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Name : Emily Schulze
Nickname : Emi
Age : 22 years old
Race : Human, White
Gender : Female
Birthday : March 14
Sexuality : Demisexual
Relationship Status : Taken, has a boyfriend her age
Occupation : Part-time Waitress in the coffee shop and College student, is currently pursuing her dreams

Face Claim : Rita Ora
Eye color : Light Brown
Hair color : Dyed Blonde. Her natural hair color is dark brown
Height : 5'5 ft
Build : Despite her slender build she is definitely trained with her toned stomach and abs
Markings : None, she is strictly against tattoos and she has no birthmarks whatsoever. She pierced both of her ears thrice though
Accessories : She often wears many accessories and thus everyday the three large rings on both of her hands are a neccesity. Also earrings, necklaces and bracelets seem to be not absent on her
Clothing : She wears everything honestly and everything suits her. Though you'd often see her in quite revealing cool and modern type of clothes, this girl won't make the effort to wear clothing that are uncomfortable to her only for the sake of beauty. That's why in her chill time, you'd often find her in sport clothing that is simple but still tones her beautiful body shapes fully

Likes : Shopping, Dancing, Music, Playing the piano, Animals, Children, Literature (surprisingly yes), Theater (visits one from time to time), Musicals (totally fancy those), Going to the cinema (she curses her small TV screen), Jogging (she does it in regular basis), Swimming, Watching football with others, Having fun with friends, Hanging out, Getting drunk together (though she is quite difficult to get drunk), anything (also dangerous) that gives her some pleasant adrenalin rush and going against the trends. She has a dream: To be an actress in the future. And for that she won't ever give up.
Dislikes : Being told what to do, Opera, Going with the flow (she always needs explanation for everything), Drawing (because she simply isn't particularly talented and thus gave up reaching perfection long ago), The law (she doesn't trust the police and is in general, not really the obedient citizen), Gossip (don't even try letting her participate in that kind of talk; even if it is about a girl she hates, rumours that doesn't have any basis are something she sees as despicable and low to believe in), Computers (she is not that skilled in technical stuff), show-offs (they are just pathetic not to mention that most of the times it is actually the merit of their parents) and video games (partly because her boyfriend is obsessed with them).

Personality : Sarcastic | Blunt | Individual | Open-minded | Impulsive | Daring | Possessive | Purposeful | Tolerant | Competitive | Strong-willed

Family & Acquaintance :
Tatjana Schulze | Mother | Deceased due to cancer | Was a famous authour
Horst Schulze | Father | 50 | Pub Owner
Roxana Schulze | Step Mother | 44 | Pub Co-Owner
Jeremy Schulze | Big Brother | 24 | Law Student
Ilyas Rowls | Boyfriend | 22 | College student

Extras : She is left-handed and proud.

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With a faint drizzle sprinkling it's way onto the fingerprinted windows of the small coffee shop, the clouds rolled slowly up above in the sky. With no sun shining about the day, the faint shadows seemed dull, and therefore the day seemed just as much so. There isn't much one could say about a day like this besides that it was dark and gloomy, but one small coffee shop managed to keep it's word, which was hanging on a small sign on the front door, when two costumers strolled in.

"Well, I'll tell you what. How about I'll give 5 buckets to do what you want. That's enough for a milkshake and one game or a milk shake and a snake, or a-"

"I get it Dad."

The pair that had walked in to the shop were familiar to anyone who frequented the small cafe. Or at least frequented them on Saturdays. The young man always came in on Saturday, even if it was just for a few moments. But he always did. Sometimes, or rather, most times the young boy came along with hi.

The young man's hands rustled though the stringy, wet, brown hair, an excess of water droplets finding their way to the floor mat. "Okay." There was a simple nod before he twisted his torso his hand reaching into his pocket. Pulling out a grey, bedraggled wallet held together almost entirely out of duct-ape, the man slipped out a lightly used 5 dollar bill, holding it out to the boy with two fingers. With his hair hanging in his face and his frozen hands in the pockets of his black jacket, the boy had turned way from the bill as soon as it was handed to him, looking over to the dual arcade machines in the back. The man lightly tapped the child's shoulder with the two fingers extended out to him. Without looking back, the frosty hand of the boy slid out of the hefty pocket and snagged the 5 bucks, stuffing it into his pocket.

Hastily walking over to the outdated counter, tip-toeing to look at the employee waiting there. "Can I get this in quarters?" He questioned, blinking.

It took a while for the older man to move away from the door, having watched the child move ahead as fast as he did for quite some time, so it seemed. But once he saw the child ask for change, his lips pulled to one side and he let out a long breath through his red nose. His steps were lot less motivated as the boy's, but he too made his way to the counter. He slipped off his brown jacket with ease and set it on one of the counter stools. He then proceeded to sit on it, his head turned to the boy with a small smile. "You going to play games then?"

The young boy's lips were sucked into his mouth and his eyes widened briefly with a quirk of his brow. "Yeah."

He nodded, his lower lip puckering out slightly. "Okay then." He smirked down at the child before turning to the employee himself. Once they were done giving the boy his change, he smiled,"Can I have a black cup of coffee please?"


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#, as written by selonia
Annoyance and hang overs went hand in hand, and on a Saturday afternoon with light rain, caused her aggravation to be amplified.
Yes I hear you.
If I didn’t hear you, how would I know how to answer?
Why must you be so damn annoying!
No! This is all your fault!
Ottaile threw her phone on the wet pavement and watched the screen crack. Tears poured from her hard eyes, but it was a silent cry as she picked up the fragments of her overly expensive, cheap-phone.
As she was bent over holding the precious phone, a gust of wind took her teal umbrella, flying it into the air and down the street. Ottaile’s eyes changed rapidly from miserable to livid.
No!” Her legs shot up and made long strides toward the parasol.
People watched it fly past them and instead of stopping it or catching it; they allowed the umbrella to continue its journey while Ottie ran for it, feeling her hangover catch up to her.
The world was spinning quickly and her legs couldn’t keep up with all the colors burning into her brain. Everything felt ten times more intense, which made her stomach feel in knots.
But she was determined to catch the damn flying object, so she pushed her body passed the limitations. Her legs ached, her head felt on fire, her lungs tightened, but she kept running. Her heels slipped a few times, but she broke her strides toward the umbrella.
Ottie couldn’t help but smile when she became arm's length away from the objective, her arms flung up to grab the umbrella. Only to be met with the hard asphalt. The wet sidewalk kept her skinny jeans from ripping, but did get them soaking in a peddle. Her hand grasped her leg and looked at what had made her fall.
The very stylish three inch heels she had decided to wear, had broken just as she was about to claim her praise.
She felt completely done with the day. As she picked herself up, a small café caught her eyes.
I could go for a hot, Espresso con pann

Waiting, tolerance, fortitude, perseverance, or even patience was never a strong suit for the blonde, young woman. Her green eyes were sharp with envy seeing other people standing closer to the finish while she was in the back of the line.
Though there were only two people ahead, with the day she had, she was ready for her espresso right then and there.

The smell of Cinnamon danced around the café, and finally lingered onto Ottaile. It was soothing, being coddled by such a warm sensation. Taking deep and long breaths she found her headache was slowing disappearing. All the world’s frustrations were leaking from her pours now.