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Sylvester Ectar

"You choose the ones you live for."

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a character in “The Problem Pausers”, as played by McPainty


Sylvester Bailey Ectar

[Character's Voice] Bailey H.
[Theme Song. ] Painted Worlds ~ Two Steps from Hell

โ–Œโ–Œ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ THE BASICSImageImage
It is easier to build strong children
than to repair broken men. ~ Frederick Douglass

[Name. ] Sylvester Bailey Ectar.

[Gender. ] Male

[Nickname. ] Sylvester.

[Age. ] 7

[Place of Birth. ] Copenhagen, Denmark

ImageImageAPPEARANCE โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–Œโ–Œ
All children are artists. The problem is
how to remain an artist once he grows up. ~ Pablo Picasso

[Face Claim. ] Elijah

[Height. ] 3'8

[Hair. ] Dark Brown. Dad refuses to let me dye it black.

[Eye Colour. ] Brown.

[Scars/Piercings/Tattoos. ] Dad won't let me have any. But I do have a scratch on my leg from climbing a tree. Probably won't be a scar though.

[Notable Features. ] I have a weird tooth?I don't know.

[Preferred Clothing. ] Jeans, shirts, shoes, and a jacket.

[Demeanor. ] I'm a little shorter than most, but not by much. I swear I'm going to pass them all up one of these days.

Imageโ–Œโ–Œ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ PERSONALITYImage
Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring,
and integrity, they think of you. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

[Sexuality. ] You mean girls?

[Oddities. ] I ma be a inch or two shorter but I'm not weird.

[Habits. ] I flick my hair a lot. It gets in my eyes, but it annoys Dad so I say I like it long. He can't tell the difference.

[Likes. ] I like games, and chocolate milk shakes, and climbing trees.

[Dislikes. ] My Dad.

[Fears. ] That I won't ever be taller than anyone, or that I'll grow up to be dumb.

[Hobbies. ] I do a variety of things, really. I've already mentioned what I like to do, I just do those.

ImageImageHISTORY โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–ˆ โ–Œโ–Œ
Let us sacrifice our today so that
our children can have a better tomorrow. ~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

[ Memorable Experience. ] I suppose when I found out that I don't have a mom kinda stucked.

[ History. ] I'm only 7, what do you expect? Me to have this long list of things I've done? Look, I wake up, I get ready for school, I go to school, I do homework, I play games. What else do you want?

So begins...

Sylvester Ectar's Story


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With a faint drizzle sprinkling it's way onto the fingerprinted windows of the small coffee shop, the clouds rolled slowly up above in the sky. With no sun shining about the day, the faint shadows seemed dull, and therefore the day seemed just as much so. There isn't much one could say about a day like this besides that it was dark and gloomy, but one small coffee shop managed to keep it's word, which was hanging on a small sign on the front door, when two costumers strolled in.

"Well, I'll tell you what. How about I'll give 5 buckets to do what you want. That's enough for a milkshake and one game or a milk shake and a snake, or a-"

"I get it Dad."

The pair that had walked in to the shop were familiar to anyone who frequented the small cafe. Or at least frequented them on Saturdays. The young man always came in on Saturday, even if it was just for a few moments. But he always did. Sometimes, or rather, most times the young boy came along with hi.

The young man's hands rustled though the stringy, wet, brown hair, an excess of water droplets finding their way to the floor mat. "Okay." There was a simple nod before he twisted his torso his hand reaching into his pocket. Pulling out a grey, bedraggled wallet held together almost entirely out of duct-ape, the man slipped out a lightly used 5 dollar bill, holding it out to the boy with two fingers. With his hair hanging in his face and his frozen hands in the pockets of his black jacket, the boy had turned way from the bill as soon as it was handed to him, looking over to the dual arcade machines in the back. The man lightly tapped the child's shoulder with the two fingers extended out to him. Without looking back, the frosty hand of the boy slid out of the hefty pocket and snagged the 5 bucks, stuffing it into his pocket.

Hastily walking over to the outdated counter, tip-toeing to look at the employee waiting there. "Can I get this in quarters?" He questioned, blinking.

It took a while for the older man to move away from the door, having watched the child move ahead as fast as he did for quite some time, so it seemed. But once he saw the child ask for change, his lips pulled to one side and he let out a long breath through his red nose. His steps were lot less motivated as the boy's, but he too made his way to the counter. He slipped off his brown jacket with ease and set it on one of the counter stools. He then proceeded to sit on it, his head turned to the boy with a small smile. "You going to play games then?"

