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Vahriak Shigawa

Deadly assassin for the government

0 · 283 views · located in Earth 2150

a character in “The Program: Anarchy is Freedom”, as played by digi-kun


Name Vahriak Shigawa

Nickname Vahr

Alias Shark Skin

Age 24

Species Splicer-shark hybrid

Race Japanese

Orientation Homosexual

Vahr stands tall at 6'10", and has black hair, shaved at the sides and gelled into a mo-hawk. The splicing operation he had when he was a teen was simply for aesthetic purposes, changing his skin into a pale blue, and eyes slightly rounded over the years. His teeth also sharpened. His constant exercising has rewarded him with a well toned body, however slim enough to move fluidly through waters.

Personality Was a shy, introverted young man before the splicing. He was skinnier and had little if any self esteem. After the splicing he started coming out more, became more social, even became slightly more aggressive. His confidence shot through the roof. However, after the Memoric Eradication, his shark DNA caused his killer instincts to burst through, and now he takes pleasure in the sight of the blood of others. He gets bored easily, and likes toying with other people's fear of death. He knows because of his looks, many others around him are afraid of him, but because of his conditioning, he never kills others without explicit orders from above.

Clothes/Armor He prefers to be shirtless, and he wears black, khaki shorts. He has no shoes, and has three piercings on each of his ears.

Equipment He has a bag that straps around his shoulders, and inside holds an array of dry foods and an arsenal of knives and daggers strapped to the side of the bag which he can quickly draw and use.

Weapons Has only one laser gun, however it was created specially for him, since his strength and aggressive demeanor have led to him breaking his other guns. It's larger, sturdier, and water proofed, for when he's required to go underwater. Also has a lot of knives and daggers.

Skills Shark DNA has given Vahr enhanced strength, and is completely lethal when underwater, moving faster than most fish.

Abilities Only when underwater, his shark DNA has given him the ability to sense any signs of electricity.

Birth Place/Area of Residence U.S.A.

Family Tree
Father: Rugar Shigawa
Mother: Janette Shigawa
Younger Brother: Sander Shigawa

Alliance The Government

Occupation N/A

Bio/History Vahr was born and raised on Oahu of the Hawaiian Islands. He grew up shy and introverted, never really taking any real risks. He did receive high marks in school, so his teachers said he had a bright future ahead of him. However, he was socially inept, and so was picked on a lot. In fact, he only had two close friends, Kanoa and Jin. The three boys always had fun together.

At the age of 14, he decided to get spliced, since it was an emerging fad at the time. He figured it would make him seem cool. So Kanoa asked his father, who was a wealthy business man, if the three boys could get a splicing operation. The shark was Vahr's favorite animal, so he asked to be spliced with that of a Great White. Kanoa had been spliced with a monkey, and Jin with that of a cat. While Kanoa simply grew a tail and enlarged ears, with Jin's tail also growing but with longer, sturdier nails, Vahr's whole skin changed color and his teeth grew sharper. Though the changes obviously took months upon months, there were also notable changes in Vahr's personality, shortly after the operation. He had gained confidence, was talking to others more, even began exercising.

When he turned 16, he had confessed to Jin about his sexual orientation, and that he even loved him. Jin was also homosexual, but it was awkward at first. They have however decided to become romantically involved, and Vahr was happy. So he had decided to tell his parents, who were not so happy. In fact, they were disgusted and disowned the boy. Full of contempt and hatred, he left the house. His younger brother by three years, Sander, wanted to go with him, since he was the only one in his family who actually connected with Vahr. But Vahr respectfully told him to stay, and left Sander behind.

Vahr lived with Jin for a time, however the two one day had a huge fight, and in a fit, Vahr stormed out of the house and simply took the time to walk, let out some steam. He was brooding by himself when he realized he had been out so long the sun had set. He realized that he may have worried Jin and turned back to apologize. However, before he could, he had been shot with a tranquilizer to his neck, and he fell unconscious, not knowing what had just happened.

Vahr awoke later in a military facility, not knowing who the people around him were, or where he was, or even what was going to happen. Vahr could only remember them placing something on his head and excruciating pain before blanking out.

When the shark boy awoke, he had no memory whatsoever of anything. In fact, he wasn't even sure what his own name was. He was given a name, "Shark Skin", and was conditioned to always follow orders. However there was a side effect in this one's personality that the scientists hadn't expected. The shark DNA was infused with Vahr's own several years before, so they assumed the mutation had finished. But, because of the Memoric Eradication, his DNA began to mutate further, causing him to grow small gills and his skin to become much rougher. This is also when the sharks killer instincts began to break through his psyche. For a time, he was considered dangerous and was asked to be eliminated, but the scientists affirmed that thanks to the conditioning, he wouldn't do anything without expressed orders, however Vahr still maintains a cold blooded, almost psychopathic personality.

So begins...

Vahriak Shigawa's Story