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Anne Luther

"An adventure is always worth the wounds."

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a character in “The Project of Warren High”, as played by ulrikaumeko


Anne Luther β™’ 16 β™’ Female β™’ Bisexual

β™’ Appearance β™’
The appearance of Anne Luther is considered roughly average by society. Take the time look closer at her- the way she stands, the twinkle in her eyes- and one will see she is anything but. Anne stands at a rather short height of 5 feet, three inches -or roughly 160 centimeters- and weighs in at 113lb, considered normal in her age and height. Granted, Anne Luther will more likely than not be seen staring straight up at one instead of below. Her eyes will never give away the disadvantage of her height. The ocean blue orbs will shine with a fierceness and intensity like that of a candle unwilling to burn out. She has jet black hair that shines a dark blue in light. Well, of course, besides one lock of hair that she dyed a crimson red as a child. Ann likes the look of it on her, it symbolizes something along the lines of refusal to be the same. She possesses rather breezy hair that can never truly be kept in one place- fitting. The inky black strands just lightly graze her shoulder. Her lips are thin and are usually seen pursed together in a determined line. Hardly ever has the female seen smiling, though when she has, it usually in a victorious manner. The brow of Anne Luther is that of a ruler- an empress. Finely arched and ready to win.

The body of Anne is athletic with a slight curve, sensible considering that she is such. Her skin tone is easily described as vanilla. Anne has come and gone through wounds, with only one scar on her Achilles heel to prove it. In regards to her sense of style, Anne has always preferred to wear more bold yet decent clothing. A leather jacket and a pair of Chucks has always done the deed with her.

β™’ Abilities β™’
♦ Athletic |Anne may posses little to no musical talent, but she is incredibly strong and athletic, despite her looks. She is sports-inclined and is knowledgeable in many sports and is... Well, athletic.
♦ Clever |Like the other new students at Warren High, Anne is intelligent. She is an inventor, and like all inventors, she knows the chinks in armors and how to fix things.
♦ Brave |Of course, this doesn't mean she'll just up and confront one for the sake of bravery. One can be brave in many other ways, and Anne Luther uses these many ways subtly.

β™’ Personality β™’
Let's start with the rain before we get to the rainbow.

β™’ Stubborn β™’ Quick-Tempered β™’ Selfish β™’ Impatient β™’
First and foremost, Anne Luther is the kid you'll see trying their hardest in gym class. She jumps to conclusions quickly and is often insensitive to what her decisions mean to others. With her wishes set firmly in rock, she is certain she will manage to get her way. Anne is confident about the decisions she makes will turn her face away from whoever doesn't agree with her and carry through. Though she is quick-tempered, she doesn't lash out so violently, it's more along the fact that she gets displeased very often. But manage to get pissed enough at you and you will find her screaming and lashing at one quite violently. In this way she is also selfish, not giving a damn to others. Anne is a fierce competitor and thus is single minded in her aim to win. She is a quick-learner and will often have difficulty with those who cannot keep up with her.

β™’ Independent β™’ Honest β™’ Passionate β™’ Courageous β™’
Ah, the factor that played a decision on whether to attend Warren High or not, independence. Anne Luther is no follower, she is a leader. She detests being told what to do and would much rather work alone than have to go through such an experience. She is self-reliant yet dependable. You can always count on her for a hand- That is, if you are on her friends list. Anne is honest to a fault, but it is more of a positive trait of hers. After all, honest people are less likely of doing immoral things. Ask for her opinion and hell yes she'll confront you about her thoughts. She is passionate about the things she does and will put her best into everything. This leads to her being a loyal friend. She sticks to her promises and goals; once something has occupied her to-do list, it usually gets done immediately.
In conclusion Anne Luther has the soul of a pioneer, ready to see the other worlds, but with the outer shell of a fierce leader, ready to break her enemies.

