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Subject Thirteen

"Cowards turn on all the lights, because death hides in every shadow"

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a character in “The Program: Anarchy is Freedom”, as played by SubjectThirteen


Name : Unknown

Alias : Subject Thirteen / Unknown

Orientation : Straight

Alliance : Government / The Program

Family Tree :

Father : John Mareth

Mother : Susan Mareth

Factual Age : Unkown

Record Age : Twenty Seven

Subject Thirteen is a twenty-seven year old male of the caucasian nationality. His skin tone is incredibly pale. He is exactly 5 feet, eleven inches tall. His body is of the slim and slender nature, though he is almost nothing but muscle. His hair is down to the back of his neck at the back of his head, and relatively straight. It drapes down to just behind his ear on the sides and is parted away from his eyes in the front. The color of said hair is of a pure black. His eyes are silver, as though more mechanical than anything, with a black pupil ( Which goes without saying ). Usually wears a pure black suit, with a white undershirt and black tie.


Subject Thirteen's mental demeanor is mainly best summed up in the opinions of the officers in his original unit.

Lieutenant Joshua Alberwitz

"Well, I'd tell ya what thirteen's like, but he'd waste me if he didn't like what I said."

Though Thirteen is an excellent choice for any military action, he works best alone, because of his distant nature to humanity. He has a tendency to kill anything and everything that gets in his way so long is it will not jeopardize his mission. He finds that a soldier whom is doing no work, claiming no heads, and making no effort to be of use to The Program, should be taken out of the situation as soon as possible, lest their incompetence compromise optimal mission conditions.

Thirteen does not believe in mercy and will often threaten or torture a captured enemy in any public place in order to obtain information.


Fire Arms

Thirteen uses a pair of almost rectangular handguns, which have been modified with "Quick Trigger" technology, which allows them to fire five rounds per second. Their clips are designed to hold much smaller rounds, which means that each clip would hold around fifty rounds with about the same amount of stopping power as a nine millimeter.

His second firearms are a futuristic pair of handguns which fire a compressed round of sound. Within the barrel of each of these is a sonic resonator which creates, echoes and compresses a sound-wave powerful enough to rip a large hole in anything organic. the sound bullets are mainly reactant to water, meaning that they would travel directly through metal, with reduced power of course, and knock an enemy backwards.

Secondary Weapons

The sleeves of thirteens coat are rimmed with a holster of throwing knives, five knives per holster, one holster per hand. Above these two holsters, on the backs of each arm, are a few throwing stars, which are dulled at the edges and heavily sharpened at the tips, giving them the ability to bounce off of solid objects and stab into less tough ones.

Behind thirteen's back is a short sword of around two feet, which is sharpened and concealed in the back of his coat. This sword is mainly used in hand to hand combat, as well as a few other situation control measures.

Agency Equipment

HUD Shades : A pair of black sunglasses which are equipped with a see through screen instead of lenses. They are mainly used to diagnose an enemy's strengths and weaknesses as well as points of interest. For instance, if an enemy was to pull a gun on thirteen whilst he only had a sword, the shades would be able to show the direction in which the gun was pointed in a very short of time to reveal the bullet's most likely path, giving Thirteen the time to move his sword to defend from the projectile.

Gas Marbles : A small pouch of marbles containing knockout gas, capable of rendering a few individuals unconscious in a short amount of time.

Agency Command Link : An earpiece which allows the superiors to relay information to thirteen, and thirteen to relay information back via satellite.

TRX Mark VI Suit : Subject Thirteen's suit is made up of a MicroPLaD polymer that can take a very large amount of damage. Shots that would pierce an ordinary man would only bruise his physical form. Though it is only a prototype, and will tear after lengthy fire. This suit also relays a signal to his shades which can tell him where and when to move, essentially, the shades and suit go hand in hand.

AIM Shoes : Altitude Increase Module Shoes - These high tech shoes, which match thirteen's suit, use the same sound altering dinamics as his handguns. However, they work by firing a blast of compressed, spread sound of a much lower pitch down from the base of the foot. This essentially allows for a "Multi-Jump" motion, as the rounds of sound act as a spectrum which propels him upward on command. Though its taken alot of practice, Thirteen has learned over the years to use these shoes to increase his speed, as well as hover ominously in the air above a target.