The young boy's lips were sucked into his mouth and his eyes widened briefly with a quirk of his brow. "Yeah."

He nodded, his lower lip puckering out slightly. "Okay then." He smirked down at the child before turning to the employee himself. Once they were done giving the boy his change, he smiled,"Can I have a black cup of coffee please?"


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Wren sighed in resignation as she stepped out of the small office to be greeted by the light downfall. Weather like this always made her shoulder ache, and she hated it. And to top off this lovely day, the guy she was supposed to deliver her last package of the morning to wasn't at the address listed. Apparently he'd gone across the street for coffee. Fancy that. Of course, it wasn't the worst thing that could happen, she supposed; there was one time where the person she was supposed to deliver to had led her on a wild goose chase all across the city, only to be caught in the middle of a strip club of all places. She'd had to endure being yelled at by every subsequent customer for being late. By that standard today could actually be considered pretty easy.

She sniffled a bit, then stepped to the edge of the sidewalk, looking up and down the street to make sure no cars were coming. Deciding it was safe to cross, she ran across the street, then turned down the sidewalk for the coffee shop. She made sure to let her messenger bag jump around a bit as she walked. Maybe next time the guy would remember to be at the place he said he would be at, rather than make the poor courier run through a five minute argument with the woman at the front desk on whether it was acceptable work procedure for personal deliveries to be signed off on by third parties. Seriously, who cared if Miss O'Malley's special delivery from Bad Dragon being delivered to the front desk of her office building got her fired? At least it would be funny.

She pulled open the door, not thinking much of the cinnamon which hit her nostrils. She looked around the shop, noting a number of people who could be the man she's delivering to. Yeah... best take it to the cashier. That old guy could call the person to the counter, and she wouldn't have to address the entire shop herself. She moved forward, queuing behind the guy already there. Wait, did she even need to stand in line? It isn't as if she were ordering something. Eh. Best not to think about it.


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It's more than lovey-dovey feeling,
but less than a true love story.
And even though you're still healing,
I'm going to have to break your heart,
so please understand that I'm sorry.

"I like it..." a dark-skinned young man said as he walked across a street holding an umbrella pointed to the sky.

The headphones on his head, over his ears were on full blast. Of course, after years of listening to overly loud music the man obviously would be used to it. And of course, because the music was so loud, he never heard the horn from a truck on the road going his way. Though, he still noticed it when he looked to his left. The man that was driving, and the woman beside him looked like they were going to get out of their truck and kill him. The man on the road, the man listening to music, had only a few things to do like flipping the couple off and shouting, โ€œFuck you!โ€

Meet Markah David Tomson; crass bastard with the vocabulary of Stephen Hawking. Even though he can insult you with making it look like a complement, he rather likes using blunt insults. Most people do not respect the subtlety and smart insults that come from his mouth because he was a genius who lived with thousands of idiots. Such the existence of people of the higher intelligentsia.

Laughing at the expressions on the couples faces, he continued his easy strut. Where was he going? Easy answer, easy question. A coffee shop. A coffee shop that he had frequented for years. A coffee shop that knew the back of his hand better than he did. And two minutes later, he was opening the door into said coffee shop.

The scent of cinnamon hit his nostrils, and as he looked around he noticed some of the people that usually came to this lovely place. One such was Somnus Ectar. Also most likly with his son, but Markah couldn't see him anywhere.

And then was the wait, for the four people in front of him to finish ordering. Eh, he had his music.

It's a situation like no other,
just me, my homies: my brothers.
Our sisters in the back,
are the rest of the pack...


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Wendy sped down the highway in her Ford Taurus. She was barely ever late, but when she was she felt terrible. She hated disappointing people, and making people wait on her. 'Dang it,' She thought as she sighed, sitting at a stop light.
Luckily, the light wasn't long and she made it to work fairly quickly.

She grabbed her bag and ran inside the local Coffee shop. "Sorry I'm late!" She said as she hurried to the back, throwing on her work uniform. She was 15 minutes late. Even though some of the other works were ALWAYS late, she still didn't like it.
But, she was there now, and could only put it behind her. "Ok," She said to herself as she came out of the 'employees only' door.

She saw some orders that needed to be filled so she got to work making their drinks. She first made a black cup of coffee and set it in front of the gentlemen that had come in with his son. "Here you are sir!" She smiled kindly. "That'll be One dollar and sixty-two cents please." She said at the register. After she received the money she continued filling out orders.

