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Siris Leor

Princess and betrothed to a man anyone would beg to marry, but finds herself heartsick

0 · 285 views · located in Set in the late 1600s

a character in “The Prince and His..Maid??”, as played by SageWater


Name: Siris Leor

Age: 23

History: Small and frail but never lacking in spirit. She was born a month too soon, almost killing her mother in birth. Her father, finding a daughter to be a great shame, made the decision to have the kings healers tend to his dying wife than to the baby. Against odds, Siris lived, though now she is quick to be winded and is watched closely by her butler and a few maid hands as if she were to drop any moment (her mother's orders).

Personality: Siris is a shy girl, no matter how outgoing. She tends to keep to herself, but when she finds a friend in someone (Namely her butler and maid hands) she find humor in everything. She adores the art of herbs, ironic in a sense, and is always watching closely when the healer is at work before her.

Dreams and aspirations: Adventure and exploration, if only her legs could carry her. Every morning she sits, shivering, on her windowsill, watching the sun rise far in the distance, wishing she could be where it grew in the sky.

Talents: Her parents, the king and queen - who she rarely sees even though they have close relation - had put her through sitting after sitting with the best people they could find, teaching her the art of music, of painting. She found no beauty in it, only in the art of herbalism.

So begins...

Siris Leor's Story

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#, as written by Grace<3
Hey sagewater do you mind if this guy is your characters butler? just thought I should make sure it's ok with you ^.^ just look at the characters and you'll see his is named "Shilo"

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#, as written by Grace<3
oops sorry i'll approve him his name is MyChemicalRomanceGuy