β™’ History/ Other β™’
The life of Anne Luther has always felt incomplete to her, personally. She was born to two teens madly in love with each other. She was certainly not raised by them. She was left to an orphanage and adopted two years later by the Luther's. They were a nice family to live with, to say the least. She was raised a single child for about seven years until her adoptive mother gave birth to a boy. From there her life became blurred by the image of her brother. It never really hurt... She was caught up in her own world. The world of sports. She would never dream of asking her parents to attend her games, they never even knew she was in sports. She was free, in a way. But secretly, she was longing for more. So no surprise that she took up the offer to attend a boarding school. She heard about the school being unlike others, or in more honest terms strange. This only adds to Anne wanting to attend the school even more. An adventure in the making.

So begins...

Anne Luther's Story


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#, as written by Mousie
Built majestically upon the top of a mountain range, surrounded by evergreen pine forests and valleys is an old castle, beautiful and elegant; particularly at sunrise when the warm rays first hit the spiral of each tower. Quiet for a short while the hidden landmark is once again open as a boarding school.

On this particular day the sun is shining bright and warm and the sky is clear; but the shadows are cold and there is a slight chill to air. Students of all shapes and sizes have approached the school, wearing their fresh uniforms, trailing baggage behind them fit for a long term at school. For some; more baggage is being sent in preparation for the entire year.

Unknown to the students, there is a slight change to this school year. A species that hasn't yet set foot in the school is mingling within the crowd, disguised by the general mob of uniforms and mayhem.

Warren High Boarding school has undertaken a project. One that will change the lives of all the students involved.

A warning bell rings out and it causes the students to file into two seperate assembly halls after a few straddles check in at reception.

In one hall, fresh-faced human children are seated. Nervous, eager and hopelessly naΓ―ve. Human teachers crowd behind them, listening just as eagerly as their students.

A woman, intimidating in both stature and beauty stands before them, icy eyes wondering over the sea of heads. Amanda Vogue, head mistress of Warren High, a mysterious figure built upon fear and rumours. Terrifying visually, from her masculine suit to her snarling, bow shaped lips. She wore the word terrifying like a shade of lipstick.

She never usually gave a speech this early, but things were different this year.

"Good afternoon and welcome, my name is Amanda Vogue, but you will all address me as Head Mistress." She began, giving a few figity students a longer stare than others. "At the start of the school year it is tradition for students to settle into their shared rooms on arrival and meet their fellow students before starting lessons the following day, however, I want to let you know a few important things first. Number one, there are no dropouts, runaways, rule breakers or clowns at this boarding school- you're here to learn and here you will stay. Number two, this school is special, it has traditions, secrets, I expect students of this school to be respectful of these things. Last of all, this is a respected facility and it is a privilege to be here, I assure you all that this will be an experience you will never forget..."

After addressing the human students Amanda Vogue made her way through a short corridor until she came to a second large hall. She hesitated outside the doors leading in before letting out an aspirated sigh and pushing open the doors. It unleashed a chaos of noise. Students of all kinds littered the hall, loud and obnoxious, snarling and laughing. She took her place at the front of the hall and after realising that no one had noticed her enter, let out a horrifying shriek. The hall quickly fell silent. The older students who'd been at the school for a while sat round respectably, the new students jumped in their seats. Startled.

She stared at them all, letting her glamour slip slightly to reveal some skeletal before giving a slightly different speech.

"Im sure you've all heard the rumours circulating about the 'human project' the school has taken on. Therefore I will address this first. It is true, that approximately half of the new students joining this year are human. This is an opportunity to prove to the council that this school raises students of the highest calibre no matter the species. It is a project we take very seriously, any student who is seen to jeopardise this great opportunity will be punished and expelled. I expect you all to make the new students feel welcome.
Now I am Amanda Vogue, Head Mistress of Warren High Boarding school..."

She continued to list similar introductions to the monster students as she did with the human students, Aware that her words were falling on a few deaf ears. The up coming year was to be a difficult one. She was a wolf, running a school for cat and mice.


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"Mother fucker..."

Kitanai gazed at the alarm clock beside her bed. She was late for the school assembly for the third time now. She slightly chuckled to herself as she stretched her arms and got out of bed. Her little foxy tail thumped on the bed.

"Yay for school!" Kitanai yelled playfully as well as sarcastically. She then walked off to her bathroom to prepare for the day she was dreading.