Some regular customers came in and greeted her warmly. "Ah Hi there Wendy!" A truck driver man, in his 40's said.
"Hi Frank!" She waved. "The usual?" She laughed to which he replied, "You bet!" She nodded and made his regular clack coffee with a glazed bagel. "Aw Wendy you always make this place brighter don't you?" He answered as he paid.

She smiled happily and thanked him for his words, "Just doing my job!" She nodded as she continued working.
"I can help whoevers next!" She said as she stood at the register, awaiting the customers orders who had just walked in.


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Somnus gave the woman behind the counter a simple nod as she told him to wait "a single moment" as she dug into the cash register for quarters. She pulled a handful out, but some fell onto the counter and rolled in their wobbly way off and fell to the floor. While the boy merely rolled his eyes, stopping one from falling off by slapping his hand onto it, Somnus watched as one rolled off and fell, tails side up, on the tiled floor. He got up from his seat and knelt down to pick up the 1998 quarter, setting it in front of the woman as she made a small pile of them. "Thank you." She said to the two, pushing quarters one by one aside to count.

Once five dollars were up, she pushed the pile of cash to the long haired boy, stacking the rest and placing them with a chingle into the right slot in the register. However, as Sylvester scooped them into his small hands, the man next to him reached over slowly, taking one of quarters and sliding it back to her. "That was 5.25" He nodded.

The woman didn't pay much attention, one supposed, as she gave a vague smile and thanked him again, placing it into the register. She then vanished into the back room. Smirking to himself, the father turned to the boy, but he was long gone, already stuffing his eyes into the flashing lights of the retro arcade game.

The small bell at the entrance rang softly, and he turned slowly to it, brown eyes following the young lady who walked in, briefly disappearing into the back before returning in a uniform and getting right to work. Somnus smiled softly, watching her brew and pour the simple order into a warm, clean cup. It landed gently on the counter top, his smile not disappearing,"Thank you very much."

Somnus didn't realize just how many people were in line until he looked in said direction, finding quite a few more people there than there was just a few minutes ago. One had a package of some sort, Somnus had actually forgotten that he was waiting for one himself, one especially foul frown was soaked from the rain, looking like a complete mess. She didn't seem to be wearing her shoes at all, though he didn't get a good look to see why. But maybe they were just wet. There was nothing wrong with taking the sign literally. Behind her, however, there were a few others, one listening to music, one not, but Somnus blinked at the line.

But he still needed to pay

Turning to his pocket, Somnus pulled out his wallet again, taking out the first thing his hand grabbed, which was a ten. He seemed to stare at the ten for a while. He glanced at the boy. Then back at the bill. His fingers lightly tapped the counter. He pushed the bill to the young woman,"Actually, can you use whatever is left of this to pay for whoever the next few people are in line? You can keep the change that's left."


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Wren watched the man in front of her dig around in his pocket for his wallet, annoyed that he hadn't already had his money ready when he got to the counter. She swore people who did crap like that were just trying to waste time so they could flirt with the cashier. Save it for the bar, buddy. Some people don't have time to stand around waiting for you to finish your little nice-guy-meeting-the-love-of-his-life-at-the-charming-coffee-shop routine.

Wait, did he just pay for the people behind him? Trying to win points, no doubt. Wren didn't much care for coffee, but if this guy was gonna throw his money away trying to impress some chick he barely knew, she may as well take advantage... Nah, nevermind. She had a job to do, and coffee was gross anyway. And she was getting impatient standing here. Screw it, she'd just push the guy aside, throw the package on the counter, and tell the cashier to call up the recipient. Who cared if it was rude? Not her, she had a job to do, and Mr. Tall Dark and Lanky was wasting her time! She took a deep breath, readying herself for what would follow, knowing it would surely be a day of glory for her.

"U-um," she squeaked out, her voice tiny. Stupid voice. "Excuse me..." She moved to place a hand on the man's shoulder, but couldn't quite bring herself to touch him. She took a small step around instead, so she was almost-but-not-really standing next to him. She tried to focus her attention on the cashier, and put a bit more effort into her voice. "I have a package, for uh..."

Crap, she hadn't checked the name. Why would she? She only needed the address, and then if it was a place of business the person at the front desk could just call them over. She took a quick look at the name on the address form.

