: 32

Personality: Boisterous, outgoing, loud, flirty, and intelligent. Amalia is fairly selfish, although that's only because of how she was raised. However she is a hopeless-romantic even though she does have a player reputation. Her heart wants to find the ONE.

History/Etc: Her family is a major contributor to the economical state of the Southern Kingdom, ever since the reign of the last three generations king. Her father had a seat on the Royal Council so when he past away that chair became hers.

So begins...

Lady Amalia's Story

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Lady Amalia walked slowly across the street in the Southern Kingdom, as she walked she saw some kids fighting over bread. Amalia turned over to her servant Kyle and she laughed. Taking Kyle's arm she walked around them, eh, she figured she COULD stay but why would she help those kids? What did she care?