Speed Reader
Quickly Decisive without being compulsive
Extremely inventive


A little more than twenty years ago, Subject Thirteen didn't exist. Instead, Leone Mareth had just turned seven. From the first year of his life... to his current life now, Leone was conditioned to be nothing more and nothing less than a "Military Man" as his father called him. He began being trained in the art of war at the age of three, and continued for most of his life that has come along. When he entered school, while other children studied math, he studied strategic algebra. While other students studied the human body, he studied gentle fist, mainly using Life Science, as his third grade teacher called it, as a way of mapping out what would happen if he struck certain areas of a human's form. Leone was thrown into an academy by his father at the age of six to study at an accelerated rate. His therapist had already told his father that he was, in fact "A Military Genius". He mainly said this to downplay the fact that at the age of five, Leone was far smarter than the shrink himself. He'd actually gotten himself banned from therapy for playing mind games with the therapist. He's also the reason most shrinks in the new age do not keep pictures of their families in their offices.

Leone - After seeing a picture of his therapist's wife on the desk in front of him - : "Hmmm... Mr. Jacobs.. why is it that you are smiling, yet your wife is not?

Mr. Jacobs - With an astonished look, thinking that the child had a motherhood complex : "Well, Leone, that day, my wife was pr-

Leone - cutting off the doctor before he could speak, already making note what he was going to say before he'd said it - : "Pregnant with your second son, the first of which is in the background of the picture by mistake.. tell me, why didn't you invite him into the picture? Is it because you already know that he isn't your son?"

Mr. Jacobs - With a scorned look, as though the child had ripped a hole in his heart - : "No, Leone, it's because he was supposed to be grounded that day, he was being a very bad boy, something like you're being right now."

Leone - with a tilt of his head, as though puzzled by the shake in the doctor's voice - : "Then why take the picture at all? The child obviously isn't yours. He's a youth, maybe even my age at the time this picture was taken, and you and your wife are white as ghosts.. this child is far too young to have developed such a tan. This is the son of a Hispanic male, most likely in his early twenties. Your wife most likely had intercourse with you within that same day in hopes that if she did get pregnant by that mystery man, you would believe the child yours.

Mr. Jacobs - in a fit of rage at the amount of sense the child was making just over one little picture - : "Now Mr. Mareth! We're here to talk about you! and-"

Leone - Cutting off the doctor once more - : "To hell with me, lets talk about you. Does your wife smile when you talk about the day the baby gets here? Of course not, she's too sick to show happiness at having a child with the man she loves! Does she ever kiss you for no reason, simply because she missed you after your ten hour day of telling kids like me that we're crazy? Crazy isn't basing everything off of logic. Crazy is going home every day knowing full well that your wife is fucking around on you and not being man enough to do anything about it! Crazy is knowing full well that as I say this... seeing as it's around this time of day in that picture, this fucking Spic is spending time with your woman and HIS chidlren in the house you pay for. Or is it your obvious ILLNESS that-

Mr. Jacobs - Cutting the child off with a billowing yell - : THAT'S ENOUGH!

Unable to take what the child was saying, the fact that he was using the shrinks obvious racism against him, the fact that he was most likely right, the doctor did something he hadn't done in years.... he took the rest of the day off. Upon reaching his household.. he walked into his bedroom to find his wife in bed with a hispanic gentleman of twenty-two years old, calling his name and clawing his back as her husband stood and watched. After shooting the trespasser, his punishment for his cheating wife was to leave her with the knowledge that whilst getting his blood drawn earlier that year to test if his son was actually his, the doctor had made a mistake and used a dirty needle. Because of this, the man not only found out this his own son was not his own, but contracted the AIDS virus only a few years before it could be cured. And by leave her, he meant to take the same gun that he'd shot the intruder with, press it to his chin, and pull the trigger, whilst his wife and bastard son watched.

Shortly after, it was confirmed that the dead shrink left everything he owned to Leone as his last wish before dying, leaving his ex and bastard to die of starvation on the streets, while the child that showed the truth took everything they owned.

After this, at the age of seven on the dot, Leone had been making an errand for his mother to the store, which was strange, as she'd never sent him to the store before. It took ten men fifteen minutes and nineteen clips of tranquilizing ammunition the subdue the child. Six of which did not survive that day. Since the day he was abducted, Leone has been in a virtual world, training literally constantly to battle the enemies of the program. His parents, strangely enough, never filed him missing.. they never looked for him.. in fact, they came into a few million dollars... and were never heard from again.

So begins...

Subject Thirteen's Story