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The Problem with Foster Families



These two boys have been in the same foster home since they were little, maybe six or seven when they met one another. The older one watches out for his younger "sibling", since he's not as popular and gets picked on at school. It isn't until the younger sibling comes out to his older brother that he realizes the only reason he's telling his big bro' is because he's the boy he hasn't been able to get out of his head for weeks! And it isn't until big brother realizes his little bro isn't as happy as he used to be, that he figures it out. Our story starts a few days after he comes out, on the last day of school before summer vacation.

Dakota Marks, sixteen, FC: Lucho Zabrana, played by Merthur

Name, eighteen, FC: Francisco Lachowski, played by no one.

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Jadien racked his eyes over his brothers form for a moment when Jamie sat up, landing on that shy little smile that absolutely nothing ever good came from. Or well...good for him, usually, because generally he enjoyed the kind of stuff he knew was coming. He expected a kiss though, and was pretty sad when he didn't get one...

Not that that mattered much, because Jamie's words caused his stomach to flip and a smile appear on his own face, but more than that was that look. He loved the way Jamie could look through his eyelashes like that, the way mischief was so easily read through them. "Damn, and here I was actually considering going back to sleep."

With that plan completely out the window, he moved one of his hands to the back of Jamie's neck and pressed him down just enough to close the distance between them. He sighed softly when their lips finally met, having decided after their 'fight' yesterday that it had just been way too long since he'd gotten a kiss. How the hell was he supposed to survive when the went back home...?


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#, as written by merthur

Just the feeling of his brothers hands on his body drove him crazy. Actually thinking about it was even better though, even now he had troubles believing that any of this was even happening. How in the world did he go from the ugly, loser kid that no one liked to, well, this. At first he might have had some doubts, like this was all just some sort of sick joke, or something his brother had been dared to do. Now... he knew that this was real. It didn't matter how wrong it should have been, nothing had ever felt so right before to him. For once he didn't care what people thought about him, he didn't care that his only "friends" didn't even have his phone number. And he supposed it wasn't the healthiest sort of relationship, but so long as Jaiden was okay with him the way he was, he didn't feel the need to change.

The kiss started off sweet, and he let it be that way for a few lasting moments since it was like, their "make-up kiss". Though no matter how much he enjoyed those kinds of kisses, he found himself deepening the kiss as his hands slipped underneath his boyfriends shirt.


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The moment their kiss changed, Jaiden found himself highly annoyed by clothing. Clothes were stupid. No body needed clothes. And he really just wanted them off. Never one for outstanding amounts of self control, he found that feeling to be more and more overpowering, and the moment he and Jamie had to part for air he pushed his brother up just a little bit and reached down to grab the cotton shirt in his hands and jerk it off over his head. He only wore shirts because of the stupid scars anyway, and no one could see them if he was on his back...except for the two that looped around his left shoulder, and the few that stroked across his sides, but he didn't care. Jamie had seen them before anyway. Wasn't a lot you could hide from someone you'd grown up with.

Then, without a word, he was pulling his boyfriend back down to him, arms around his neck and fingers twisting in his hair, trying to get them both as close as they could be. There was no build up this time, he wasn't really in the mood for soft and sweet.

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