"I have a, uh... a package for a Mr..." Stupid voice, work properly. It's not as if anyone's gonna bite you. She glanced at the package again. Yeah, She's not gonna pronounce that. She tried handing it to the cashier instead. She could read it.


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Wendy took the strangers money, and found herself, surprised at his words. 'Pay for the other people?'
She thought curiously. "Wow! That's real nice of you sir," She smiled and nodded.
She looked to the line, ready to take the orders, and happy to inform them that their drinks had already been paid for.

A customer suddenly stood out of line, it was almost like she was cutting, but apparently had a package to deliver.
Wendy was almost prepared to say something, even though she hated to be rude, but instead she glanced at the name.
"Oh, to Mr. Somnus Ectar?" Wendy took the package and looked it over.


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Taking the warm up with hands hands, the warmth spontaneously absorbing into his freezing appendages, Somnus watched the faint steam with a smile. The smile traveled to the young woman as well, he simply shaking his heads,"Shouldn't be." Shouldn't be nice, that is. Should be a normal occurrence, in his eyes. In a perfect world.

Fingers gripping the mug a little too tightly, he turned to go take a seat at one of the scattered tables. None of the tables or chairs matched in the small establishment. Everything was either old, but elaborately made, or remade by some artistic talent somewhere. There was a sofa in the back that had the softest cushions he had ever felt, and the warm feeling of the various paintings and pictures made the place seem a little friendlier. The unmatching chairs gave it character, he thought. The furniture themselves were great pieces, actually.

"Huh?" He turned, having looked down at first, thinking it was Sylvester trying to get his attention. Didn't know why, he was absorbed into his game. His eye quickly shot up to the woman after realizing the mistake,"Oh, I'm sorry!" He stepped to the side,"I'll get out of your way." He chuckled to himself. Paying attention was something he's worked hard on, and i hasn't exactly paid off yet.

Somnus actually was about to leave for a chair when he saw the package be put on the counter. He hesitated, hearing the mumble about the name before the woman behind the counter announced the name. Somnus raised an eyebrow,"That's me." He made his way around the woman again to see the package. "That's funny, I don't remember ordering anything." He said, more to himself than anyone, setting his coffee down and taking the box.

His eyebrows were thoroughly creased, and his teeth took hold of his lips as he observed it. He raced to last week, the week before, and the week before that before it finally clicked,"Oh! Oh my gosh!" He smiled and briefly bellowed a laugh. "Thank you so much!" He grinned at the delivery woman, looking back down at it. "You need my signature or something?" He stared for another few moments at the box, then jolted himself, putting it down. "Wait-, hold up." He held up a finger, grabbing his wallet, which was still on the counter.

He opened it again, but air was all that came out. That's right, that was he last of his cash. Crap, that was supposed to pay for dinner tomorrow too... "Uh." He thought, looking at the slots in the wallet and the cards they held. He snatched a small red card that said "Target". "Here." He held it out to the woman. He already used it so it wasn't at the full 25 dollars. "There isn't much on it, I used it once or twice, but it's all I have." He nervously chuckled.


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Punch the man. Punch him in the face.

"Oh, no, that-that's okay," she put her hands up in front of her. "Really, I don't need it." Don't want your crappy twice-used gift card, more like. People usually tip money, jackass. Told you you shouldn't bother trying to impress the redhead. Well- I know what I mean. She suddenly remembered there was in fact something for him to sign, and procurred it. She held it out for him, digging in her pocket for her pen with her other hand. "I just need your signature on, uh..."

Just sign the thing so I can go home and work on my baby, please... God, she wanted out of here. She didn't care about the guy or his crappy gift card or whatever creepy thing he'd ordered that apparently wasn't good enough for Fedex, she just wanted to leave and go home and work on her bike before her next race and pass out while playing Kingdom Hearts, was that so much to ask? And now she noticed there were people behind her. Wonderful.

"Uh, s-sorry, I'll just..." she stepped to the side and away from the line, still holding the clipboard needing the man's signature. Her other hand finally managed to discover her pen, and she placed it on the clipboard for Sorus Nectar or whoever. "I-I just need your signature there, at the, uh..." She pointed at the bottom of the paper, where the blank line was.


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Somnus chuckled when she put down his offer, which was something he got often. "No, please take it. This is a very important package and it means a lot that you delivered it." Now that he thought about it, most mail people usually just left packages at the door. "After all, you went through all the trouble to find me here." He shrugged slightly. "You could have just left it at my door, but you didn't, so."