Kitanai walked out of her small dusty apartment in her glamour which wore a tight black skirt, a size too small, a cute white blouse with a cardigan to accompany it, and thigh high white boots, which is a tradition with her. Trailing behind her was a small black suitcase, she didn't have very many belongings. Also coming along for the ride was a small little fox. Cute as a button, with the name Ren. Except instead of his true form, he trotted around in his own glamour. He appeared as an adorable little black dog. This was due to the fact that Ren wasn't just a normal fox, along with Kitty, he's a fire spirit fox, given to her by her father. Humans wouldn't be able to comprehend the creature, so in order to take him on walks, he had to be in a glamour.

Finally, with coffee in hand, Kitanai arrived at the school. The assembly room was empty.

"Well crap..." Kitanai sighed as she knew she'd be in trouble once again. "Come on Ren! Lets find our ro..." Kitty stopped as she caught a whiff of something...human. On campus. She looked around and spotted one, two, five...a bunch of humans. A grin appeared on her face as a sudden realization came to her. Oh my... Does this mean I'm in school with humans now? This is going to be fun... She trotted through the mixed crowd of oblivious humans and threatening monsters with Ren following close behind. Everyone was reminiscing about the past years of school, and how great this year was going to be. Old friends were gathering back into their cliques to gossip and converse about the new transfers. Surprisingly enough, Kitanai didn't really have a group of friends, even after being a student at the school for three years. But she didn't mind. She enjoyed being a lone wolf...Well fox.

As Kitanai pointed out the people she remembered, a hand grabbed her wrist and brought her to a halt. Aw shit... There was her worst enemy. Amanda Vogue. She frowned as the horrid woman gave an evil smile.

"Well well well... Kitanai! So grand to see you so late. What is this? The third time? Marvelous. I hope you realize that being here is a privilege. Your father and I are quite close you know? I could easily contact him if you'd like me to. We could talk for hours!"

The woman would always be watching Kitanai. Like a hawk. She even made her shiver, especially with the thought of her awful father. Kitty's eyes fell to the floor as she replied warily. "Miss Vogue. Looking "grand" today. I apologize for my tardiness. I truly hope you can forgive me." Amanda frowned, sending another shiver down Kitanai's spine. She was really trying her luck at this point.

"You better watch it. Contacting your father is a pain in my ass, but I can do it." The woman then walked away, elegantly too. Kitanai stuck out her tongue and turned away. Ren barked to mock the woman. She giggled slightly and continued on her way to the front desk. As she arrived a nice man greeted her. He handed her schedules and her room key. She gathered her things and walked towards her room. "Well Renny, I hope we have some good roommate's. Preferably hot ones..."

Then as she was almost to her room, she spotted the most gorgeous girl shes ever seen in her entire life. She stopped in her tracks as she examined the adorable girl's black hair, with a red streak running through it. Her beautiful blue eyes, her cute little figure, and her tiny adorable behind. Kitanai picked up Ren and grinned. "Oh Renny-poo... Look at her... She will be mine..." Then all of a sudden the spirit spoke with a soft voice. "Kitty... She's human." Kitanai smiled and nodded her head. I know.

After the whole cheesy, "love at first sight" scene, Kitty opened the door to her room to find the one and only Celia Swift. The famous siren that lures everyone to their demise. She looked as if she was about to open the door to the other side of the bathroom. "Well hello there girly! Looks like we're gonna be roomies... I've heard so much about you Celia! I'm Kitanai, but you can call me Kitty. And this is Ren or Renny, which ever you prefer. Between you and me, he's not really a dog, he's a fox." Kitanai grinned as she held out her hand to the stunning woman before her.


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A young girl mumbles curses to the wind as a breeze pushes through, blowing her bangs right into her sight. Anne Luther wanted to make a cool entrance, dammit. She had it all planned out for during her ride in the Taxi; too bad things never go as planned. She saw herself standing tall and proud at the gates of the school while the cab driver would obediently carry out her luggage to her dorm. Anne was ready to establish her readiness right there and then. Instead here she was, wheeling a squeaky black luggage behind her like many of the students.

