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Reginald 'Gigger' Terry

"Breath Hex, eat Binary, believe in the Righteous Hack."

0 · 243 views · located in Earth 2150

a character in “The Program: Anarchy is Freedom”, as played by Sheoul


Gigger. Hackers worth their salt know this handle. It is the name associated with a hardcore hacker.
The nickname "Gigger" sprung from a 'righteous hack' [a hack that is for the good of others, striking at evil/corrupt people (usually politicians, dirty cops, etc)]. In this hack, Gigger wanted to get at the government for arresting a well-known hacker, fining his family millions of dollars, and most horribly: Destroying their computers. His aim was to spread a message. Using a virus he uploaded 22 gigabytes of videos, pictures and songs into public computers. Libraries, bilboard screens, anything connected to a public network was attacked. The videos showed pictures of cops randomly attacking people, politicians sniffing drugs, doctors sexually harassing, and even a few C.E.O.s having a gang-bang with hookers. His slogan? "Eye for an eye, motherfuckers." Following the showing of his message, around 55, 000 home computers had their important files completely erased, a bank lost 412 accounts of rich lawyers, and more than 30 criminals had to be freed from jail due to all evidence of their crimes vanishing from police information banks.


Home grown human

American Caucasian


A short, young man and very slim. Gigger wears a white short-sleeved shirt and baggy, brown camo trousers that are filled with various hacking tools and computer components. On his left hand he wears a fingerless glove.
His hair is thick, brown and floppy, just at eye-brow length above green eyes.

Flirtatious, over-confident, easily excited and easily amused.

[See desc.]

Carries around a custom-built computer. It is a laptop-style hacking computer nicknamed "Lilly." It's body is black and covered in green binary codes. It has various ports installed for wired and wireless connections, as well as to allow use of Giggers home-made hacking tools.[For example: He has a fake card-reader which plugs into one of Lilly's ports, and then into an ATM or card reader, and he can then hack into the machine that reads it.]


Gigger knows a little Tae-Kwon Do, and knows how to use a gun, but isn't really experienced in either. [That is to say, he's never been in a proper one-on-one fight using martial arts or guns.]
He is a well-known hacker, but doesn't excell in the traditional "types" of hackers. His real skill lies in Viral Hacking; sneaking into computers without being noticed and then suddenly unleashing a horde of self-programmed viruses to completely distract security systems. Then, sneaking in as easy. The main reason this is effective is that Gigger uses old viruses, with hardware that would be considered "out-dated" by security experts that assume no hacker would use anything but the latest and best tech.


Uses his hacking as a main source of income

So begins...

Reginald 'Gigger' Terry's Story