Danny Brooks


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Age: 21
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5"11
Body: Pale, tall, skinny
Eyes: Very light blue, almost grey.
Hair: Dark brown, sometimes appearing black.
Extras: He wears nerd type glasses, lobe ears are pierced.

Personality: Danny is VERY quiet. in fact, he almost never ever talks. He often coughs or sneezes, but mostly just sits and listens.
He has a draw and erase board that he'll use to communicate, but he only saves his words for some one truly special.
He's very mellow, and goes with the flow. He enjoys spending time with his friend, but can also have fun reading a book or listening to music alone.
He's very kind and a sweet hearted person. Image

Background: When Danny was young, his parents were always fighting and couldn't stand to be around each other. But, because of that they became workaholics and often left Danny at home alone. That is when his quietness first started becoming more noticeable. He was always a shy child but eventually he'd stop talking to them. Especially when they got a divorce when he was 8. He wasn't close to anyone at school. He's have friends, but no one that he truly felt connected to or could trust. The only one who he trust now is his lover, and he want's to fight for that, which is why he joined the fight.
Likes: Danny's favorite thing is to sit quietly at a café where he drinks coffee, hot chocolate, or basically any hot beverage. He loves, music, books, and movies. Danny loves cats, and he actually has a black cat which he named "Milo".
Dislikes: He hates being cold. He ahs a low tolerance for the cold, and although he might go out sledding if asked with friends, he would most likely spend the whole time frowning and sneezing.


So begins...

Danny Brooks's Story


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Wendy sped down the highway in her Ford Taurus. She was barely ever late, but when she was she felt terrible. She hated disappointing people, and making people wait on her. 'Dang it,' She thought as she sighed, sitting at a stop light.
Luckily, the light wasn't long and she made it to work fairly quickly.

She grabbed her bag and ran inside the local Coffee shop. "Sorry I'm late!" She said as she hurried to the back, throwing on her work uniform. She was 15 minutes late. Even though some of the other works were ALWAYS late, she still didn't like it.
But, she was there now, and could only put it behind her. "Ok," She said to herself as she came out of the 'employees only' door.

She saw some orders that needed to be filled so she got to work making their drinks. She first made a black cup of coffee and set it in front of the gentlemen that had come in with his son. "Here you are sir!" She smiled kindly. "That'll be One dollar and sixty-two cents please." She said at the register. After she received the money she continued filling out orders.

Some regular customers came in and greeted her warmly. "Ah Hi there Wendy!" A truck driver man, in his 40's said.
"Hi Frank!" She waved. "The usual?" She laughed to which he replied, "You bet!" She nodded and made his regular clack coffee with a glazed bagel. "Aw Wendy you always make this place brighter don't you?" He answered as he paid.

She smiled happily and thanked him for his words, "Just doing my job!" She nodded as she continued working.
"I can help whoevers next!" She said as she stood at the register, awaiting the customers orders who had just walked in.


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0.00 INK

Somnus gave the woman behind the counter a simple nod as she told him to wait "a single moment" as she dug into the cash register for quarters. She pulled a handful out, but some fell onto the counter and rolled in their wobbly way off and fell to the floor. While the boy merely rolled his eyes, stopping one from falling off by slapping his hand onto it, Somnus watched as one rolled off and fell, tails side up, on the tiled floor. He got up from his seat and knelt down to pick up the 1998 quarter, setting it in front of the woman as she made a small pile of them. "Thank you." She said to the two, pushing quarters one by one aside to count.

Once five dollars were up, she pushed the pile of cash to the long haired boy, stacking the rest and placing them with a chingle into the right slot in the register. However, as Sylvester scooped them into his small hands, the man next to him reached over slowly, taking one of quarters and sliding it back to her. "That was 5.25" He nodded.

The woman didn't pay much attention, one supposed, as she gave a vague smile and thanked him again, placing it into the register. She then vanished into the back room. Smirking to himself, the father turned to the boy, but he was long gone, already stuffing his eyes into the flashing lights of the retro arcade game.

The small bell at the entrance rang softly, and he turned slowly to it, brown eyes following the young lady who walked in, briefly disappearing into the back before returning in a uniform and getting right to work. Somnus smiled softly, watching her brew and pour the simple order into a warm, clean cup. It landed gently on the counter top, his smile not disappearing,"Thank you very much."

Somnus didn't realize just how many people were in line until he looked in said direction, finding quite a few more people there than there was just a few minutes ago. One had a package of some sort, Somnus had actually forgotten that he was waiting for one himself, one especially foul frown was soaked from the rain, looking like a complete mess. She didn't seem to be wearing her shoes at all, though he didn't get a good look to see why. But maybe they were just wet. There was nothing wrong with taking the sign literally. Behind her, however, there were a few others, one listening to music, one not, but Somnus blinked at the line.

But he still needed to pay

Turning to his pocket, Somnus pulled out his wallet again, taking out the first thing his hand grabbed, which was a ten. He seemed to stare at the ten for a while. He glanced at the boy. Then back at the bill. His fingers lightly tapped the counter. He pushed the bill to the young woman,"Actually, can you use whatever is left of this to pay for whoever the next few people are in line? You can keep the change that's left."