Anne was in no way missing home, yet. She had said her goodbyes to her parents and siblings. She was done with feeling like a burden to her adopted family. She had discovered the truth about her adoption when she was eight, finally putting two and two together. Anne looked nothing like them. Where as the family had curly brown hair and green eyes, she had unruly black hair and blue eyes. The other part was their absolutely erm, adorable personality. They were generous and sensitive, where as she was fierce and rude. Naturally, it wasn't long for the secret to be kept hidden.

The raven haired female heaved a great sigh as she neared the reception. Thinking about her past at a time like this was a bad choice, how could she miss the warning bell? Anne quickly checked in at reception and left her luggage without so much as a glance around her. True to herself, Anne expresses a bit of her anger in cursing herself for zoning out. The headmistress' speech had already begun when Anne finally took a seat. Despite feeling rushed before entering the auditorium, she felt more obliged to find a seat she was more comfortable in than having to go through some embarrassment. Instead of politely asking other students to move their legs out of the way so can she take a damn seat, she muttered commands equivalent to "Move your legs out of the way, peasant."

Upon taking her seat at the very front, she was given one of the longer stares from the headmistress in which she nervously looked away. She suddenly seemed very interested in her knees as Miss Vogue carried on her with her opening speech. Anne perked up when the headmistress mentioned secrets. Anne furrowed her brows in mild puzzlement. Why would she put that out there? Of course every school has a secret... But was the secret this school harbored something deadly? Ooh, maybe. She shivered a bit in excitement. Now she certainly knew what she will be doing after checking into her room.

After the speech was done and over with, Anne strolled on over to her room along with the other students. She looked down at the key and papers in her hand. She would be rooming with someone named Emily Bennett and Winter Lavine. Just the names seemed mildly interesting.

Anne finally reached the room in which she will be staying in. She tore her blue gaze away from the items in her hand and gazed around her at the architecture of the school. Everything seemed so intricately designed and private. Secluded and wise. As if the building was gazing down at each and every one of the new students with a small, mischievous smile, knowing what they were in for. And so the young girl smiled back up at the ceiling above her. The act may have seemed mildly insane to passerby's, but who cares?

Just as she was about to twist the doorknob and push open the door, she spotted a female next door. She only saw a wisp of long locks of pearly white hair as the unknown female headed into her own room. Anne was snapped out of the oddity of seeing such a hair color on a young person as her face was immediately graced with a smile at the sight of the most adorable little dog trotting behind its owner. Anne shook her head bemusedly and turned her attention back to the door in front of her.

She turned the doorknob and gently pushed open the door. She spotted the other female already inside the room and cleared her throat. "'Sup." Anne suddenly felt nervous and cleared her throat again, she could feel a bit of red pooling around her cheeks. "I'm Anne..." She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She was glad introductions were out of the way; she was never really good at social skills with other people. But don't get her wrong, she always like socializing. Anne awkwardly shuffled towards her luggage and chose the bed nearest the window. The young girl heaved a great sigh and sat down onto the mattress with a plop. She refocused her gaze back on the blonde. With pursed lips, she searched for something to say. "So, umm... Nice school, huh?" She should really start planning ahead when it came to speaking with other people.


Vincens was not happy at the thought of attending Warren High for another year. He had arrived early, to his surprise, and already checked in at reception and received the necessary information about his living quarters for the year. He made brief eye contact with his brother, Alyx, as he and many of the other students were rounded into the auditorium. His pursed lips tilted downwards at the sight of Alyx expressing his disgust upon seeing him. It always hurt, seeing his blood brother act that way just at the mention of his presence, but Vince would live with it. He brought it upon himself, after all.

Vince quickly took the nearest open seat and sat down. He fixed the pair of ear buds and pressed the play button from his phone, to which soothing music streamed into his ear and calmed his mind. If anything could be a drug it would be music according to Vincens. Never was he seen without a pair of ear buds on him. He had heard a circulating rumor that this year would include humans. Vincens brushed of the rumor as absurd, the Headmistress surely wouldn't be so insane to include one of the dishes in many monster's menus (including his) into the school.