"If she doesn't want the stupid card she doesn't want the card."

Somnus blinked and looked down at Sylvester now standing beside him, a chunk of change still in his hand. He was staring up with a glare and a scowl. "There's nothing wrong with offering."

"Yeah there is." Sylvester's frown didn't dissipate. Somnus' eyes widened at the boy. His mouth must have been hanging, because he closed it, before looking at the woman and sighing.

"Okay. Fine." The father frowned, setting the card on the counter and taking the pen she offered. "Sorry for trying." He gave a hard glance at the boy before scribbling a big S on the paper with a long trail of what looked like loops and hills going up. He's always liked it like that. It reminded him of clouds or the steam from a train or something. He gave the pen back to the delivery woman, nodding yet again,"But thanks again. Really." He grabbed the package and his up of coffee. "And thanks for the coffee." He nodded to the cashier.

He went over to the nearest table and set it down, careful not to spill his coffee. Sylvester dragged himself along as well, standing next to him and groaned,"The machine ate some of my quarters."


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True, she did not want the card, but something about the kid made her want to take it out of spite. She noticed that the man had forgotten it on the counter. An interesting development. Her hand twitched at her side, eager to snatch it up, but their were people next to her, and it was unlikely they would all miss it. She reached her hand halfway to the card, fingers twitching. Steal it, or return it... steal it, or return it...

Damn it all.

"Um!" she forced out, taking the card, and walking over to the man. "You, uh..." She fidgeted with the card a bit, then set it on his table. "You forgot that." Guy was broke anyway, might as well let him have whatever was on the card. Maybe he could use it to get value snacks or something. She took a few small steps back from the two, waving awkwardly to the boy before turning to make her escape. She stalled, then turned back to them quickly and giving a tiny showman's jazz hands which only served to make her feel like a dumbass. "Uuuh, thank you for choosing Thunder Beast Deliveries, delivering all your packages like lightning, right to you!"

And now to go find a hole to die in. What kind of crap possessed her to say that stupid tagline? Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid- She continued berrating herself as she walked back toward the glass door. If she remembered correctly there was supposed to be another race tonight. Maybe she could drive herself into one of the other racers. Or maybe she could win and use the prize money to put a hit out on herself. Both were good.

Oh, crap, that would mean she'd have to stop racing, and she couldn't do that to her fans. Er... Fan. She didn't think her dad counted, and she didn't know of many people who watched her races that weren't gangsters. Maybe use the prize money to put a hit out on everyone currently in the cafรฉ instead? But then she'd need their names, crap. She'd figure something out. For now, she realized she was standing still, with her hand on the door handle. This was awkward. She let go of the handle and slipped back into line. Maybe she could get something like tea or whatever. Try and win back some of her dignity by acting normal.


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Wendy watched all of the commotion. She found it funny and entertaining.
'So there's a lady who doesn't want to take a target gift card...a guy who's insisting,.. and his son who seems to be smarter than us all?' She thought and couldn't help but let out some chuckles.

"N-Next in line please," She stuttered as she was laughing too hard.
The next customer was quick and easy, a vanilla latte was their order. Wendy smiled happily,
"A-And how much will that be?" The slightly older woman asked.
"Actually Ma'am, thanks to that nice Sir over there, it's free!" Wendy said, excited to deliver the good news.
She pointed to Somnus, as the woman gasped in shock.
The woman who just order went up to Somnus and thanked him for paying for her.

Wendy felt really good. She loved charity projects and was more than happy to be able
to tell everyone that their orders had been paid for. She took a few more orders, and everyone got their drinks.
After about 4 customers, they money that was given was out, and she went back to working as normal.


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Somnus set the package even on the table, trying his best to even out the spaces between it and the edges of the table as he sighed. As much as he loved Sylvester, which he did, he loved Sylvester more than life itself, it's just the kid could cheer up a bit. He wasn't even a teen yet and it was starting to concern him a little. If he was like this now, what was going to happen when he got older?

"Well, I don't have any more cash bu-"

The pair turned to the delivery woman with very blank expressions, Somnus blinking while Sylvester put his pasty hands into his pockets. Forgetting things and leaving them lying around was a not so excellent habit he had gotten into, especially with cards. But people didn't usually return gift cards so it meant a lot that she would return it, even after he offered it to her. But this time, it struck a nerve and his eye twitched for a split second before he smothered it, chuckling. "Oh, thanks." His elongated fingers grasped the flimsy card. Why couldn't people just stop being full of damn pride and just take the help? Somnus instantly placed the card on the table next to the package. He wasn't able to turn to Sylvester to try and finish what he was saying before the previously rather ambivalent young woman sprung out in one of the cheesy catch phrases that everyone uses now these days.

