Riku Ryouta

This little forest? This is MY forest.

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a character in “The Princesses of Prail”, as played by pooka_x


Name: Riku Ryouta
Role: Prince of Lorand
Age: 18
Description: Tall and muscular are the first two things people notice about Riku. He has high cheekbones that make his face look more feminine than most men but his attitude grounds down at how masculine he is. He has shoulder length black hair that is always combed down. He also has bright piercing blue eyes that many people don’t realize due to his smile. His smile is what gets most people; he has a small mark on his top lip which was from a sparring lesson. He has smooth, tan skin and it mostly seen without his shirt. He works out every day in the forest which helps his build. He usually wears a long black cape that is a match to his fathers red one, with the Lorand emblem on it. He also wears black pants, a white shirt and a gold sash across his chest that holds his sword. When he is fighting he wears light armor, gray in appearance, but strong enough to withstand the worst blows.


Personality: Riku is a very protective person of his family and of his city. Lorand always comes first in his mind. The people of his city and the forests surrounding the city is what he values most. Hurt anything to do with that and he becomes a warrior. Riku can also be very sweet and loving. Since the King made him learn all of the plants within the forest he has learned about remedies and occasionally makes personal trips to help people within the town.
Likes: Riku loves reading. The castle has a large library within it which he spends most of his time in. He also loves walking amongst the forest and fighting. A strange thing about Riku is that he loves to cook.
Dislikes: He dislikes dishonest people, being told what to do and eating something which he didn't help cool.


Weapons: Riku has his armor, a shield and a sword all with the family crest on them. His sword has been brought down from generations until it finally reached him. He has a black helmet that covers his whole face except his eyes. His sword has a gold handle which was forged to fit his hand. The blade has a blue tint to it with a blue gem on the handle.

Family Crest


History: He is the Prince of Lorand. He grew up in the forests of Lorand, following his father through his journeys to and from distant cities. The King and Queen of Lorand had been trying to produce an heir for the throne for quite some time and the townspeople almost gave up. Then, miraculously, the Queen became pregnant with Riku. She became very sick after giving birth to him and almost lost her life, thanks to the King and his knowledge of the forest and it’s remedies, he was able to save her. From that day forward the King has always made it important to explain all of the plants and trees within their woods to Riku. Riku has always been looked upon as the miracle child in Lorand. He has followed his fathers footsteps well and has begun changing things among to city to make it more profitable. He has even begun learning fighting strategies for the coming days. Now that Riku is of age to marry, and his parents are growing older, an arranged marriage has been set up to secure the throne of Lorand.

So begins...

Riku Ryouta's Story