He was brought out of his reverie when his brother suddenly sat down next to him. He raised a questioning eyebrow at Alyx, but upon seeing he was ignoring him, Vince looked away. It always irked him just how much Alyx looked like his mother. He also envied how much Alyx got to spend time with his mother while he was pushed away and into his father's strict lessons.

As he looked back up to see the Headmistress herself arriving, she let out the shrill shriek he dreaded most. He winced at the shriek making it past the sound of his soothing music and quickly pressed pause. His eyes widened in disbelief at the confirmation of the rumors he thought were absolutely absurd... Humans?! He tried to suppress a growl of frustration and began blocking out the rest of her speech.

Vincens never really liked humans. They were too naive and ignorant. True, they did many magnificent things as well, but always alone. Never did they all come together as one. They were always too busy discriminating one another to actually pay attention to the fact that they are sharing this earth with others written about in mythology books. And for that he quietly resented them and planned to perhaps snag a meal or two off of them throughout the rest of this year.

His brother left him as quickly as he arrived once the speech was done. He didn't mind too much, and stood up slowly, watching his brother's figure disappear into the crowd. Vince mumbled a good luck under his breath as he stretched his limbs tiredly, resumed his music and headed towards his dorm.

Indeed, he was tired. He stayed up late at night, restless at the idea of another year of school. It has been harder and harder to suppress his nocturnal instincts these days. He had tried coffee, but that drink is simply atrocious to him. He sighed again upon reaching his room. He was hoping to be the first one there and go to sleep without having to introduce himself to his roommates.

He turned the knob and gently pushed the door open. He peeked in with his head first, hoping his roommate wouldn't be his brother or anyone from the year before. He let out a sigh of relief upon seeing two new faces, pushed the door open further, and finally stepped inside. He smiled slightly at his new roommates and muted his music.

It seemed they didn't notice him enter so he decided to clear his throat and speak, but as he did Damian, he vaguely remembered the name, spoke. "I've heard they've hired humans to teach as well as letting in human students. I wonder if they're as clueless as the human students. This is going to be memorable." He stopped and tilted his head, absorbing the new information greedily. "...Human teachers? This year sure will be an experience alright..." Vince mumbled the words to himself. Inside he was frowning deeply. A human will be bound to get hurt. Nevertheless, on the outside, he was looking around his room and smiling. "Um, hello. I'm Vincens, your guys' roommate. He recognized Damian, but not so much Zane, as he furrowed his brows trying to remember him. Hopefully he could get the introductions with his new roommates done and just go to sleep.


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#, as written by Dumisa
Emily Bennett~

Emily eyes jolted towards the door when she saw that it had opened and she became instantly nervous as she dropped her notebooks and other materials. 'Shit.' She thought to herself while eying the female that had entered the room now. "Hello there." She said a proper and polite tone then got on her knees and started picking up her materials then getting back up to her feet. "Hey Anne. I'm Emily." She said with bright and wide smile as she sat her stuff down in the bottom dresser.

Emily could tell that Anne wasn't much of a social person because the room suddenly fell quiet for about five minutes. Emily hummed a tone to herself then stopped when Anne spoke again. "Yeah, the scenery is very beautiful indeed. And the inside is magnificent. I plan on going out there later on and do some drawings. Want to come with?" She asked her. "I mean, you don't have to draw but it would be nice to have company." She shrugged her shoulders while plopping down on her bed as well.

She let out a well-deserved sigh and saw that she was finally done packing. She leaned back on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. "I was a little skeptical to come here but now that I am here, I feel good." Emily sat back up and glanced towards Anne. "So, we obviously have another roommate..." She directed her head towards the empty bed. "But maybe she'll be here when we get back." She said with a soft smile while digging through her bottom dresser and grabbing her sketchbook and a pencil.

"Ready to go and explore the outside?" She asked Anne, waiting for her response before leaving the room. "Oh, by the way, did you see two guys that look alike running around here? I just want to make sure that it wasn't my first day jitters getting the best of me." She said with a laugh while waving for Anne to follow her while exiting the room, walking down the stairs and standing the main hall, turning around to see if Anne was following her. If she was, she would stand in the middle of the hall and wait.