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Seria Westfall

am i tumblr yet

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a character in “The Problem Pausers”, as played by distorted thoughts






skin; extremely pale. she often refuses to leave the house, living off of coffee and cat videos. her thighs, breasts and stomach are covered in various stretch marks, which is why she refuses to show her skin light.
eye colour; dark blue surrounds the optic, with mainly blue and traces of dull green in the centre.
facial features; a petite feminine cranium with a slightly narrow jaw. she has a small average nose shape that suits her face perfectly and straight white teeth. her lips are naturally plump and soft, a trait which passed down to her by her mother, Ember.
hair colour; different shades of blue ranging from dark to light.

makeup; seria's mother, ember never really had bad skin, so she rarely needed to use heaps of make up. seria never suffered terribly from acne, only pimples here and there. her usual daily make up she uses is a little pale foundation, heavy winged black eye-liner and dull red lipstick.though when she is leaving for the shops, she often only obtains under eye eye-liner.
piercings; facial: 8mm gauges, snakebite piercing, right nostril piercing. ears three lobes on both ears, Industrial on right ear and two auricle piercings on her left ear.
tattoos; two humming birds that appear to be chasing around her left forearm, a cherry blossom branch just above that on the her left arm, a crescent moon outline on her inner elbow and the different shapes of the moons running up the small of her back.

height; roughly 172 centimetres, which transfers to 5 foot 7.
weight; seria is around 69 - 75 kilograms. she refuses to weigh herself.
build; petite and slender. most her weight gathers to her hips and breasts but is usually unnoticeable.
noticeable features ; her blue hair and piercings.


full name; seria westfall. she was not given a second name, as her mother bluntly refused.
nicknames; ria, only to close friends. some other people call her simply splash, since it is her username for almost everything.
age; nineteen, turning twenty in eight months.
sexual preference; heterosexual.
current relationship status; searching.

place of birth; seria was born in a normal suburban area in south australia.
occupation; she had always had a passion for animals, so she is currently volunteering at a local RSPCA and various animal shelters. she got a degree on animal science, and is helping as a veterinarian nurse.
housemates; seria shares a house with her best friend, laura who helps pay for the animal food and such.

preferred clothing; a tumblr grunge style. she is often seen in black clothing and tattoo chokers. though in public, she is usually wearing overly big hooded sweaters and ripped shorts. seria also has a impressive collection of cat tees, her most favourite being three cats riding pizzas in a galaxy.
fears; she has a horrible fear of heights and small spaces. she simply refuses to go in long, cramped tunnels. once in Sydney, she had visited a submarine. halfway, she had a panic attack, her chest tightened, her heart beat overly fast, her knees felt weak and she was shaking badly.


pets; all pets were given to her by the rspca, after she bonded with them. meeko, a white female tabby. arizona, a pure white female.rikai is a female russian blue cat. farrow, a male bright blue bird that the rspca donated after his owner passed away. breed is unknown. paco, a bright neon yellow male budgie. ashi, a male white and grey dwarf lop. sivvy, a female dwarf lop, sister of ashi.

So begins...

Seria Westfall's Story


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seria westfall

seria plodded along down the concrete sidewalk with farrow, her small blue bird hiding in the pocket of her metallica jumper. it was one of those double pockets, where you could put your hand through all the way. it earnt her a few curious glances but the girl paid no mind to it. she generally took her birds out when she went on her morning strolls, as they were extremely tame and their wings clipped. small raindrops began to drop down, landing on her hair and sliding down her face, causing her to reach up and pull her hood over her hair. farrow turned around, so his bright blue tail that also happened to match her hair stuck out of the pocket, shril chirps emitting from its large, pink beak. seria stopped abruptly, looking around for a place to stop. the wind was growing stronger, and she simply could not risk her bird being blown away. she reached into her pocket protectively, forming her hand into a 'c' shape, until she felt the comforting feeling of farrows warm head pressed against her skin.

she scanned the clearing, her bright blue optics stopping on at a small coffee shop. it looking comfortable on the outside, sending off a warm auora. seria neared the coffee shop, reaching out for the doorhandle and twisting, it giving a slight creak. her hands shot up andshe removed the hood, before bringing out her farrow and placing him on her shoulder once again. her hands ruffled her bright blue hair as she walked over to a small table with two chairs. she sat down quickly, her fingers gripping the sdes of the chair. it was made out of a dull faded timber of some sort, and didnt match the table, which was a white with a white table cloth draped over the top. She noticed some commotion happening just beyond her, but she decided to stay out of it. She was very shy when it came to talking to people, or any human interaction in general, and she just usually kept to herself.


OOC: I apologise in advance at this terrible post; i was on my mobile as my computer is really slow D: i promise i can do better!!