The hint of irritation that sprung in Somnus dissipated and he laughed with a wide grin. "No problem." He replied, even though she probably wasn't saying it as herself, she was saying t as if she as the company. But still. "Thanks again." Somnus didn't pay much attention to the lady after that and he had failed to notice that she went to the back of the line. Sylvester did, however, and after her little telegram-like performance was over, Sylvester slouched in his chair with an exasperated huff, his eyes following her with disinterest until she stopped in line. After standing there in the door for a while that is.

Somnus finally continued,"I don't have any more change but in a second we can ask the girl behind the counter-"



"She's a cashier, Dad. " Somnus could see the head of sarcasm peeking from Sylvester's dark lips.

Somnus took an audible breathe in, moving on,"The cashier to help you with the quarters." Sylvester shrugged, his finger picking at a piece of wood flaking off the old table. "But first, open this."

Sylvester raised an eyebrow, his lip arched as well. "What is it?"

"It's a present. I obviously couldn't wrap it, but just open it." Somnus waved himself to get to the point. He placed his chin in his hand, his elbow on the table, eager eyes blinking rapidly in anticipation of the young boy to open the gift.

Sylvester sighed in an exaggerated tone, sliding the box off the table and into his small lap. He unfolded the flaps and squeaked the heavily packed bubble wrap as he unfolded the air filled sheets. Sylvester starred down at the revealed item, his face blanker than a sheet of paper.

It was a pair of headphones. The ones that Sylvester was playing with a couple of days ago while they were at the store.

"I thought you said you wouldn't get these?" Sylvester's eyes only looked up to meet his.

"I changed my mind." Somnus smiled underneath his hand.

Sylvester's eyes slowly rolled down to the blue and yellow head set. Sylvester didn't bother to check the price of the thing, seeing as they were low on money as it was, but they were the nicest pair in the store. Probably the most expensive ones too. "Why did you get me these?" Sylvester looked through his long hair to him.

"Why not?"

"Why did you get these?"

"I thought you liked them." Somnus' brows furrowed and he sat up in his chair.

"Just because I look at them doesn't mean I like them." Sylvester hissed.

Somnus frowned. "You said you neede-"

"Haven't you ever heard of sarcasm before?" Sylvester stood up, throwing the headphones roughly in the box before scurrying his way around the line and to the bathroom around the corner.

Mortified, Somnus stared at the box and headphones. Suddenly, he groaned, plopping his head with a thud onto the table.


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Wendy watched all of the commotion go down. She was mainly paying attention to her customers, but
found her gaze wandering to the stranger and his child. She put her mouth to the side, feeling sorry for the man.

After a few minutes had gone by, and her line had gone down, a different cashier took over. The woman proceeded to
ask Wendy to go collect trash and wipe down tables. Wendy nodded and did as told, grabbing a tub to put the dirty dishes in,
along with a wet rag for the tables.

She walked around, cleaning up a few tables as she passed by Somnus' table. She wasn't sure if she should say something or not, but decided it couldn't hurt. As she walked she stopped by his table. "You know...It's none of my business,..but, I think your son is just going through a faze...It's obvious to see that you're doing the best you can as a dad,, don't beat yourself up, okay?" She smiled, very kindly at him until her head was turned by the sound of the bell to the front entrance go off.

It was a couple more of her trucker regular customers. This bunch was a little more loud, but usually kept it together.
One of them called out to Wendy, to which she walked over.
"Hey Randy!" She nodded and greeted them. "Hey doll, how's my girl?" He said in his rough voice.
Randy was probably in his 30's and was obviously muscular, with biker style clothing.
Wendy laughed at his joke. She usually did, but there was always something serious about his jokes that made her slightly uncomfortable.

Wendy tried to laugh it off but he suddenly placed his hand on her hip, pulling her closer. "Ah! Randy stop playing around!"
She said raising her voice, but still trying not to frighten the other customers. "You know, I've been coming here for a while now, always give you big tips, but I never get anything in return, Come on, what do you say? Why don't you give me a little kiss."
The man stated trying to pull her closer while she dropped her tub, and squirmed around. "No!" She yelped. One of the customers began calling the cops.